The episode opens showing Casper High. The camera pans slightly to the right. Cut to Danny pushing the doors open in a panic.
Danny Aaaaaaah!
Dash runs the same direction Danny went, chasing him. Cut to Danny running through the halls, out of breath.
Danny *huff* Moving *puff* Gotta keep moving [He looks behind him]
Dash That's it Fen-ton! Run! But I'm taking This D I got on our spelling test out of your hide!
Danny Every time he fails, he comes after me!
Cut to another hallway where Paulina and Kwan meet up with Valerie.
Paulina Hey, Valerie. Like, I so much love that top!
Valerie Isn't it Swe-e-et? $579 and worth every one of my dad's pennies. [ Notices Danny rounding a corner and charging down the hall toward Valerie and her friends.]
Danny is looking back to see if Dash is still behind him. He doesn't see how close Paulina is and runs into her. Paulina is holding a large paper coffee cup and it goes flying inot Valerie's face, and her $579 top.
Valerie [to Kwan] Please hit the unpopular boy for me!
Kwan Hey, accidents happen.
Valerie grabs Kwan by his shirt, drags him down to face her.
Valerie GRRRRR!
Kwan Alright, Alright. Kwan starts chasing Danny back the way he came. Dash is still chasing Danny.
Danny Wait a minute! I have ghost Powers.
Danny goes invisible, ducks into narrow hallway off to one side, and invisible and the two jocks run head on into each other. Danny runs outside to turn back.
Danny Man, that was close.
Then a small green ghost dog comes up to Danny. He picks it up, and sees it has a tag on its collar, an “A” with four electrons orbiting it. Danny picks up the little dog, and it licks his face.
Danny It's like Dash, but with better breath. Now this I can handle.
The happy little dog becomes huge and very unhappy-looking.
Danny Or not.
[Opening Credits]
Opening shot of Axion Labs. Inside, Valerie's dad is talking to his boss. Valerie, with a big stain on her top, is following them, and behind Valerie are two burly security guards.
Damon Gray (Valerie's dad) Digital surveillance, retinal scanning access portals, titanium doors, laser deturents. As promised, this is the most secure facility in the United States.
Boss Well done, Damon. You can feel free to bill me for the remainder of your fee.
Valerie Which means, I can replace this top.
Boss It's good to know those smelly security dogs are a thing of the past.
Barking, and huge dents appearing in the titanium armored doors behind them. Danny comes flying through and lands on his back in front of Valerie and the others.
Valerie What are you?!
Then Valerie and the others see the gigantic ghost dog. It shakes its head, spraying green glowing slobber all over, but particularly on Valerie.
Danny [to Valerie] I'll tell you what I'm not: Coated with dog saliva.
Valerie screams in anger. The ghost dog runs past the humans.
Danny Bad dog! No! Get back here!
Cujo phases through an armored door and begins destroying a lab, knocking over a row of expensive equpment like dominos, and much other damage.
Guard Halt! Halt! [Fires at Danny and Cujo, missing both.]
Danny Cut it out, you stupid mutt!
Damon Stand back everybody. This state-of-the-art security system can stop anything. [presses a button.]
A sphere with many lenses comes down from the ceiling, emitting a lot of laser beams. An automatic net gun fires and would have trapped Cujo and Danny if they didn't phase through it. Instead, it traps Valerie, her father Damon, and Damon's boss.
Boss Except a pasty-faced teenager.
Damon I'm fired, aren't I.
Boss You're not just fired, you're ruined.
Scene changes to in front of Valerie's house. Sam, Danny, and Tucker roll up on the sidewalk on electric scooters.
Sam Whoa! Talk about rock bottom! They're selling everything they own at a yard sale.
Danny I feel bad. If I could have stopped that ghost dog, none of this would have happened.
Tucker She's having a hard week. [Brightens] Which means I can catch get her on the rebound! Sweet [Tucker goes up to Valerie to make a pass] Hey, Val. I heard what happened.
Valerie Oh, great. Word's already moved down to the bottom of the social grapevine.
Danny Hey, come on. I know you're upset. But he just wants to help. We all do.
Sam I don't
Tucker Most of us do. More than two-thirds.
