Fade in to a squinting red eye with a dark pupil. The eye opens. Pan to the Ghost Zone. The eye belongs to a black bird, which calls as it is flying. It flies around a flight of stairs and goes over to a murder of the birds in a tree. It lands on the tree and calls. Close up of the bird. It calls again.

Pan down. Plasmius is standing by a box with a purple cushion inside. Cut to the back of his head. He turns around, an evil grin on his face. Cut to a view of the tree the birds are in, with Plasmius and the box. Plasmius flies away, satisfied.

Cut to an overhead view of Pariah's Keep. Plasmius flies into view and flies into the castle. Cut to the inside. He flies through a hall full of skeletal guards and depressed-looking portraits of a guy who looks like George Washington. He opens a door at the end of the hall, leading into a room with a sarcophagus with an odd green light shining on it. He flies towards it. Cut to his face.

Plasmius Here we are.
He stops at the foot of some stairs. A skeleton holding a pumpkin with a sword sticking out of it is in the background. Pan up the stairs to the sarcophagus as Plasmius says this next line.
Plasmius Pariah's Keep.
Cut to the skeleton holding a pumpkin with a sword sticking out of it.
Plasmius Home of the Fright Knight-
Cut to Plasmius looking up at a sphere a skeleton is holding. In the middle of the sphere is a ring- the Ring of Rage.
Plasmius And before that-
Plasmius holds up the Skeleton Key. He sticks it into a skeleton's nose, which is key-shaped (haha) and turns it. The sphere around the Ring dissolves, leaving a liquid residue on the skeleton's hands and dropping the Ring into Plasmius' hand.
Plasmius The Ghost King. And here I am, Vlad Plasmius- [He puts the Ring on.] With all his power in the palm of my hand.
He flies up dramatically, beginning to laugh. The ring, however, merely sputters and emits smoke. Plasmius, surprised, looks at the ring, and then looks away, frowning. Cut to the sarcophagus. Fast pan to the crown at the top of the sarcophagus.
Plasmius Ah, of course. The Ring of Rage only works when one wears the Crown of Fire.
He flies up to the sarcophagus and sticks the key into a triangle in its chest. Cut to one of those birds, which caws. Plasmius turns the key. The sarcophagus' eyes glow red. The birds fly out of the tree, and the coffin opens, revealing Pariah Dark, the Ghost King.
Plasmius Separately, they're nothing, but together- [Pariah's uneyepatched eye opens.] They give you power unimaginable.
Pariah stomps out of the coffin. Vlad looks at him, mortified. Pan up from Pariah's feet to his face. He is a huge, Scottish, maybe Viking-like ghost, with only one eye, horns, one of which is broken, a beard thing, and LOTS of hair. He wears a flaming crown- the Crown of Fire, obviously.
Ghost King (Pariah) [Slow and dramatic.] Who dares?
Plasmius [Uncertainly.] Uh, hello. Plasmius, Vlad Plasmius, did I mention I'm a huge fan of your work?
He smiles uncertainly. Pariah's eye narrows.

Cut to the outside. An explosion rocks the castle, throwing Plasmius out. Cut back to the inside. Pariah pulls the sword out of the purple pumpkin. The pumpkin flies into the air and explodes, revealing the Fright Knight.

Fright Knight The Fright Knight lives!
Pariah throws the sword at Fright Knight.
Ghost King To serve me.
The Knight looks quite surprised. He bows at the sight of the King.
Fright Knight King Pariah! You're up!
Ghost King And perhaps it's time to remind you-and that intruder- who RULES this place!
Cut to the outside. Plasmius is there, looking very beaten.
Plasmius I've got to get out of here before he- [Pariah flies out of the castle, looming over Plasmius.] Finds me!
Pariah grabs Plasmius.
Ghost King You have freed me from my sarcophagus, and thus woken me from the forever sleep. [He brings Plasmius up to his face. He sees that he is not wearing the Ring of Rage.] You're not the one who woke me! YOU ARE A DUPLICATE! [The duplicate Plasmius disappears in a wisp of pink smoke.] So, where…
Pariah suddenly gets a surprised look on his face, then grimaces. Cut to the real Plasmius, who is currently back in the Keep, chatting up the Fright Knight.
Plasmius But surely, you and I could work out some sort of deal.
Knight A deal? [His eyes narrow..]
Both are suddenly hit by a blast of red ectoplasm. Plasmius flies away from the fray.
Plasmius Call me. [He does a half salute.] We'll talk.
He flies out of the castle, past Pariah. Pariah fires a blast at him, which hits him full force. He is thrown back, smoking, and transforms back into his human form.

Cut to the Fenton Portal, open for no reason. Nearby, Jack and Maddie are working on the Fenton Pants. Jack plugs a plug into it, smiles, and presses a button. Charges from the plug enter the suit, causing it to glow and stomp.

Jack Sweet! The Fenton Pants are charged and operational! I'm telling you, Maddie, once this ectoskeleton is finished it will be able to beat back any ghost, no matter how powerful!
Maddie bends over the Fenton Pants.
Maddie Yeah, but the interface is still glitchy and dangerous, Jack.
The Portal is now visible in the background.
Maddie We need to work the bugs out before-
Suddenly, a beat-up Vlad flies out of the Portal and crashes to the floor, Ring in hand. His hand closes on the ring. Jack and Maddie look at him, horrified.
Maddie Vlad Masters? [He is reflected in her eye-lenses.]
Cut to Vlad. He holds his hand up to Jack.
Vlad Jack, my fat old friend- [Close up of his face.] Help me. [He faints. Jack looks at him, terrified. Fade out.]
OPENING THEME HERE (Possible cut to commercial.)
PART ONE Title Screen is shown. Depicted is Pariah holding Danny in his fist. The caption says, "The King of All Shows!"
Fade in to a shot of Casper High. Cut to Danny. He is leaning against a tree, looking quite contented. Sam and Tucker walk up to him.
Sam You seem pretty happy today.
Tucker Why shouldn't he be? Last night he shoved Ember AND Skulker back into the Ghost Zone. [He points behind himself.]
Danny And I still had time to finish Lancer's totally useless book report. [He leaps from the tree, hands on hips in a triumphant position.] Nothing could spoil this day.
He seems to have spoken too soon. Dash and Kwan are nearby, and Dash is holding a football.
Dash Think fast, Fentoni!
He throws the football. Danny is hit and thrown back by the force of the football. Sam and Tucker rush to him, mouths open. Cut to Danny. The football is on his chest. He leans up, dazed. Dash and Kwan run past him, laughing. Seething, Danny turns around and fires a blast of ectoplasm from his finger.
Goof: The football is nowhere to be found.
The ectoplasm knocks over a sign that says 'No Stopping Any Time'. Dash and Kwan trip over it. Danny walks over and picks up the sign, smiling.
Danny No stopping any time, nitwit.
He drops the sign by their sprawled bodies. They look at him, frowning.

Cut to the inside of the school. Danny is putting books in his locker. Sam and Tucker are with him.

Sam You realize you're playing with fire.
Danny [As he turns to look at her.] Well, sometimes I have to use my powers for the greater good.
He points off-screen. Sam and Tucker turn to look. Cut to Dash and Kwan by their lockers. Dash's locker is straining to stay shut. He opens it, and toilet paper cascades onto him. There are designs on the toilet paper. Cut back to our three heroes. You know who I'm talking about.
Tucker And come on, how good was that?
Close-up of Sam.
Sam [Sarcastically.] Nice. Using your powers to stuff toilet paper into a locker. He's going to find out it's you.
Danny Have you seen his grades?
Danny, Tucker [Double-Pointing at each other.] Never gonna happen.
Cut back to Dash. He holds up some of the toilet paper.
Dash Hey!
Close up of the toilet paper. We can now see that the design is Jack Fenton's face. Kinda reminds me of the Happy Bunny toilet paper...ah, good times...
He turns over to where Danny and Co. are standing, seething. Cut to Sam.
Sam "Never" is Karma's doorbell. Ding-dong, [She pantomimes ringing a doorbell.] It's for you.
Danny, sensing impending danger, runs away. Cut to an overhead shot of Band Geek and Mikey playing a Yu-Gi-Oh! type game (according to Danny, 'Nerd Poker'). Cut to Band Geek.
Band Geek Aha! I blast you with my Ball of Infinite Exposition! [He holds up said card. Cut to Mikey.]
Mikey Aw man, you bored my character to death.
(Nitpick: His voice is a little off.)
Cut to the doors to the cafeteria. Danny bursts through, looking for a place to hide. He sees Band Geek's trumpet. Cut to Dash.
Fenton, however, is nowhere to be found. Dash runs out of the cafeteria. Cut to under the cafeteria table. Two little blue eyes peek out from underneath: Danny's. He looks away and breathes a sigh of relief- a little too soon, it seems. As the cameras pans over, we see that Valerie, Ghost Hunter, is also under the table, hiding from...well, you'll see. They notice each other- and don't acknowledge it well.
Danny Find your own hiding spot! I've got dibs on 'Under the Nerds Playing Nerd Poker'. [He points behind himself.]
Valerie Ease up, Fenton. You're not the only one who needs to hide, you know.
Cut to the outside of the cozy little table. Running by is Nathan, a geeky looking fat kid with glasses, really big hair (afro?), and a sweater with an alien on it. He is holding a picture of Valerie.
Nathan Valerie! WHERE ARE YOU?! It's only three years until Senior Prom! WHY WON'T YOU SAY YES?
Cut back under the table.
Danny Three years? We could be here a while.
Close up of Valerie.
Valerie Wanna check over our book reports?
Cut back to Danny. He smiles slightly.

