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Team Phantom (coined by Danny[1]) is the ghost-hunting team that consists of Danny Fenton (also known as Danny Phantom), Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, and, later on, Jazz Fenton. Their main goal is to protect Amity Park from evil ghosts trying to wreak havoc.


After Danny's accident with the Fenton Portal turns him into a half-ghost, he and his friends, Sam and Tucker, begin to hunt ghosts in an effort to protect Amity Park. Sam and Tucker also help to protect Danny's secret identity, as they are the only ones who know about it for the first part of the series.

However, Danny's sister, Jazz, learns about his identity as well after accidentally seeing him transform in "My Brother's Keeper." She doesn't tell him that she knows yet, but provides cover for him with their parents when he's out hunting ghosts. She eventually does tell Danny the truth in "The Ultimate Enemy" after he shows her the headband and note she used to inform him of future Vlad's existence.

In "Secret Weapons," Jazz adjusts to being a member of the team. Her actions prove to be overbearing and pushy at first, but by the end she acknowledges that she can be there for the team in different ways, leading to Danny calling her a "reserve member" of the team.

The episode "Frightmare" centers heavily on the team as they take on Nocturn.


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Danny introduces the nickname "Team Phantom" in "Secret Weapons" when he tells Jazz to consider herself a "reserve member of Team Phantom."

In "Girls' Night Out," Jazz suggests calling the group "Ghost-Getters," thinking they need a "cool name" as Danny's sidekicks, but Tucker says they're not sidekicks and Sam says that it's not a cool name.


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