Fade into a scene of a winter wonderland. Snowflakes fall. There is a happy snowman with a top hat on, a broom is behind it. A small white bear is seen standing, waving and wearing a Santa suit. A small cottage is seen in the background with smoke coming from the chimney.

Scene pans left continuously to reveal more holiday spirit.

Zoom out super-fast to reveal that the scene is actually a billboard next to the Amity Park mall. The mall itself has been decorated, with a wreath and many conifers. There are no open parking spaces in the lot.

Cut to a closer look of the Amity Park Mall entrance, decked in Christmas decoration. A man in a Santa suit is ringing a bell.

Fade to inside the mall. There is a huge crowd of last-minute shoppers, many going about their business. Pan up to reveal a larger, farther crowd of purple, and an entire second story flooded with consumers. The store is decked with decorations, and one store on the left reads “sale”.

Zoom in. Fade to Danny, Sam and Tucker walking in the mall. Tucker is looking with disbelief at Sam, who is cheery and is waving. Danny is looking rather cross with his hands in his pockets and his back hunched, looking at the floor.

Sam Merry Christmas!
As she says this, angry and miserable looking shoppers walk past her, not returning her holiday greetings.
Sam Happy Holidays!
Soon, an orthodox man walks past quickly. Sam turns her head to spread more cheer.
Sam Happy Hanukkah!
Cut to Sam walking up to Mikey.
Sam Merry Christmas, Mikey.
Mikey You?!
Mikey Are being cheery?! IT’S A TRAP!
Mikey throws his arms up and turns around to run for it. Pan left to show the mall exit, Mikey runs toward it.
Mikey IT’S A TRA-A-A-AP!
Cut to Sam, her hands in her pockets. Danny and Tucker walk up to her, Danny looking cross and Tucker in disbelief.
Sam What’s with him?
Cut to Sam, her hands in her pockets. Danny and Tucker walk up to her, Danny looking cross and Tucker in disbelief.
Danny What’s with you?
Danny’s eyes turn to Tucker, behind him.
Tucker (chin up and eyes closed) Aw, perk up, Danny.
Close up on Tucker.
Tucker I know you’re in your annual holiday funk, but this is the one time of year Sam isn’t instantly dour.
Cut to outside “House of Shoes” and “Jewelry”. A typical African-American man walks past in a blue coat. Sam slides in with both her hands down and pointing forward.
Sam Have a kickin’ Kwanzaa!
The man stops and looks behind him. Sam smiles nervously with her eyes wide.

Cut to Danny. Tucker leans in from the right.

Tucker And the one time of the year--
Tucker takes his red beret off and replaces it with an identical one with a mistletoe hanging from the top of it, Danny looks up at it.

Zoom out. An attractive woman in a red sweater, red boots and a white skirt is walking past holding a dog kennel. She stops as Tucker talks.

Tucker Hey there, Miss.
Zoom in on the woman, looking with annoyance. Tucker pops in from the right with the mistletoe on his beret bouncing.
Tucker How about spreading a little Christmas cheer?
Zoom in on Tucker, who closes his eyes and puckers up. The red-haired dog in the kennel comes in from the left and licks Tucker’s lips, suddenly closing an eye and raising his ears, opening his mouth with a sound of disgust. Pan right to Tucker.
Tucker (no longer puckering) Mmm. (opens his eyes and puts a finger to his chin) You had liver for lunch.
Cut to Danny standing alone in the mall, frustratedly ducking the busy shoppers bumping into him. He turns toward the inattentive man with anger, growling. He growls again to turn back facing front. Suddenly, he clenches his fists, closes his eyes, and crouches over.Close up on Danny. His upper lip is vibrating as he growls in irritation. He throws himself back, shouting with his arms in the air.
Cut to Tucker and Sam outside the Candy Cane Kingdom.
Sam I don’t get it! (lifts arms in questioning) How can anybody hate this time of year?
Close up on Sam, she smiles
Sam I don’t even celebrate it and I love it!
Zoom out. Tucker approaches Sam from the right. He puts his hand around her neck, Sam’s head hunches over.
Tucker That’s right! You don’t know about (close up) “The Fight”.
Cut to Sam.
Sam “The Fight”?
Zoom out to show Sam from far away and a close up of Tucker from behind. Tucker turns around looking sadly, Sam turns slightly to observe what’s going on.Cut to a pen of two reindeer with a line of people nearby. A sign on the pen reads “Live Reindeer” and another sign hanging in front of two crossed candy canes reads “Meet Santa!”, an arrow pointing to the left.
Maddie (offscreen) Santa Claus is a--
Pan left to show a few children on the steps of a large red stage where Santa sits on his throne. Two elves are near watching the feud. Maddie is seen on the left, Jack on the right with a Santa hat on.
Maddie (lifting her arm) --ho-ho-hoax!
Cut to a light blue action background. Jack pops up.
Jack Heretic!
Cut to Santa looking rather helpless and confused. Jack and Maddie both lean in, Maddie looking mad with her arms akimbo, Jack looking down on her.
Jack Santa’s real as real can be! (turns his head around) Don’t listen to her, kids.
Cut to four children looking upon the red stage, Jack walks up with his megaphone, his other arm on his hip in a fist. A sign reads “Santa’s Workshop”.
Jack Santa’s coming tonight in his sleigh full of goodies!
Cut to five generic children on the floor. They all exchange looks.Cut to another light blue action background. Jack pops up diagonally from the left, his arm raised and with his megaphone.
Jack Keep the ho-ho-hope alive!
Cut to Santa again. Maddie leans in to stare at him evilly, Santa looks at her, dazed and confused.
Maddie Flying at that altitude? In the open? At that speed?
Maddie gets out a megaphone and yells into it, causing Santa’s beard to fly from wind and shut his eyes.
Maddie He’d pass out!
Cut to Maddie with the megaphone.
Maddie Or burn to a crisp from friction!
Cut to some children looking upon this in confusion. Pan right as Maddie speaks past a tree to Danny, Tucker and Sam, Danny with a huge red bag and his arms akimbo, looking more cross.
Maddie It’s scientifically impossible!
Cut to Tucker and Sam, looking blankly and blinking twice in unison.
Danny (offscreen) If you need me,--
Pan out to reveal Danny, holding a bag.
Danny --I’ll be in the Ghost Zone
Pan down to the bag, it’s a red bag overflowing from Christmas-themed goodies from the generically named “The Christmas Store”, including a Santa doll, a wreath, and a string of multicolored lights.
Danny --getting rid of some frustration.
The scene zooms into the bag slowly as it fades to the Ghost Zone, three purple doors floating up and down. Pan right to show a white building on a rock island that resembles a city hall, two stone lions on either side of the staircase. The top of the roof reads “GW”. Three other purple doors are nearby. Zoom in. Fade to a large, cylindrical library. As a man speaks, two books float past in different directions, the first a blue one with a ghost on the cover, the second a dark purple with a skull on the spine.
Ghost Writer (offscreen) “Merry Christmas to all,--
Pan down to reveal the floor. A man with a long, purple coat and black hair is typing on a half-circle with four keyboards, facing the library door. As the paper in front of him sprouts out, two more books fly past in unison, a magenta one and a blue one.
Ghost Writer --and to all a good--
Cut to a close up of the paper. On it reads “mas” “all” and the paper sprouts to reveal the word “fright”. The typewriter dings.
Ghost Writer --fright.”
Cut to the man’s green eyes looking over the paper, hidden behind his glasses and in between his two pale, pointed ears.
Ghost Writer Ooh, (lowers eyebrows) oh that’s good.
Cut to the man, ripping the page off the keyboard and turning around in joy, holding the page proudly in the air.
Ghost Writer And it’s done!
He holds the page in both his hands and skims over it.
Ghost Writer My first Christmas poem (lowers eyebrows) ever. (hugs the page to his chest) *Complete*!
Cut to a red and purple book on the table. There is a stack of pages on one side, and the other side is lying disconnected next to it. The man’s arms carefully place the page on the second book cover.The book with all the pages magically floats to close on the last page, reading The Fright Before Christmas on the cover in purple letters, with some green decoration below it. Three ghostly pink bands of energy bind the book. Cut to the man, lifting the book with the cover out and hugging it, with joy and accomplishment. Cut to the realms of the Ghost Zone. Four purple doors are on screen. A small Santa doll floats into the scene.
Danny (offscreen) You better watch out!
An ecto-blast suddenly fries the doll and blasts it to tiny clouds of green dust.Cut to Danny Phantom with his big red shopping bag of Christmas goodies, looking angry at it.
Danny You better not cry!
He takes another toy out of the bag, tossing it offscreen. Cut to the purple glass ornament, floating up among the four doors. Another ecto-blast shatters it to small, purple shards. Cut to Danny. He lets go of his bag letting it float next to him.
Danny (leaning to the right with his hands flat and down) Santa! (turns in the same pose to the left) No Santa!
Danny turns to the right once more, this time his hands are still flat and vertical but higher and one of his eyes is half-closed.
Danny Santa! (turns to the left once more and stares off, looking confused) No Santa!
Cut to a farther shot of Danny. He lunges to grab the bag of goodies with both hands.
Danny *Every year*!
He tosses the bag up, panning right as a stream of Christmas-themed goodies fly out, including stockings, ornaments, wires of lights, gingerbread, the works. Cut to Danny, his eyes closed, his arms raised behind him blazing with ectoplasmic energy.
Danny And I’ve had it!
He spins around and shoots several shots of ecto-blasts, panning right and blazing offscreen. Cut to a wreath, a gingerbread cookie, and a tin soldier floating into place. They all get blasted to bits in succession by three blasts. Pan right. A toy reindeer, a candy cane and a large fruit cake that says “Fruit Cake” on the label float in place. They also get blasted to bits with three more green plasma rays. Cut to outside the white building, a stone lion staring intently with red eyes as a tiny elf doll floating toward it. Pan right to the entrance. The man comes out of the door with his eyes closed and smiling, his book being held high in triumph. Pan left as he walks forward and toward the camera. Suddenly, the elf doll floats and lands on it. A stray ecto-blast blows the doll to bits and tears the book to tiny paper shreds. The man looks in shock at his empty hands as paper rains down on him. Cut to an aerial shot of the man. Paper rains down on him, he looks down, stunned.
Danny (offscreen) *Oops*!
He floats up and is seen from behind. The man looks up at him angrily.
Danny Sorry, man!
Cut to Danny, floating, looking down.
Danny It was a (lifts his hands with regret) total accident!
Cut to a small pile of paper shreds, a ghostly blue steam smoking from it. The man’s hand thrusts into the pile and holds a handful of the shreds
Ghost Writer “Oops”?
Cut to the man. He lifts his fist of shreds as paper rains down; he looks at the fist with fury.
Ghost Writer “*Oops*”?!
Cut to a close up. The man looks up.
Ghost Writer Do you know have any idea what you’ve done?!
Cut to Danny, leaning straight with his hands at his sides. He is floating among the purple doors.
Danny Well, not really, uh, (lifts his left arm and points to the right, then the left) hence the “accident” part.
Cut to the man, his hands up and shaking with rage, paper raining down.
Ghost Writer You destroyed my greatest work!
Close up on the man.
Ghost Writer And that was my only copy!
Zoom out. The man blinks as a non-blasted page falls in front of him, he looks at it until Danny’s white-gloved hand grabs it from offscreen. Cut to Danny, the page in his hand. He reads it.
Danny “The Fright Before Christmas”? (looks up) I destroyed a Christmas poem? (his head pops up with delight) *AWESOME*!
Cut to a purple action background. A close up of the man’s face is seen.
Ghost Writer *WHAT*?!
Cut to a side view of the man just next to the steps. A lion statue is in the background, the whole building has a purple aura. Danny floats up to the man, pointing a finger and holding the page in a bundle in the other.
Danny Dude, I am *sick* of Christmas!
Danny’s pointed finger turns into a fist with his thumb pointing at himself.
Danny I came to the Ghost Zone to get away from it!
Cut to Danny among the Ghost Zone doors, pointing at himself with his thumb, bent over.
Danny I might not have meant to destroy (straightens up a bit and holds up the page bundle) your stupid book,--
He points with his free hand, then straightens up and smiles while his hand glows green with energy, crumbling the last page to shreds.
Danny --but that doesn’t mean I’m not okay with it.
The paper shreds fall out as Danny opens his hand. Close up on the man.
Ghost Writer Scornful child!
Zoom out, the man raises his hand erect and points a finger.
Ghost Writer Scrooge-like urchin!
Cut to an aerial shot of the building. Danny is floating, seen from behind and looking down upon the man. The man himself crouches down and jumps up, the scene panning to the roof of the building as the man stands with a thicker, white aura, his hands out, his chin up, eyes closed, scarf blowing. Cut to the face of the man. He opens his closed eyes, they blaze a solid red. Cut to a full shot of the man near the orange rotunda part of the roof. His white aura vanishes as he spins around in a purple whirlwind, many beams of white light emanate from it. Cut to a close aerial shot Danny’s face, he is looking up, his hair being blown back.
Danny Aaaand, (zoom out to reveal all of Danny) you are…?
Cut back to the purple whirlwind with the beams of light. It begins to explode with stray bits of purple energy. The storm clears to reveal a donut-shaped cloud of pink-purple smoke around the man, who is spinning with his hands outstretched. As he spins, the donut of smoke turns into a circular keyboard with eight sections of keys and eight separate screens. When the formation of the keyboard is complete, he stops spinning but his scarf still blows. Cut to the face of the man.
Ghost Writer (zooming out and rotating the shot) The Ghostwriter!
Cut to the Ghostwriter’s keyboard. It is see-through, but all the keys are purple and marked with white letters. His flat palm hovers across the keyboard.
Ghost Writer Every word I type on this keyboard (scene pans right as he motions it, off of the letters and onto the number pad)becomes real!
Cut to the Ghostwriter, his face seen from behind in the foreground, Danny floating from a distance, looking on with sudden worry.
Ghost Writer And since you destroyed my Christmas poem…
Cut to the Ghostwriter in a light-blue action background, smiling with revenge and his scarf blowing.
Ghost Writer You shall become (zoom in on his face) my *new* Christmas poem!
Cut to the Ghostwriter in the center of his keyboard. His arms lean forward on the board with no screen in front. The keyboard glows with energy. Pan down-left where a beam of surging pink ecto-energy reaches Danny. He cries out in pain as his body turns purple with the thick aura of ghostly energy, his hair frazzled. Suddenly, his body has pink energy flowing down it in small ripples, the aura of excess energy becoming transparent; his pink silhouette fades away and disappears.