Cut to a street in Amity Park. Danny and Valerie round the corner (out during school hours? Naughty naughty...), panting. They run over to a dumpster and attempt to hide behind it. Unfortunately, Sam is already hiding there, curled in a somewhat fetal position. She points at Danny, silently asking, "What are you hiding from?"

Danny Hiding from Dash.
Sam points at Valerie.
Valerie Hiding from Nathan. [As she says this, Nathan runs by.] You?
She points over. Danny and Valerie turn around, mouths open, as the next line is said.
Mrs. Manson Sammy-kins!
Cut to the alley's opening. Sam's mother runs by, holding one of those frilly, lacy, ribbony pink dresses we know Sam will NEVER wear in a million years.
Mrs. Manson At least try it on!
She runs away. Cut to the dumpster. Danny, Sam, and Valerie peek up from behind it.
Danny C'mon.
Cut to Danny's house.
Danny Over there. We can all hide in my house.
He points to it. Cut to Danny and Sam running together. Valerie is behind them. Cut to just Danny and Sam.
Sam So...what's up with this? Why are you helping her all of a sudden?
Danny Ah, she hid me from Dash earlier today. I'm just returning the favor.
They get to the steps of Danny's house.
Sam Well, be careful. The last thing you'd want to do is invite arch-enemy into your own house.
Valerie stops at the steps, surprised, and then walks up behind them. The three open the door to a surprising sight. Danny's jaw drops.

Vlad is sitting in their living room, towel over his suit, having tea and playing chess with Jack. Maddie is holding the teapot, Jazz is reading a book, and the sight is not at all pretty. Close up on Vlad.

Vlad [Casually moving a chess piece.] Ah, hello, Daniel!
Cut back to Danny, Sam, and Valerie.
Sam Too late.
Commentary from Zcat6: Er, since when had Sam (or Tuck) met Vlad to discover what Danny's "real" arch-enemy looks like?
Close up of Danny's face.
Danny You! [He stomps over to where Vlad and the others are sitting.] What are you doing here?
Maddie frowns, and pours the tea. The boiling hot tea purposely misses Vlad's cup and instead falls on his pants. He howls in pain.
Maddie Totally valid question. She holds up the teapot.
Vlad Still steaming?
Maddie You have no idea.
She yells in his face. Apparently, Maddie is still angry bout what Vlad did in Maternal Instincts. He now talks to Danny.
Vlad I was just, you know, passing through. [Close-up. The next words are said jokingly.] And then I saw that MARVELOUS Battlesuit and thought, since I can't just destroy Jack and take it, I suppose I'll steal its secrets right out from under his nose!
Jack looks worried. Vlad is still smiling. A second later, they're laughing like the idiots they both are. All of the kids (teens) blink twice. Cut back to Jack and Vlad, who wipe their eyes, still laughing. Maddie walks over with the teapot.
Vlad I swear, I am such a josher. [He holds out his teacup.] More tea please. [Maddie pours the tea on his head.] Not there! Ooh!
He gets up, covered in tea, frowning. Maddie merely walks away, scowling. Jack runs after her. Danny walks up to Vlad.
Danny I don't know what you're up to, Plasmius. Actually, I do. You just told me.
Vlad You're right! [The force of that statement blows Danny backward.] And say a word and I'll share your secret with- [He notices Valerie. Pull back to fit her onto the screen.] Ah! The young Miss Gray! [He walks over to her, hands folded for some bizarre reason.]
Valerie [Absolutely clueless.] You know me?
Extreme close-up of Danny.
Danny You know her?
Cut to the Ecto-Exodus Alarm, which, like all other inventions, looks oddly like Jack- in this case, a bust of Jack. Its eyes glow red. Jack and Maddie run into the room where it is. Jack flips up the top of the bust, revealing a button. He presses it. The family photo flips over, revealing a panel labeled 'Ghost Zone Radar'. It pictures several ghost-like pixelly images moving towards one point.
Jack Galloping goblets, it's the Ecto-Exodus Alarm!
The teens run over.
Danny, Sam, Jazz The Ecto-whaty-what?
Cut back to Maddie and Jack. Hey, that rhymes.
Maddie The Ecto-Exodus Alarm! An alarm that only goes off when we're about to face a massive ghost invasion!
The Pacman Ghost-like ghost images race closer to the point, the Fenton Portal. Cut to Danny and Sam.
Danny Stall them! [He runs off..]
Jack runs in hopes of reaching the portal. Sam purposely sticks out her leg.
Sam Umm...Oops!
Jack trips and falls. Maddie begins running also. Jazz drops her book on purpose.
Jazz Whoops!
Maddie slips on the book and slides into the closet, which closes behind her. Sam shoots an odd look at Jazz, who frowns and looks away innocently.

Cut to Valerie. She prepares to grab her backpack with her ghost hunting stuff in it-except that it's not there. Of course, who would have it but-

Vlad Looking for your ghost hunting equipment?
Cut to Vlad. He is holding Valerie's backpack. Val walks up to him, clearly surprised.
Valerie Ghost hunting? How do you know about my ghost hunting equipment?
Vlad drops the backpack into her hands, puts his arm around her shoulder, and ushers her away.
Vlad Please, walk with me.
They leave the house. Cut to the Fenton Portal. A red light is flashing. Danny runs down the steps and transforms into Danny Phantom as he jumps into the air. He floats in front of the Portal, bracing himself.
Danny Phantom Okay, here we go...
The music gets all tense, tension is high...

It's only the Box Ghost, aka Best Ghost on the Face of This Earth. He sticks his head out of the portal, then his arms.

Box Ghost Beware!
Danny stares, then begins laughing.
Danny Phantom Oh man! Only you?
He has spoken too soon once more. A blue beam of ectoplasm shoots out of the Portal and hits him square in the chest, knocking him to the ground. A boot lands on his chest. Out of nowhere comes Skulker, standing on him. The Box Ghost is close behind.
Danny Phantom Skulker?
Skulker [To other ghosts.] I told you there was a way out through here.
Ember's head pops out of the portal, then Walker's, then an Ectopus , then Johnny 13's shadow. They all look very scared. Along with them comes about a million other ghosts, bursting out of the portal, shouting 'go go go'! Skulker follows up with the final-
Skulker Goooo!!
The Ghosts burst out of the basement and go into the storm clouds above Danny's house in four columns, with a few stragglers. Back inside, Danny pulls Skulker off of himself and flies him out of the house by the leg. He throws him down one outside, but he gets back into position easily. Danny does a little back-flip and then proceeds to punch Skulker...

But is stopped by the Dragon Ghost, who is being ridden by Poindexter. Okay, that's just weird. Close up on Poindexter.

Poindexter I know this might sound a little fishy, but Skulker isn't the bully here!

Danny Phantom: Bully? [The Dragon Ghost  releases him.] What are you talking about? What are all of you running from?

As he says 'What are all of you running from?', Pan up. Several ghosts that Danny his fought- Desiree , Penelope Spectra ,Technus , and Ember among others- are shown. Close up on Ember.
Ember His name is Pariah Dark, the King of All Ghosts.
Cut to Skulker, Lunch Lady , and Walker.
Skulker And why would we be in a hurry... [He pounds his fists together. Close up on him.] We'll always have time for this.
The ghosts proceed to beat up Danny. Skulker hits him over the head, Desiree punches him in the groin, and Ember blasts him with some heavy metal rock. The ghosts form a tornado around him, which he is then thrown out of, severely beaten. He hits the ground and transforms. The tornado disappears. Sam runs out of Danny's house and stops at the curb. She looks worried.
Sam You okay? [Danny opens his eyes and frowns at her.] Sorry, standard question. [She helps him up.] What was that about?
Danny I dunno.
Close-up on Danny.
Danny But I think Vlad Plasmius just became the least of my worries.
Fade into another part of the city. Valerie (in hunter garb) and Vlad are riding on her ghost hunting hoverboard. Close up on both of them.
Vlad So, the equipment is tuber-locking and it functions properly, does it?
Valerie Heck yeah! [They land on a building.] It's like you designed it just for me!
Vlad hops off. The hoverboard retracts back into Valerie's feet.
Valerie Why would you do that? [She removes her hood.] I'm like, fourteen.
Vlad You're also the most capable ghost hunter I've ever seen!
Cut to Valerie. She smiles as the next lines are said.
Vlad You're smart, you're fast, you're strong- [Cut to Vlad.] And most of all- you're motivated.
Cut to Valerie.
Valerie Really?
Cut to view both of them.
Vlad Of course! Why else would I say such a thing? [Close-up. The next words are said in the same joking fashion he used before.] I would have to be some sort of, oh, diabolical villain, to manipulate you like that!
His face is villainously back-lit. Valerie stares at him. He smiles big and fake. They both laugh. Vlad wipes a tear from his eye.
Vlad Ho ho, I kill me! [He clenches his fists.] Or Jack! [He gasps. Valerie looks confused. Cut back to Vlad.'] And, my dear, it's the reason I can trust you with this.
He pulls out something from inside his suit and displays it in his palm- the Ring of Rage . He then holds it up. Val's face can be seen through the ring.
Valerie A ring?
Vlad [Lying through his teeth.] Not just any ring. It's been passed down from ghost hunter to ghost hunter for generations.
He gives it to her. She puts it on.
Valerie I don't know what to say.
Close-up of her arm. An x-ray effect takes place for a second. Vlad runs over and grabs her hand.
Vlad Don't say anything, dear. But please, let's keep it our secret, hm?
As he finishes this sentence, a ghostly moaning is heard. Valerie does a double-take.
Valerie What was that?
She puts on her hood as the next lines are said.
Vlad Probably Jack, goofing up again.
Close up on his part.
Vlad I believe you have a job to do.
Valerie activates her hoverboard.
Valerie I won't let you down, Mr. Masters.
She flies away into the night. Vlad steps onto the ledge.
Vlad Oh, of that- [He transforms into Plasmius.] You can be sure. And young Daniel will be so busy protecting you, stealing that battlesuit will be a snap.
He kicks the head off an ornate stone dragon, crashing it to the pavement.