Valerie Thanks, but I'll pass.
Danny [Ghost sense goes off] I'm gonna have to pass too. [Danny hops on his scooter and rides out of sight.]
Cujo, huge angry version, bursts out of the ground. Cujo then knocks down and breaks a chest of drawers with more of Valerie's clothes, and a passing car splashes filthy water on the wreckage to make it worse.
Danny How'd you get out of the Ghost Zone? [Tickles Cujo under the chin, and he turns into his small, cute, happy form.]
Danny Ghost dogs are more entertaining than regular dogs. [Lifts one foot and examines it.] Great. Invisible dog do.
Valerie Whatever you are, get out of here! You and you're stupid dog have done enough!
Cujo starts dragging Danny around.
Danny Come on, boy! Not again!
Cujo drags Dannie into the moving van, causing the door to fall closed. There's a lot of banging and crashing inside, and bulges appear in the van. When the door opens, everything that was in the van looks broken.
Damon What's going on here?
Valerie I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.
Scene changes to Fenton Works.
The usual shot zooming in on the Fenton Works, then Danny, carrying the now-happy-little ghost dog, approaches the portal as its doors open.
Danny Okay, Cujo! In you go! [Tosses Cujo through the portal.]
The portal doors close.
Danny [hands covered with green ghost dog saliva] Yuck! That's it, I'm getting a hamster.
But soon after Danny leaves, Cujo phases back through the closed doors of the portal.
The scence changes to the lunch room at Casper High
Valerie enters the lunch room with a bag lunch and goes to the table where her “friends” are sitting, the boys on either side of a smirking Paulina. They are all wearing black tees with the logo for Dumpty-Humpty, a rock band which is staging a concert in Amity Park.  Dash is doing very bad air guitar.
Dash I can't wait for this
Kwan Hey, Val! We're down for the concert, right?
Valerie Ah, sorry guys. I had to sell my tickets online to help pay for the moving truck. Things are kind of tight now, you know.
Dash No.
Paulina Nuh-uh.
Kwan Not really.
Valerie moves to sit down, but Dash gets up and blocks her.
Dash Speaking of tight...!
Dash indicates with his eyes, and the camera shows a dusgusted Sam sitting arms folded between Danny and Tucker as the boys wolf down their lunch, stuffing it in with both hands.
Valerie [cringing] I get it.
Paulina Hey, Valerie. Did you at least sell your tickets to somebody cool? We don't want to have to sit next to any losers at the concert!
Valerie goes away to sit alone.
Tucker Whoa, brutal!
Danny Did you see that? Valerie just got scorched by her friends.
Sam Maybe she needs better friends.
Tucker My thoughts exactly!
Tucker dashes over to Valerie.
Valerie [Closing her eyes in humiliation] What do you want?
Tucker Uh... I was wondering if you would join me—us—for lunch, I mean, since you're...NOT [Tucker jumps back]
Cujo, huge and angry, appears outside the window next Valerie's table. Valerie, eyes still closed, doesn't notice Cujo
Valerie [Turning toward Tucker and away from Cujo, who is phasing through the window.] I'm already aware of my sudden outcast status. But thanks for reminding me.
Tucker [shivering] But—!
Valerie Can you please just leave me alone?! I wanna enjoy my bag lunch in peace!
Cujo bites into Valerie's bag lunch. Valerie screams. Cujo jumps over her table and lands on Dash's lunch tray, spraying him with nondescript mystery meat gravy. Then Cujo goes rampaging through the lunchroom, past Sam and Danny, driving a horde of students to flee to flee outside the school in terror.
Sam You're not much of a dogcatcher.
Danny No kidding. Hey, who let the dogs in!
Sam is not amused.
Danny You see, the song is “Who let the dogs out” but I said " Who let the dogs in.” [pause] I'll be right back. [ducks under the table to go ghost]
Sam Bring some new jokes.
The not-ghost lunch lady is still on station and she flings a ladle of her own glop at Cujo, which hits. Cujo picks her up in his teeth by her dress. But Cujo hasn't really hurt her, even if she's screaming. Danny Phantom flies up.
Danny Nice pooch! Easy. That lady isn't edible. And neither is anything she cooks.
