Scene starts with a view of the open desert, panning across to the road where the Fenton GAV is speeding and swerving on the cliff side road. Cut to Jack driving furiously while drinking soda from a drinking hat and Maddie sitting shotgun looking excited. Cut to Jazz sitting in the back with a death grip on the seat.
Jazz (narrating) Do you know how sometimes you feel like you're the only responsible person in your family?
Jazz sways with the vehicle as it drives haphazardly. Cut to exterior of GAV as ecto-blasts hit behind it. Jazz pops her head out from the rear window looking scared.
Jazz (narrating) Well, there are days my family makes me feel like I'm the only responsible adult in the world.
Jazz gasps as the GAV narrowly misses getting hit by ecto-blasts.
Jazz (yelling to her parents in the front) Guys! Pay attention to the road!
In the front the stereo is blasting music on maximum volume.
Jack and Maddie What?!
An ectoblast hits near the wheels. Jack swerves and both he and Maddie gasp. Jazz runs to the front of the GAV.
Jazz (narrating) After all, since I learned Danny's secret...
Jack, Jazz and Maddie look out the front window and see Danny Phantom blasting at air and being dragged around by seemingly nothing.
Danny grunts as he fights an invisible force and blasts around the GAV. Something pulls his leg and flings him around. Danny frees himself and blasts at the canyon walls, causing rocks to fall on the road.
Jazz (narrating) I promised myself I wouldn't let anyone know. Mom. Dad. Even Danny. Unless his life depended on it. Well guess what? (Danny is falling uncontrollably towards the GAV.) It looks like that time has come!
Jack, Jazz and Maddie Look out!
Theme song
Scene opens on the empty desert road.
Jazz (narrating) You know how regular kids freak out because of a pop quiz or a pimple? (Cut to Danny fighting an invisible ghost and shooting ectoblasts everywhere.) Well my brother Danny has other pressures.
The scene immediately before the theme song is shown. Danny is screaming and is flung towards the GAV and Jazz, Jack and Maddie scream.
Jazz (narrating) But I'm getting ahead of myself. (Freeze frame right before Danny hits the windshield. Cut to a view of a large body of water on a sunny day.) I guess it all started on a typical Fenton family outing.
Pans to show a Fenton sub-aquatic vehicle. Inside, Maddie pops up.
Maddie Nothing like spending quality family time (zoom out to show Danny, Jack and Jazz) with the people you love.
Maddie pushes a button and the display says "DIVE. The vehicle drops underwater. Cut to a brief exterior view of the vehicle underwater. Cut to the interior, panning from the front with Jack, who is driving, and Maddie to the back with Danny and Jazz. Danny is sitting nervously while Jazz looks resigned.
Jazz And by quality time you mean hunting down ghosts in a sub-aquatic death trap?
Jack You betcha Jazzypants! Whether it's air land or sea I won't stop until we capture a ghost and tear it apart. Molecule by molecule.
Danny looks down sadly. He turns to look outside the window and gasps.
Jazz Danny? You okay?
Danny (Sounding tense) Who me? I'm swell. (Danny looks back out the window.) Every single molecule of me. (Cut to a close-up of Youngblood's ship, then zooms out to show the whole ship with the ghost shield still active. Cut to interior of the submarine where Danny is pressed against the window looking at it.) I just don't think that we should…go in there.
Jack Go in there? (Jack pushes the navigation controls forward quickly.) Good idea Danny!
Danny What? (Danny grasps on to his seat as he shouts) No! (The Fenton sub goes into an opening in the side of the ship. Jack and Maddie happily look around at the sunken ship, while Jazz looks bored and Danny is gripping his seat and looking nervous and/or scared. He looks outside the window and gasps. The area Danny is looking at is empty.) Don't you see it? (Danny visibly shakes and points his finger outside.) How can you not see it? Ghost!
Jack A ghost? (Jack, still in his seat, looks back to where Danny is.) That I can tear apart molecule by molecule? (Jack jumps out of his seat and pounces off of the back of it towards the back of the vehicle.) Where?
Cut to the back of the vehicle as Jack and Maddie rush in to stand next to Danny. They eagerly look out the window. Cut to the view outside, which remains empty. Jack, Jazz and Maddie all look around to try to see where the ghost is. Cut to exterior view of the vehicle.
Jack Hey.
Maddie (Cut to window looking in at Danny, Jack and Maddie.) There's no ghost out there.
Danny turns around to face his parents as he looks scared, motioning to the window and gesturing to the unseen ghost. Cut to Jazz looking skeptical.
Jack (Jack is not amused.) Very funny son. Save it for April Fool's Day huh.
Danny, still looking tense, runs to the front of the vehicle.
Jack Hey!
Danny Look out!
Danny sits in the driver's seat and takes the controls.
Jazz Danny what are you doing?!