Cut to the Ghostwriter, he beings to type swiftly on one keyboard, then turns to face back typing on a couple more, then moves back to a keyboard in the front, facing the right, laughing manically the whole time but his mouth doesn’t move. Cut to the Ghost Zone. A ring of pink ghostly energy expands out of nowhere, and with a flash of light a new red-and-green book with a pink aura emerges, The Fright Before Christmas 2.

Ghost Writer (offscreen) On the day before Christmas (zoom in on the book) in Amity Park,
Fade in to the mall again. Danny Fenton, Tucker and Sam are present. Sam is smiling with her eyes closed, Tucker is also smiling as well, and Danny has his hands in his coat pockets looking rather miserable.
Ghost Writer Almost all there were cheery,--
Danny looks up, his eyes looking above and behind him.
Ghost Writer --yet one soul--
Danny’s eyes roll the other way, facing above and to the front.
Ghost Writer --was dark.
Danny’s eyes go back in the center. Tucker and Sam walk off.
Danny Hey, that voice! (looks up) It’s that ghost! (puts his head back down) Whose book I destroyed!
Cut to Danny.
Danny Wait,--
Zoom out, Danny looks down, his hands are out at his sides, he is within a red frame decorated by green leaves and purple skulls. The text below reads “On the day before Christmas in Amity Park”, the O within a red box.
Danny --I’m trapped in his poem?
Close up on Danny, he looks straight and annoyed.
Danny Now I’m really annoyed!
The screen fades to black.
Title card is shown. Fade in. We see the Ghostwriter’s building, and the Ghostwriter himself is seen near it typing on his circular keyboard, one screen is missing to show that he is present. Zoom in. Fade to the Ghostwriter. He is looking down at his hands as they type back and forth on the keyboard, the screen in the foreground. His scarf is blowing.
Ghost Writer Danny Fenton hates Christmas.
Cut to a drawing of Danny within a book, depicting a rosy-cheeked interpretation of an irate Danny, with a cheerful Tucker on the right and a cheerful Sam on the left. The scene is rimmed with red-and-white, with purple skulls and green mistletoe leaves on the corners. Text appears as the Ghostwriter speaks, the capital “H” within a red square.
Ghost Writer He hates it a lot.
Zoom in on the image; it morphs into live-action. Danny, Tucker and Sam are walking past unmarked stores.
Ghost Writer Which is why I I’ve inserted the boy in this plot. He’ll go--
Danny stops and looks up in surprise, his arms out of his pockets now.
Ghost Writer --through this tale--
Pan up to show the windowed ceiling of the mall, a form of the Ghostwriter’s face and flattened palms are looking down upon it.
Ghost Writer --till the story is ended.
Ghostwriter dissipates into a plume of purple smoke. Cut to the floor of the mall, Tucker and Sam are walking without a care, Danny walks onscreen pointing a finger at the ceiling.
Danny But you can’t *make* me rhyme!
A man in a green coat walks to Sam’s left, Sam turns and waves to him. Danny looks to Sam with his index finger out.
Sam Hope your New Year is (turns to the right waving as the man walks offscreen) splendid!
Cut to an angry-looking Danny. He slaps himself in the face with all five of his fingers open, and peels it off, stretching his eyes and cheeks. He looks up as Ghostwriter starts talking.
Ghost Writer (voiceover) You will be quite surprised--
Cut to an aerial shot of the mall, Danny is far behind Tucker and Sam on the first floor. Many other shoppers crowd around, a store is visible labeled “Pottery Shed”, and a tree is also visible. Two women are on the second floor, the plump woman in purple looking down upon the mall and the one in bright turquoise walking off. The shoppers go about their business.
Ghost Writer --what I can and can’t do.
Cut to Danny, walking while his head looks up and in the opposite direction, irked at Ghostwriter. In the store window is a mirror and a model with a necklace on it.
Ghost Writer But I’ll leave you--
Ghostwriter’s face appears in the mirror in a purple haze with a thick aura, Danny turns to look in it.
Ghost Writer --your freedom,--
Danny turns to face the mirror directly, staring into it.
Ghost Writer --so I can teach you:
Cut to a closer shot of Ghostwriter in the mirror.
Ghost Writer When you lash out at others, (face leans forward in the mirror) there’s enmity earned.
Cut to Danny. Background shoppers are going about their business.
Ghost Writer You’re *stuck* in this poem--
Danny raises his eyebrow. Cut to Danny looking at the mirror, Ghostwriter’s face is still in it.
Ghost Writer --till your lesson is learned.
Danny starts to look with regret as the mirror gets clouded with purple and swirls. Soon, it resumes to be a normal mirror, reflecting Danny’s face. Cut to the mirror. Danny’s reflection sighs. The reflections’ eyes turn left when he hears someone.
Tucker (offscreen) Who’re you talking to, Danny?
Cut to the mall, Sam and Tucker walk up.
Ghost Writer (voiceover) Said Tucker, confused.
Cut to Danny, with Sam and Tucker in the foreground.
Danny Some annoying Ghostwriter.
Danny points his thumb behind his shoulder.

Zoom out to show the whole hallway of shoppers Danny is standing in front of Jewelry, next to Pottery Shed. He opens his arms to show scope.