The ghost dog drops the lunch lady, happy to see Danny again, and jumps at him.
Danny And neither am I!
Cujo propels himself and Danny through the wall, phasing in time to avoid making yet another hole. The lunch lady picks up a serving tray from the floor that still has some lime green gunk on it. She fell on it when Cujo dropped her; it clearly shows an impression of her butt.
Lunch Lady Oooh, it's still good! Who wants seconds!
Camera pans left to show Tucker and Sheila standing somewhat near one another.
Tucker Ghosts, heh. [arms-out elbows bent palms-up shrug] Whaddya gonna do, Huh?
Valerie [angrily] Ghosts!
Valerie [frightened] Oh my gosh! GHOSTS!
The scene changes to Valerie's new digs in Elmerton. The sign reads; 'Welcome to Elmerton. We're getting better.
Damon [opening the window] Great news, Sweetheart! I'm getting one last chance. I convinced them to let my guard what's left of the lab while they rebuild.
Valerie Oh that's great! How many of your employees are you can you put on it
Damon I don't have any more employees. I have to guard myself. At night. In that. [':Points to a uniform hanging in their closet.]
Valerie Nice And if things get worse, you can use that outfit to deliver packages.
Damon Oh, which reminds me. [Darts off briefly and returns with a package.] This arrived while you were at school today. From Wisconsin. [Damon's watch beeps. He hands the package to Valerie.] Oh! Don't want to be late. 'bye, Sweetie! [rushes off]
The package is addressed to:
Valeire Gray
461 Elm St.
Valerie [reading aloud the note that came in the packag] Heard about your recent ghost troubles. Hope this will help. -Vlad.
Vlad is just outside her window watching her, floating in his Plasmius form.
Valerie Don't know who you are, Vlad, but if this thing does what I think it does, I can't say that I care [Fires the pistol in her hand accidentally.]
Damon [Didn't see her] Valerie?!
Valerie I'm OK!
The scene changes to a clear hilltop with city buildings in the distance. Danny and Sam are away from other people in some kind of an open area on top of a small hill. Sam has a book she's reading.
Danny I'm telling you this is one bad dog. Every time I throw him into the ghost zone, he tunnels out through the portal and comes looking for me.
Sam But you're the only other ghost in the area. So train him. Ghost dog or not, he's still a dog...I think. Good luck! [Begins walking away.]
Danny Where are you going?
Sam Hello! I can't be seen with the ghost kid.
Sam tosses back the dog obedience book she was reading to Danny. It cuts his body in half at the waist, but it reconnects. Danny picks up the book from the ground.
Danny Okay, let's get to it. [reads aloud] "A dog's hearing is much more acute than a human's.“ Which means...”
Danny is viewed through a red-tinted device which projects crosshairs and other readouts.
Danny That's weird! This dog is already trained. [Cujo jumps up to lick his face, knocking him down the small hill.] Sort of.
Sam has been watching through binoculars.
Sam A boy and his dog. Somehow it's not supposed to be this freaky. [Missile flies by Sam]
Danny spots the missile in time and jumps away, holding Cujo. Then he puts Cujo down.
Danny Stay! 
Danny goes back to the crater left by the missile.
Danny What the heck was that?!
With a whine of jet engines, a female figure in a red jumpsuit with a hood that covers her face appears above standing on a hoverboard--which she nearly falls off of when she loses her balance.
Valerie's voice Whoa!
Valerie begins pursuing Danny wielding a ridiculously large double-barreled blaster pistol. But after firing another missile, she uses the foot-triggered twin guns in the board itself to fire at Danny and he flies nap-of-earth. As they pass an old man in the park, the draft pulls out his dentures. Valerie focuses on Danny so much she doesn't realize they are headed straight for a large tree. Danny phases through the tree, but Valerie falls off the board when it goes into a vertical climb  to clear the tree.
Autopilot Rider incactive. Corrective Piloting Program initiated.
Valerie's hoverboard flies under her and catches her before she hits the ground.
Valerie Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!
Valerie throws three pink buzz-saw blades. The all miss, but the one that caroms off the birdbath going high into the air...
