The Scarab Scepter is an ancient Egyptian scepter which belonged to the ancient pharaoh Duulaman. It appears in "King Tuck." The staff possesses magical powers, and anyone who wields it is corrupted by the power of Hotep RA.


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During a field trip to the Egyptian exhibit at the Amity Park museum, Tucker accidentally reawakens Hotep RA, who presents the staff to Tucker. Tucker accepts it and immediately becomes corrupted by the staff's power. He crashes a school debate and sends everyone in the school to a version of ancient Egypt where Tucker is pharaoh. There, Tucker behaves as a tyrant, using the staff to force everyone to do his bidding. Eventually, Danny forces the staff out of Tucker's hands. This frees Tucker from the corrupting influence of the staff. Tucker then uses the staff's power to return everything to normal and make everyone, except himself, Sam, and Danny, forget that anything ever happened (some of them retained a certain residual trauma though).


The Scarab Scepter appears as a golden rod with one end shaped like an ankh and the other end shaped like prongs which support a blue scarab-shaped gem.


The Scarab Scepter can warp reality to the user's will. Tucker used it to create an alternate world and teleport the students and staff of Casper High to his world, and to bring objects such as the Sphinx and hieroglyphs to life.


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