Danny We’re all being used!
Cut to Danny, his arms still out.
Danny I blew up his story--
Danny puts down his arms and looks up angrily.
Ghost Writer No hint of remorse.
Cut to the trio. Sam and Tucker are off on the left looking at Danny in disbelief with their hands in their coat pockets, Danny is hunched over with his arms at his sides, hands out.
Danny --now he’s writing a new one,--
Danny leans forward and raises his arms out, Tucker and Sam lean backwards away from Danny.
Danny --we’re trapped in (lowers his arms, they are still out) by force!
Cut to Tucker and Sam, blinking their eyes in doubt.
Ghost Writer (voiceover) But Tucker and Sam merely shrugged in confusion,--
Tucker and Sam exchange looks.
Ghost Writer --completely convinced of my--
Sam takes her left arm out of her pocket and points it to her head, twirling it in a gesture of Danny being crazy.
Ghost Writer --ghostly illusion.
Cut to Danny. He lowers his eyebrows in frustration. Then he turns around and walks off. Cut to Danny walking to the right and toward the camera, Tucker and Sam closely follow behind.
Sam Has he always been moody--
The scene starts panning right as Danny, Tucker and Sam get closer.
Sam --and glum in December?
Cut to Tucker and Sam.
Tucker A big, *whiny* Scrooge,--
Zoom in on Tucker.
Tucker --long as I can remember.
Fade into a flashback. It’s a lot of Christmas trees, with a large white banner that reads “Christmas Trees” in red letters, Christmas in underlined and there’s a tree shape in between. The banner is held up but red and white striped poles. A fat man in red and his son in dark green are standing on the lot. Pan right to show two other families, one a mother with two children, all in red, and the Fentons, Jack in a Santa hat, Maddie with a ponytail, Jazz as a child in a red coat and Danny a baby in a child seat.
Tucker (voiceover) His very first Christmas,--
Zoom in on the Fentons, close up on Danny, a bright, blue-eyed baby with a tuft of black hair in green, sucking on a yellow pacifier.
Tucker --when he was a baby, a bad first impression.
Zoom out to reveal a serious Jack Fenton, with long black hair and a Santa hat, holding up a green poster with the face of Santa on it. A two-year-old Jasmine in a red jacket is off at his side, staring at her father blankly, she might as well hide. Cut to Maddie in her blue jumpsuit, with long hair tied back fine, her face obscured by an identical poster, this one with the red “Not” sign. Maddie lowers her sign so we can see her face.
Tucker No “if”, “but”, or “maybe”.
Cut to a grove of conifers seen from the ground, a starry black sky is seen, calm and without a sound. Jack and Maddie come onscreen, Jack from the left, Maddie on the right, Maddie holding her poster in one hand, Jack’s fist clenched tight.
Tucker His parents debated--
Pan down to show their legs, a fair-haired dog walks between them, with his red collar and antlers, his red-and-green sweater with gold gems.
Tucker --on Santa’s existence,--
Cut to Baby Danny in the cradle, his arms reaching high, waving up and down as the dog comes in from the right. Danny looks to the dog as it sniffs him.
Tucker --forgetting their son might have need of assistance.
Cut to the dog and Danny lying, concerned, the dog walks over raising it's leg
Tucker Caught up in their rift--
Cut to Danny, looking as the shadow of the dog’s leg falls upon him.
Tucker --on that jolly old fellow,
Danny blinks. Cut to Jack and Maddie looking mad at each other,then they look up in shock.
Tucker They didn’t see Danny’s White Christmas turn yellow.
Offscreen, a sloshing is heard and a baby is wailing.
Fade to a second flashback. It’s a clear, starry night with a crescent moon, and a concentrated beam of green light is penetrating the darkness.
Tucker And the one four years later--
Pan down to reveal FentonWorks, glowing like a bright green bug zapper. Above the OPS center is a runway with lights, a decorative tree with a snowman and candy cane, with a bright, green arrow reading “This way Santa”, all shrouded with lights of red and white.
Tucker --was clearly no winner.
Cut to the kitchen. Silhouettes of Jack and Maddie are arguing, Jack with a hat on and Maddie with her hand pointing, her hood up. On the door is a wreath, and nearby a small snowman full of candy stands on the counter.
Tucker Still arguing Santa--
Pan left to the table. Danny and Jasmine are sitting in place, four-year old Danny with a white shirt with a red rocket on it and overalls, Jasmine with a blue bow in her hair and a black sweater. Jasmine looks nervously as the microwave with the “Toxic” sign on it starts shaking and emitting puffs of smoke.
Tucker --they spoiled Christmas dinner.
Cut to a closer shot of the microwave, it jolts and steams.
Tucker By “spoiled”--
Suddenly, a turkey that’s foaming at the mouth with sharp teeth flies out of the microwave. Pan right as the turkey flies that way, the background a green, action background.
Tucker --I should say “brought the turkey to life”!
Cut to Danny and Jasmine at the table, three glasses are on it and there’s a plate with a tree on it in front of Jasmine with a black spoon on a placemat. Both of them look up in shock and fear, the turkey lands on its bones in the foreground, oh dear! The turkey’s legs extend to be bow-legged. Cut to a front view of the turkey, foaming at the mouth with sharp teeth. It picks up a fork and knife in its wings, its tongue flailing out.
Tucker Serving blood and revenge
The turkey spins the fork and knife like batons.
Tucker --with a fork--
The turkey stops, holding the knife up and the fork across his chest.
Tucker --and a knife.
It sways to the left in a bad dance, growling while taking it’s fork-and-knife stance. Then it faces right once more with the utensils crossed, groaning and foaming at the mouth. The turkey raises both utensils and smiles wide. Suddenly, from the left he gets whacked with a broom. Cut to the floor, with the table and place mat in the room. Pan right as the turkey flies and lands on the wall, falling to the floor near a blue chair with a SPLAT!, wings and all. Then it explodes in a mushroom cloud. The explosion dissipates with a plume of smoke. Cut to six-year-old Jasmine, looking down at the mess, she lifts up a broom. She spins it around on the left, then the right, stopping it in a stance with her palm flat and grip tight. Cut to four-year-old Danny in a purple action scene, he looks shocked as the shot rotate. Fade to the present, Danny miserable in the mall, with people in the background, shopping and all. He turns around as his mom speaks offscreen, preaching on how Santa is imaginary, unseen.
Maddie I’ve said it before,--
Pan right to Jack and Maddie on either side of Santa, Maddie with a megaphone.' Kids crowd around, three elves. Two signs are around, “Meet Santa” in red. “Santa’s workshop” in green.
Maddie --and I’ll say it again!
Cut to Maddie, talking through her bullhorn, seen under the armpit of Jack in the foreground.
Maddie A sled cannot travel the globe (raises a hand) at mach 10!
Cut to Jack’s angry face as the Ghostwriter speaks.
Ghost Writer (VOICEOVER) But Jack Fenton bellowed--
Pan out as Jack shells out a megaphone of his own.
Jack You’re wrong! Wrong,--
Cut to some reindeer in a pen, they look around at the man irking them.
Jack --you hear!
Cut to an aerial shot of the reindeer pen, the wood fence has a sign with “Live Reindeer”. Some people are around viewing the deer go a stir. They kick up a storm, peaceful they once were.
Ghost Writer And never once thought he’d be spooking the deer.
Pan up to reveal a large inflatable Santa, arms up and all jolly, there’s Christmas trees in the back.
Ghost Writer And just because this would annoy him the most--
Cut to the face of the Santa, it suddenly morphs, into the Santa-type Ghostwriter, this is going to get worse.
Ghost Writer I decided to make every--
Cut to the full pen, the Ghostwriter Santa standing, green energy from his hands fall unto the reindeer, that’s where it’s landing.
Ghost Writer --reindeer a ghost!
Cut to a part of the mall. Four reindeer are suddenly lifted from the ground, glowing with green auras. Pan right to show three more reindeer. Cut to a young child in his yellow-and-red cap, both of his ears are covered by flaps. He looks up and points at the wonderful sight, shouting “Yay!”, the reindeer flying at a height. And there’s two people’s legs in the background. Cut to a part of the mall. Near a magenta tree and a bunch of shoppers, three reindeer are seen suspended and glowing. They flash with black and white light, their skeletons visible. Then, after the flash, they turn into ghostly green reindeer, with spiky collars, fangs, and wide, red eyes. Pan right to reveal three more. Cut to one reindeer, his teeth clenched, he turns to the right roaring, his tongue out and flapping. Cut back to the child, the background turns light blue, who lifts up both arms and screams in terror.Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker in an aerial shot, Danny in front looking up on the terror that was brought. Other shoppers are rushing past as well. Cut to a blue action background, a reindeer runs.
Ghost Writer On Spooky,
Scene pans out so a smaller version of the scene is up top with a burgundy action scene.
Ghost Writer On Specter,--
A third band from up top divides the scene into thirds, the top is blue like the bottom one.
Ghost Writer --On Death Hoof,--
The scene divides into fourths as a fourth action band in burgundy pans in from the top.
Ghost Writer --On Thrasher!
Cut to a purple action background. A ghostly reindeer with legs in the air is seen. It shifts to the upper left corner.
Ghost Writer On Maimer,--
Cut to a blue action background showing the head of a growling reindeer, steam coming from the nostrils It goes to the upper-right next to the other one.
Ghost Writer --And Vicious,--
Cut to a blue background image of a Cyclops reindeer’s antlers, which goes to the lower-left.
Ghost Writer Blood Antlers,--
Cut to a purple background image of a bucking reindeer. It goes to the remaining lower right corner.
Ghost Writer --And Slasher!
Cut to a red action background. Danny pops into the scene.
Danny I’m going ghost!
Cut to a large tree in the mall. Danny runs behind it.
Ghost Writer Came his signature cry.
Two rings of blue light appear behind the tree.
Ghost Writer And into the fray--
Pan right until the scene becomes a purple action background, Danny Phantom flies through the air with two fists extended and his tail in the back.
Ghost Writer --Danny Phantom did fly.
Cut to a high bird-eye view of the mall, a booth names “Tree Lites” is on the ground near two escalators, and a circle of sofas around a tree. Some of the shoppers seen are Casper High girls in red jackets. Suddenly, in two rows come in the ghostly reindeer, as they fly offscreen a couple of bolts of ecto-energy land, the shoppers flee as Danny passes by in a flash.
Ghost Writer Confronting the reindeer with--
Cut to a dark purple action background, four reindeer are seen running.
Ghost Writer --powers quite ghostly.
Pan left to see Danny flying in hot pursuit, one arm out, one arm bent, alternating arms a few times to blast those reindeer that certainly aren’t any cute.
Ghost Writer Protecting the last minute shoppers--
Cut outside a wood log store named “Stinky Cheese Chalet”, with the S and C’s in cheese. In the window are lights and a cheese marked “Sale”. The sign on the door reads “Open”. The door opens and Lancer in blue snow gear walks out with a pungent cheese log in two hands, smiling happily, until a stray green shot causes a cheese explosion that coats him in drippy, melted cheese.
Ghost Writer --well, mostly.
Lancer blinks, his arms still in place of where the cheese log once was, now it’s all on his face. Danny Phantom rushes past, and Lancer’s eyes turn to watch. Cut to outside Pottery Shed where a pretty trimmed tree is up, until reindeer get ahead. The reindeer rush past it, not even knocking it down, Danny stops in behind the tree, grabbing a string of lights, the tree comes crashing down. Cut to Danny, swirling the lasso of lights, he tosses it over, scene panning to the right. Cut to a purple action background, one reindeer onscreen, it’s drooling at the mouth, until it gets choked with the rope from offscreen. It opens it mouth and shows its tongue, then closes its mouth growling and flying offscreen, the onslaught has just begun. Cut to Danny, smiling and holding the string, but he gets swept off his feet, swooping past, yelling out “Wha-ee!” Cut to an aerial shot of the mall, the reindeer pull up with Danny Phantom in tow. Cut to three carolers, like the ones on the sign, with the addition of a small boy ringing a bell, they all sing beautifully in time. Suddenly, the reindeer plow into them and shove them aside, Danny Phantom is being dragged by the rope, the carolers land on their behinds. Cut to a cart called “Gift Wrap”, with a girl standing near, and a tree of pink is there, two boys are also here. The reindeer plunge into the stand and it’s raining wood shreds, and everyone is gone, smoke billows among the debris and threads. Cut to the pile as streamers float down, Danny pops up displacing some spools, a big red bow as a crown. Cut to the ceiling, the ghostly reindeer phase through.
Ghost Writer And the reindeer escaped--
Cut to the mall, with fallen shoppers, and debris, the scene pans up to show the how the assault on the people has been. Trees are down, candy canes snapped, water spilled, gifts no longer wrapped.
Ghost Writer --having torn up the mall.
Cut to a miserable Danny Phantom in the debris with the bow still up top.
Ghost Writer Leaving Danny, yes Danny,--
Cut to angry protesting shoppers in a line, panning right, six can be seen. The first one in red, with white gloves by the mouth, the second one in a green jacket, waving a fist all about. The third one a bald old man with a blue jacket, the fourth a teen in glasses, with black hair and a backpack. The fifth a brunette woman, pretty in her purple suit, the last a red-head in a yellow sweater, blue-eyed with a curvy snoot.
Ghost Writer --the blame for it all.
Cut to Danny all scuffed up and still in the pile, as things get tossed at him, he stands still all the while. Things like a plastic cup, or a cookie and a hot dog, along with an apple as well
Ghost Writer But Danny’s grim yuletide--
Fade in to the FentonWorks living room, Danny and Jasmine on the sofa, Jasmine happy, Danny with arms crossed in gloom. Maddie stands near the well-trimmed tree, and the fireplace is covered in decoration.
Ghost Writer --was only beginning. And later that night,--
Cut to Danny and Jasmine on the sofa, both have presents on their lap. Jasmine picks up and shakes her box to her ear, Danny’s eyes his sister, sourly.
Ghost Writer --as his patience was thinning--
Cut to the fireplace. Maddie is looking down at it, Jack Fenton in his hat appears, clouds of ash begin to sift.
Jack See?
Cut to Jack.
Jack A fat man *can* fit down the chimney!
Jack turns his head.
Jack Here’s proof!
Cut to Maddie, standing tall with her arms on her hips.
Maddie That still won’t explain how he gets on (leans forward and points her thumb over her shoulder) the roof!
Cut to Jack’s face on the side, Maddie leans in, with Danny on the couch just watching all surly.
Ghost Writer And young Fenton sat there, just steaming and fuming,--
Cut to the window, Danny walks up and puts his arms on the pane, with his cheeks in his hands, he’s clearly in pain. There’s a snowman outside with a broom, pipe and hat.
Ghost Writer --his blood pressure rising,--
Cut to the snowman.
Ghost Writer --his anger (the snowman’s face morphs into one like the Ghostwriter’s) consuming.
Cut to Danny looking through the window, his eyebrows lower. Cut to Danny in the frosted window, his attitude sour.
Danny I won’t keep this up!
Cut to the Ghostwriter snowman.
Ghost Writer Danny said to the writer.
Cut to Danny looking out the window, his hands on the pane. He sits down and crosses his arms, turns and smiles, smugly.
Danny There’s no poem if I’m silent!
Cut to Jack and Maddie squabbling, Maddie’s arms up, Jack with the red hat. Jasmine pops in onscreen, extending her arm out like that.
Jazz Can’t you make dad not fight her?
Cut to Danny in a turquoise action scene, his arms up, fingers tense, he yells out in anger. Cut to the frosted window. The Ghostwriter snowman looks through the glass.
Ghost Writer You think this is over?
Zoom out and rotate so Danny is seen, his eyes look up to the window. Cut to Ghostwriter from behind, Danny looking to him. Danny turns to look at the writer, his countenance is grim.
Ghost Writer This all doesn’t end till the lesson is done!
Danny turns to face the snowman.
Danny And you think that I’ll learn it?
Cut to Danny’s face in grey.
Danny You think you’re that tough?
Cut to Jack in a scene of grey, holding up high a green poster with Santa’s jolly face, the time of quarrel is nigh.
Jack He exists!
Cut to another grey scene, Maddie comes up with an identical picture of Santa, with the anti-sign on it.
Maddie No he doesn’t!
Cut to the Ghostwriter snowman with the pipe in his mouth.
Ghost Writer And Dan screamed--
Cut to a shot of turquoise, Danny yells to the sky, jumping up with his fists up high.
Danny *ENOUGH*!
Cut to the Ghostwriter snowman once more, the snowman morphs back to normal, looking evil at the core. Cut to Danny in between his parents, Maddie on left, Jack on right, both pausing to listen.

Danny tenses up and turns to Jack’s side.