Danny pushes a button and the display says "Emergency" as the interior lights turn red. Cut to exterior of the vehicle where 6 arms pop out of the vehicle and start blasting everywhere. Green lasers hit all over the empty ship, blasting holes in the wooden frame. Cut out to show the lasers shooting through the ship and ghost shield, and into the open water. Cut to interior of the vehicle where Danny is still panicky at the wheel. He makes a sharp turn and navigates the Fenton sub out of the pirate ship. Jack, Jazz and Maddie are all flung to the back of the vehicle. Cut to exterior where the Fenton sub is seen passing through the ghost shield back into open waters. Cut to interior.
Maddie (standing up) Danny there's no ghost out there.
Danny (Still looking terrified and navigating the vehicle) Are you people blind?
Cut back to the exterior of the pirate ship. The ship collapses, and as it does the ghost shield falls. Cut back to the Fenton sub racing away.
Danny (Looking back, panicked) We have to get out of here!
Cut to surface of the water. The Fenton sub flies out. While mid-air it transforms into a speedboat. Cut to interior. In the back Jack, Jazz and Maddie look angrily at Danny. Pan to Danny in the front, still panicked and paranoid, looking back to see water splashing behind the speedboat water trail. Cut to interior, with Danny still in the driver's seat. Maddie reaches over and grabs his arms, pulling him out of the seat.
Maddie Danny get away from the controls.
Maddie is still holding on to Danny's shoulders. Jack, Jazz and Maddie look angrily at Danny.
Jazz What's with you? (puts her hands on her hips) Hunting down ghosts that aren't there is dad's job. (points to Jack)
Jack Yeah. What she said.
Danny (Danny walks away, going towards one of the windows.) But he was there. (Looking out the window) I-I saw him. (Looking back to address his family) Why couldn't you?
Cut to exterior showing Danny panicky looking out the window, eyes darting back and forth while Jack, Jazz and Maddie watch Danny. Cut to Jazz.
Jazz (narrating) Clearly something was up with Danny. Fade to exterior of Fenton Works And as usual, my parents had their own nutty way of trying to get to the bottom of things.
Cut to Danny screaming, his face and hair flying around. Zoom out to show him strapped to a table, which is attached to a metal arm. Zoom out to show the metal arm connected to a centrifuge-like device on the ceiling.
Maddie Just a little longer sweetie.
Jack Don't you worry son. We'll spin the crazy out of you in no time.
Jack pushes a button on a remote and the table comes to a stop. Danny is shaking, hair sticking up with bags under his eyes.
Danny I'm not crazy!
Jazz (narrating) (sighs) So as usual it was up to me.
Cut to Casper High School. Jazz is walking down the hall and is about to turn the corner. She gasps and steps back to hide behind the wall and looks down the hallway. Danny is walking down the hallway carrying books. He stops to put them in his locker, when Sam walks up to him.
Sam Danny? You okay? You look a little--
Danny (He turns around to face Sam) Crazy? (Visibly shaking) Don't say crazy!
Danny clasps his hands and scans the hallway, shaking and paranoid. Zoom out to show Danny and Sam talking while Jazz watches secretly.
Sam I was gonna say you look a little like you've been on a big spinning table. Why? Do you think you're crazy?
Danny I-I think I'm starting to see ghosts when there aren't any ghosts.
Jazz (narrating) So he was hallucinating. Which means I had to prevent him from using his powers while in this delicate state of mind.
Tucker (offscreen) Hey Danny. (Tucker walks up to Danny and Sam) How many times has this happened to you? You need to sneak away and go ghost but you're stuck with your family.
Danny Uh. More than a little. Um a lot lately.
Tucker Then do I have good news for you. Now you can throw away all those tired old excuse with this: The Tucker Foley Alibi-o-matic. (Tucker holds up an mp3 player) Just set it behind closed doors and presto! You're home asleep. ("Snoring" appears on the display with a looping arrow accompanied by snoring noises.) But wait, there's more.
Sam Does there have to be?
Tucker There's head cold. ("Snoring" fades away as "sneezing", "sniffling" and "nose blowing" play in sequence.) And my specialty. (Tucker pushes a button on the mp3 player and it makes a fart noise. Danny grabs the mp3 player) Now how much would you pay?
Sam To make it stop? (bell rings) I never thought I'd say this but "thank heavens. Class."
Sam grabs Tucker's arm and drags him away. Tucker screams in surprise. After a pause Danny turns around and assuming a fighting stance.
Danny (Speaking to the direction of the empty hallway) You! (Shot pans back and forth across the hallway to show it empty. Jazz looks at Danny concerned.) I might not have been able to do anything last time. (Runs off down the hallway.) But this time I'm going… (bumps into Jazz) going….
Jazz Nowhere but back to class.
Danny You…don't see anything?
Jazz Just a little brother who's looking nuttier by the second. (Danny resumes running past her. Jazz grabs his arm to stop him.) And where do you think you're going?
Danny Wherever I want. (Danny shakes off Jazz's hand.) What are you the hall monitor?
Jazz I'm your hall monitor Danny and there's no place you can go that I can't follow you.