Danny Wow. Nice aim. [pink buzz-saw blade comes down, nicking Danny's arm.] Hey! That hurt!
Valerie Oh, don't worry, ghost kid. It won't hurt long. Because you are going down!. [Aims her double-barreled weapon.]
After Valerie fires, Cujo pushes Danny out of the line of fire. The recoil from Valerie's weapon knocks her off her board again and again the board rescues her, this time without dialogue.
Valerie Come back!
Cujo has carried Danny into a rugged area with many trees, bushes, and large rocks. Valerie keeps firing, this time braced well enough to fire many times in rapid succession. Danny and Cujo seem to have come into a clearer area, but Valerie still manages to run into a tree. Sam looks out from behind a bush as Cujo stops to look back and Danny skids to a stop on his butt.
Sam Who was that? Such an awesome outfit!
Danny Don't know. Don't care. See the ball boy? [Makes an energy ball.] Fetch!
Cujo chases after the ball.
Danny Oh, man! She's coming! Sam! Hide!
Sam No time!
Valerie No escapin' me now, ghost boy! [aiming her giant pistol]
Valerie sees Danny Fenton on the ground behind the bush with Sam Manson holdin him down and kissing his lips.
Sam Do you MIND!
Valerie Oh, gross! Loser love! I always knew you two geeks would end up together.
Valerie flies away.
Sam That sounded like Valerie. Danny... Danny? You didn't think it was a real kiss, did you?
Danny [snapping coming out of a happy daze] No! Why?! D-did you?
Sam looks just as uncomfortable as Danny.
The scene changes to Casper High.
Sam and Danny are walking down a hallway with Tucker.
Tucker Wait. You guys kissed?
Sam and Danny NO! It was a fake-out make-out.
Tucker But that still has the world “make” and “out” in it, right? Maybe I should try that out on-
Valerie walks in from a connecting hallway while Tucker is looking back. They collide, and her books go flying.
Tucker Valerie! Hi! [bends down to pick up her books] Okay, guys, see yah!
Sam and Danny move off, angry. Finishes picking up the books for Valerie. As he picks up the last one..
Tucker Ghost Hunter's Almanac? Ghost killing for Dimwits? When did you get so interested in ghosts?
Valerie When they ruined my life! [Grabs her books out of Tucker's hand.]
Tucker You know I happen to know a thing or two about ghosts.
Valerie [Beginning to walk away] Please, I'm broke, I'm not stupid.
Tucker [following] But seriously, did you know Danny's parents are professional ghost hunters?
Valerie ]stopping in her tracks] No, I didn't know that. [Turns to Tucker with a big smile and sweetens her voice.] Hey, Tucker. [Eyelids fluttering] You wanna carry my books for me. [sparkles around her face in Tuckervision]
The new couple walks past Sam and Danny showing no awareness. After they've passed...
Danny Great! My best friend has a crush on a ghost hunter.
Sam That's life! Well, your life, anyway.
The scene changes to the basketball game. Casper High is playing another nameless school with yellow and purple uniforms. Sam and Danny are in the first row of the bleachers.
Sam Danny, will you relax?
Danny How can I? That stupid ghost dog could be anywhere, not to mention, I have no idea how Valerie became a ghost hunter.
Valerie and Tucker show up at the end of their bleacher row.
Tucker Hey guys, can we join you?
Sam and Danny NO!
Valerie looks genuinely hurt.
Tucker Of course we can!
Valerie So, Tucker tells me your parents hunt ghosts?
Danny Really? What else did he tell you?
Dash takes a foul shot, misses, and then Cujo shows up. The ghost dog scares almost everyone out of the gym, with Dash dashing ahead of everyone else as . Meanwhile Danny and Valerie head off the bleachers in opposite directions. Cujo phases through the bleachers, becomes and begins making digging motions on the floor. Danny finds him, and Cujo gets small and happy again, then starts digging again.
Danny Looking for something? What are you looking for? Sam was right. Ghost dog or not, you're still a dog, and You're looking for something.
One of Valerie's pink blasts hits Cujo and throws him far down the gym.
Valerie Say goodbye, ghost boy!
Valerie has a thermos exactly like one of Jack Fenton's except it's in different colors. Valerie can't get it open.
