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This page is for The Fairly Odd Phantom, the animated short. For the comic, see The Fairly Odd Phantom (comic).

"The Fairly Odd Phantom" is a short that is a crossover of all of Butch Hartman's shows: Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, The Fairly OddParents! and Bunsen Is a Beast. It is mainly a promotional short for Bunsen Is a Beast.


The short opens on Fenton Works, then moves into the lan, showing Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. Danny mentions that the ghost portal has been acting weird lately. Then an alarm goes off and three ghosts pop out of the portal. Danny transforms, and Sam, Jazz, and Tucker help him take care of them.

The foursome wonder what could be the cause of the ghost portal's strange behavior. Then they see that Dudley Puppy is messing with the ghost portal controls, with Kitty Katswell looking on in displeasure.

The alarm goes off again, and this time, Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda step out of the portal. Timmy remarks that the lab isn't Fairy World. Danny mistakes Cosmo and Wanda for ghosts and sucks them into the Fenton Thermos.

The alarm goes off one more time, and Bunsen comes out of the portal. Bunsen thinks the group is there for a party and gives everyone cupcakes. Dudley eats them all, except Timmy's.

Because of the interference of Dudley and Bunsen, Danny makes a new rule: "Only people with pants are allowed in the lab." The short then ends.


Comic Book

Main article: The Fairly Odd Phantom (comic)

Creator Butch Hartman et al created an exclusive six page comic book for San Diego Comic Con with the same title as the short. The comic book acts as a continuation from where the short left off, in which Butch was kidnapped by each each character's enemies from their respective shows and the characters must save them. The comic ends with the gang saving their creator Butch, who erases the villains with his pencil. In the final panel, Danny asks Butch if he can draw Dudley a pair of pants.


  • It is unknown if this short is canon. However, if it is, it would mean that Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F Puppy, The Fairly OddParents! and Bunsen Is a Beast exist in the same universe.
  • This marks the first new Danny Phantom animation in almost ten years.
  • This is the only Danny Phantom short and its only "crossover" episode so far.
  • While Danny is in ghost form, he is missing his typical shaded skin, white aura and resonant voice.
    • As this is constant throughout the short, it is uncertain if this is intentional or merely a production error.
      • Most likely a production error as in it has been 10 years since they have done it last.
  • Jack and Maddie are the only main characters that don't appear in this short.
  • This is actually the only Bunsen Is A Beast media that uses hand-drawn animation, since the show itself uses flash animation.



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