Danny Really?
Danny pushes open a door behind him and walks inside. Jazz attempts to follow but the door slams in her face, showing the sign for the boys bathroom.
Jazz Except there. (Jazz crosses her arms, defeated)
There is a flash of bright light behind the door, signaling that Danny transformed into Phantom. Danny is heard grunting (from fighting) and Mr. Lancer walks past. He stops to talk to Jazz.
Mr. Lancer If that's your brother making all those noises in there I suggest he get a little more fiber in his diet. (Mr. Lancer walks away)
Danny flies through the bathroom door out into the hallway. He punches at thin air a few times before charging up ecto-blasts. He blindly shoots ecto-blasts in all directions, destroying corkboards, trash cans, lights and lockers. Danny, frustrated, makes a move to grab something and flies upwards through the ceiling. Jazz is left in the destroyed hallway looking scared. A piece of ceiling falls own.
Jazz (narrating) It was worse than I thought. (Fade to Fenton Works exterior.) I had to get Danny away from the pressures of ghosts and ghost hunting. (Fade to the lab where Danny, Jack, Jazz and Maddie are standing) Somewhere like…
Danny, Jack and Maddie (All facing Jazz. Danny is angry, Jack and Maddie are confused.) A camping trip?!
Jazz Studies show that connecting with nature has a calming effect on troubled teens.
Danny Are there any studies on the calming effect of big sisters minding their own business? (Danny flinches as something hits his arm.) Ah! (Danny turns to yell at whatever hit him.) Quit it!
Danny turns around to see Jack, Jazz and Maddie looking at him skeptically. Jack and Maddie look at Jazz.
Jazz See? This toxic home environment is making him a nervous wreck. (Cut to Danny, his hair askew and his eye twitching.) He needs a normal family outing. One that has nothing to do with ghosts.
Danny (To Jazz angrily:) Will you stop talking about me like I'm not here? (Something hits behind Danny's back, nudging him forward. He turns around to yell at it:) And will you stop poking me?!
Maddie I don't know Jazz honey. Sure Danny seems a little high strung but I'm sure it's nothing we can't work out here. (Maddie glances apprehensively at Danny.)
Danny is still shaking. Something slaps him from behind and he quickly turns to face it, fists clenched and ready to fight. He looks around and runs to a lab bench to grab an ecto-gun. He aims it at the ceiling.
Danny Back off punk!
Danny fires the weapon all over the lab. Jack, Jazz and Maddie jump for cover behind some boxes. They pop up to look at Danny who is standing in the middle of the lab, debris, burns on the walls, and smoke covering the ceiling. Danny continues to scan the room for the invisible ghost.
Maddie I'll pack the sleeping bags.
Jack And I'll get the ghost hunting equipment. (Jazz and Maddie stare at Jack.) And by ghost hunting equipment I mean, uh, the-the other sleeping bags!
Cut to outside Fenton Works where Jack, Jazz and Maddie are standing outside the Fenton GAV. Jack is wearing his camping clothes and a soda drinking hat, Maddie is wearing camping clothes, and Jazz has a necklace with a remote control for the GAV. Maddie hops into the car. Jack goes to follow her but is stopped by Jazz. She reaches into the front pocket of his overalls and pulls out a device. Jack looks nervous as she pushes a button and the small box turns into a giant magnet.
Jack (Nervously) It's a…waffle iron?
Jack looks at Jazz. He puts his hands in his pocket, dejected, and walks to the GAV. Cut to inside the vehicle as Jack straps in, still looking upset. Maddie pats him on the shoulder. Cut to outside where Jazz pushes the "off" button on the GAV weapons control device around her neck. The GAV rumbles a few times before powering down and the display changes from "All vehicle weapons now online" to "All vehicle weapons now offline." Jack and Maddie look at each other, with the latter looking hesitant and reassuring. Cut to the sidewalk where Danny, Sam and Tucker are standing. Danny is shaking and whimpering.
Sam Danny you gonna be okay?
Danny I don't know. What if Jazz is right? What if I am going nuts?
Tucker You're not going nuts. We believe you. Even if every single other person you know doesn't.
Danny smiles at his friends. Jazz walks up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder.
Jazz Okay little brother. Time to go. (She motions for Danny to get in the GAV. He turns around, resumes shaking, and walks to the vehicle. Jazz watches him walk off then turns to Sam and Tucker.) And you two. Leave him alone this weekend, okay? He needs to relax.
Sam Jazz I know you've got Danny's best interest at heart. But don't even think you can tell us what to do.
Cut to Danny walking on the sidewalk. He stops and gasps, then looks angry. Cut to the scene in front of Danny, which is an empty street on a sunny day. Danny runs up to the end of the sidewalk and looks back and forth down the street. Cut to Jazz, Sam and Tucker looking at Danny. Jazz gasps.
Danny (Shouting into the air) Yeah! You better run! I see you again I am gonna tear you...
Danny turns around and sees Jazz, Sam and Tucker.
