S03e11 weak in the knees
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Fade into static. Cut to a computer player's POV - ROBOT VISION. Around the edges, tiny screens are clustered. The top left heading is "NERD KID." The botom left heading is "SCORE --825." The botom left heading is "An image comes up on his computer showing two red bars maxing out." NERD KID begins running through the halls wielding a ridiculously single-barreled blaster pistol. Cut to the a gate. NERD KID runs through the gate with the pistol and stops safely, turning back toward the gate, hearing stomping. NERD KID runs with the pistol and runs away and off. Cut to a close up of the doors. Cut to the Chaos’s legs. Pan up to show the full body of Choas, her arms holding pistols. Pan up to Chaose with a determined look and zoom in. Shifting to the right, Danny, wearing the Fenton Helmet, sits at his computer.

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