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The Specter Speeder, a Fenton Works product, is a vehicle designed for travel in the Ghost Zone.


The vehicle possesses various weapons and scanners that can detect Real World items. It can be used as an alternative vehicle instead of the Fenton RV, and is able to convert to an amphibious mode for underwater travel as well as fly in space. It was totaled in "Kindred Spirits" by Tucker's "no point" landing. Jack has plans to build a new one. In the video game version of Urban Jungle, they introduce the "Fenton Flier" which according to the game is the rebuilt Specter Speeder. The Speeder is indeed rebuilt by the time of "Infinite Realms," but it is once again destroyed, this time by Skulker and several other ghosts in "Phantom Planet."


The Specter Speeder is a small transportation vehicle, with only a small bench in the front for the pilot and passengers. It only fits three people maximum. The front of the Speeder is a clear dome, which acts as the windshield. There is a small area behind the front bench.

Functions and Abilities

  • Real World item detector
  • External speaker (for communication)
  • Weaponry
    • Laser blaster--A pair of them are located where a car would have headlights.


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