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Sleep inducement is the ability to put beings instantly to sleep at will. It may be maintained for extended periods of time with technologies. When Nocturn and his Sleepwalkers can put victims to sleep with a simple wave of their hand. This is usually accompanied by a glowing or sparkle effect.


In ''The Ultimate Enemy,'' Dark Danny used this power twice when blasted Jazz with his Ghost Rays and knocked her out until she woke up the next morning. Later on Dark Danny used his Ghost Stinger to knock out Jazz again and she didn't wake up until a few hours she got to the Nasty Burger. Dark Danny seemed to channel this power into his ghost ray and stinger.

In "Urban Jungle," Undergrowth uses sleep spores to put Team Phantom to sleep so he can capture them.

In "Frightmare," Nocturn and his Sleepwalkers use this power to put the citizens of Amity Park to sleep so he can absorb their dreams' energy. He used his Sleep Helmets to continue make them asleep, send the dream energy to him, and prevent anyone from waking them up. It showed multiple times when Danny tried to take it off it shocked him, until he went into them and woke them up, shattering the helmets.

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