You didn't see anything, did you?
Jazz, Sam and Tucker look concerned and shake their heads.
But...(Jazz, Sam and Tucker walk up to Danny) they were right there. (Danny points behind himself and turns his head to scan the street again.) A-around the corner. Ugh I'll get in the assault vehicle. (Danny walks dejectedly to the GAV)
Maddie (Sitting in the passenger's seat with the door open) Not this weekend honey. This weekend it's just a regular RV.
Jack Awww.
Danny hops in as the GAV's engine starts. Jazz starts to walk to the GAV
Sam and Tucker (Waving goodbye to Danny) We'll seeya Monday.
Cut to the rear exterior of the GAV where Danny is looking out the window, acting paranoid and scanning the open skies. Jazz pops up next to him as the GAV drives away. Cut to the desert where the GAV drives by on the open road. Cut to exterior of GAV as it drives. Cut to Jack in the driver's seat, frantically drinking from his soda hat. He groans in frustration and scratches his arm.
Jack I feel positively naked without my jumpsuit. And I'm pretty sure I'm getting a rash on my unprotected forearms.
Maddie (Digging through a bag at her feet) Good thing I packed plenty of Fenton ointment.
Jack Oh boy! Fointment!
Maddie turns to face the back of the vehicle. She passes back a worn down stuffed animal.
Maddie And I packed you old Bearbert Einstein for you Jazz.
Jazz (Whining) Mom. (She grabs the stuffed animal and hides it behind herself.) Stop treating me like a baby.
Jazz pulls back out her bear and looks at it for a moment before smiling fondly and scratching its head. Zoom out to Danny sitting next to her, arms crossed.
Danny Welcome to my world. (He slaps Bearbert out of Jazz's hands.)
Jazz Hey! (sighs) Danny I don't know why you're mad at me. I'm not the one who trashed the lab blasting imaginary ghosts.
Danny It was one ghost! (Danny slumps down in his seat and looks away) ...and a parrot.
Jazz Was it a ghost and a parrot? Or a projection of you own fears?...and a parrot.
Maddie Now kids let's not fight. Who's up for a game of I, Spy? I spy with my little eye something beginning with...C!
Jack (Furiously scratching his forearms) Cola? Chafing? Cattleprod?
Danny pops up and looks outside the window when he sees a silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse.
Danny Cowboy?
Jazz (Skeptically to Danny) Where do you see a cowboy?
Danny Duh. He's riding right next to us! And 70 miles an hour. (Slumping into his seat) Oh no not again.
The GAV suddenly shakes and Jazz turns to Danny.
Jazz Danny. Whatever you're doing cut it out.
Danny I'm not doing anything.
Cut to exterior of the GAV. Its tire treads are wobbling.
Maddie Oh come on. Isn't anybody gonna guess what I spy beginning with C?
Danny Cliff!
Maddie Very good Danny.
The GAV shakes and Jack and Maddie close their eyes as it shifts. When it stops they open their eyes, Maddie is smiling obliviously and Jack is still drinking and scratching. Cut to exterior where the wheels are missing the tire treads. Cut to inside where Danny and Jazz look scared. Cut to exterior to show the GAV is driving on a cliffside and the wobbly tires are knocking rocks over the edge. Cut to the tire tread falling on the ground with a glowing grappling hook attached to it. Pan across the rope to the silhouette of a cowboy. Pan up to show it's Youngblood dressed as a cowboy, riding a skeleton horse.
Youngblood's assistant They still think he's crazy?
Youngblood Yup. And they will. (Evil grin) All the way to the bottom of that ravine.
Maddie Jack!
Jack Fear not Maddie. I'll engage the treader re-threader.
Maddie Good thinking hun.
Jack I invented that technology to help me when my belts break. It's nice to know it has other uses as well.
Danny and Jazz collapse into their seats and sigh in relief. Cut out to show Youngblood riding closely behind the GAV.
Youngblood's assistant You think it's smart to get this close?
Youngblood Pff. They're gonna be road pizza soon. I want a closer look.
Cut to inside the GAV. Jack is still furiously drinking from the soda hat and pausing to scratch his arms.
Jack Sure is hard to drink, drive and scratch at the same time. Curse these infernal camping clothes. Maddie! Take the wheel.
Jack slides the wheel towards Maddie so he can scratch all over. Cut to Danny eyeing Jazz's necklace with the GAV weapons control.
Danny Uh. Jazz. You wouldn't consider unlocking those ghost weapons, would ya?
Jazz Not a chance. Why?
Danny No reason. Um, excuse me.
Danny quickly unbuckles and runs to the back of the GAV. He runs into the bathroom and locks the door. Danny goes ghost and phases through the floor, but quickly pops his head back in to place the Foley Alibi-o-matic. It starts playing the sounds of a stomachache.
Danny Man, what's Tucker been eating?
Danny ducks out of the bathroom. Cut to Youngblood riding on his horse. He shoots a blaster with a cork on the end. The cork latches on tho the hub cap of the GAV and he yanks it back. Danny phases out of the GAV and blasts the line, freeing the GAV.
