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Technopathy is the ability to control electronics and machinery.


The ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data.

Users can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will and operate most technology at distance just by touching or looking. Some users may even be able to use the electric impulses to gently control smaller metal parts.


  • Control electronic/digital/cybernetic objects.
  • Trigger computers/appliances or anything with an attachable cord or inserted batteries.
  • Repair/induce glitches in technology.
  • Boost a machine's capacity or speed.
  • Creating gadgets and attachments.
  • Upgrade any machines/technology to a greater level than before.

Known Users


  • While technically a fourth user, Skulktech 9.9 is in fact an amalgam ghost that practically contain Technus, thus Technus is still the one with the power, not the other half of the amalgam, Skulker. Thus, at the practical level, there are only three actual users of this power, thus it is rare.


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