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Size alteration is the ability to manipulate the size of oneself or another being or object, either by growing/enlarging or shrinking the intended target. Some ecto-technology can replicate the effects of this power. It is a sub-power of Spectral Body Manipulation, the power to change the size and shape of one's ghostly body.


  • In Prisoners of Love, Walker used this when he meet Danny who was in the Specter Speeder, that was activated by accident by his parents arguing.
  • Several times when Ember uses her guitar as a hoverboard, it appears bigger than her, but when she gets off it, it returns to normal size, this could hint that Ember is capable of changing her guitar's size at will.
  • In Reign Storm, Pariah Dark used this to increase his size to be stronger and durable. One of his prized possession the Ring of Rage alter it size to fit on it wearer's hand.
  • In Kindred Spirits, one of Danny’s clones the Tiny Ghost grew himself throughout the episode and attempted to overshadow Danny. It possible it tiny size is part of it power.
  • In Reality Trip, Freakshow used the Reality Gauntlet to grow 20 times his regular size.
  • In Torrent of Terror, Vortex was constantly seen changing between normal and giant sizes. When he was hit by a sunlight he shrunk to a normal size and loosing his powers.
  • In Urban Jungle, Undergrowth grew to enormous sizes in seconds, probably because he is a plant himself, until when Danny froze and shattered his roots he started to shrink to a smaller size.
  • In Frightmare, Nocturn was constantly growing in power due to the more dream energy he absorbs, the larger he gets. When he runs out he starts to shrink.

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