Danny Figment of my imagination or not you need to back off cow brat.
Danny fires an ecto blast at Youngblood, knocking him off of his horse. Youngblood's assistant flies over and catches him. The two ride back to Danny. Danny flies past the front of the GAV, catching Jack's and Maddie's attentions.
Maddie Huh. What's that ghost boy doing way out here?
Cut to Danny throwing ectoblasts at Youngblood as he rides up the cliffside.
Jack I don't know Maddie. But he must really mad at that rock formation.
Cut to Danny blasting a line in the cliffside.
Maddie Well shouldn't we be hunting him down or something?
Jazz rushes to the front of the RV, cutting off Jack before he can speak.
Jazz No! I-I mean. You promised no ghost fighting.
Jazz ducks back into her seat.
Jazz (to herself) And so did Danny.
Cut back to Youngblood laughing and riding down the cliffside on his horse. He turns around to see Danny flying towards him and turns his arm into a lasso.
Youngblood (shouts while throwing the lasso:) Yee haw!
Danny stops and gasps in shock. The lasso wraps around his leg, dragging him away.
Youngblood (shouts as he rides away with Danny in tow) Yee haw!
Cut to Youngblood riding around the desert with Danny being swung around behind him. Youngblood rides back to the road and drags Danny directly in front of the GAV, but rides on top of it just before Danny hits the windshield. Jack and Maddie brace for impact, but Youngblood drags Danny away. They breathe a sigh of relief.
Maddie What a relief.
Jack And speaking of relief.
Jack slides the wheel to Maddie and runs to the back of the GAV. Jazz panics as he runs by and she quickly rushes to beat him, blocking Jack from entering the bathroom. Behind the door faint noises of gastrointestinal distress are heard.
Jazz You can't go in there. Umm Danny's really sick.
Jazz pauses as the sounds switch to snoring.
Jazz And now he has to sleep it off.
Jazz grimaces at the excuse. Jack looks at her skeptically.
Cut to Danny still being dragged around by Youngblood's lasso. He rushes forward to get in front of Youngblood. He flies around Youngblood and his assistant, wrapping the lasso around Youngblood's assistant's legs, causing the pair to fall. Danny tries to fly off but the lasso is still around his ankle and he is dragged down with them. The three land on top of a large rock formation. Youngblood looks down at his assistant's legs tied together.
Youngbloood No fair. You dog-tied my horse.
Youngblood's assistant That's hog-tied.
Danny jumps up and grabs Youngblood's vest.
Danny Who cares? Why can't they see you?
Youngblood Duh. Why do you think I call myself Youngblood? Only the young can see me. Only kids.
Danny Wait a minute. (Danny flashes back to his recent encounters with Youngblood) The sub. In school. At my house? (Back in the desert. Danny drops Youngblood.) I was the only kid there.
Youngblood goes back to his horse and wraps back up his lasso.
Youngblood Well that and your sister, who thinks she's a grown up. Everybody thinks you're crazy. (Swinging the lasso over his head) Now get back there and prove it!
Danny tries to fly away but the lasso catches him around the waist. Youngblood swings him around in a circle before releasing him in the direction of the road. Danny goes in tangible and falls through the roof of the GAV, landing in the bathroom where he immediately turns human again. Cut to outside the bathroom where Jazz is physically blocking Jack from entering. Danny pops his head out and looks at his sister.
Danny Geez can't a guy get two minutes of privacy?
Danny walks away and Jack quickly runs into the bathroom. Inside, he pushes a button and a drawer pops out of the wall. He reaches in and pulls out his orange jumpsuit and holds it against his face and smiles.
Jack Ah. The healing touch of day-glow orange spandex.
Cut back to Youngblood watching, from above, the GAV drive away
Youngblood Aw man. I wanted to see the camper go kaboom!
Youngblood's assistant That didn't sound very cowboy.
Youngblood Whatever. One more night of drivin' him nuts and his family will be ready to chuck him to the (grabs his hat and rolls his eyes asynchronously) crazy person's hooscow.
Youngblood's assistant Much better.
The horse whinnies and they fly off towards the Fentons.
Cut to the desert at night where the Fentons are setting up camp. Jack inflates a mini Fenton Works to serve as their tent. Danny and Jazz share an identical tent next to theirs.
Jazz (narrating) Okay. Maybe in retrospect putting our family in a remote wilderness with an unstable brother who has ghost powers wasn't the best idea. But since there's no way I'd admit I'm wrong...
Fade into Danny's and Jazz's tent where Jazz is staring at Danny, arms crossed. Danny is in his sleeping bag, his back facing Jazz.
Jazz (narrating) about anything! I had to keep Danny under constant watch.
Danny is glaring at Jazz and suddenly gasps. Above Jazz's head Youngblood phases into the tent and floats above her. Danny sits up and faces them.
Danny Go away!