Danny Can you please let this *die*?!
Cut to Jack, looking sorrowful.
Danny You’ve ruined each Christmas!
Pan right to show Maddie.
Danny Each Christmas and I--
Cut to the whole living room, Danny mad in the center, with his parents looking on him, Jasmine on the couch, not bothering to enter. The scene pans right as he turns and walks to the door.
Danny --can’t take anymore of this war,--
Danny swings open the door, turns his head back to his parents.
Danny --am I clear?
Cut to Danny walking out the door, his head turned back.'-
Danny Fourteen years (turns the whole way to the house) is enough!
Danny reaches offscreen for the doorknob.
Danny I am *so* out of here!
Danny slams the door. Cut to Jack and Maddie, the two are confused.
Maddie Hm, what got into him?
Jack (smug) He takes after his mother.
Maddie turns to Jack, insulted. Cut to Jasmine looking regretful through the frosted glass window.
Jazz Can’t blame you--
Zoom out to show the snowman with the broom, Danny with no coat on walks past with his hands in his pockets, breathing a cloud of water vapor, that’s not the ghost sense.
Jazz --for losing your cool, little brother.
Cut to outside at the corner of FentonWorks. The windows are strapped with strings of lights, the ground full of snow and ice. Danny walks around the corner, runs near a wooden fence, transforms and takes flight.
Jazz (offscreen) Go ahead, clear your head, and I think you’ll be fine.
Cut to an aerial shot of Danny flying upwards. The ground pulls further away as he ascends. Cut to the stem of the Christmas tree. Four presents are underneath it, two green cubes, one tall and blue, one short and yellow. They begin to radiate with a thick, white aura as they rise into the air, with the addition of a small white one. Cut to Jasmine on the couch, looking up, aghast. She leans back with her hands on the cushion, and she gasps. Cut back to the presents, they have changed in color hue. Although two are still green and one it still blue, the yellow one turned orange and the white one in pink. Pan down to show the fireplace, the gifts rush up it. Cut outside to the frosted glass window, Jasmine is watching the sight with her mouth open. She gasps and turns suddenly with her palms flat on the window, then cut to Danny flying over a rooftop, cut again to see more. He passes the moon, eleven gifts with auras follow, in colors galore. Close up on Jasmine, in turquoise action.
Jazz But taking our presents is (lowers her brow) crossing the line!
Cut to the skies of Amity Park, Danny Phantom flies streamlined near other houses, he leaves the screen as the presents follow, an unknowing crime. Cut to another part of the sky, Danny flies in, pausing as the presents hit him in the back, taken by surprise. He yells out “ow!” and turns around as the presents fall out of the shot, to the street they are bound. Close up on Danny. He looks down and gasps, cut to the street as presents rise from chimneys in 6 columns, an average of five in each. Danny just watches from afar the misdeed in progress. Cut to the presents, floating by. Pan left to Danny, the boxes swirl around that guy.
Danny Now you’re ripping off gifts?
Cut closer, Danny puts his hands out in a shrug.
Danny What is that supposed to do?
Cut to the moon, obscured by clouds. The clouds clear as the moon morphs into the face of Ghostwriter.
Ghost Writer A: Make a huge scene,
Cut to the street, a crowd of people are looking to the skies.
Ghost Writer And B: Blame it on you.
Cut to the crowd, they all look irked. A stream of presents above are the Ghostwriter’s work. The people raise their fists and complain incoherently, pan right to show some children and teens, crying miserably. Cut to Danny looking down nervously as the presents float past, he yells out in pain as he gets energy zapped. It’s a green beam, and his fists compress, Danny’s white hair is all spiky, he looks back down at the aggressors. Cut to Jack and Maddie with guns, Maddie’s is smoking. Other people in the crowd watch the fight; the Fentons aren’t joking. Cut to Maddie, mist comes from her mouth.
Maddie You’ve ruined our night!
Cut to Jack, zoom out as he fires his weapon.
Jack Drink some anti-ghost tonic!
Cut to Danny with his spiky hair, a hole in his ghostly form opens so the beam passes through his mouth space harmlessly, when the beam’s gone, it goes back to normal.
Danny Wait, I ruined--
Danny points a finger, mist comes from his mouth that’s not the ghost sense.
Danny --*their* night?
Danny raises his arms, shrugging.
Danny How’s that for ironic?
Cut to Danny a little farther, his hair still a mess, the stream keeps going on. He flies off. Cut to the Ghostwriter moon. His eyes roll as Danny flies past.
Ghost Writer So Danny did soar through the crisp evening--
Cut to Danny, one fist up.
Danny Look!
Zoom out, Danny extends all his limbs, his eyes are closed, all the lights are dim.
Danny What’s a guy gotta do to get out of this book?
Cut to Danny, he relaxes his hands on his hips, looking downwards, miffed.
Ghost Writer And then Danny thought--
Danny smiles and breathes out more mist.
Danny Wait, my problem is clear!
Cut to a farther shot of Danny, floating/standing with his arms on his waist Danny swoops and flies downward.
Danny This poem’s about Christmas--
Cut to Danny flying over a street, careening without a care. Atop the houses are lights, a wreath, a banner with “X-mas!” and a sleigh with reindeer. It’s a sure sign that Christmas is definitely present here.
Danny --which is here, here, and here!
Cut to Danny flying up with his hair blown back, across a turquoise ground that’s in the back.
Danny This curse will stay on me from my town to Rome,--
Cut to the skyline. Pan down to show a house with a menorah in the window.
Danny --but he can’t Christmas me in a non-Christmas home!
Cut closer to the doorway, Danny falls down and transforms. Cut to the doorbell, a finger presses it, the chimes ring, and the hand goes back offscreen. Cut to Danny smiling at the door, Sam opens it up. She looks rather sullen. Cut to Danny, he raises his arms ecstatically.
Danny *Sam*!
Danny’s eyes roll up, he looks a mite uneasy.
Ghost Writer Danny said.
Danny’s eyelids lower.
Danny Oh, for crying out loud!
Cut to inside the house, Danny retains his position and demeanor. Sam’s seen holding the door, her tone of voice getting more upset .
Sam I know!
Danny puts down his arms, Sam turns around.
Sam Can’t you see we’re all under a cloud?
Close up on Sam.
Sam Every present we have,--
Pan right to the chimney, the Mansons looking sad. Grandma’s on the right, in her motorscooter, feeling bad. Scraps of torn paper fall out the chimney and litter the floor, A menorah is seen, its branches only four.
Sam --in the chimney! Up through it!
Cut to Danny outside and Sam next to the door.
Sam That might work for (points to Danny) you, but that’s not (lowers her brow and points to herself with her thumb) how we do it.
Cut to Jeremy and Pam, looking down.
Ghost Writer And Sam saw sad faces--
Pam’s eyelids lower in shame.
Ghost Writer --on Mom,--
Pan down-right to Grandma in the scooter, looking gloomy.
Ghost Writer --Dad and Granny.
Cut to Ghostwriter in his study, typing on his keyboard quickly.
Ghost Writer So I typed on my (turns to his floating monitor on the left side, still typing) keyboard--
Cut to Ghostwriter’s monitor. On the screen are the text “So I typed on my keyboard” in white and all caps. As Ghostwriter speaks, the text writes on the screen.
Ghost Writer --that the blame was on Danny…
Cut to Sam, looking confused. She becomes really peeved. Her eyebrows lower.
Sam You.
Close up on Sam.
Cut to Danny, miffed as well.
Danny Are you out of your mind?!
Cut to Danny in the doorway, Sam walks up from the door pointing a finger.
Sam You’re the holiday Scrooge. (points to herself with a thumb) Do you think that I’m blind?
Cut to the floor, with a yellow rug. Danny and Sam’s shadows fight, both with arms raised flailing, and with tongues out. Their complaints go incoherent and muffled.
Ghost Writer And Danny and Sam found themselves in a spat.
Pan right to a green part of the rug, with scraps of torn paper in red and green, a blue dreidel on the floor, hay up, shin seen.
Ghost Writer But before Dan could calm her--
Cut to the dreidel.
Ghost Writer --I soon realized that-
The dreidel gains a magenta aura and begins to jiggle, standing upright, spinning round and round.
Ghost Writer --a new threat was needed to cut through the noise.
Cut to the window with some turquoise curtains, the Ghostwriter moon is seen in the night sky.
Ghost Writer And what better way (close up on the moon) than “Attack of the Toys”?
Cut back to the dreidel, it’s spinning quite fast. Then it rises off the floor! Cut to the Mansons’s foyer, Danny, Sam and the Mansons look shocked, the scene pans up as their heads look up to see the dreidel phase through the ceiling. Cut to the flat roof of the Mansons, the Ghostwriter moon smirks and observes, the dreidel he called upon, closes in on the viewers. Four magenta beams of energy are sent out. Cut to a store called “Angrum’s Toys”, it’s closed for the night. The beam hits the building, it’s dark now, shining with bright light. Cut to a sale rack, three pink stuffed Care Bears are there, and the beams transform them into hideous, green monsters with horns, fangs, red eyes and skulls replacing hearts on those chests of theirs. They jump off the shelf with arms raised and tongues dropping out, shrieking all the while. Cut to some hanging figures of Space Wars, one a strange Wookiee and the other a square astromech like R2. They jump out of the plastic to the ground, hordes of Wookiees, square R2’s and stormtroopers walk with damage ready to do. Six identical Barbie dolls are altered the same way. They are made ugly, made to obey. Those three-eyed slimy beasts with wide, skimpy dresses roar and jump off the shelf, off to make some messes. Cut to a cute stuffed puce dinosaur a new threat in disguise, it glows and it grows to immense size. Cut to outside the store, the roof has been raised! The huge green ghostly beast towers over the tree. Cut to the ground looking up, the dinosaur roars loudly. It steps out to the street. Cut to Tucker sitting near his dresser, a yellow RC controller in his hand. As he beeps the buttons, a yellow beetle drives up, Tucker concerned as it glows. Cut farther out as the car’s size is gained, becoming a mechanical frog with an exposed brain. It roars out a burst of mist. Cut to Tucker looking up between the metallic teeth, he stands up and jogs on off, not fazed one bit. Cut to a model train set, a train choo choo’s with green smoke. Pan right to show more of Lancerville: Lancer himself looking over proud. Cut to a full shot of Lancer’s bleak basement, Lancer sitting on a crate. The train rides on and Lancer stands up. Cut to the model in the field near a tunnel for the train. Lancer looks disconcerted as possessed figures walk up. Lancer gasps on a turquoise action background. Cut to the figures, they all shell out grappling hooks. And they all toss them off, but Lancer can’t shout out a book. Cut to Lancer, the hooks have caught on to his neck in the back. With a lot of strength, those little men shove his head on the tracks. Lancer opens his eyes, not knowing what to feel; a train from the tunnel closes in. Cut to a door in a dark, pink-walled room. There’s a poster that shows Freud. Jasmine opens the door, smiling and content, cut to the old Bearbert doll, the scene turns purple as the doll stands up and pulls a chainsaw from nowhere. Cut to Jasmine gasping in a background of turquoise, back to Bearbert on purple, the chainsaw cuts through the scene and the noise! Cut back to outside, the Ghostwriter moon looks to the streets, a rally of transfigured toys rampages onwards in fleets. Cut to the stoop of the house, Danny and Sam run to the sidewalk, but they stop just there.
Ghost Writer From all over town,--
Cut to an aerial shot, Danny and Sam are in the intersection, toys close in on three sides.
Ghost Writer --the toys started to merge.
Cut to the Ghostwriter moon.
Ghost Writer I’m really quite wicked when I get the urge!
Cut to the Ghostwriter moon.
Ghost Writer I’m really quite wicked when I get the urge!
Cut down to the street, the parade of toys goes on. They jump up in the air, like a green river of pawns. Cut to the other side, more toys walk on in a wave. They all fly up too, disaster’s way is to be paved. Cut to the night sky, three streams of green unite. They take a humanoid shape, a new hazard in the night. Cut to Danny and Sam, looking upwards at this menace. Zoom out, cut to just Danny, transforming to protect us. Cut to far away, Danny and Sam are way off. The toys glow green and become a big, black boot. This has to be stopped.Cut to the Ghostwriter moon, looking down.
Ghost Writer On this night before Christmas, (the Ghostwriter moon lifts his chin high) a brand new attacker!
Cut to the legs of the giant sculpture. Danny and Sam are tiny in comparison. The boots black, leggings are yellow, and the suit is blue.
Ghost Writer And now, face the wrath--
Pan to show the top of the giant Nutcracker, with arms raised high. The Ghostwriter moon narrates on, up there in the sky.
Ghost Writer --of my monster Nutcracker!
The Nutcracker roars loudly, his teeth vibrate up and down. It bends over so the face fills the screen, with his rosy cheeks and his golden crown.
Cut to Danny.
Danny Aw, nuts!
Cut to the Nutcracker, Danny is running away. The Nutcracker extends a leg to squish the bug that’s attempting to evade. The background turns turquoise.
Ghost Writer Danny cried as he started to run.
The scene fades into a sketched illustration within the red frame. Purple skulls with mistletoe, the corners contain. The text “As he started to run…” is below the picture, the A in a red box, a vital fixture. Cut to the Ghostwriter, looking at said page on the screen. His hands on the keyboard, so far this story’s keen. Cut to Ghostwriter.