Fade to three glowing green skeletons. They are standing in front of the Fright Knight.

Fright Knight Your armies are amassed? [The skeletons grunt and salute him.] Then on my orders-
Ghost King On MY orders! [Pariah suddenly comes up behind the Knight, surprising him. Close-up on Pariah. To the skeletons.] Go to that world.
Cut to the skeleton armies.
Ghost King Bring the Ring to me.
Cut to Pariah.
Ghost King And to those who stand in your way-show no mercy.
The three head skeletons and the Fright Knight bow down before Pariah. He then walks over to a railing overlooking the skeleton armies. They grunt and raise their arms in salute to him. Zoom in on one skeleton's glowing red eye, and fade out.
-Cut to commercial.-
PART TWO Fade in to the usual after-commercial shot of Casper High.
Tucker Dude, are you okay? [Cut to Danny. He doesn't look happy or well rested at all. Pull back to reveal Tucker and Sam.] Sorry, standard question. Late night?
Cut to just Danny.
Danny Of course it was a late night! Every ghost I know- and about a million I don't- ARE LOOSE!! [As he finishes saying this, an Ectopus comes in, laughs, and steals his lunch. Danny now has bags under his eyes.] Not to mention I couldn't sleep because my arch-enemy was in the guest room next to me.
Sam My parents sleep in the bedroom next to me. It's not the same, but I can't sleep either!
After she says this, Valerie walks up behind Danny.
Valerie Hey Danny.
Danny Hey Val.
Cut to Sam and Tucker. They look worried.
Tucker 'Hey Val'? Isn't that the same Val that's usually on a jet-sled trying to paste Danny?
Sam [Sarcastically.] Yep, and apparently next week, we're having cookies with Skulker!
Cut to Valerie and Danny.
Valerie You might wanna...bag lunch it outside. This isn't exactly the safest place for you right now.
Danny What makes you say that?
Dash and Kwan are what made her say that. They come up behind Danny.
Dash Hey Fenturd, no teachers around to protect you, no nerds around to hide you.
Cut to Tucker. He looks angry.
Tucker Hey! I resent that! I'm plenty nerd!
Dash shoves Tucker's lunch into his face.
Danny Dash, take a hike, will ya? I'm way too tired to put up with you. Besides, shouldn't you be failing a test, kicking a puppy or beating up somebody weaker than you now?
Dash Come to think of it, yeah!
Of course, somebody weaker than him (in the sense of muscle) is Danny.

Dash tries to punch him (in slow motion), but Danny turns his chin intangible at the last second. Dash's hand merely grazes the air. He looks at it in astonishment- both Dash and Danny.

Danny, in an attempt of distraction, 'discreetly' fires ectoplasm from his finger and melts the bottoms of Dash's shoes. He attempts to punch Danny, but cannot move. He begins to lose his balance. Valerie accidentally-on purpose drops her lunch and kicks it over to Dash, who falls in it.

All the other kids start cheering. Danny smiles at Valerie. She runs away as Sam and Tucker walk over.

Tucker Sweet!
Sam Is it? I know Dash is a jerk, but what if he saw something?
Cut to just Danny and Tucker.
Danny He's not gonna see something. [Angrily.] Besides, I'm tired of getting kicked around all the time. [He closes his eyes and folds his arms.] Maybe it's time I do a little kicking back!
Sam's angry look turns into a worried one.
Fade in to Danny's house.
Jack Vladdy, my man! [Cut to Jack. He is fixing the top part of the Fenton Battlesuit.] Could you hand me that watchermajigit?
Vlad, who was loitering by a table in the lab, grabs the 'watchermajigit' and walks over to Jack with it.
Vlad Here you go, old chum. [He stands up and leans against the suit.] Any idea when this suit might be finished?
Jack slides out from underneath the suit. He is working on it as if it were a car.
Jack Quit pushing me, V-man, I'm working on it as fast as I can!
A loud neighing is heard coming from the Fenton Portal. Vlad looks worried.
Vlad Can we...pick it up a little bit?
Maddie [Running down the stairs.] What was that?
Jack Could be me. [He slides out again and jumps up.] I made huevos rancheros for breakfast!
Cut to the Portal. The neighing is heard again. The portal bursts open, ending a part of the door flying right into Jack.
Vlad [A few seconds too late.] Jack. Look out. The door.
Cut to the portal. The intruder is revealed to be the Fright Knight.
Fright Knight Go, and find the King's ring.
He holds out his sword. Behind him, the Skeleton Armies march- or run, rather- out of the Ghost Zone and run around the room, going intangible and flying out when they reach the wall. Cut to Maddie and Jack.
Maddie Jack, we have to shut the portal!
Jack [Still stuck under the door.] Yeah, I'll get right on that. [Maddie runs over to a switch that supposedly closes the portal, but is grabbed by the Fright Knight. She is hoisted onto his horse.] Hey! [He throws the portal door off himself.]
Jack throws a surprised look at Vlad.
Vlad Like a dear friend.
Cut to the top of the Battlesuit.
Vlad Is any part of that suit operational?
Cut to Jack.
Jack Well, the pants part, but it's not calibrated yet. Using the suit could kill you.
Vlad Well then, maybe you should try it first. It is your battlesuit!
The Fright Knight fires a beam from his sword at them. Jack slams Vlad into the wall to save him from the blast with a 'Hut!'.
Jack That it is, V-man. [Close-up on Jack.] It's time to kick a little butt. [He gets off Vlad and gets into the pants.] And these are just the pants to kick it in! Neural receptors engage...
Jack presses a button, engaging the neural receptors. The Neural Receptors are snakelike metals that attach to the spinal cord and arms, allowing the person in the suit to control the suit with body movements. We get a cool little scene where the neural receptors attach to Jack. Once they have engaged, Jack jumps in full view of the Fright Knight. The Fright Knight's horse neighs again. The Fright Knight attempts to fire beams at Jack, but he simply dodges them. He jumps up and kicks the Fright Knight's arm repeatedly, freeing Maddie. He then runs up and does a SUPER-KICK!!
Jack The kick is up- [He SUPER-KICKs the Fright Knight and his horse right out of the house and over the roof of a building.] AND IT'S GONE! [Cut back to the lab. Jack is still in the pants. Vlad and Maddie run up to him.] Ha ha! Nobody can touch me while I'm wearing the Fenton- [His voice drags as he feels the suit weakening him.] And
Cut to Maddie. She is obviously horrified.
Maddie Jack! [She catches him as he is about to fall.] The suit's draining you like a battery! Vlad, help me get these pants off Jack!
Vlad Nope, sorry, that's all you.
He walks away. Maddie frowns at him.
Cut to the city. It is being overrun by the ghosts that have escaped- the Skeleton Armies (I'll be capitalizing Skeleton from now on when I'm referring to them). Many of them throw cars into shop windows, slice open fire hydrants, and generally cause a lot of mayhem. People run screaming in panic as the Skeletons chase them. From a building above, Poindexter peeks down.
Poindexter Those poor humans. [He turns around.] They're being overrun by ghost bullies!
Cut to a plethora of ghosts- Ember, Box Ghost, Skulker, and Lunch Lady, to be precise.
Ember Oh, who cares about them? That is the Ghost King's crew. He's on his way here!
Skulker Which means we have to camouflage ourselves. And you hear that? [Skulker watches as crowds flee the city.] That's confusion and panic. Which means it's the perfect time to find our hiding place.
All the other ghosts smile evilly.
Cut to the Nasty Burger. The Skeleton Armies are patrolling outside. Inside, a completely calm employee is flippin' patties. That is, he was flipping, until the patties flew into the air and formed the Lunch Lady Meat Monster. She roars.
Lunch Lady Meat Monster [Regular voice.] Lunch, anybody?
The employee screams.
Cut to the local Box Store. A couple runs in, looking terrified.
Man We need boxes, and lots of 'em!
The Box Ghost flies in through the ceiling.
Box Ghost Never!
The couple hug each other, screaming.

Cut to Guitar Palace.