Danny throws his pillow in Jazz's face. Once it hits her he fires a small ectoblast from his finger and knocks Youngblood out of the tent. Jazz takes the pillow off her face and looks at her brother.
Jazz I can't do that Danny. You may not believe it but I understand what you're going (an intangible hand passes through her head) through.
Youngblood wiggles his fingers, arm still through Jazz's head. Danny stands up.
Danny No you don't.
Cut back to Jazz, Youngblood's hand still wiggling.
Jazz But I do.
Youngblood removes his hand and fully phases into the tent.
Jazz More than you know.
Danny glances around nervously
Jazz (offscreen) Look I know you think there's a ghost here
Danny spots a reflective plate. Cut back to Jazz. Youngblood turns tangible and flies to the other side of Jazz.
Jazz But there isn't Danny.
Cut to a close up of Youngblood as he forms a brand bearing his initials. Danny stares in shock before crossing his arms and turning around.
Jazz And turning your back to me won't solve anything.
Danny fires a small ecto blast from his elbow towards the reflective plate. It bounces off and hits Youngblood, once again knocking him out of the tent. Danny turns around to face Jazz.
Danny Fine. Then I'm going to sleep.
Danny lays down and pulls the sleeping bag over his head. Snoring is heard from under the cover. Jazz gets up and walks towards the sleeping bag.
Jazz You can't fool me Danny. I know you're awake in there.
Jazz stands over Danny's sleeping bag, hands on her hips. A fart noise is heard from under the cover.
Jazz And...gassy?
Jazz flips over the top cover to reveal the Foley Alibi-o-matic sitting on a pillow.
Jazz Ugh. Nice.
Cut to outside the tent. Danny phases upwards through the ground. He flies around the sky, pausing and looking around for Youngblood. A wolf howls as the screen pans along with a flowing river nearby. Cut back to Danny.
Jazz Danny?
Danny looks up in surprise and turns invisible. Panicked, he flies towards the GAV. Jazz comes out of their tent and looks around. Danny Fenton opens the front door of the GAV.
Danny Jazz.
Danny, still looking tense, jumps out of the GAV and walks up to Jazz.
Danny You have to unlock the ghost weapons. (Grabs Jazz's shoulders) We're all in danger!
Jazz takes his hands and pushes him off.
Jazz Yeah from you!
Danny I know. You think I'm crazy but I'm not. You can't see him because only kids can see him.
As Danny talks, Jazz has her arms crossed and is staring at Danny nonplussed. Pan to show Youngblood flying up behind Jazz. He turns his arm into an ax. Danny panics as Youngblood raises his ax. Danny runs forward and grabs Jazz, pulling them both out of the way just before Youngblood's ax slams down onto the empty desert ground.
Cut to Danny and Jazz falling on the ground, Jazz looking upset and Danny looking nervous. They both stand up. Jazz looks surprised and overdramatically stares in shock at the air behind Danny.
Jazz Wait. I do see him. He's right behind you.
Danny quickly turns around.
Danny Where?
Jazz kicks him in the rear, making Danny fly into the open door of the GAV. Once he lands inside she pushes a button on her necklace and the front door automatically shuts and the door locks. Danny gets up inside the GAV and turns to the door, his hands on the window.
Danny Jazz. What are you doing?
Jazz This is for your own good Danny.
Jazz is still outside the GAV, hands on her hips. Inside the GAV Danny tugs, futilely, at the door's locks.
Danny Let me out!
Danny pounds his fists on the window. He suddenly pauses, dropping his arms.
Danny (To himself) Duh. Ghost powers.
Danny crouches into the seat, leaning away from the window and goes ghost. He turns intangible. Cut to Jazz looking smug. She pushes a button on the remote and a green glow surrounds the GAV. Inside the GAV Danny, still intangible, goes towards the passenger door of the GAV but is repelled and flung back into the seat.
Jazz And just to humor you I'm turning on the ghost shield so no ghosts can get it. (To herself) Or out.
Pan to Youngblood on his horse phasing through Danny's and Jazz's tent. They turn tangible and start pushing Jack's and Maddie's tent, Youngblood laughing as they do. Cut to an aerial view with Jazz looking at the GAV while Youngblood pushes the Fentons' tent towards a nearby river. Cut to inside the tent, which is shaking, where Jack and Maddie are asleep. Jack snores but Maddie groggily wakes up and looks at her husband.
Maddie Jack. Your snoring is rattling the whole tent. (She sits up) Jack? Ugh.
Maddie gets up and walks towards a small box of toiletries with the Fenton logo on it. She opens it and pulls out a pair of earplugs.
Maddie (Offscreen) Better get the Fenton ear plugs.
She puts in the earplugs, smiles contently and goes back to bed.
Cut back to an external shot of the GAV driver's side. A flash of light inside indicates Danny turned human. He sits back up to glare at Jazz through the window but quickly changes to a look of shock as he sees Youngblood pushing his parents' tent towards the river. He jumps up against the glass.
