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Sayonara Pussycat is a popular, cute, and seemingly harmless ghost anime cat seen in Danny Phantom. She is a minor character who appears in Season 1 episode "What You Want" and Season 2 episode "Kindred Spirits."


Sayonara Pussycat is a parody of the Japanese character Hello Kitty; the word "sayonara" means "good-bye" in Japanese. This is referenced when Danny says "bye-bye kitty" as he separates her from Paulina and sucks it into the Fenton Thermos.


Sayonara Pussycat appears in Seasons 1 and 2.

In "What You Want," there is a movie coming out starring Sayonara Pussycat. Paulina is jealous of Sayonara Pussycat's cuteness and popularity and wishes she could be cute and popular. Then Desiree comes out of nowhere and grants her wish: Paulina is zapped into a cute anime version of herself. Danny captures her and brings her to a back room, where he forces the ghost cat out of her. As the ghost gushes about everything in the world being sweet and wonderful, Danny gets out the Fenton Thermos and sucks her in. Sayonara goes in without a fight and with a defeated "Meow!" Sometime later, Danny banishes Sayonara Pussycat to the Ghost Zone.


Since Sayonara is such a minor character, not much is known about her personality. She seems to just be a harmless cute anime kitty who wants to become the super fairy queen of all teenagerdom.


  • Standard Ghost Powers: Sayonara is believed to just have basic ghost powers though she seems to only have used the power to combine herself with Paulina. Even when Danny shoots her out of Paulina, she doesn't put up a fight before she goes into the Fenton Thermos.
  • Supernatural Beauty: Sayonara Pussycat is the only being to possess this power. Her ghostly physiology grants Sayonara with an unparalleled level of beauty, her beauty draws attention from even women as she passed by on the room. When Paulina was possessed by the essence of the ghost, her presence at a movie theater caused all the people to worship her.
  • Emotion Manipulation: Sayonara passively makes people fall in love with her. While possessing Paulina, she made everyone in the movie theater fall in love with her and even gave her the ability to affect all teenagers around the world.


  • Sayonara Pussycat is one of the very few ghosts who does not make a cameo in "Phantom Planet" turning Earth intangible.


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