Ember Hey, kids. [Cut to the inside. Ember is standing on a counter in front of a small crowd.] Here's a little ditty I like to call: GET OUT OF MY NEW HOME!!
Ember plays a power chord, smashing the windows. All the people run out of the windows.
Running Guy She rocks!
Cut to Hunting Goods. Skulker is inside, weapons drawn.
Skulker Away, humans! This is Skulker's lair now!
He retracts his weapons and sits on a camp chair. The guys in the store (fat men in camp gear) scream and run. Poindexter comes up through the floor as they run, intangible.
Poindexter This is not on the square, Skulker. [Poindexter becomes tangible and flies over to Skulker.] We're pushing these people from their homes. We're no better than the Ghost King.
Skulker No one lives here, it's a store.
He takes out an arrow shooting thing and shoots it. Dozens of arrows come out and they pin Poindexter to the wall.
Poindexter This seems oddly familiar.
Cut to Casper High. The Skeleton Armies are closing in on it.
Danny Sam, please, tell Tucker he's nuts.
Cut to the inside. Sam, Danny, and Tucker are talking.
Tucker I don't feel like I'm nuts.
Sam And I don't think he is either. Valerie is one of your enemies, Danny. Do you think it's smart to be letting her this close?
Danny Pfft. I can handle it.
Goof: When Danny says 'Pfft', his mouth does not move.
Danny Besides, she's not so bad...once you get to know her.
Pull back to reveal that Valerie is standing right by him.
Valerie Thanks. You're not so bad yourself, Fenton.
Sam and Tucker turn away angrily.
Valerie What's up with them?
Danny They're... Really good friends, and they're just being overprotective.
Valerie Of what? [Close up of Valerie.] It's not like we have anything to hide.
Cut to Sam, Tucker, and Danny. Danny shoots a look at his friends. Not a nasty one, just...a look. They frown. But before the three's friendship can evaporate, Danny's ghost sense goes off.
Danny Woah! I gotta jet! [He runs off- and right into Dash. He grabs Danny by the collar.] Dash! [Danny notices the Skeleton Armies outside the school.] Uh, look, this is really bad timing, can we reschedule?
Dash Don't think so, runt. Unless you think you can MAKE ME!
Danny's eyes glow green with anger. The next thing we know, Dash is slamming himself against the lockers, yelling. He falls to the ground, exhausted. Danny- who was overshadowing him- flies out of Dash's body and into a nearby hall. He walks out of the hall, completely human. Sam, Tucker, and Valerie stare at him. Cut to Danny.
Danny And... There's more where that came from, Baxter! So... Watch it!
He quickly runs around the corner, just in time to see Plasmius at the end of it. How lucky. Pan up from Plasmius' feet.
Plasmius It feels good to use your powers on your enemies, doesn't it, Daniel?
Angry, Danny transforms into Danny Phantom. He fires an ectoplasmic blast at Plasmius, knocking him through the wall.
Danny Phantom Actually, yeah, it does.
He flies of after him. Cut to Sam, Tucker, and Valerie.
Valerie Where's he running to all the time? [Close up on Valerie.] Only guys I see running off like that have a job. Or a girlfriend.
Her eyes narrow. Sam turns around angrily.
Sam He doesn't have a girlfriend, Valerie.
Valerie Mm hmm. Right.
Sam What are you talking about?
Valerie You like him.
Sam Uh, hello? [She waves her hands in the air, and then puts them on her hips.] He's my best friend.
Valerie I'm sure he is. But if you like him- I mean, LIKE HIM like him, make a move. [Cut to Sam. She looks worried.] Because if you don't, somebody will.
Valerie's eyes narrow again. Before Sam can retort, a beep comes from Tucker's PDA. It sounds like news media.
Tiffany Snow [In Tucker's PDA.] This is Tiffany Snow, with Action News.
Cut to Action News on Tuck's PDA. It shows Tiffany Snow, the news-lady, with a screen by her with a ghost on it and the letters 'GEBS'- Ghost Emergency Broadcasting System.
Tiffany And this is the Ghost Emergency Broadcasting System. [The screen changes to view the Skeleton Armies.] Amity Park is in the midst of a massive ghost attack. And now, here's Lance Thunder with the Ghost Weather!
As she says that, the screen shows a Skeleton overturning a car. Sam, Tuck, and Valerie are all now watching the PDA.
Lance Thunder As you can see- [Cut to Tuck's PDA again. Lance Thunder, a blond man who was probably a weatherman before the whole ghost thing started, is standing in front of another screen with little ghost pictures on it.] We have random ghost activities in restaurants, malls, and this box store. [The screen behind him changes to show the Box Store. Cut to Danny's basement. A TV down there is playing the same channel. The screen behind Lance now shows the Skeleton armies marching.] If you look to the west, you can see a huge wave of ghost skeletons heading from the center of town- [Cut to Maddie and Jack. Maddie has finally gotten Jack out of the Fenton Pants.] Towards Casper High.
Cut to Jack. He is still weak.
Jack We have to...have to...
Maddie puts a hand on his shoulder.
Maddie Jack, you're still wiped out from the Fenton Pants. I'll get Danny and Jazz.
She runs off. Cut to Jack, who is clutching his head.
Jack too.
Cut to Axion, also known as the top-secret research facility where Damon Gray, Valerie's dad, works. Cut again to a picture of Mr. Gray with his daughter. (Note the absence of a mother). Shift over to a computer screen. It has the Lance Thunder broadcast on.
Lance All parents are advised to immediately pick up their children and RUN! [Cut over to Mr. Gray. He doesn't look happy. Cut back to Lance.] RUN LIKE THE WIND!! [On camera, the Skeleton Armies attack Lance.] Not the hair! NOT THE HAIR!
The broadcast ends. Mr. Gray gasps.

Cut to the Casper High Ravens football field. Plasmius is standing there dramatically. Danny Phantom touches down opposite him. We get a dramatic little slideshow of their determination, followed by Danny trying to fly up- but is stopped by Plasmius through choking. He lowers him down to the field.

Plasmius Calm down, Daniel! I didn't come here to fight you, I have other things to worry about!
He throws Danny to the ground. A horse neighs off-screen, signaling the arrival of the Fright Knight and his posse, the Skeleton Armies. The Fright Knight, attempting to hit Plasmius, chops a wing off one of the football post things. Danny touches down, his hand smoking. He fires a blast that hits two Skeletons, and quite a lot more at the Skeletons who overtake him. Just as one Skeleton is about to slice through him, a pink blast of ectoplasm destroys it. Danny turns around to find that Plasmius was the one that fired it. His hand is smoking.
Danny Phantom You're helping me? [He continues to fight off skeletons.] Whaddya want, my mom's cell number?
Plasmius [Also fighting Skeletons.] No! But really, if you wanted to give me her number...
He shouldn't have stopped to say that. In the moment that he is defenseless, the Fright Knight grabs him. Cut to the Fright Knight.
Fright Knight The king's prize. Return it!
Cut to Plasmius.
Plasmius I don't have it. [Perking up.] But, if you join me, perhaps toge-
Both are knocked away by a sudden blast of pink. The Fright Knight looks up to see Valerie, in her hunting garb, holding up a smoking cannon.
Valerie Guess what, everybody! The best ghost hunter in Amity Park is here! And that means, you're about to get your BUTTS HANDED TO YOU!
Cut to Danny and Plasmius.
Plasmius She really is quite good at this.
Danny She also thinks we're the enemy.
Plasmius Good point.
Valerie holds up some explosive balls and throws them at Danny and Plasmius. The two clear out just before the explosive balls explode.

Up above, a bunch of kids from Casper High, including Dash, Jazz, Tucker, and Sam, are watching the fight. Close up on Jazz.

Jazz Danny, please, be careful.
Right after she says this, all the kids' parents drive up. They all have big Jeep-type cars- with the exception of the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, of course. That's an RV. Cut to Sam.
Sam Doesn't anybody in this town drive a COMPACT CAR?
Valerie's dad gets out of one of the cars and runs over to the kids.
Mr. Gray Kids! Have you seen Valerie?
Cut to Sam and Tuck. The battle below is clearly seen behind them.
Sam, Tucker She's with Danny.
Right after, Maddie comes running from the FFGAV.
Maddie Kids, have you seen Danny?
Sam, Tucker He's with Valerie.
Maddie Who's Valerie?
Cut to Valerie. She has Danny by the scruff of the neck.
Valerie Alright, ghost, what's going on here?
Danny Phantom [Pointing.] That.
He's pointing to the Fright Knight and his cronies, who fly towards them. To protect his two pawns, Plasmius duplicates himself to create a kind of shield. The duplicates fire pink blasts at the Skeletons, sending them back to whence they came. They then morph back into one Plasmius. Cut to Valerie and Danny.
Valerie Uhh...thanks?
Danny Phantom You're welcome. [He frees himself and flies a few feet over. Cut to him and Plasmius.] Look, I know this is going to be hard to believe- [Behind him, Plasmius is tackled by the Fright Knight.] But that guy is the problem right now, and I could really use your help.
The Fright Knight and Plasmius are knocked to the ground. Frighty stands up, brandishing his sword. Cut to Valerie.
Valerie I still don't trust you, or your spooky friend.
Cut to Danny.
Danny Phantom You don't have to trust me. [He extends his hand to her.] Just...fight with me!
Valerie thinks about it for a second, and then the two enemies shake hands. Danny smiles triumphantly. He flies off, Valerie close behind. Danny fires a blast at the Fright Knight. Valerie punches him in the face, and Plasmius gets up and fires as well. The Fright Knight is knocked to the ground, but he is not defeated- not yet. He begins getting up.
Fright Knight Fool! All I wanted to do was seize the Ring and return to Pariah's Keep . [Cut to Danny, Plasmius and Valerie grimacing.] But now, you give me no choice. [He is now fully up.] By the authority vested in me by my Lord and Leige-
He holds up his sword, which seems to have burst into flame. He sticks it into the ground. When the ground and sword make contact, a green wave of ectoplasm sweeps through the town. When the wave hits the Skeleton Armies, they freeze in their tracks.

Cut back to the Fright Knight. He steps away from the sword, which sends a column of ectoplasm into the sky.

