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Skulker's Island is where Skulker lives, in the Ghost Zone.


In "Fright Night," Skulker's Lair is one of the few locations in the Ghost Zone Danny has mapped out.

In "Life Lessons," Skulker brings Valerie and Danny here to hunt them.

In "Secret Weapons," Skulker's Island is briefly seen when Danny goes into the Ghost Zone to find Jazz, whom he assumed was either fighting or kidnapped by Skulker.

In "Micro Management," Skulker checks out and tests his new upgraded weaponry on his island. He shoots a projection of Danny on a rock, blasting the rock to bits.

At the beginning of "Infinite Realms," Danny surveys a map of the Ghost Zone, contemplating whether to turn right or left at Skulker's island.

In "Boxed Up Fury," the Box Ghost flees from Pandora's lair to Skulker's island, where Skulker reprimands him. However, the Box Ghost then uses Pandora's Box to send unicorns after Skulker. The unicorns damage part of his island, prompting Skulker to complain that he "just had it painted!"


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