Danny Jazz! Turn around! Look! (Pointing towards the tent) Mom and dad's tent!
Jazz looks equally concerned and turns around. The tent has stopped moving and it reforms to its original shape, the indent from Youngblood's horse pushing the tent gone. Jazz looks angry and turns around to face Danny again.
Jazz Forget it Danny. I'm not letting you out of there and I'm not taking my eyes off you for one second.
Cut to Danny, still looking concerned and looking behind Jazz. Cut to Youngblood and his horse grinning at Danny before turning and resuming pushing the Fentons' tent. Danny turns to the dashboard and pushes a button, activating the windshield wiper fluid, effectively splashing Jazz.
Jazz Ugh. Oh real mature Danny. If you're gonna be delusional can you at least act your age?
Danny Or maybe you should act...your age.
Cut to Jazz wringing out her hair. Another splash of water hits her and she screams in surprise and frustration. Angrily, she looks up at Danny. Danny is inside the GAV smiling at her.
Danny You're not an adult Jazz. You're a kid just like me.
Jazz We're focusing on your problem Danny not mine.
Jazz crosses her arms and turns away but quickly looks back at the noises Danny is making. Cut to the GAV where Danny is making ridiculous faces and silly noises. Jazz gets increasingly frustrated with him, her cheeks turning red. Cut back to Danny in the GAV where he grabs the microphone for the external speakers.
Danny (sing-songy into the microphone) Jazz is a spazz. Jazz is a spazz.
Cut to outside the GAV as Danny's taunts echo through the desert. Cut to Jazz angrily addressing Danny.
Jazz Cut it out you little brat!
As Danny talks, Youngblood and his assistant are still pushing the Fentons' tent, almost reaching the river.
Danny (offscreen) I know you are, but what am I?
Youngblood looks up in surprise and turns around to see what is happening with the teens. He grins and flies off of his horse towards Danny and Jazz. Youngblood's assistant continues to push the tent. Youngblood flies up behind Jazz whose hands are on her hips in frustration.
Jazz Will you grow up?
Danny (falsetto into the microphone) Will you grow up?
Jazz (throwing her arms to her side and leaning forward) Stop mocking me.
Danny (Repeating Jazz's motion, speaking in falsetto) Stop mocking me.
Jazz looks angry and turns around, crossing her arms. Danny smiles at this. Cut to a close up of Danny in the GAV.
Danny Oh. Oh. (Reaching down and pulling up Bearbert) Who's this? Is this (pulling out a campfire pitchfork and aiming it at Bearbert) Bearbert Einstein? (Jabs the pitchfork into Bearbert) Oh, oh no.
Cut to Jazz gasps, looking up in shock and turns around to yell at Danny.
Jazz Leave him alone!
Cut to Danny in the GAV, staring at Jazz with a deadpan look as he rips the stuffing out of Bearbert with the pitchfork. Jazz jumps up in horror, hands to her mouth. Cut to Youngblood floating nearby, laughing. Cut to inside the GAV as Danny continues to rip the stuffing out of Bearbert. Cut to outside the GAV where Youngblood is floating behind Jazz. She drops her arms and starts jumping up and down, crying the whole time.
Jazz Put him down! Put him down! Put him down! Put him down! (Falling to her knees) Put him down!
Jazz is on her knees, sobbing into her hands. Cut to Danny looking at Jazz, still holding the stuffing. He looks up towards where Youngblood is floating behind Jazz. Cut to Youngblood. He holds his stomach, falling back laughing.
Youngblood Hahaha. (Wipes away a tear) Man she's even brattier than I am.
Cut to Jazz. She stops crying, removes her hands from her face and opens her eyes.
Jazz Who said that?
Cut to Youngblood, face turning from glee to surpise.
Youngblood Huh?
Cut to Danny smiling. Cut to Jazz. She turns around to look at Youngblood floating behind her. She sees him and gasps. Youngblood is frozen, either confused or scared.
Jazz (Zoom in on Youngblood) A ghost? (Jumping up) A ghost! (Turning to face Danny) You're not crazy!
Cut to Danny who is smiling.
Danny You have now stooped to my level. Thank you for shopping Fenton Mart.
Cut to the Fentons' tent as Youngblood's assistant pushes it over the edge and into the water. It splashes in and starts floating away. Cut back to Danny and Jazz, both smiling at each other. They gasp and turn to see their parents' tent floating away. They exchange determined looks and Jazz releases Danny from the GAV (ghost shield down, doors unlocked, and the driver's door swings open). Jazz approaches Danny who is sitting by the open door.
Jazz I'll take the RV. You go...somewhere I can't see you and get help.
Danny jumps out of the GAV and runs away. Jazz takes his place in the driver's seat. She looks over to the passenger's seat where Bearbert, torn to shreds, is placed. She turns on the GAV and turns the "Painful Weapons" back online. Jazz looks up determined.
Jazz This is for Bearbert.