Fright Knight I claim this town now and forever under the weather of Lord Pariah- The King Of All Ghosts!
The column reaches a certain point, and then a large ectoplasmic dome closes itself over the town. Danny is horrified by the sight, as is everyone else. The last thing we see before commercial is a shot of the town from the outside. The vapors in the ectoplasm come together to form an image-Lord Pariah. Fade to black.
-Cut to commercial-
Fade in on a sign. It says 'Amity Park- A Nice Place to Live!'. Unfortunately, that nice place to live is now encased in a ectoplasmic dome with no way out. Close up, then cut to Casper High. Shift over to the football field where all the cool stuff is happening. We end up right where we were before, how great. Confused, I guess, Danny flies up and crashes into the dome. Valerie flies over to the sword, attempting to grab it, but is pushed away by Fright Knight. She faints as she hits the ground. Her hunter garb retracts, revealing a seriously beaten Valerie. Cut to Danny and Plasmius.
Danny Phantom Valerie!
Plasmius My pawn! [Danny gives him an odd look.] I mean, that poor girl.
The two fly down to take a look at Valerie. Their inspection is interrupted by Fright Knight, who says some kind of prophecy-type-thing.
Fright Knight The sword has sunk, your die now cast, The sword removed shall signal fast. Make reappear- [Cut to Danny. He looks terrified.] The Ring thou hast- [Cut to Plasmius. He looks even more terrified. Cut back to the Fright Knight.] Or your next day shall be your last.
He disappears in a puff of smoke and bats. Plasmius and Danny take cover from the bats. The Skeleton Armies remain motionless. Cut back to Plasmius and Danny.
Danny Phantom "The Ring thou hast"?
Vlad shrugs uncertainly.
Maddie Children of Amity Park! [Out of nowhere, we get a shot of Maddie and Mr. Gray sitting in the FFGAV. Maddie is driving and speaking through a microphone.] Report to the safe bosom of the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle!
As the vehicle drives over, it smashes through inert Skeletons. Cut back to Danny and Plasmius once more.
Danny Phantom [Simultaneously with Plasmius.] Mom!
Plasmius [Simultaneously with Danny Phantom.] Maddie!
Danny Phantom, Plasmius I can't let her see me like this!
Danny flies away, Vlad disappears in a puff of pink ectoplasmic smoke. Danny detransforms behind a tree and runs over to Valerie just as Maddie and Mr. Gray do so. The two adults frown at him.
Danny Uh... She was like that when I got here.
The three bend over her.

Cut to Fenton Works. The Skeleton Armies stand still. A ghost shield covers the house. We hear news media again.

Tiffany Snow Welcome back to Big Scary Dome Watch.
Fade to the inside. Sam and Tucker are watching the news on a nice TV .We see Tiffany in front of a screen with the dome and the word 'Domewatch'.
Tiffany I'm Tiffany Snow. We are in our fourth hour of captivity- [Cut to Sam and Tuck. They look worried. Obviously.] And Amity Park remains cut off from the outside world. [Cut back to the broadcast.] With more on that, outside the safety of our studio, is our own Lance Thunder. Lance?
The screen changes to show Lance and some guy with a large drill. The guy with the drill is trying to break through the dome. Close up on this.
Lance Thunder [To some guy off-screen.] Why the heck do I have to do this? I'm a weatherman, for the love uhh.... [Realizing he's on camera.] Tiffany, despite the odd circumstances, an eerie calm has fallen over Amity Park, emergency teams still having no luck in piercing the dome. [Cut to some shots proving that the drill guy has some friends, then back to Lance.] Wishing he had taken that job in Chicago, this is Lance Thunder, Action News.
Probably thought Amity Park was a sleepy little town...hah, I say, HAH! Pull back. As it turns out, Danny and Valerie (revived) are watching the same thing in the basement (on a different and much less beat-up TV then the one that was in the basement before...). Behind them, Vlad and Maddie are working on the Battlesuit, which is actually beginning to look like a suit. Vlad is wearing overalls. He gets up and wipes his brow as Maddie says the next lines.
Maddie This suit is the only hope we have to punch through that dome. [Cut to Maddie. She is working on something in the dome.] But I still don't think we'll be able to perfect the neural receptors.
Cut to Jack. He is still worn out from last time, and has a cold water bottle on his head.
Jack Which is why I'll wear the suit. If anyone's gonna beat that ghost back into the Ghost Zone, it's me.
He stands up as he says this. However, the effort weakens him considerably.
Maddie No, Jack, look at you! You're still wiped out from the last time!
Cut to Danny and Vlad. Vlad is putting his suit back on when Danny drops in.
Danny It kills ya, doesn't it? How much they love each other?
Vlad I have other things to worry about and so do you. [As he says this, Jack attempts to walk away. Vlad sticks out his leg as he walks by, making the big man trip.] And yet, I will always have time for that.
Cut to back upstairs. Valerie has made her way up the stairs to Sam and Tuck, who continue to watch the broadcast, now completely stationary. She is still covered in bruises. She sits with them, clutching her stomach.
Tucker You feeling any better?
Valerie A little. Though I'm surprised you care... You guys don't like me very much, do you?
Sam We don't know you very much. And honestly, you used to be pretty mean to us. [Valerie looks a bit shocked.] You think we're just gonna start hanging out with you without wondering what you want? And... How you got that ring?
Close up on the Ring of Rage, which is still on Val's finger. (I am psychic, I can read Sam's mind... I won't tell you what I see...). Cut to Valerie.
Valerie That officially falls under the category- [Cut to Sam and Tuck. They look miffed.] Of none of your business.
Behind her, Danny comes up from the basement.
Danny Hey guys.
Valerie gives the other two a sly smile. Sam runs to him and grabs his arm angrily.
Sam [Speaking very fast.] Can I talk to you for a second?
She hauls him away. On the way, she grabs Tucker by the backpack and hauls him too. (Ah, the joys of relationship...). She pushes them into a closet full of Fenton gear and slams the door. Cut to the inside of the closet. Sam turns on a light. Tuck is trying to get through to Danny.
Tucker Yo man, you do know the minute you turn into Danny Phantom she's gonna shoot first and ask questions never.
Danny She's not gonna find out.
Sam How do you know she's not snooping right now? [She crowds into his personal space.] What if that ring on her finger is some sort of ghost detection device?
Cut to Danny. He looks surprised.
Danny Ring? W-what are you talking about?
He opens the door a crack, looks out, and sees the Ring. Valerie notices Danny looking at her, and waves in a slightly flirtatious manner. Danny waves back, before realizing what he's doing and closing the door. Cut back to the inside.
Danny Oh man, that's got to be the ring the Fright Knight's looking for! [He points behind himself. Close-up.] Vlad must have given it to her!
Tucker Isn't he a little old for her?
Danny He's obviously using her to hide the ring from the Fright Knight. Something's going on with that ring, and we need to make the ghosts tell us what it is.
He stands up and transforms. He then turns intangible, grabs Sam and Tuck, and they phase through the wall.

Cut to the hunting/sport store. A more-than-obviously cardboard cutout of Skulker is looking at a corner. Danny phases up behind him with the Thermos.

Danny Phantom I'd much rather kick your butt, but this works too!
He powers up the Thermos and pulls Skulker in- or at least tries. The beam merely passes through the cutout, which falls over. Danny is so surprised he doesn't notice that the real Skulker has just punched him into some camping gear until he does it.
Skulker Did you actually think you could sneak upon me?
He flies over and attempts to pummel Danny some more-but slams into the Specter Speeder, which Sam and Tuck have parked right in front of him. Danny becomes intangible, phases through the floor, and comes up right under Skulker. WHAM! Skulker is sent careening towards the ceiling, but activates his rocket boosters at the last second. He sends out some netting towards Danny, who is captured in it. Danny flies around aimlessly, taking Skulker along for the ride, and then phases out right before the crash landing. A baseball helmet falls on his head, and a ball and bat fall near him. He smiles evilly as he whacks the ball towards Danny, who is knocked down. Skulker picks him up and...
Poindexter Ix-nay on the ight-fay, Skulker. [Cut to Poindexter.] Maybe he can help us.
Pull back to reveal other ghosts. Poindexter is still riding the Dragon Ghost, and with him are Technus, Ember, Walker, Klemper, and Bullet, aka 'that guy who works for Walker from Public Enemies.' Cut back to Danny.
Danny Phantom Please, tell me what's going on! Let me help you guys!
Reluctantly, Skulker puts Danny down. Of course, as soon as he's down, Danny punches him. Skulker is thrown backwards. Tuck and Sam fly over in the Speeder. Danny is flexing his wrist.
Sam How is that helping?
Danny Phantom It's payback. It helps me on the inside.
Fade in to another scene. Everyone from before, plus the Box and Lunch Lady Ghosts, is sitting around a fake electric plug-in fire listening to Skulker tell a not-so-fake campfire story.
Skulker It was many years ago. Before you. [Cut over to Danny, Sam, Tucker, and the Lunch Lady Ghost.] Before me. [Cut to him, then to the other ghosts present.] Before most of us. His name was Pariah Dark.
The screen now goes to a flashback- the Fright Knight is holding the Crown of Fire. He flies it over to the King.
Skulker And he ruled the Ghost Zone. [The Fright Knight flies into the King's throne room on his horse. He steps down. Cut to Pariah.] He was a ghost of such power and magnitude, only he could control the entities contained within the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage. [The Fright Knight places the crown on Pariah's head. He, who is already wearing the Ring, smiles evilly.] When wearing both- he could do anything.
Pariah does a dramatic little spin cycle or whatever it is. At the end of it, he bangs his fists together, causing an explosion.

Close-up on his face. Then on his pupil. In the pupil, we can see six ghosts, all robed.