Ghost Writer Must we end every scene with a terrible pun?
Cut to the illustration on the page. Zoom in, and fade to black.
-Cut to commercial-
Fade in to the novel, The Fright Before Christmas 2. The book opens, inside is an illustration that’s completely different from the last one, the Nutcracker’s leg outstretched with toe in the air, ready to squash Danny, who’s back is bent forward and just stares. Zoom in and rotate as the scene morphs into live-action. Cut to Danny looking scared and shrouded in the shadow. He turns intangible, zoom out as the giant boot squishes him, debris flies all around. Danny, still intangible, phases out from under the foot and flies off-screen. Cut to over the city, an intangible Danny flies up. He becomes visible once more. Cut to the Nutcracker, he turns and lifts a hand. Then he lunges. Cut to Danny, leaning back and gasping as the Nutcracker’s hand grasps him tight, Danny yells in pain. Cut to the wall of a building near a window. The Nutcracker’s hand slams Danny back-first into the wall, upside down. Cracks appear in the bricks, Danny grunts with effort, his arms out. Cut to a rather blocky purple car parked on the street. Danny falls on the car with his back on the roof, all the windows shatter and the car alarm goes off. A shadow grows upon him as the boot of the Nutcracker steps on him and the car. Cut to a brick wall. Danny falls back-first into it, bracing himself for impact as a gaping hole is made and chucks of debris fall out. Danny leans down, tired. Zoom out. The boot of the Nutcracker squishes Danny straight through the wall, making an even BIGGER hole. Cut to an ice-covered street with a purple car parked. Danny falls on his back on the street, grunting in pain. He uses his hands to sit up as the arm of the Nutcracker with its hand in a fist comes up. Cut to the Nutcracker. It raises an arm and charges a pink ectoplasmic ray, leaning forward to blast it. Cut to Danny, looking determined on the ground. He lifts his legs and uses his arms for ballast to stand up, flying off before the blast hits and lifts up a bunch of rocks from the street. Cut to the shoulder of the Nutcracker. Danny flies from behind it with his fists forward and legs in a tail, pan right as he goes off-screen. The Nutcracker’s other shoulder goes to the left as its hand lunges forward, the Nutcracker with an angered expression following. Cut to a bunch of buildings. Danny flies up, with one hand cupped, it starts to glow green, he blasts and lifts it up. Cut to more buildings, the Nutcracker stands straight and marches forward. As the green beam lands on his shoulder, some toys get displaced. A robot, a submarine, a soccer ball, a truck and a box of some sort all fall away. Cut to Danny flying fast in a background of grey, his hair is blown back, he charges blast after blast, alternating hands and grunting each time. Cut to the Nutcracker marching forward and not flinching, the blows land on his right arm as an owl, a skateboard, a car and a drum fall. Near his left armpit comes a plane, a football, a clown head, and a stuffed monkey. From the center of his chest comes the monkey, the football, the plane and a box of crayons, and a green wooden block. From his right hip a Rubik’s cube, two missiles, a tape recorder and a basket ball backboard/hoop, from his right armpit once more come the familiar block, crayon box, plane, football, clown head, and stuffed monkey. Cut to Danny rather determined, his green hand blazing. He thrusts forward to blast another beam.
Danny You think this can stop me?
Cut to the Nutcracker, walking onwards. Several missing parts are on his chest and arms. Green beams land on him.
Danny This bear or this train?
As if on cue, a toy train and a pink teddy bear fly out from the place Danny blasted. Cut to Danny, flying fast with his hair blown back, his arm on front blazing a zapper.
Danny I’ll just fire (alternates arms) away 'til--
Danny stops and stands up straight, the scene becomes the sky, he blazes a ball of energy above his head high.
Danny --no pieces remain!
Danny bends over and throws the ball. Cut to the crippled Nutcracker. It stands there with no emotion as the ball comes closer, pulsing with ectoplasmic lightning. Prepare for impact! In a burst of green light, toys fly out and clear away, the same toys from before, not a pretty sight. Cut to the streets, there’s a happy toy clown on the ground, a radio too. A robot head falls, A pink bear lands as well, one leg falls off. A football descends and bounces. A dented toy rocket, an orange cone, too. Pan right to show more, a plane with one wing gone, colored letter blocked litters upon the snow, a red image-clicker crashes down too. Danny falls from the sky and lands on his boots.
Danny Nothing to add?
Danny walks forward. Cut to another shot, Danny walks onscreen, seen from the back, he turns around with curiosity as Ghostwriter begins talking.
Ghost Writer Danny asked.
Cut to Danny looking at side view as Sam, Tucker and Lancer walk into the street toward Danny, looking down sadly.
Ghost Writer Then the answer,--
Pan to the right, Tucker and Lancer are still visible. They stop. Jasmine walks near a snow-covered purple car and bends down into a smoking pike of colored debris containing a smashed purple toy car, a train, a lone Lincoln log, and the head of her stuffed Bearbert. She picks it up sadly.
Ghost Writer --showed up in the form of Sam, Tucker and Lancer.
Cut to the ground, Bearbert is decapitated with stuffing out all over. Jasmine has her hands on the bear’s head, pan up as she picks it up onto her knee.
Ghost Writer And Jazz standing silent, her eyes filled with tears,--
A tear drops from Jazz’s eye.
Ghost Writer --mourning the bear--
Jazz takes a long blink, and looks to the left with anger.
Ghost Writer --she had loved all these years.
Cut to Tucker and Sam, Sam holding a smoldering box looking down on is with disbelief, Tucker with his smoldering yellow car looking down at it, depressed.
Ghost Writer And Tucker and Sam felt that--
Danny walks over, putting his hand on Tucker’s car looking at his friends with regret, they look at him irritated.
Ghost Writer --crushing blow, too.
The items stop smoking. Tucker lifts a hand to wave Danny away, Danny lifts both hands to guard himself.
Tucker Danny, don’t.
Tucker’s eyes open. Sam holds the box in one hand and puts down her other one, turning to Danny. Danny turns to Sam, taken aback.
Sam (irked) What’s your deal?
Sam storms off. Jasmine leans into the scene irate as well, pointing a sharp finger at her ghost brother.
Jazz I don’t even *know* you!
Tucker and Jasmine turn and storm off, leaving Danny alone. Cut to Danny. He blinks and his eyes look behind him. Cut to a street. An Asian girl is looking over a broken red car, chicken head and baby doll head. Also seen near her are a hair brush, a yellow-and-green-striped box, a wheel, an airplane with a blue stripe and broken wing. A blonde-haired teen cries and hugs his mom. A boy in a red baseball cap holds up a broken vehicle to his father, bending down with his hands on his knees to examine it. A woman in the far distance observes the wreckage.
Ghost Writer It seemed the whole town--
Begin panning right to show more of the street, a tall boy in red holds up a pronged tripod in his hand. A large, dark-skinned man in an orange coat raises his arms, yellow mittens on his head. His son miserably holds a crushed wrapped gift. An aged woman bystander also holds a red box. Also on the floor are a Lincoln Log, a purple car with the trunk busted, a red car, a solar panel, and a joystick with a red button popped out.
Ghost Writer --had come out to proclaim:
All the people look toward the camera with angry glares, the man putting down his hands and clenching fists.
Ghost Writer --that Christmas--
Cut to a woman in pale blue holding a broken yellow radio with wires coming out of it, an angry man with a green shirt and red scarf looks frustrated with arms akimbo, another far away with crossed arms, a leg is seen in the foreground. Danny is looking rather shocked and helpless in the center. On the ground is a smashed blue toy with buttons and bent antennae in two pieces.
Ghost Writer --was ruined!
Danny turns around, still looking down at the woman on the ground holding her radio. He flies off.
Ghost Writer The ghost boy to blame.
Cut to an aerial shot of Amity Park. A sparse crown is in the street, a place on the side is smoking. Danny comes from the ground and soars up toward the camera, panning right a little as he passes. Cut to Danny, flying cheerless and alone, his fists out in front of him, his tail cascading in the back. He looks down, swooping the other direction off-screen. Cut to outside a house, Danny lands near a window, walking up with his palms leaning on the pane.
Ghost Writer Save for one little boy--
Cut to a spherical ornament on the wooden floor, its dark turquoise with purple stripes, and a light blue circle in segments, with a small gold hook. It lets out a *ping* sparkle. A hand reaches down to pick it up. Pan out to show the young boy sitting on the floor, in his Santa hat, smiling. Danny looks from outside the frosted window.
Ghost Writer --in his little red hat.
The boy looks to the window and waves.
Ghost Writer He thought Danny was cool.
Cut to the frosted window, with Danny looking inside. He smiles and waves. Cut to the boy on the floor, holding his ornament, still waving and smiling.
Ghost Writer So we’ll have to fix that.
Cut to Danny, still continuing to wave. Soon, he puts his hand down on the pane, his mouth small and concerned. Cut to the boy under a huge, trimmed tree filled with round balls of pink, blue and purple. They look like shiny crunchberries. The room fades to purple as the tree begins to emit a heavy aura of white light. Pan up to the top of the tree with the five-pointed gold star on top. The tree sprouts solid, angry red eyes and a jagged mouth. As is stops glowing, the tree closes its eyes and roars loudly, its tongue and throat visible. Cut to the boy on the floor, the tree in the foreground. Danny looks up in concern and terror from the window. The boy turns his head. A green branch springs from the tree, displacing a couple glass balls like the one he was holding. More debris fall as the green branch becomes a three-fingered hand. Cut to the base of a tree. Two green branches sprout from the bottom and land on the floor, becoming legs. It lifts itself up and snaps the tiny, thin trunk. Cut to the Room. The tree looks down upon the child, roaring loudly and positioned like a raptor. The boy gets up, runs and screams,panning right as the tree chases him. Cut to Danny outside, he gets up from the window and turns away from it to the street, screams are heard. Pan right to show two trees, one seen from behind stomping, the other chasing a woman looking back with her hand in front of her, screaming. As those two trees walk off-screen, another tree runs after a small boy in the far distance from the left, with its hands out about to grab him. A fourth tree a little closer is chasing a teenage girl from the right, also trying to grab her. Cut to the Fenton’s kitchen, the small TV is showing a tree running after a red-haired teenage girl. The other girl from before is still running with her hands out in front of her, the tree chases on. The TV flashes to an image of a red-haired female newscaster holding a sheet of paper and an over-the-shoulder reading “Tree Terror”, a red box with a scary monster tree on it.
Female newscaster The siren is wailing, the ghost trees attacking! Lock up your homes, I suggest you start packing!
Pan out to show Jack and Maddie from behind, watching the screen. Jack’s not in his red hat anymore, but Maddie’s in a red coat.
Jack Christmas is ruined!
Cut to Jack and Maddie. Maddie looks incredulously at Jack, Jack lifts a hand to point at his wife.
Jack And you’re not the cause.
Jack puts down his hand, Maddie crosses her arms.
Maddie I sure hope the Ghost Shield won’t stop Santa Claus.
Jack looks irked at Maddie, holding his arms akimbo. Then his eyes pop open with realization, he turns and quickly rushes off. Cut to a button pad with two green buttons, the top one reads “Ghost Ray” the bottom one reads “Ghost Shield”. Jack’s black-gloved finger presses on the latter, it beeps. Cut to the top of FentonWorks, with the trussed black antenna. A green force field sprouts out in a cyclone shape, and falls down in a circle. Cut to the house. The force field continues to descend and protect FentonWorks. Cut to the street. A crowd of trees plunge arms-first into the shield while moaning, they pile up against it. Cut to the TV, showing a man getting chased by a tree toward the camera. Jack Fenton leans toward it, listening intently with shock and alarm. He presses a button on the control panel, the channel changes to another news station. A man with red hair and a green suit is holding a stack of papers, the over-the-shoulder a red box. Jack puts his hand away.
Male newscaster It’s tree watch Day 1! Hope there isn’t Day 2.
Cut to a full shot of the TV image. The man is holding his papers and a wire is in his ear. Over the shoulder a red box with three reddish trees on it, text reads “Tree Watch Day One”.
Male newscaster Let’s go to Lance Thunder,--
The over-the-shoulder changes to Lance Thunder in a blue suit and white-red striped scarf, holding a microphone, looking in terror at the trees surrounding him. The newscaster in the studio turns to the Over the Shoulder and holds his earpiece.
Male newscaster --our weatherman, who--
Cut to Lance, holding his mic.
Lance Thunder --can’t believe I quit (turns his head and lifts a mitten) acting (steps back a bit nervously as trees close in on him)to work in this place.
Lance pops with sudden realization that he's on air and reports calmly.

