"The map can read your mind. I shall simply speak where I wish to go and the map will take us there."
Frostbite describes the map's power to Team Phantom in Frostbite

Telepathy is the power to read the minds and thoughts of others without the aid of physical communication (noise or movement).


This power has a different aspect of application. Telepathy has been first displayed by the Infi-map, however, it needs to make tactical contact to be able to do so. Clothing does not act as a barrier to this version of the ability, meaning the Infi-map does not need skin-to-skin contact to make an telepathic connection, only the close proximity of touch.


Desiree floating just next to the cliff, pleased at how she defeated Danny. She turns to the side, holding out a hand that glows pink with magic. She looks back to the sky. A purple and green dragon pops up into the skyline, then a giant pink bat. And some form of green Cyclops monster.

When Danny accidentally activates the map which brings him, Sam, and Tucker back to Fenton Works. Vlad, via a hidden surveillance camera, sees them with the Infi-map. Danny, Sam, and Tucker use the map to take a tour of the Ghost Zone, but lose the map to Vlad. Vlad then commands the Infi-map to take him to his destiny, sending them on a chase throughout history. Eventually, the map leads Vlad back to the Realm of the Far Frozen where the map is returned to the care of Frostbite and his race.

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