Skulker Until a group of powerful ancient ghosts banded together in a last ditch effort to defeat the King.
The ancient ghosts combine their ectoplasm shooting powers to shoot Pariah in the back. He falls to the ground, seemingly defeated. One ghost takes away the Ring of Rage, another takes the Crown of Fire, depriving Pariah of most of his power.
Skulker By locking him within the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep
Back to the main point, cut to another scene. Pariah is thrown into the sarcophagus, which is then shut. One ghost locks the sarcophagus with the Skeleton Key, sealing Pariah away for a good part of forever. The ghosts then fly out of the Keep and blast it with more ectoplasm, cutting it off from the rest of the Ghost Zone.
The flashback is over. Fade in to Skulker.
Skulker Or so he thought.
Cut to Klemper and Ember.
Ember He's only been freed for a day and he's already destroyed our homes.
Cut to Danny, Sam, and Tuck.
Danny Phantom And that's without the Ring. [Close-up.] We can't let him get it! But I'm gonna need all of you to help me put the Ghost King to sleep.
Goof: On this close-up, Danny has no ghostly glow.
Pan across all the ghosts (and the two humans) as he says the next line.
Danny Phantom I'll need you to battle against all odds- [Overhead view of the group.] Face untold danger, doom, and destruction, with no guarantee of ever coming back. [Close-up again.] WHO'S WITH ME?
Cut to the ghosts. They pause for a second, pondering, then laugh and float away. Only Dan, Sam, and Tuck remain. Cut to them.
Tucker You should probably take that as a 'no'.
Cut to Danny. He looks slightly worried.

Fade in to Fenton Works. It is covered by the Ghost Shield. The city is still in its dome. Inside the shield, Vlad is casually leaning against the Specter Speeder, which is parked in the street. Danny, in human form, walks out of the house and up to Vlad.

Vlad [Casually.] You wanted to talk to me?
Danny You're putting innocent people in danger. It stops. Now.
Vlad gives him a smug look. He isn't really taking this seriously.
Vlad Really? [He laughs a little.] You know what I'm up to? Your tiny teen mind has pieced together the rest of my plot?
Cut to Danny.
Danny That you stole the Ring, woke the Ghost King, gave it to Valerie to hide it and now you're waiting for your chance to steal it back?
Cut back to Vlad.
Vlad That's pretty good. It's almost as though I barely consider you a threat.
Danny groans. His eyes glow green.
Random Useless Fact From the Transcriptess: At this point, the tape that I recorded this on skips, but I don't think I lost more than a half second of the eye glow ^^.
Vlad [Shaking in mock fear.] Oh, there's that temper of yours again. What ARE you going to do? [He leans in dangerously close.] What if Valerie sees us, hm?
Cut to Valerie. She is listening by the closet door. She still thinks that the others are in there, apparent in the next statement.
Valerie Danny? You guys still in there?
Cut back to Danny and Vlad. Danny fires ectoplasm from his finger, taking out a streetlight. The screen is completely dark except for the Nick logo that should be there.
Vlad Oh, sugar cookie.
Ooh, disembodied voice. Danny fires some more ectoplasm, the glow lighting up his face (this is a really cool shot, I can't wait for screens to come up). The blast hits Vlad, knocking him out of the Shield. Danny runs out after him, transforming as he leaves. Vlad gets up, only to be kicked by Danny. He crashes into a billboard.
Vlad Sneak attack, very good, Daniel. [He transforms, and flies away from the billboard.] You're getting more like me with every battle.
Cut to Danny.
Danny flies up and rams Plasmius. They land on the Casper High football field, coincidentally.
Plasmius Oh, you're not? Using your powers to get back at people you don't like? [He stands up.] Throwing the first punch? You're more like me than you know.
He hits Danny across the field. He lands near the Soul Shredder.
Danny Phantom Oh yeah? [He stands up. He looks angry.] Well, if that's the case, then instead of asking you to give the ring back, I'll make you!
He puts his hand on the handle. Plasmius flies over.
Plasmius Daniel, NO! The sword is a signal!
Danny Phantom A signal? [He pulls the sword out of the ground.] A signal of what?
The ground begins shaking. The dome above their heads begins to crack. Pieces of it fall near people, who run screaming. Danny and Plasmius turn intangible to avoid them. The students still waiting on the lawn-and Danny and Plasmius- watch as the dome crumbles away- revealing a terrifying sight. Not only has the dome trapped the town, it has transported it into the Ghost Zone! The Skeleton Armies, inert up till now, spring to...afterlife and march down the streets. The Soul Shredder shakes in Danny's hands, and then flies out of them into the Fright Knight's. The Knight has brought an even more unwelcome visitor- Pariah Dark himself, in all his creepy Scottish-Viking-thing glory.
Pariah Dark Of surrender!
Danny and Plasmius are frozen in their tracks. Taking advantage of this, Pariah fires red ectoplasm at them, reverting them back to their human forms. They collapse, unconscious. He looms over them, clutches them into his fist...

Cut over to a public TV screen with the words 'Amityvison' on it. It shows Jack and Maddie, who look like they mean business.

Jack Citizens of Amity Park! This is Jack and Maddie Fenton!
Maddie Hi everybody!
She waves and smiles. Cut to the Fenton Works basement, where her face becomes serious again.
Jack Malevolent spirits have pulled our entire town into a dimension known to us humans as- the Ghost Zone.
Shift over. Mr. Gray is working at a computer. Valerie is near him. Close-up on Mr. Gray.
Mr. Gray I'm launching the Ghost Zone probe now. [He presses a red button. A device flies out of Fenton Works and heads into the unknown fathoms of the Zone.] I'm also increasing the Ghost Shield's radius to protect the city.
He pushes a lever up, which expands the Shield beyond the Works. As the Shield expands, it pushes all Skeletons backwards (very funny to watch). People run screaming into the shield as Jack says these next lines. The Skeletons chasing them also crash into the shield.
Jack The fact that we are currently in an alternate form of reality would be a lot cooler if it weren't for the fact that we are all in mortal danger.
The ghost shield now covers most of the city. Cut back into the basement.
Mr. Gray The Ghost Shield's cranked to capacity, and our probe of the Ghost Zone is operational.
Valerie frowns. She runs, presumably to get her equips, doubled over in pain.

Cut back to the outside. The Skeleton Armies are trying to break through the Shield.

Maddie For your own safety, please run under the Fenton Anti-Ghost Shield- [Cut to a TV shop. People are watching the TVs display the broadcast.] Where our daughter Jazz will be serving tea and cookies! [Close-up.] And boys- [Maddie pulls Jazz onscreen.] She's single!
Zcat6 commentary: Ewww. Ew ew ew. Come on, Steve, that's just foul... .
Jazz pushes her mother away.
Jazz Mom!
Jack comes onscreen.
Jack But more than anything, know this: [Cut to the Fenton Works roof. Valerie flies out on her hoverboard.] This is not my fault! I repeat, this is not my fault!
Pariah fires ectoplasm at one screen, smashing it. He directs his attention back to the two halfas.
Pariah Dark They're ghosts AND humans! [He readies his ectoplasmic blast.] Is there no end to this day's surprises?
Just as he is about to fire, someone comes to ruin his fun. Aww...too bad...
Valerie Hey Stoneface! Surprise!
Valerie fires pink ectoplasm into his eye, blinding him. He drops Danny and Vlad. Val flies in, carrying a rather large ecto gun. Pariah wipes the ectoplasm from his face and shoots a laser at her from his working eye. Val drops the gun to avoid the laser, and almost looses her balance. This doesn't make any difference, as she crashes into a pole a second later. On the ground, she prepares a missile...which shorts out.
Valerie Oww!
She takes off her glove. The Fright Knight sees the Ring on her finger.
Fright Knight The Ring! Give that to the King NOW!
Valerie obeys him...sorta. She takes the ring off, takes out a bazooka, and puts the ring on the tip of the missile.
Valerie If you want it, then go get it!
She powers up and fires the missile. It goes somewhere real far away. The Ghost King flies after it. Valerie drops the weapon and runs. (She must have a lot of them for her to just dispose of them like that.) She gets on her hoverboard and flies off, grabbing Vlad and Danny and narrowly missing getting Soul Shredded on the way. The Knight follows her, firing beams from his sword at her, which she dodges. One beam hits one of her hoverboard's boosters, and she goes down. Fortunately, she lands inside the Ghost Shield. Actually, they bounce once, but you get the point. The Knight tries to follow her in, but crashes into the Shield. As Valerie gets up, uniform ripped and dirty, he tries to hack at the shield, but with no avail.
Fright Knight This... Is... Not... Over!
As he says this, Valerie walks away, taking Vlad and Danners with her. After he says it, Pariah looms over him.
Pariah Dark Actually, my loyal servant, it is!
Cut to Pariah. He smiles evilly. As it turns out, he was able to retrieve the Ring. He puts it on. Having now acquired both items of power, the power rushes to him in a very dramatic scene (that kinda makes it look like he's in pain). There is a white flash... And Pariah Dark has reached full power.

The Fright Knight bows at the sight of him.

Pariah Dark Come. We have plans to make. [He stomps off, the Fright Knight close behind. Each of his steps are marked by a pool of fire.] For soon this... Human world... Will also be mine!
Fade out.
-Cut to commercial-
Fade in on Fenton Works. A lot of people are congregated outside, looking on in fear. Jazz steps outside, bringing cookies (but no tea...). One guy takes one.

Pan up. Valerie flies straight into Danny's room. She drops Vlad into a chair, Danny on the bed, and then retracts her outfit and hoverboard. She now seems more beat than before.

Valerie [Extremely worn out.] Maybe I'll just rest...for a second.
She faints. Soon after she does, Vlad wakes up. He sees Danny and Valerie, both out cold. And his first thought?
Vlad The Ring! [Close-up on Valerie's hand.] It's gone!
Vlad hears Jack and Maddie coming. He turns invisible as they open the door.
Jack Ah, y'see? I told you they were up here! What do the kids call it... Hanging out!
They close the door. Soon after they do, Danny wakes up. He sees Valerie and gasps. Vlad, invisible, phases away through the floor.

Cut to the basement. The mystery of the missing tea is solved, along with the mystery of where Sam and Tuck have been all this time.