Lance pops with sudden realization and reports calmly.

Lance Thunder There’s chaos here, Bill. (looks up in horror and starts yelling) NOT THE FACE!
Trees close in from in front of Lance; his head turns to the left.
Lance Thunder NOT THE FACE!
The trees completely obscure him, the broadcast turns to static. Pan out to show Jack and Maddie watching TV. Cut to Jack and Maddie. Jack turns to Maddie, Maddie looks up at Jack.
Jack Anybody seen Danny?
Cut to the doorway of the kitchen, an uncaring Jasmine waves down her arms and strolls in past her parents and walks off-screen toward the camera.
Jazz Like I even care.
Jack turns to Jasmine, Maddie looks saddened, then annoyed at her daughter.
Maddie What’s wrong with you, Jasmine? (leans out and raises both her arms high) Your brother’s out there!
Maddie turns to Jack and pulls up her hood with a serious expression.
Maddie Hold down the fort, Jack.
Cut to Maddie, and Jasmine looking dejected with her arms crossed. Maddie leans off-screen and grabs two double-sided axes, spinning them and suddenly stopping.
Maddie I’ll go after our tot! (turns the other way) Those trees will not (turns and jumps out an open window headfirst, Jack is in the foreground) stop me!
Cut to outside the window, Maddie flies through. Jack comes up and has his hands on the pane, looking down.
Jack Oh man,--
Cut to Jack.
Jack --that is hot!
Cut to Danny on the streets, blasting away at trees closing in on all sides. Danny turns to the back and blasts at another tree. He turns to the right and holds out two hands in front of him to blast another as the trees close in and fill the screen as they are too close to the camera. Cut to an evil ghost tree with arms up, roaring. It leans its tip back and clenches its fists, sending an array of spikes against a black action background. Cut to Danny, looking in fear as trees roar in the background. Danny closes his eyes and blocks his face and chest by crossing his arms and putting his forearms up with fists tight, turning intangible as the spikes phase through him. Cut to Maddie running with two double-edged axes against a turquoise action background. She is screaming a battle cry but her lips aren’t moving. Soon, she jumps up with one knee in front and one leg in back.
Ghost Writer While his mother moved forth,--
Cut to another turquoise background. A lot of ghost trees are seen rimming the bottom, Maddie jumps over them twirling her axes, landing in the fray as the trees raise their arms. Shreds of tree fly. Cut to Danny standing in a back-bent-over battle stance looking to a crowd of trees. Danny holds out an arm and fries one of them, then turns to the right and fries another, leaving it a smoking barren-branched tree.
Ghost Writer --Danny faced my attack.
Danny turns toward the camera and sends another green zapper off-screen. Then he takes a few steps to face the camera at front view, blazes both glowing hands in front of him, and fills the screen with green energy. Cut to a black screen. An axe slices through it, revealing Maddie chopping the tree down grunting with effort, with a couple more behind her. She swings her second axe the other way, grunting again, and finishes the tree off, it falls away. She then turns behind her to face the other trees, swinging one axe to decapitate that conifer, swinging the other to chop the decapitated part in half as it falls away. She then turns to the front.
Maddie Danny! Danny, (turns to the left and walks forward) where are you?!
She walks towards the camera. Cut to a fray of trees. Maddie runs through them.
Ghost Writer But he couldn’t shout back.
Cut to Danny landing on his back with his limbs out on the snow-covered street, grunting with pain.
Ghost Writer Every tactic he tried would be destined to fail.
Danny gets up on his hand groggily and uses the other to blast an approaching tree. Another one grabs him by the suit on his chest in two arms, Danny turns in shock to face the tree as it lifts him up and off-screen. Cut to another array of trees. Danny lands on his hands and tumbles across the street, landing on his hands and knees and grunting in pain as the trees roar behind him. Two trees step from either side into the foreground, a third lands behind hem and fills the scene. Cut to an aerial shot of Danny on his knees and hands, near a small iced-over section of the street, in the middle of a ring of trees crowding endlessly. They all roar as three trees from different parts of the ring close in on him. Cut to Danny, still on the ground, looking weak with the trees in the background.
Maddie (offscreen) If you hear me,--
Danny’s eyes look behind him.
Maddie --just scream!
Danny perks up a bit, but isn’t smiling.
Danny Yeah!
Close up on Danny, he looks up and smiles.
Danny With my Ghostly Wail!
Cut to Danny in a bowing position and smiling on the ice-and-concrete ground, with the evil trees in the back still roaring. He pivots to the right on one hand, one knee and one foot, with his fist tight, and a determined look. He gets up on both his feet with both his arms out with loose fists. He then takes a deep breath, leaning his head back and puffing up his chest. Close up on Danny. He lets out a Ghostly Wail. Green sound wave rings come out from his mouth. Zoom out to show all of Danny and the two rows of trees around him. Cut to a row of roaring trees with arms up high. The Ghostly Wail’s sound waves come in from the left and knock them down from the left to the right, blowing all the needles and ornaments off and leaving bare tree skeletons of barren branches. Cut to another row of trees. They prove no match for the Ghostly Wail as the sound waves close in them the same way and they get blown away, left as skeletons of trunks and branches. Pan left to a row of trees facing the camera and roaring, with Danny in front of them all, sounding out his Ghostly Wail to the right. He then turns to face his back to the camera and crumbles all the trees down as green circles sprout and grow in front of him, leaving the trees fallen, barren trunks. Soon, Danny turns to the left with his eyes closed tight, panning left to show more trees being left bare as the Ghostly Wail comes toward them. Cut to Danny with his arms up, still wailing. Some trees are far off. As he continues, parts of his red jacket form on him. Cut to an aerial shot of a wave of trees all seen from the back. The Ghostly Wail’s green sound waves come from the top-right corner and deck them all, stripping them of all needles and ornaments, leaving them bereft of anything and are fallen tree skeletons now. Pan down-left, another wave of trees are deck in the same fashion. Cut to three trees seen from behind, filling the screen’s foreground. All of them get knocked away, revealing Danny Phantom in a red jacket sending a full-blast Ghostly Wail at them, the green rings of sound coming from Danny’s mouth. Cut a little closer to Danny, there is nothing but dead trees left behind and some pillars of smoke. Soon, during the Wail, he falls on his knees and hands due to fatigue, his face looking down. A flash of light and a ring appears around the boy, he turns back into Danny Fenton. Danny looks up. The pillars of smoke stop smoldering. Cut to an aerial shot of Danny Fenton crouched on the ground surrounded by a few large, dead trunks. Zoom out to show the snow and all the destruction in the street in a huge ring around Danny. Cut to Danny, still with his hands and knees on the snow. He blinks and turns to the right as some debris flies, his mother comes out with her two axes.
Maddie Danny! Thank heavens! (jumps out of the pile and walks closer to her son) You had us all worried.
Cut to Maddie and her two axes.
Maddie When your dad saw the news we stopped (relaxes her arms and lowers the axes) squabbling and hurried! (puts down the axes) It’s Christmas Eve, son.
Maddie walks offscreen. Cut to Danny on the ground as Maddie walks toward him with the axes, Danny stands up.
Maddie Home is where you should be.
Maddie and Danny turn away from the camera and walk away, Danny walking all dejected and sullen with Maddie’s hand with one axe on his back.
Maddie Let’s get back to the house and I’ll make you some tea.
Fade back to FentonWorks underneath the cover of the green, cylindrical force field. Zoom in.
Ghost Writer The ghost shield deployed,--
Cut to the swirling Fenton Portal.
Ghost Writer --Danny turned to this thought.
Pan left to show Danny Fenton, his eyes turn behind him.
Ghost Writer To take on the spirit--
Cut to Danny, he turns around with a look of determination, he transforms into Danny Phantom.
Ghost Writer --he knew who had wrought--
Danny takes off flying offscreen.
Ghost Writer --this holiday mischief--
Cut to a front shot of the Ghost Portal. Danny flies into it.
Ghost Writer --and left him the blame. Come on now, dear boy.
Cut to the Ghost Zone. Danny comes out of the Fenton Portal, which is a swirly green inside a purple rim. There are four purple doors in the background. Pan right as Danny flies straight, three more doors appear.
Ghost Writer Here’s where you call me “lame”.
Cut to Danny flying with two arms in front and a tail in back by a green action background.
Danny Give it up! You can’t hide.
Cut to the Ghost Zone. Danny flies in seen from behind, pan left to show the Ghostwriter’s library lair, Danny approaches it.
Danny I know just where to find you.
Cut to inside the library, Ghostwriter is looking outside his reddish-paneled window at Danny approaching.
Ghost Writer But I’m still in control.
Pan right. Ghostwriter turns to his keyboard and types rapidly.
Ghost Writer Allow them to remind you.
Cut to Danny flying fast, his hair blown back, on a green action background. He holds his chest upright and blazes both his hands with green energy, sending out two blasts of energy filling the screen. Cut to the doors of the Ghostwriter’s library. With some yellow sparkles, this doorway changes into two reddish wooden doors with a spoon on the left and a fork on the right, standing atop a floating rock island. Danny’s ectoblast hits the door head-on and envelops the screen in green light and wood debris. Cut to the inside of the doorway, the red wooden doors being blasted apart and smoldering with debris strewn every place. The Ghost Zone is visible with two purple doors in the distance. Danny lands with his arms out and his knees bent, standing up straight and walking inside, turning the left, then the right, walking closer to the camera until he ends up offscreen.
Danny “Them”?
Cut to Danny walking, the green Ghost Zone in the background. Danny blinks and looks surprised, blinking a few times.
Ghost Writer Danny asked. Then he shuddered and trembled.
Cut to Danny looking upon a room full of his foes, from left to right is The Box Ghost, then Technus, in front of Technus is Johnny and Kitten, in front of them is Captain Youngblood in pirate form, near Youngblood is Spectra in her supermodel form. Pan right. The Lunch Lady is floating behind Spectra with her hair flailing, Sidney Poindexter is standing in front of her with his hands akimbo, next to him is Walker, in front of Walker is Bertrand in his assistant form, next to Bertrand is Ember with her arms crossed, and last Skulker with his hands on his hips. There’s a trimmed Christmas tree seen behind Walker.
Ghost Writer The door had brought him where all his foes were assembled.
Skulker We’ve been waiting for you. (smiles)
Ghost Writer Skulker said with a grin.
Cut to The Box Ghost, standing next to a tree.
Box Ghost Now our holiday party can (smiles and rubs his palms together) finally begin!
Cut to two overhead lamps. They flash on brightly. Cut to three more overhead lamps. They activate and shine. Cut to a gold-trimmed Christmas tree near a red window. The screen becomes an action-magenta as two beams of light illuminate it and it sparkles with lots of gold sparkles. Cut to Danny looking to the right astounded in the doorway, with two trees on either side, in the foreground is Skulker’s boot on the left and Ember’s boot on the right. Danny turns to the left. Cut to Skulker holding a cup, Ember holding a miniature cooked fowl on a platter, and Walker just standing there off on the side.
Skulker Eat, drink, (widens his eyes and lifts his cup) and be merry! (puts his arm closer to him to show Ember)
Ember (lifting the platter slightly) Have some warm Christmas goose!
Pan left. Poindexter is smiling smugly next to Walker and his holding a blue present with a pink ribbon. Johnny is just standing on the let edge. The Box Ghost is in the center, facing the right.
Box Ghost For surely you know of our (turns to the left and raises his arms out slightly) annual truce.
Cut to Danny, smiling. Zoom out to reveal this was an image on the Ghostwriter’s screen, his arm is resting on the keyboard. A fist slams down next to it. Cut to Ghostwriter hunched over on his keyboard.
Ghost Writer The truce? It’s still holding?
Ghostwriter stares down at his keyboard and puts his fisted hand in his hair.
Ghost Writer I thought they’d dispend it! (looks at his screen and lays his hand out) To beat on their foe--
Close up on Skulker.
Skulker Oh, this truce, we defend it!
Cut to an aerial shot of the whole room. The two glittering trees are in the foreground, Danny is seen from behind with his foes in front of him in the order of Box Ghost, Johnny, Technus, Kitten, Youngblood, Model Spectra, Lunch Lady, Sidney Poindexter, Bertrand, Walker, Ember and Skulker. Behind them are a buffet feast and several wrapped boxes.
Skulker We don’t fight on Christmas.
Cut to Walker, Bertrand, and Ember with the platter and Skulker from the front. Bertrand holds up a finger.
Bertrand One day of tranquility!
Cut to Spectra with arms crossed, and Kitten with one arm akimbo.
Spectra Come sundown (arches an eyebrow) tomorrow…
Cut to Kitten, Lunch Lady, Spectra, Sidney, Walker, Ember and Skulker all calm. They then hunch over and many look angry, some clench fists.
All We resume all hostility!
Cut to Danny in the open, not-busted doorway.
Danny Every ghost (raises his right arm) holds this truce?.
Cut to Skulker.
Skulker It’s a fact!
Pan over to Kitten, Lunch Lady, Spectra, Sidney, Walker and Ember. They all look rather bored.
Walker It’s a rule.
Cut to Danny.
Danny Well, the Ghostwriter broke it!
Cut to the same crowd. Lunch Lady is looking at Walker; Walker is looking at Lunch Lady. Spectra is looking at Kitten, Kitten at Spectra. Sidney with his blue present and Ember with her poultry are looking at each other in bafflement. In short, they all exchange glances. Then they all blink and look forward. Ember holds her free arm akimbo and arches her eyebrows.
Ember That is really uncool!
Cut to Danny walking past Christmas trees and red blinded windows, stopping in front of The Box Ghost, Johnny and Skulker. He lifts his arms in a shrug.
Danny I’m trapped in his story! (shirts his arms behind him) The guy’s off his nut!
Skulker He ought to know better.
Cut to The Box Ghost.
Box Ghost (pounding a fist) Let’s go kick his butt!
Cut to Danny, smiling. Zoom out to reveal the image on Ghostwriter’s screen; both his hands are curled on his keyboard keys. Cut to Ghostwriter sitting in his circular keyboard with four visible screens.
Ghost Writer Uh oh. The ghosts changed their--
Cut to the doorway of Ghostwriter’s library. It pounds open and crumbles into wood debris with a plume of green smoke coming from it. Danny Phantom runs inside, followed by Skulker stopping on the right, The Box Ghost floating in on the left, and Ember, Johnny, Youngblood up top, Walker and Lunch Lady from left to right, front to back. Cut to Ghostwriter, taken off guard.
Ghost Writer *Crud*!
Zoom out, he looks down to his keyboard and types rapidly.
Ghost Writer I have *got* to type faster!
Cut to Danny, Skulker on the right, Ember on the left, and Walker directly behind Danny.
Danny It’s over, (holds up a hand to point a finger) you hack!
Close up on Ghostwriter and his typing fingers near his chin.
Ghost Writer I don’t think so, (eyes look up and smiles evilly) young master.
-Cut to the Ghostwriter’s red monitor on a dark shiny screen, as Ghostwriter talks, the text comes up in green on the screen after an ellipsis “…”
Ghost Writer The truce they enjoyed--
Cut to the angry ghosts in the doorway, with Danny in front, Ember and Johnny on the left, Skulker on the right, Youngblood, Walker and Lunch Lady floating on the top back.
Ghost Writer --it was fun while it lasted.
Everyone gets shocked and taken aback as they are overcome by a pinkish aura. Cut to a worried Ember and Box Ghost floating behind her, they both grin evilly and lift fists. Cut to a scared Danny, his eyes looking behind him as The Box Ghost’s and Ember’s fists with a pink aura land on him from the left, knocking him off-screen and yelling in pain. Cut to a bookshelf. Danny lands on it with heavy impact, back to the shelf, knees bent, hands out at the sides of his head, pink smoke coming from the place of impact. He grunts in pain and lands on his butt on the floor, lifting both his arms out and zapping a powerful green ectoblast within the pink aura. Cut to an aggressive Ember and Box Ghost in the pink aura, Danny’s green blast knock The Box Ghost away and he yells, Ember turns her head to see him. Cut to Johnny in the pink aura crouching over his hands in front, his shadow a puddle on the floor. Zoom out as Johnny raises his arms and his bad luck Shadow follows, a frightened Youngblood gets grabbed by the Shadow in both hands and is tackled off-screen, Youngblood screams.
Ghost Writer Then Youngblood got pummeled,--
Cut to Skulker crouching behind Ember, both within the pink aura. Skulker raises his arm as Ember turns her head to face him-
Ghost Writer --then Ember got blasted!
As he says this, a pink-purple laser gets fired from Skulker’s battle suit’s arm. Ember is forced off-screen. Cut to Technus 2.0 in his ghostly form holding an electro staff while in a pink aura, pan left and zoom out to show the ball on the end with the four nodes firing pink lightning. Cut to Walker glowing with a pink aura, he gets pushed back by the pink lightning.
Ghost Writer They battled each other with--
And cut to Danny in a pink aura, a pink aura covered Spectra jumps in from the left and Bertrand jumps in from the right, both tackling Danny.
Ghost Writer --all weapons handy.
Cut to a small counter with a picture of a white-haired Ghostwriter with a plae green tie holding a fruit. There is also a vase and an ashtray.
Ghost Writer A framed 8” by 10” of my--
The Box Ghost’s pink-aura covered hands both grasp it.
Ghost Writer --half-brother, Randy?
The Box Ghost takes it offscreen. Cut to the Lunch Lady overturning a grandfather clock, squashing Bertrand.
Ghost Writer A clock,--
Cut to The Box Ghost looking over his shoulder, Johnny comes in from his blind spot and cracks a candlestick over his head, The Box Ghost wincing in pain.
Ghost Writer --and a candlestick,--
Cut to the Ghostwriter gleefully typing on his keyboard.
Ghost Writer --those I won’t miss. (looks behind himself in pondering) I wonder what else?
-Cut to Danny retreating into the frame, being pushed arm-to-arm by Walker. An orange is brightly differentiated from the rest of the fruit in the bowl.
Danny I know! (puts down Walker’s arm and grabs the orange) How ‘bout *this*!
Danny stands up straight to smash the orange into Walker’s face, citric acid splashing everywhere, Walker raising his arms now being blinded by the pain. Cut to Ghostwriter, smiling. Zoom out as he hunches over the keyboard and types rapidly.