Valerie [struggling] Aww come on you stupid thermos!!
Sam and Tucker are looking down from the top of the bleachers above.
Sam Oh my gosh! Danny's in trouble! News Flash! That's your girlfriend!
Tucker That's awesome! Hey, Valerie! Wait up!
Tucker jumps off and lands on top of Valerie.
Tucker Great outfit!
Valerie doesn't seem to notice Tucker and seems to come to just as Danny flies to her, grabs her, flies her to one of the baskets and wedges her inside it.
Danny You should be safe here until help comes.
Valerie Get me down! Get me down so I can destroy you!
Scene changes to the Chemistry Lab. Tucker, Danny, and Sam are working at the same lab table.
Danny Tucker, you can't still like her!
Tucker Why not? For once a girl who likes me likes me back. Why can't you just roll with that. Not everyone has to like you, Danny. Don't you Trust me?
Danny You I trust. It's your hormones I worry about.
Camera pans left to show Valerie at the next table over, giving Tucker a flirty smile and wave.Danny's ghost sense, again. And Valerie is reacting.
Valerie and Danny [raising hands] May I be excused?
Danny, Cujo, and Valerie emerge from Casper High and Valerie chases them on her hoverboard, firing away.
Danny 379 girls at our school, and you've got to have a crush on the one with the weapons and the grudge.
Danny hits her gun with a blast that knocks the gun out of her hands and Valerie off her board. This time it doesn't keep her from hitting the ground.
Danny All this is my fault. I suppose I should do something to help Valerie. After I figure out what to do with you.
Cujo turns small again. Dany takes out the dog training book from the pocket he doesn't have in his jumpsuit and opens it.
Danny Go on boy, go get it!
Cujo blinks, uncomprehending.
Danny How d... [pointing] FETCH!
Cujo runs off yapping.
The scene changes to Axion Labs, nighttime well after school. Danny is with Cujo who is scratching at a wall.
Danny What you're looking for is in there? Somebody's coming!
Danny picks up Cujo, turning them both invisible, and holds his mouth, just before Valerie's dad and his boss come around the corner of the building.
Damon I really appreciate you giving me a second chance.
Boss As long as nothing else happens, we'll see about re-instating your contract. I knew we should never have gotten rid of those guard dogs.
Danny [After Damon and the Axion boss have passed] Valerie's dad? Oh, great!
The scene changes to even later at night. Danny Fenton is now on a hill overlooking Axion Labs with Tucker Foley and Sam Manson.
Sam We're here. Where's man's best friend?
Danny whistles, and Cujo once again bursts out of the ground nearby, and bounds over to loom menacingly behind Sam and Tucker.
Tucker Relax, I'm on your side!
Sam Yeah, so he says.
Tucker Hey, I'm the one who knocked out the security camera, remember? [Brandishes his PDA]
Danny Okay. Good news, there's only one guard. Bad news, it's Valerie's dad.
Sam and Tucker Ouch.
Danny [going ghost] So I think it's safer if I go down there by myself. This Fenton Fisher should make a good leash. [uses the ghost fishing line to tie Cujo's collar to a tree.]
Tucker We will...from way up here.
Sam and Tucker have climbed high up in the tree. Cujo starts barking and jumping up. Valerie is in the office Damon uses, maybe doing homework.
Damon Think I'll go out and pick us up a little late-night snack. Okay, Honey, you got something to do?
Valerie I'll be doing fine, Daddy. I've got everthing I need, right here.
Valerie pats her backpack which is filled with weapons and something goes off. Some pink smoke comes out.
Damon [Sticking his head in the door) Valerie?!
Valerie [making a little-Miss-Innocent pose] I'm OK!
Somewhere else in the building, Danny phases through a wall.
Danny [Flying slowly] I wish I knew what I was looking for.
A pink blast hits Danny, throwing him back to the wall he came through.
Valerie Back to the scene of the crime?
Danny I really hate to do this! [charges up a ghost energy ball] But [releases a blast that knocks away Valerie's gun.]
Valerie Yeah? Well I don't! [A shoulder cannon unfolds from her backpack and she sights in on Danny. She does hit Danny, but she also blows a big hole in the roof of the building. Meanwhile, up a certain tree...]