Sam I'm getting worried. [Vlad phases out behind them.] We haven't seen Danny or Valerie in hours.
Jack Ah, they're fine. [Jack emerges from the steps. Gradual close-up on his face as he talks.] They've been up in Danny's room. Alone. for hours.
Closeup of Sam's feet. Sam drops her teacup, breaking it. (I can read Sam's mind once again, and once again I won't tell you what I see. But it is pretty cramped in there.) She and Tucker run upstairs at top speed. Jack just shrugs.

Cut to Danny's room. Sam and Tucker burst on in, much to Danny's surprise.

Sam Danny! You're okay!
Cut to Valerie, still out cold.
Sam Whoa. What happened to her?
Danny You name it. Fright Knight, Ghost King, Vlad- [He puts his hand on her forehead.] All of my enemies. Everything I thought I could handle, but couldn't.
He removes his hand. Sam and Tuck come closer.
Tucker Dude, you can't blame yourself for this. It's not your fault.
Danny's expression changes from worried and guilty to angry.
Danny Maybe not. But it is my responsibility.
He stands up and transforms. He grabs his friends, turns all of them intangible, and phases through the floor into the basement. Down there, many 'authority' figures are gathered, including Sam's parents (authority...hah.), Mr. Foley (if his name turns out to be Axel I'm going to flip), the Mayor, and the police, among others. Also there are Jack and Maddie, standing by some big thing covered in tarp.'
Maddie And while the Ecto-Skeleton can enhance your natural abilities one-hundred fold- [She pulls away the tarp, revealing the finished Ecto-Skeleton.] Using it could be fatal.
Cut to Jack.
Jack Which is exactly why I'll be using it. Because if the suit's going to be killing anyone, it's gonna be me.
This is a really funny sequence. Maddie slaps Jack to the ground, taking his place on the screen.
Maddie You're already weak from the first time you used the suit. I'll be going in.
Jazz slaps her mother off-screen.
Jazz Forget it, Mom. Danny needs both of you. I'm doing this.
Mr. Manson slaps Jazz off-screen.
Mr.Manson   I'll do it!
His wife slaps him off-screen.
Mrs. Manson I'll do it!
She is slapped off-screen. The cycle continues as we cut to our heroes.
Danny Phantom I thought I was going to have to blast everybody with a ghost ray, but this is much more efficient.
Sam What? Danny, no, you can't!
They land on solid ground.
Danny Phantom I'm the only one who has a chance to save our lives.
Tucker Somebody oughta tell her that.
He points off-screen. As it turns out, Valerie, in hunter garb, has awoken, survived the slappy sequence and, as it seems, just knocked out the mayor. Danny attracts her attention.
Danny Phantom I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta ask you to step away from the suit!
Valerie drops the mayor.
Valerie Back off, spook. I don't know how you got inside the Fenton's Ghost Shield- But this is my fight.
Danny Phantom No, it's not. Not anymore.
At this point, Mr. Gray walks in, holding some tools. He drops them and gasps as the scene sinks in.
Mr. Gray Hey! What's going on in here?
Sam and Tucker sneak out of the basement behind him, leaving Danny and Valerie to deal with this themselves. Close-up on the two.
Valerie You're not the boss of me!
Without warning, Danny whips her hood off. She screams.
Danny Phantom Nope. But he is.
Close-up on Mr. Gray.
Mr. Gray Valerie?
Cut back to the duo. Valerie looks about ready to burst.
Valerie AAAAHH! You're dead for this, you hear me? DEAD!
Valerie whips out some ectoguns. Bad idea, Val. Valerie's got a gun, and what does her daddy do? He grabs her away and tries to hold her down. Danny flies up, grabs the suit, intangifies, and flies the suit through the roof, leaving father and daughter to themselves. Cut back to them.
Mr. Gray You've been battling ghosts? All this time? Are you okay?
Valerie I'm... I'm fine.
Seemingly satisfied, he puts her down. But this tranquility can only last so long.
Mr. Gray Then you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE!
Pwn ^^. Cut to the roof. Danny is up there with the Ectoskeleton. He flies up to the top, takes off the glass covering, and transforms back into his human half. He jumps in. (From this point on, Danny is in the Battlesuit, until I say so.) The hatch closes behind him. He grabs the controls.
Danny Activate neural receptors... [The neural receptors come out and snap onto his spine. Something pops up on a screen- a picture of a battery.] Initiate powerup sequence...
He pulls back on the controls. The suit begins charging. The battery's gauge goes from 88% to 90%. He pushes down on what looks like a gas pedal (dude, where's my Battlesuit? ^^). Within time, he is fully connected with the Battlesuit. The battery continues to fill...
Danny Yeah, there we go. [Behind him, Sam and Tucker open up the door onto the roof or...whatever it's called. Danny glances over.] I can see you over there, you know.
The two humans push the door open wider, then run over to him.
Sam Danny, please.
Danny C'mon, guys. You didn't think it was always going to be as easy as shoving the Box Ghost into the Fenton Thermos, did you? I'll be back.
Tucker Your mom used the word 'fatal'.
They look really helpless now. As Danny says the next line, the Battlesuit makes the body movements that he would have made.
Danny Guys, I'll be back.
They look up at him. Danny, suddenly realizing that this may be the last time he sees his friends he figures it's time for one last statement from Sam. He bends down to her.
Danny But... If there's anything you wanted to say to me... Now might be an excellent time to do it.
Sam looks up at him.
Sam Uhh... I-
...And ends. Before Sam can say 'love you' or a more long winded version of the words, a winds blows at her, cutting her off in a very overused plot device. The three look up. The red clouds above them form together to make Pariah's ugly face.
Pariah Dark Humans! Hear my decree!
Whatever his decree is, we'll never know. Cut back to the trio.
Danny Well, that's my cue. [Close-up.] Tuck, I'll need you to drop the Ghost Shield on my way out, okay?
Cut to Tuck and Sam.
Tucker Okay. Be careful, dude.
He runs off, but Sam stays. She takes what might be one last look at the guy she l- *cough* is friends with. He smiles at her. Satisfied, she runs off, however unwillingly.

Inside the suit, Danny transforms. The entire suit is affected by the transformation-it goes silver and black, with the emblem on the front. Sam gives him the thumbs-up, looking at him with that face again. (Enough already!). Danny takes off, going faster that he could before, blowing his friends back. His ghost trail is blue instead of green. Cut to some of the students. They cheer.

Paulina Go get 'im, Inviso-Bill!
Danny Phantom [Annoyed.] It's not Inviso-Bill! It's Phantom! DANNY PHANTOM!
As he flies close to the Ghost Shield, Tuck uses the PDA to temporarily knock it out. Danny flies through. He is now out of the safety of his town, ready to kick some Pariah buttock. As he flies out, he looks back on the town sadly. But he can't look for long.
This is where EXTREME COOLNESS begins.
We pull back. We see,, thousand...five thousand, maybe, Skeletons blocking the way to the Keep. (They must've blown most of their CGI budget on this shot). They look armed and ready. The ones closest to the Keep are riding skeletal dragons. Together, they look like more than a match for Danny (and a plot of grass...reminds me of that one SpongeBob ep). But does he give up? Nope! Cut to Danny.
Danny Phantom Maybe if I tried to pick these guys off one at a time...
Well, I sure hope not. He'd never win. Anyway, the finger of the battlesuit opens up, pushing out a tiny blue ectoplasmic ball. It lands in front of some ghosts, then explodes, sending up a VERY COOL blast, getting rid of many Skeletons. They look miffed now.
Danny Phantom Ha ha! One hundred fold, huh? [Cut to Danny.] THAT doesn't reek!
Danny, happy with his newfound power, forms a full-sized blast on his hand and fires it, making all the little skeletons fly up in the air...hee hee. However, the effort weakens him considerably. His battery is down to 98%, but goes right back up.
Danny Phantom Whoa. Okay. Gotta be smart about how much of my own power I use at once.
He looks down. Some Skeletons are preparing to shoot arrows at him. He puts up a blue ghost shield (also very cool looking) to deflect the arrows.
Danny Phantom [Gleefully.] STILL NOT REEKING!
He fires more blasts at the Skeletons. Finally, as he lands on the land, and bunch of Skeletons tackle him (HUT!), forming a very large pile. But powers can solve this too: With effort, he makes all the Skeletons on top of him explode. He is weakened even more, however. Before the Skeletons can take him again, an anonymous ectoblast shoots down, annihilating some of the Skeletons. It came from the Specter Speeder, driven by Sam and Tuck. Close-up on Sam.
Sam In general, I'm pretty opposed to violence, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case.
Danny is horrified to see them.
Danny Phantom Get out of here, guys! It's too dangerous for you to be here!
Tucker We're not staying. We're just making a delivery.
Special Delivery for Danny Phantom: Every ghost he knows, and a few he doesn't! They come out of the bottom of the Speeder in a very cool scene. Sam and Tuck then fly away from the scene, not to come back for a while. Close-up on Danny.
Danny Phantom How did they cram all of you into the Specter Speeder?
Ember Hey! Ever been inside your stupid Thermos? Compared to that, it was the Taj Mahal in there!
Skulker Less talking, more FIGHTING!
Weapons pop up from every conceivable place on his body. The Box Ghost pops up.
Box Ghost Beware! For my place of employment has given me a new weapon! [He holds up a relatively harmless piece of bubble wrap.] The Bubble Wrap- OF DEATH!
Klemper uses his ice breath on some of the Skeletons, freezing them. The Box Ghost wraps them in his Bubble Wrap (OF DEATH!), and Klemper pushes them off the land. Cut back to the two, who say both their catchphrases.
Klemper Now will you be my friend?
Box Ghost NEVER!
The Dragon Ghost, ridden by Poindexter, spews flame at the skeletons. Ember takes out a skeletal dragon with a power chord. She misses the next one, which is smashed by Skulker a second later anyway. He turns around to face Danny and Ember.
Skulker Now, go! Defeat him! So I will be free to hunt you another day!
Danny Phantom [Sarcastically.] Guy really knows how to motivate ya. [He obeys Skulker. He flies into the Keep. He reaches the doors to the throne room.] Well, this is it. [He blows the doors open. Standing right there is Pariah Dark, in all know what I'm going to say. Danny groans angrily. Cut to Pariah.]
Pariah Dark A little ragged round the edges, eh, child?
Where do they find these voices, they're AMAZING! Anyway... Cut to Danny.
Danny Phantom Whaddya say... [He flies closer.] We ditch the snappy patter and get right to the part where I kick your butt!
Pariah Dark Very well, I accept your challenge!
He flies towards Danny. He puts up a shield (not as impressive as the first...) to stop him. His power is now at 40%, and his strength is limited. He is now very tired and such. (You can tell I'm eager to get to the end of this). He fires ectoplasm at Pariah, which knocks him into his throne. He is now weaker than ever. Pariah gets up.
Pariah Dark Having that much power, it's a burden, isn't it, child?
He throws his mace at Danny. He jumps up to dodge it, but it just comes back around. (That's a cool mace! I need one to go with the ACME Danny's TV). It hits him in the back and comes back to its owner's hand. Once that's over with, Pariah kicks Danny.