Cut to outside the GAV as five mechanical arms with blasters come out of the vehicle. Cut to Youngblood looking scared. Cut to Jazz slamming the gas pedal. The GAV races forward and chases Youngblood. He flies away. The weapons all start blasting him as Youngblood narrowly avoids getting hit, save for his hat. Youngblood's assistant flies over and Youngblood jumps on his back and rides away. Cut to Danny running.
Danny I'm going ghost!
Danny goes ghost and flies off. Cut to the Fentons' tent floating in the river. Cut to inside the tent as water washes up to the sleeping parents. Jack wakes up confused.
Jack Huh? Why that hasn't happened since I stopped drinking coffee before bed.
Cut to the outside of the tent. Jack pops his head out the opening and the view zooms out to show the tent nearing the waterfall. Cut back to Jack back inside the tent looking scared.
Jack Maddie wake up. (Grabbing Maddie) I spy something begging with a W!
Jack holds up Maddie's sleeping bag, with Maddie still in it looking scared. Cut to aerial view as the tent goes over the waterfall. As it falls Danny flies down and catches it and flies it back over to land. Cut to the inside of the tent as Jack holds Maddie over his shoulder, ready to take off running.
Jack We're about to plummet into a roaring white watery...
Jack flies out of the tent and lands on the ground with a thud.
Jack ...doom?
Jack looks around confused as Danny flies off in the background. Cut to Jazz furiously driving the GAV.
Jazz For Bearbert!
Cut to outside the GAV as it fires at Youngblood who is riding away in front of it. Youngblood suddenly comes to a stop, pulling on the horse's reins.
Youngblood Woah. (To his assitant) What are we running away for?
Youngblood flies off of his horse and into the air. He aims his boots at the GAV. Spurs fly off as tiny serrated discs. The discs cut off all of the mechanical arms of the GAV. Jazz stops the car to a grinding halt. Youngblood rides towards the GAV as Danny flies in and grabs him off of his horse, slamming him onto the roof of the GAV. Jazz looks up at the thud and hits the gas pedal.
Danny (Standing over Youngblood) Wanna play with the big kids Youngbutt?
Danny reaches down and grabs Youngblood's vest. He holds him over the edge of the GAV so Youngblood's head is reaching the ground. Youngblood grunts as his hat falls off and his head flides along the ground. Danny looks down towards Youngblood.
Danny Having fun yet?
Cut to Jack and Maddie standing up and dusting themselves off. The GAV drives by.
Maddie Jack? What's going on? (Grabs Jack) Where are the kids?
Jack Maddie. Look! (Cut to Danny blasting the GAV.) It's that Phantom kid again. (Cut back to Jack) And this time he's attacking our wheels. Hang on kids! (Jack pulls an weapon out with a pop) Daddy's coming!
Maddie Jack. Where'd that ghost weapon come from?
Jack I'd um. I'd rather not say.
Cut to the GAV as a beat up looking Youngblood slams down onto the roof with Danny flying over him. Youngblood's assitant whinnies and flies in but is blasted into pieces by a green ray. Cut to Jazz holding a smoking lipstick blaster. She is still in the driver's seat as the GAV moves. Cut to Youngblood as his assistant's head is thrown in his lap.
Danny Not so tough now that she can see ya, huh kid?
The GAV stops.
Youngblood What are you gonna do, huh? At some point I'm gonna squirm free. It's not like you can lock me up in jail or something.
The Fenton Thermos hits Danny on the head. Cut out to Jazz leaning outside the driver's side window.
Jazz Sorry. Slipped out of my hand.
Danny activates the thermos and sucks in Youngblood and his assistant.
Danny Actually I'd just like I can lock you up in jail...or something.
As Jazz narrates, Danny floats down to Jazz. They both smile at each other.
Jazz (narrating) So, in the end, no matter how abnormal things seemed or abnormal out life can be.
Sounds of weapons charging up are off screen behind Danny.
Jack Put the thermos down and step away from my daughter punk!
Jack and Maddie are behind Danny. Jack is aiming a ghost weapon at him. Cut back to Danny looking scared. He looks over towards Jazz who winks at him.
Jazz (narrating) Everything was back to normal. Or our version of normal.
She pushes a button and activates the windshield wiper fluid. Jack and Maddie get sprayed and Danny flies away. Cut to Maddie fretting over Jack who is wiping the water out of his eyes.
Jack Get me a Fenton towel STAT.
Fade to FentonWorks
Jazz (narrating) So yeah. Sometimes I do feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.
Zoom in to Jazz's room where she is writing at her desk, Bearbert sitting next to her.
Jazz (narrating) And I'm the only responsible adult in the family.
Cut to show Jazz is writing in her diary. Jazz stops writing and looks out the window to see Danny flying.
Jazz (narrating) But Danny's responsible. And he's a kid. Which means it's probably safe for me to be a kid every now and then.
Jazz hugs Bearbert and it makes a farting noise. Jazz looks at it and pulls out the Foley Alibi-o-Matic
Jazz Oh real mature Danny!
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