Tucker What was that?
Sam Ten to one says that was your girlfriend.
Cujo starts barking, and follows Danny, uprooting the tree. Sam and Tucker hang on for dear life as Cujo drags the tree down the hill
Sam This is why I'm a cat person.
Cut back to the labs, where Valerie seems to be flying in slow motion with a smalller pilstol in each hand, blasting away. Danny's dodging, but returns fire with a very powerful blast. Valerie stops and looks back to see where it hit (about two feet above her head), which would be a deadly mistake in a any real gunfight.
Valerie You're a pretty lousy shot!
Danny That's because I'm not trying to hit you. Can't we talk?
Valerie I'm done talking!
Valerie's boots sprout in-line skate wheels and rocket motors. She rockets into danny--or would have if he hadn't dematerialized. Instead she goes through him, almost crashes into the wall, and Cujo's head phases through the wall right in front of her. Danny flies over and saves her from Cujo
Valerie Let me go!
Danny Yeah, you're welcome! [lets her drop]
But she recovers, brings out a her biggest gun yet. shoots, misses Danny, and hits the alarm button. A loud klaxon sounds.Her father Damon, in the fastfood place across the street from the labs, hears the alarm.
Damon Valerie!
Valerie You and your stupid dog ruined everthing, and you're gonna pay! You and every ghost like you.
She shoots Danny through a wall, leaving another hole. Pausing to admire her work, she doesn't notice Cujo right behind her.
Valerie That oughta do it!
Dematerialized, Danny may have gone through several walls. He gets his wits back and finds himself in a dusty, cobwebbed room.
Danny An old kennel? This must be where they kept all the guard dogs.
Danny leans against a pile of mats and something squeaks.
Danny Huh?
He searches, and finds something. Meanwhile, Valerie looks like she's about to be the little late-night snack, until..
Danny Keep away! Is this what you've been looking for? [Holds up a little pink bear, the squeaky toy he found in the kennel.]
Cujo starts wagging his tail, but Valerie starts moving, and the ghost dog threatens her again.
Danny It's OK! Duz you want your squeaky? Oh, Duz you? Here you go! [Throws the toy like a ball.] Now, please, go home! And stay there!
Cujo runs off after and dissipates after he gets it. Danny attends to Valerie.
Danny Look, I know you're angry, and but it's not my dog, and I'm sorry about whatever to you, but not all ghosts are evil.
As Danny helps her up, Valerie throws him to the floor and comes out with a wrist blaster.
Valerie And not all humans are saps. huh!
Valerie Goodbye, ghost boy!
Damon Valerie?
Valerie Oh no! My dad!
Danny I'm sorry, but I can't help you there! [flies off]
Tucker Maybe Danny can't help her, but I can.
Tucker uses his PDA to re-activate the security system, goes in the room where Valerie is, and sets off the alarm. A net scoops him up just as Valerie, now in her normal clothes, finishes repacking her weapons.
Valerie What are you doing here?
Tucker Hoping for a fake-out make-out?
Valerie smiles at Tucker.
Damon Ahem!
Tucker Hi! You must be her dad. You're bigger than I thought you'd be.
Boss Well, at least we know we're safe against teenagers, but you're still on thin ice.
The scene changes to Casper High Lunchroom
Tucker Know where the dog went?
Sam Going to play it a little safer now that Valerie the Ghost Slayer is around?
Valerie walks past
Danny I just with I knew where she got those weapons.
Valerie walks right past her glaring “friends” even though there's an obviously empty place. She heads out of the lunchroom. While Danny talks, Vlad teleports into a hallway in his Plasmius form, leaves a package, and teleports away. Valerie finds it.
Tucker Or that costume. [leans back dreamily] A costume that has to cost something
Sam I don't know where she got the weapons, but I think I know where she got some extra cash. Remember those tickets she sold on the internet?
The scene changes to a Dumpty Humpty Concert. Sam, Tucker, and Danny are rocking out.
Sam I can't believe we're sitting next to those losers!
Dash, Paulina, and Kwan sit next to Sam, Tucker, and Danny, looking glum in their matching Dumpty-Humpty tees.
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