'Action Card: WHAM!

Danny flies into the wall. He gets up, sweating.

Danny Phantom The power isn't the burden. The burden is in how I use it. And I've been using it poorly lately. [He focuses very, very hard. After a bit of focusing, for the first time, he is able to generate clones. Say hello to Dannies 2, 3, and 4! Danny now has 25% power. The Dannies then fly at Pariah.]
Action Card: ZARK!

The Dannies hit Pariah with beams from all directions. Angered, Pariah swings his mace at Danny 4, making him disappear with no speaking lines : (. One of the Dannies gets Pariah in the back, knocking him over. The three remaining Dannies walk up to him.

Dannies 1, 2, 3 Now leave my town ALONE!
They punch Pariah.

Action Card: WHAM!

Cut over to Amity Park. Sam and Tucker land the Specter Speeder in front of Fenton Works. They look up at the sky, which, for one fleeting moment, flickers to a normal sky instead of a Ghost Zone sky.

Tucker Whoa.
Cut back to the fight. Danny 3 is hit by a beam, making him disappear.
Pariah Dark Surrender, child! You can't possibly win!
Cut to Danny 2 (I'm 100% sure it's Danny 2)
Danny 2 I don't have to win.
His hands charge. He fires his blasts at the wall, revealing the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.
Danny 2 I just have to make sure that you lose!
Danny 1 flies up and holds the Sarcophagus open for Pariah. Ooh, Pariah looking a bit scared now! Danny 1 fires a bit of ectoplasm, knocking off the Crown of Fire. Danny 2 catches it ('nother cool shot here).
Pariah Dark No! NO!
He throws it aside, then flies up and, with extreme difficulty (he's a big guy), pushes Pariah into the Sarcophagus. Danny 1 closes it. Danny 2, all worn out, retracts back into Danny 1, who we can now call just Danny.

A whitish-blue oval of light surrounds both the Sarcophagus and Amity Park. The Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep shakes violently (aww, Pawiah no wanna go beddy-bye!). Danny groans, almost at his limit.


Pariah still doesn't wanna sleep.


Danny is now sweating from exhaustion. He slumps down. Just as he is about to die and Pariah is about to break loose, unleashing all heck on both worlds, an anonymous black-gloved hand turns the Skeleton Key in the lock, sealing Pariah back in. (He was a good character while he lasted.)

Pariah Dark No! Nooo!
After he is locked in, the Ghost Zone sky over Amity Park reverts back to a normal sky. The residents cheer. The Skeletons still in town turn brown and crumple to dust.

Back at the Keep, Danny looks over. The black-gloved hand belonged to Vlad Plasmius, who is standing with the Fright Knight and all the other ghosts. Cut back to Danny.

Danny Phantom I don't understand... [Cut to Danny's point of view.]
Plasmius What? That I used two 14-year-old pawns to turn a knight, and topple a king? [Danny's eyesight begins to waver as he loses consciousness.] It's chess, Daniel. Of course you don't understand, but-but then you never really did.
Danny loses consciousness completely. A second later, we hear a voice.
Voice Danny?
Danny's eyes open. The first thing he sees is Sam, who was the voice.
Sam Danny?
His eyes open fully.
Danny [Subconsciously.] Huh, huh...what?
Danny looks around. He is in his room, on his bed. Standing around him are his family, Sam and Tuck, and Valerie and her father. Valerie is in bandages, including a cast on her left arm. Vlad comes out from behind Mr. Gray. Danny is in human form.
Vlad You gave us quite a scare there, little badger.
Cut to Jack.
Jack Vladdie said he'd found you just outside the dump after the town flickered back to reality. He saved your life.
Maddie Things might have been weird there for a while, but if Vlad saved your life then I say, 'bygones'.
Note to self: Look up 'bygones'. Note from Zcat6: The word is "bygones," as in "let bygones be bygones" - a phrase that encourages one to leave unpleasant memories in the past. ;)
Jack And you will always be welcome in our home, V-man. You can stay in Danny's room!
Vlad walks over.
Vlad [Lying through his teeth.] Too bad you lost your Ecto-suit, Jack.
Jack That's okay, V-man. Those pants made me look fat.
Optimal thing for Jack to say ^^.
Danny tries to get up, which causes him intense pain. Sam pushes him back down again. She smiles. He smiles a dazed smile back.

Cut to the Fenton's large TV screen. Another Tiffany Snow broadcast is on, though no news media is heard.

Tiffany Well, the worst ghost crisis in the history of Amity Park is over. [Cut to the street. Two people are picking up Skeleton Army bones.] Cleanup continues- [However, they needn't be. A bulldozer and truck are picking up a bigger pile.] And a sense of normalcy has returned. [Cut to the Box Store. And while we may never know exactly what happened-
Cut to the inside. The owner of the store looks upset.
Box Store Owner Guy Where's my bubble wrap?
Cut to the football field. Some students are putting the football-score-things back up.
Tiffany One thing's for sure. Inviso-Bill- [Dash, who is with the students, gives a thumbs-up. Cut to the broadcast again. A picture of Danny's ghost form is flashed onscreen.] Or should I say, 'Danny Phantom'- [Danny's pic disappears, and it is replaced by a pie chart. It shows 'Pro, 64%, Con, 36%.] Has gone from villain to hero in the eyes of many in our town-
A pink ray fires at the TV, smashing it. It was fired by Valerie, who is apparently right-handed.
Valerie [With total despising.] That depends on who you're asking.
Mr.Gray Valerie? Was that the Ecto-Gun?
Valerie hides the gun behind her back.
Valerie No!
Fade in to Casper High, then cut to the inside. It's another day, and Danny is still angry. He slams the door to his locker shut.
Tucker Dude, you have to let it go.
Danny I can't! What was that all about? [Close-up on Danny.] The ghosts are all off rebuilding their homes, but the Ecto-Skeleton is gone! And what about Vlad? Did he make some sort of pact with the Fright Knight? I-I-I-
Sam puts her hand over his mouth.
Sam Danny, you beat the big bad guy, and you saved the town. That's enough for one day, dontcha think?
He gives her one of those soft smiles that he looks so cute doing...sigh. Dash just had to ruin the moment by rearing his ugly head.
Danny Almost. [He walks up to Dash, unafraid.]
Dash You've got a lotta nerve just walkin' up to me in broad daylight, Fenton!
Danny Actually, I wanted to say... I was sorry. I pulled some pranks on you, and- [Dash looks kinda surprised.] Well, with all the weirdness in the last few days...I'm sorta thinkin' that just because I can do something doesn't mean I...should.
Truer words have never been spoken. I should show this to some terrorists sometime. (Don't worry, I was kidding!)
Danny So... Apology accepted?
Dash smiles evilly.

Cut to the Nasty Burger. Dash is leaning against the door.

Dash Apology accepted.
Apology accepted my spleen. His 'acceptance of apology' is hanging Danny by his underwear from the flagpole. Poor Danny.
Interesting thing that may or may not be a Goof: In this scene, Danny is wearing Tighty Whities. What happened to his boxers?
Whatever he's wearing, it tears, and he falls to the ground.
Cut to the inside of the Nasty Burger. Sam and Tuck are sitting at a table. Valerie comes on over to the table just as Danny hits the ground behind them.
Valerie Looks like everything's back to normal.
Sam, Tucker Looks like.
Valerie Although... Y'know how I said I didn't really like Fenton? I kinda like him now.
Ooh, Sam looks appalled! This probably would've escalated into a girlfight if it weren't for the fact that A) Tucker was there and B) This is a TV-Y7-FV show. Instead, they just snipe at each other.
Sam Yeah, well I-I mean, we like him too. And we're watching you.
The last sentence is a little sharper than the rest of the dialogue.
Valerie I accept your challenge!
Sam Then you leave us no choice.
Sam, Tucker NATHAN!
Valerie screams and runs away, knocking the table over.
Goof: Before, the three were inside the building. Now, they're outside.
Nathan runs up, geeky as ever, holding flowers and chocolates.
Nathan Valerie! Come back! Why won't you say yes? [The scenes 'circles' out on Nathan's face. The ending card is shown.]
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