Skulk and Lurk Books is a goth bookstore.


In "Fright Night," Sam picks up Chronicles of the Fright Knight from the bookstore to help Danny create his haunted house. Danny uses the book to find Pariah's Keep, where he retrieves the Soul Shredder, and uses the book again to defeat Fright Knight.

In "Lucky in Love," Sam invites Kwan to a goth slam poetry night at the bookstore. Kwan attempts to join in by reading his poem called "The Fluffy Clouds All Look Like Footballs," but gets them both kicked out.

In "Double Cross My Heart," when Sam, Tucker, and Gregor hang out, they visit the Skulk and Lurk.

In "Boxed Up Fury," Sam lends Danny Goth's Guide to Mythology to aid him in his search for Pandora. According to Sam, it was the last copy of the book at Skulk and Lurk.



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In "Double Cross My Heart," a book called A Match Made In Space, by George McFly, can be seen on the shelf. This is a reference to the 1985 sci-fi film Back to the Future.

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