Cut to Ghostwriter’s back screen. The lines he just spoke are shown in green text. As he speaks, new lines appear on the third line.

Ghost Writer He threw it at Walker who....
Cut to Ghostwriter at the keyboard. He closes his eyes in annoyance.
Ghost Writer Oh, *CRUD*!
Close up on Ghostwriter, eyes open
Ghost Writer Nothing rhymes with orange!
Cut to Skulker holding The Box Ghost off the floor in one hand, about to punch him with the other. As the pink aura fades, their eyes pop with realization that they are free. Cut to Poindexter, in pain, and being sat on by someone. Zoom out to reveal Lunch Lady is sitting on his back, arms crossed and smiling. The pink aura fades away, and their eyes pop as well. Cut to Walker, pulling something up. He holds up Danny by his shirt with two hands, the pink aura fades away and their eyes are now wide open. Danny looks up and smiles. Walker lets go of him and steps back as Danny falls to the floor. Cut to Ghostwriter at his keyboard, shocked. Zoom in on his face. Cut to Danny in a turquoise action background. He pulls his fist back and his palm in front, then thrusts his fist forward and balls his palm into a fist. Cut to a solid green onomatopoeia screen. On it is the word POW! In purple action letters rimmed in white. It pops closer on the screen and the screen flashes black a little. Freeze frame. Cut to Ghostwriter bracing himself for pain on a blue freeze frame. Zoom out and turn to reveal Danny at side view landing a punch on him. Cut to Danny with his arms out on a purple-pink freeze frame. Zoom out and rotate to reveal him landing a foot on Ghostwriter’s face, Ghostwriter looks jostled. Cut to Ghostwriter’s pained face in a light green freeze frame. Zoom out and rotate to reveal him being bent over backwards with his hands flailing in the air as Danny swoops a punch on his chest, illustrated by a pink action guideline and impact point. Cut to two of Walker’s guard ghosts holding green riot sticks. Ghostwriter lands on the floor on his back, his chest supported by his elbows. Cut to Ghostwriter in the foreground, looking up. Danny flies onscreen with two hands up on either side blazing with green energy, his body a ghostly tail.
Danny Roses are red, Violets are blue.
Cut to Danny looking down upon Ghostwriter, the two guards with the sticks are in the background. Danny turns suddenly with both arms in front, sending out beams.
Danny Once these fry--
Cut to Ghostwriter’s circular keyboard with the seven screens, one segment is missing a screen. Danny’s two beams hit it on the two keyboards in the back.
Danny --I’m guessing this lame poem is…--
The keyboard shatters to bits, parts fly off and a pillar of smoke smolders from it. Cut to Danny, satisfied with two arms blazing green in front of him. They stop glowing as he scrunches them back, a confused expression on his face.
Danny --through?
Danny grabs his head.
Danny *Nooooooo*!
Cut to Walker’s two guards. They lift Ghostwriter from the floor with his hands behind his back.
Ghost Writer Danny screamed.
Zoom out to reveal a panicking Danny with his hands still on his head.-
Danny I’m still talking (puts down his hands and looks at them) in rhyme!
Cut to Ghostwriter, his gray scarf is blowing in the wind.
Ghost Writer I would have forewarned you if given the time.
Ghostwriter’s sweater and coat fill the screen as he stands up) Cut to Ghostwriter being restrained by the two guards, bits and pieces of the glass keyboard are strewn on the floor.
Ghost Writer There are two ways to finish this poem--
Skulker walks in from the right, Walker comes in from the left. They both grab Ghostwriter’s comparably tiny arms.
Ghost Writer --just two.
Close up on Ghostwriter.
Ghost Writer I’d tap out the end-- (eyes look to the right)
Cut to a shot of Ghostwriter with Skulker and Walker holding his arms, Ghostwriter’s scarf is still blowing, keyboard debris is on the floor, one piece smoldering, and Danny is standing in the background.
Ghost Writer --But I can’t, thanks to you!
Walker and Skulker walk Ghostwriter off to the left.
Ghost Writer So now you’ll guide this story--
Danny slumps over, dejected, then he falls on his knees and hands, sullen.

Cut to Danny. Smoke billows next to him; he picks up a piece of the keyboard and looks at it sadly.

