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The Specter Speeder is an invention created by Fenton Works. It is a vehicle designed for travel in the Ghost Zone.


Although it was initially intended as a vehicle for the Ghost Zone, it serves as a versatile vehicle for travel on Earth.

Sam and Tucker use it to accompany Danny on his trips into the Ghost Zone. Although it is able to seat 3, Danny tends to fly alongside it as he finds it easier to navigate the Ghost Zone on his own. He rarely takes the speeder for individual trips into the Ghost Zone.

Season 1

The Specter Speeder was first introduced in "Prisoners of Love," and it was likely being built shortly after the portal was activated. Danny accidentally took a trip into the Ghost Zone in the speeder after Maddie hit it, causing the gear shift to change to drive. Later, when Danny needed to return to the Ghost Zone to retrieve Jack's present, Sam and Tucker used the real world item detector to guide Danny to the present. After losing contact with Danny they drive the speeder into the Ghost Zone, still using the detector to find Danny. During their escape from Dora, it is discovered that humans and real world items are intangible in the Ghost Zone.

In "Fanning the Flames," Sam and Tucker ride in the speeder to accompany Danny on his endeavor to map out the Ghost Zone.

Season 2

In "Reign Storm" it is parked outside Fenton Works, and later Sam and Tucker use the speeder to recruit ghosts to help Danny fight Pariah Dark.

After the Fenton GAV was overtaken by Technus in "Identity Crisis," Jack drove the speeder as an alternate method of transportation on Earth. This is the first time we see the speeder used as an aerial craft, rather than as a hovercraft driving just above the ground. Jack uses the speeder to get Danny and attempt to destroy Phantom. It is blasted by Technus 2.0 and is repaired at some point after the events of "Identity Crisis."

Jazz uses the speeder in "Secret Weapons" to drive to Vlad's mansion in Wisconsin.

In "Beauty Marked" Danny and Tucker take the speeder into the Ghost Zone to rescue Sam after she was kidnapped by Prince Aragon. It worked perfectly until it entered Prince Aragon's kingdom, where it completely shut down and crashed. It is unknown whether it was destroyed and/or abandoned or if it was recovered after time started moving forward.

In "Kindred Spirits" Sam and Tucker stole the Specter Speeder to go rescue Danny from Vlad. During their rescue Tucker wrecked the vehicle by smashing it through the wall, and slamming it into Vlad. Initially Jack is upset that the teens wrecked it, but happily worked to build a new one. In the video game version of Urban Jungle, they introduce the "Fenton Flier" which according to the game is the rebuilt Specter Speeder.

Season 3

In "Infinite Realms" Sam and Tucker ride in the Speeder alongside Danny while they continue to map out the Ghost Zone. During their exploration they crash in the Far Frozen, once again destroying the Speeder. Frostbite's people are able to repair it by the end of the episode.

Danny, Tucker, and Sam uses it in "Phantom Planet" to get the In-fi Map from Vlad who stole it from Frostbite. Danny, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker later used it to gather "a bazillion ghosts" to help them stop the Disasteroid. It is once again destroyed when the ghosts attack Danny, blaming him for the destruction of both worlds.


The Specter Speeder is a small transportation vehicle, with only a small bench in the front for the pilot and passengers. It only fits three-four people maximum.

The front of the Speeder is a clear dome, which acts as the windshield. There is a small area behind the front bench.

Functions and Abilities

  • Transportation- The Specter Speeder is capable of flying through its own propulsion through the ghost zone
  • Transformation- The speeder can change its shape to a submarine for underwater travel.
  • Ghost Containment- The Speeder can store an entire battalion of ghosts inside.[1]
  • Real World item detector[2]: The Speeder can project a holographic map of "real-world items" in the Ghost Zone. This was used in Prisoners of Love and Beauty Marked when Danny and Tucker were looking for Sam.
  • External speaker (for communication)
  • Weaponry
    • Laser blaster--A pair of them are located where a car would have headlights.
  • Ghost-proof net[3]: In Phantom Planet, Danny used this to capture all the ghost in the Ghost Zone but Skulker freed them.
  • Space Survivability: In Phantom Planet, The Specter Speeder is able to travel and survive in space.
  • Escape pod[3]: The Specter Speeder has an escape pod that can hold it passengers. The escape pod has cloaking technology, which ghost cannot even see.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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  • Tucker incorrectly called it the Spectra Speeder.[2]


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