Ghost Writer Think you can do it all mopey and listless?
Cut to the Ghost Zone, Ghostwriter is standing with his hands behind his back in the Ghost Zone Police Department van; both guards are keeping a close watch on him.
Ghost Writer You think this ends here?
Ghostwriter sits down on the bench in the van, his legs rise up and aren’t on the floor. Cut to Ghostwriter in the van.
Ghost Writer You’re about to get burned! (turns to the right) This story’s not done till the lesson is learned!
Ghostwriter turns to the left, chin up and with his eyes closed, laughing maniacally, moving his shoulders up and down. The van doors close on him, showing him through the window with iron bars. Pan left as the van drives away and upwards through the infinite realms of the Ghost Zone. Cut to Danny kneeling on the floor, one hand on the ground and the other holding the keyboard fragment. Kitten is standing on the left, Johnny and The Box Ghost on the right, all of them look sad at Danny’s plight. Ember walks in from the left and Sidney from the right, too. Danny starts to get up, he has work to do. Cut to Kitten, Johnny and The Box Ghost, scrawny Danny stands up straight. He lifts his arms and takes flight; the others watch him and wait. Cut to a full shot of the Ghostwriter’s library. Danny flies out slowly, a ghostly tail cascading behind him. Fade to Earth. The night sky is pretty, with stars and a full/crescent moon visible. Over the skyline of Amity Park, there is snow on all the trees and rooftops. Pan down to a brightly lit street with Christmas lights on all the houses. Danny Fenton is walking through the street without a jacket, freezing. When he walks past, more lights fizzle out.
Danny (VA) With the keyboard all busted, the curse takes its toll.
Cut to a stoop of a house. There’s a wreath hanging on the door, and lights rim the doorway. Danny walks up with his hands down and somewhat apathetically.
Danny The story continues,--
As he thinks this, the lights on the door all fizzle out. Danny’s arms jump as his head thrums down. He looks at the blackout-ed door. He then walks away somewhat frustrated with his loose fists at his sides.
Danny --but I’ve no control.
Cut to an aerial shot of the sidewalk. Danny is barely seen from top view, as his silhouetted form passes by a house, each rim of lights on the door and windows fizzles out. Cut to inside a house, looking at a frosted window. Danny puts his fingers on the pane and peeks inside. Cut to outside the frosted window, Danny’s hand is curled on the pane. Inside is a miserable Tucker sitting at a table in a dark room alone, all the other chairs are empty, his head resting on his crossed arms. In front of him is an empty plate with a fork on it, a glass of water, a green gravy bucket, and a leg of some poultry with parsley sprigs and some bones next to it. Cut to Danny peeking through the window. He dejectedly creeps off. Pan out to reveal Tucker staring at his empty plate, his head resting on his crossed arms. His eyes then pop open. He turns to look out the window. Cut to the window, Danny is seen walking away looking down on the ground with his hands in his pockets. Tucker runs to the window to watch Danny walking away, his fingers are on the pane. Cut to Tucker. He looks down to fiddle through an off-screen pocket and pulls out his cell phone, using his thumb to dial. Cut to the phone. Tucker’s thumb is on the buttons. A picture of Sam sitting on a park bench and holding a red compact in one hand, lifting a finger “wait a second!” with the other. Text on the bottom reads “Dialing SAM”, and bards appear as if it’s loading. Cut to a pile of broken toys and boxes of all sorts, on the top is Bearbert with an eye out and stuffing showing. At least he’s not decapitated anymore. Fade the toys in the foreground out, focus on Danny looking upon them far away, his hand in his pocket. There’s also a barren tree skeleton standing near him. Danny turns right and walks off. Cut to a far aerial shot of the vast expanse of the street. Fallen bare Christmas trees are buried in the snow. Danny walks in front of a rock in the street and stops. Cut to Danny standing with his head off-screen. He sits down on the rock with his elbows on his knees. His right arm hangs over as his left arm holds his face. Cut to Danny’s point of view of the street. Bare trees are seen standing at various lengths away, the closest one in the right edge has two orange glass ornaments still hanging on it, blowing in the breeze. The second-closest tree falls over and crumbles. Cut to Danny with his face hanging, his hand holding his temple near his eye. He closes his eyes and looks down in shame. Tucker walks in full snow attire from behind him. Zoom out to show Tucker hanging an arm around Danny and putting a leg on the rock, Danny looking up to see him, and Sam is standing behind Danny in her black coat holding Danny’s red jacket in two hands, Tucker puts down his leg as Sam wraps the coat around her friend, Danny takes one arm and grabs the collar.
Tucker Dude,--
Cut to Danny in the jacket, his arms aren’t in the sleeves. Tucker sits down next to him with his arms crossed.
Tucker --like, it’s Christmas. So why are you here?
Sam walks in front of Danny and sits down next to him. Danny turns to her.
Sam Outside, with no friends or family near?
Danny looks forward.
Danny It’s my fault. (throws out his arm and drops his face into his hand in shame) All my fault--
Cut to the pile of presents, the trio is sitting on a rock very far away.
Danny --what happened tonight.
Two broken presents at the foot of the pile begin to glow and start to levitate offscreen.
Danny I spoke out in anger and acted in spite.
A busted box from the back of the pile floats up. Cut to Danny with his arms not in the coat, his face in his hand. Sam is on the left and Tucker on the right.
Danny I started this all when I picked--
Tucker and Sam look at him.
Danny --that first fight.
Tucker and Sam look forward, Danny lets his hand out from under his face.
Danny But I’d give all I have (looks up sadly) to set everything right.
Danny looks forward, his eyes pop. Cut to three scrunched-up presents floating in mid-air, a green box, a blue box, and a round red box. They turn around really fast with green action-lines, and with some pink spikes they are all repaired and tied up nice. Pan right to five other packages turning around the same way. They turn out undamaged, boxes of light blue, green, dark blue, pink and a round yellow one. Cut to Sam, Danny and Tucker looking up in disbelief and wonder, Danny is pulling his coat on with his left arm on his right shoulder. Sam turns left and Tucker turns right in awe as five good-as-new packages levitate from behind them. Cut to an aerial shot of the street. Sam is now standing up. Three fixes presents float up in the foreground. Danny and Tucker stand up, too.
Sam The gifts?
The three gifts float off to the right. Three more pass by in the same direction.
Sam They’re not damaged?
One box drifts so close to the camera the screen turns black. Cut to the night sky. Many gifts go off in a stream away from the camera. Pan down to show Danny, Tucker and Sam from behind as the gifts go up vertically in two streams.
Tucker They’re flying through the air!
Cut to a rooftop. Shapes of shadows pass over the house. Pan out to reveal a stream of gifts flying over the house. Pan up to show the stream flying over the whole town.
Danny (offscreen) Back where they came from?
Cut to Danny, Tucker and Sam seen from the back, looking at the marvel of gifts flying in streams to two different parts of town.
Danny But who would--?
The Box Ghost’s lower half falls in from the top.
Box Ghost Beware!
Cut to Danny from behind. His ghost sense goes off. He turns halfway and transforms into Danny Phantom. One of his hands has a green sphere of energy. Danny growls as he turns around and thrusts his hand out, the energy sparkling, only to lower his hand in surprise as the energy fizzles off. Cut to The Box Ghost with his hands out at his sides. He’s wearing a red Santa hat. Standing behind him is Desiree.
Box Ghost The Box Ghost shall conquer this--
Zoom out to show everyone, from left to right, Kitten, Johnny’s shadow behind Johnny, Youngblood in front of Johnny, Desiree behind The Box Ghost, Technus next to Desiree, Spectra in black form in front of Technus, Sidney in front of Spectra, Lunch Lady behind Sidney, Bertrand in front of Lunch Lady, Skulker behind her. All are wearing red Santa hats.
Box Ghost --holiday doom!
The Box Ghost lowers his arms, Lunch Lady raises one of her yellow-gloved ones.
Lunch Lady We just couldn’t leave you--
Cut to Lunch Lady with both hands up near her shoulders, palms flat.
Lunch Lady --to suffer in (puts her hands together) gloom!
She puts her hand down. Skulker holds up a hand with a weapon on top of it from off-screen, filling the shot. Pan right to reveal him.
Skulker Tomorrow you’ll see what (puts the gun back in his suit) this baby can do!
Skulker puts down his arm and smiles.
Skulker But all ghosts share the truce,--
Cut to Danny in a front shot.
Skulker (offscreen) --even half-ghosts,--
Danny smiles.
Skulker --like you.
Cut to an empty shot with two Santa hats seen, a pink glowing hand rises into the shot. It sweeps over panning right, showing that The Box Ghost and Kitty are in the background. Pan down to show Desiree holding both her glowing pink hands in front of her, smiling. Two purple beams of magical energy come out from her hands. Cut to a fallen tree skeleton in a snow bank. A small beam of energy infuses into the tree. It levitates off the ground up straight as two wooden boards cross each other and hold it up; it lands on the ground safely. With a few balls of pink-purple light passing over the tree in both directions, it becomes fully covered in green needles and decked with ornaments again, sparkling. Another beam of purple energy goes over to the right, panning right as many more trees become pretty again as it passes, presents still coming around in lines. Panning stops when the purple beam of magic passes by seven repaired trees, all sparkling. Spectra in the black form comes in and takes the leftmost tree, flying away with it. Skulker falls in, crouches down and picks up the right and front-most tree, he flies off with it. Youngblood and Sidney come in and take the next most front tree, flying off with it. Lunch Lady comes in and takes the one left alone on the left. Kitten and Bertrand fly in simultaneously, Kitten takes the tree in the front, Bertrand the tree on the right. They fly off with them. The last tree is taken by the Model Spectra, who flies in and flies off with that tree. Cut to a pile of toys, containing a rabbit, a red jet, a Gameboy, a basketball, a baseball, a Transformer, a bus, a Barbie doll, a green construction vehicle, and a red, opened box. They all float off to the right by themselves, followed by a Creature of the Lagoon action figure, a football, army men, and a gray jet plane. More are a Rubik’s cube, another baseball, a UFO, a shiny silver action figure with a sword, colorful letter blocks, and a black thing that envelops the whole screen. Cut to a blue dreidel spinning fast, glowing with a thick green aura. Sam’s palm lifts up for the dreidel to land on, it spins and lands on Gimel. A Nun is visible on the side. Cut to Sam looking down happily at the blue dreidel in her hand. Danny walks in from the left. Sam looks up. Danny lifts his arms and takes flight. Sam turns with wonder and covers the dreidel with her free hand, Tucker walks in from the left. They both smile, then they turn to look at each other. Sam turns and runs off to the right, Tucker follows her. Cut to one last tree with two streams of gifts lifting up beside it, and some left-behind gifts are seen in a snow bank. Danny swoops in and take it from the top, Sam and Tucker run after him and take it from the sides, Danny lifts them all in the air. Cut to the sky, five streams of presents at varying distances are flying to the left. The Box Ghost is seen carrying a tree, flying left as well. Continue panning left to show one stream of presents falling into a chimney as others just pass by. Cut to a house. There are greens stockings on the chimney and a red chair visible. Skulker phases through the wall and places a tree in that corner, then phases away through the wall again. Zoom out and rotate. Tucker’s parents, Angela and Maurice, walk up to the tree. They turn around suddenly as a rustling is heard, looking down as a rather large supply of packages fall from the fireplace. Cut to a rather mad looking Lancer sitting in a red chair with a railroad mark down his cheek. Cut to a farther shot of him to show his arms crossed and under a brown lamp. A sizeable amount of packages fall out the fireplace, with one stocking hung on it. Lancer’s eyes pop. He turns in his chair to look. Cut to a blue package with a tag on it among the others. Lancer’s arm lifts the tag to read it. Cut to the tag. It is green and red with a horn with a red bow on it blowing, it reads “To: Mr. Lancer From: Mr. Lancer.” Cut to Mr. Lancer. He is smiling. He turns his head in surprise. Cut to Mr. Lancer looking at a set of model train tracks on the floor. A model train choo choos and emits puffs of smoke as it travels along the tracks next to Lancer’s red chair, newspaper rack and generic tree. Lancer smiles. Cut to Lancer kneeling next to the fireplace by his pile of gifts. The train fills the screen as it passes by in the foreground. When it’s gone, Lancer looks to the left with a tooth-filled grin. Cut to a gray door. A blonde-haired boy in a red Santa Hat opens the door from the inside. He puts down his arm and opens his mouth, smiling. Cut to inside the boy’s house. He steps back and looks up as Danny, Sam and Tucker bring in the tree tip-first through the door. The boy turns his head as they pass. The boy bounces and claps his hands a couple times, then runs to the left where the teens are. Cut to the top of the tree. Danny flies up and raises the boy in his two arms, the boy is holding a five-pointed golden star. Danny floats up straight, the boy puts the star in place. When the boy lets go, the star twinkles. Cut to Danny holding the boy at the top of the tree in front of the three-sided window. Tucker and Sam are looking at the holiday cheer. Danny floats in place down a little. Cut to Danny holding the boy. The boy’s arms are both held up high. He puts them down and looks happily at Danny. Cut to a stream of gifts floating about an electrical wire. Pan down to show Technus 2.0 next to a junction box on the pole, he charges up a hand full of green lightning and applies it to the junction box. He then turns his head with a tooth-filled smile. Cut to Technus leaning on the pole from behind. Houses in front of him all illuminate from left to right with colored Christmas lights. Pan right to show down the street the whole place is lighting up. Cut to Danny, Tucker and Sam walking toward the camera on a fully-lit street, there’s a wreath hanging behind them. They stop to admire the work they all did. Snowflakes fall in front of them. Cut to an aerial shot of Danny, Tucker and Sam. Zoom out to show they are alone in the empty street, snowflakes fall in front of the screen. Fade back to FentonWorks, the green Ghost Shield is still up. Pan down to show everyone running toward it, Sam, Danny and Tucker followed by Model Spectra, Technus, Skulker, The Box Ghost, Desiree, and Johnny. They all stop in front of the house. Cut to the street. Sam walks onscreen from the left, shrugging.
Sam I just saw it happen,--
Sam turns to the left and puts her hands down. Tucker walks in.
Sam --but still can’t believe--
Sam raises her arms and shrugs again, smiling. Danny walks up.
Sam --your enemies helped you repair Christmas Eve!
Pan out to reveal all the ghosts, Danny turns around. The crowd from right-to-left is Lunch Lady, Skulker, Bertrand, Kitten, Johnny’s shadow, Sidney, Black Spectra, Technus, The Box Ghost, and Johnny. Lunch Lady is holding a green paper bag in her hand and a red sack behind her.
Lunch Lady It’s all back to normal--
Danny takes the green paper bag, Lunch Lady stands up straight.
Lunch Lady --but your house, my dear.
Skulker Your ghost shield--
Skulker removes his hat to put on Danny and drops the bag into Danny’s hand.
Skulker --prevents us. (puts down his arm)
Cut to Danny, he slings the sack over his shoulder and holds with both hands, the green paper bag is gone.
Danny I’ll take it from here.
Danny transforms back into Danny Fenton without a coat. He looks up with a smile. Cut to a green book. On the yellow label reads So My Brother Ruined Christmas in red letters. Zoom out to reveal Jasmine sadly reading it on the sofa. Pan left. Jack is sitting on the other side of the sofa with his face in his hand and the other arm on his knee, bored. Maddie is in front of the fireplace holding a weapon on the coffee table and soldering. Jack puts down his hand and both Jack and Maddie look up. Cut to the door. Two green banners on either side read “Merry” and “Xmas”. The door opens by itself, revealing a silhouetted figure in front of the ghost shield. Cut to another shot. Maddie pops up.
Maddie Ghost!
Zoom out to reveal her picking up the gun and blazing it. Jack comes in from the side and pushes his wife’s weapon away, blocking her.
Jack No, it’s Santa!
Jack claps twice. Cut to the silhouette in the doorway. Two beams of light illuminate it; it’s Danny with his Santa hat and red sack.
Danny (VA) They’re both sort-of right.
Cut to Maddie, Jack and Jasmine standing in the living room.
Danny (offscreen) I know I’ve been kinda--
Danny walks in with the red sack.
Danny --jerk this whole night. (puts down the bag and fiddles through it) So I snuck out--
Danny takes out a lavender bowl and holds it up, Jack smiling with his hands ready to take it.
Danny --and found this!
Cut to Jack. He reaches to the right, takes the bowl, removes the lid and starts pouring the tan slurry in his mouth.
Danny It’s all of your favorites.
Cut to Danny, he goes through the sack.
Danny And here Mom.
Danny pulls out a yellow gift and presents it to the camera.
Danny For you.
Cut to Maddie. She lifts her hands with the yellow gift, her hand on the red ribbon. Cut to Jack, holding the bowl and chewing.
Jack M, m, m, m, m, avrits!
Cut to the room. Maddie is holding a new blue jumpsuit like her own, Jack is holding the bowl of tan slurry with both hands, and Jasmine is looking at them with a smile. Danny approaches her. She turns to Danny.
Danny And, Jazz?
Danny takes out Bearbert Einstein all repaired. Jasmine goes ecstatic.
Jazz Hey! (takes the bear) It’s Bearbert!
Danny puts down his arms, Jasmine hugs the bear to her face.
Jazz He’s safe and he’s sound!
Jasmine relaxes her arms and turns to Danny.
Jazz Gee, thanks little brother.
Close up on Jasmine.
Jazz I knew you’d come ‘round.
Cut to the fireplace. Jack and Maddie walk in from the left, Jack’s arm around his wife.
Maddie Aw, Danny. You’re smiling.
Maddie and Jack look at each other.
Maddie That matters the most.
Jack leans on Maddie, Maddie snuggles Jack’s arm.
Maddie We’re all here together, not fighting some--
Jack’s head looks up and alarmed.
Jack (raising his arm and pointing) --GHOST!
Maddie looks up with alarm and gasps. Cut to the window, not with sections like before. Outside the shield is a red sleigh piled high with ghosts, led by green ghostly reindeer. The Box Ghost flies into the spot for the rein rider, the Fentons all come to look out the window. Cut to the sleigh full of ghosts behind the shield. In the back Are Bertrand looking back, Poindexter looking down, Skulker and Technus looking forward, Kitten with both arms supporting her chin looking out, Model Spectra looking forward, Youngblood looking down. The Box Ghost whips the reins and turns to the Fentons, waving as the reindeer cart off the sleigh. Cut to outside FentonWorks, the shield is still up. The green reindeer take flight with everyone in tow, but only The Box Ghost, Youngblood, Spectra, Skulker, Johnny and Bertrand are visible. Jack opens the door to the house and comes out with a bazooka charging, running into the street. When he escapes the shield, he fired a green beam of anti-ghost energy. Cut to the back of the sleigh. It’s red, but there’s a green skull on the back. Bertrand, Johnny, Skulker, Technus, and the Black Spectra are seen from the back, as it flies away the green beam from the bazooka narrowly misses them. Another shot is fired and Jack runs into the shot, seen from behind, and firing four more times. Maddie runs in and grabs Jack’s bazooka.
Maddie (gasps) Jack! No! (lowers the bazooka) Put the gun down! That’s Santa you’re shooting!
Jack looks at her, lowering the bazooka.
Jack Are you mad?
Jack tucks the bazooka under his armpit and raises a hand to the sleigh that got away.
Jack That’s the ghost who all evening was looting (puts a hand on Maddie’s shoulder) our Christmas from us!
Maddie clenches fists.
Maddie Then it wasn’t the Ghost Boy?
Jack stands up straight and smiles as Maddie produces a gun of her own and cocks it.
Maddie Let’s tear *him* apart!
Jack raises a fist in agreement.
Jack Now you’re talking!
Jack and Maddie turn and run off.
Jack You’re toast, boy!
Pan right to Danny, in a coat, looking at his parents
Danny (VA) And that’s when I thought
Danny turns toward the camera.
Danny (VA) Maybe this is the moral:
Cut to a street. Jack and Maddie run down in toward a running sleigh in the distance, snowflakes fall in front of the screen.
Danny (offscreen) In the same way my folks love their old Christmas quarrel,--
Cut to the sleigh full of ghosts being pulled by the ghostly reindeer, The Box Ghost at the reins, the Model Spectra standing and the black Spectra below her, Technus and Shadow in the back, Desiree in the front, Johnny and Kitten with each other, Skulker in the back, Youngblood looking over the back and waving. The blonde boy Danny helped is also there. Snowflakes fall in front of the screen.
Danny (offscreen) --everyone celebrates in the way of their choosing.
Cut to Danny, standing blankly next to his red sack in front of the shielded house. Snowflakes fall.
Danny (VA) I was so busy whining--
Sam runs past, followed by Jasmine, looking back. Tucker runs after them, throws a snowball from one hand to the other and is about to toss it when he braces himself for the impact of someone else’s snowball.
Danny --I started abusing the ones I love most and I ruined their cheer.
Cut to Danny.
Danny (VA) I’ll try to be better,--
Fade to Danny in the same position, smiling. He is in front of a house and not the shield.
Danny --come Christmas next year.
Zoom out and rotate to the book. Danny is just a circular picture rimmed with red and white and green mistletoe with red berries. The text on the bottoms reads “I’ll try to be better come Christmas next year.” with the I in a red box. There is another circular photo on the next page. Pan over to it. The page displays Danny standing between Tucker and Sam, holding his arms around them. Sam is holding her arms around Danny and Jasmine, Jasmine in holding Sam. The text below reads “The End”.
Sam Uh, nice sentiment, but what are you, a greeting card?
Tucker Yeah. Why’re you talking in rhyme?
Jazz Such a dork.
Danny We’re not talking in rhyme?
Everyone backs away from Danny as he raises his arms high in joy.
Danny (gleefully) *WE’RE NOT TALKING IN RHYME*!
The book closes. The cover reads “The Fright Before Christmas 2”, and Ghostwriter’s hand is on it. Cut to Ghostwriter sitting in his cell, with the book in his lap. He looks to the left. Cut to a full shot of Ghostwriter’s cell. He is sharing it with some sort of horned green monster. The monster snorts out puffs of smoke. It turns to Ghostwriter and inches closer to him on the bench, Ghostwriter turns the other way. Cut to the bench. Ghostwriter strafes backwards but stops at the bars, where Walker is reaching in with an orange. Ghostwriter falls back in fear, clutching the book.
Walker Orange?
Ghostwriter crawls into a fetal position and screams.
Ghost Writer Get that thing away from me!
-End Title Card Screen-
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