Fade into a shot, there is a white sign that reads in red letters “Wisconsin 60 miles”. By the road there is a wooden fence. A red barn is seen. Quickly pan right to show Vlad’s Wisconsin castle. Zoom in toward the front door.
Fade to the Door. There are plants on either side growing, and unlit torch holders on either side. The door on the right is open with a small crack. Zoom in.
Fade in to the foyer of Vlad’s castle. The walls are decked in green and the furniture is decked in gold. On the left is a picture of a Packers player with the number 66 standing over a doorway. There’s a green and gold rug on the floor. There are two curved gold stairways to the upstairs, and a wooden green door with gold door frame between them. Upstairs shows a portrait of the late Wisconsin dairy king. Zoom in.
Fade in to a dark, magenta place. A needlessly complex machine is seen hanging from the ceiling. Pan down to show Vlad’s lab, it’s a purple-pinkish color. Counters with vials and flasks and control panels are arranged in a segmented circle. His portal is seen green, swirly and open, shaped in a pentagonal shape. Unlit red lights are on either side of the portal. Zoom in on the portal.
Fade to a straight shot of the portal. Rotate and zoom in.
Vlad [Off-screen.] Ah, there you are.
Fade to a glass rectangle prism case floating in the Ghost Zone . It is glowing with a heavy green aura. The glass is magenta. Inside is a green skeleton key with a skull on the top. It is resting on a purple tasseled pillow on top of a white pedestal.
VLAD The legendary Skeleton Key.
Cut to the Skeleton Key. It sparkles once.
Cut to Vlad Plasmius, his arms crossed. A portal is seen behind him.
VLAD With it, I can open any door,-- [Close up on Vlad. Purple doors drift past him.]

--travel to any realm, free any prisoner.

Cut to the Ghost Zone. The tiny box containing the Skeleton Key is floating off in the top-right corner, leaving a lot of empty space.Vlad float-strafes into the bottom left corner and seen from the back. A ball of purple light and several rings of purple coming out appear between him and the box. The light morphs into the shape of a large monster. The monster then comes into full color, it’s red with a gray chest, has four arms with claws and black, white-gem-studded bands. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth. Its upper two arms are out in a flexing position and the bottom pair is raised just over its chest. It has no legs, only a cascading tail in the back. It roars, and then looks down at Vlad with all four fists clenched.
Cut to Vlad from above, arms crossed.
VLAD And if you’re the only thing standing between me and that…
Cut to Vlad from behind, looking upon the face of the Behemoth that fills the screen. It claps two of its hands together, squishing Vlad.
Cut to the Behemoth. The upper two arms are together, the lower pair is out at its sides in fists. The Skeleton Key’s box is floating behind it. It looks at its hands and smiles triumphantly, only to change to a look of confusion as it relaxes its lower arms and opens his upper ones.
Cut to the Behemoth’s hands. They are empty, and only have four fingers. Pan left to an empty part of the Ghost Zone. Vlad fades back into the visible spectrum, arms crossed.
Close up on Vlad. He raises the left eyebrow and lowers the right one.
Cut to the angry Behemoth. It bends down and then the screen zooms out, the monster leans forward, opens its mouth wide, and a large purple beam comes out.
Cut to Vlad. He bends down with one fist clenched and the other arm out downward, and he charges a small bolt of pink lightning, which fizzles. He sweeps up, leaving a curved rectangular pink shield in front of him, turning his body away and crossing his arms. Zoom out. The wide purple beam hits the shield, and bursts into purple and blue flames on it. Around it the beam continues. The beam then stops blazing, and Vlad’s shield shrinks and goes away with a pop.
Cut to the Behemoth, the lower arms are up with angry “I can’t believe that didn’t work!” fists, and the upper pair has its claws brandished. It reaches out off-screen with the upper pair, bringing Vlad over to it. It looks down at Vlad trapped in the cylinder the monster’s hands make, only Vlad’s head and shoulders are visible.
Vlad laughs with evil amusement.
Cut to Vlad in the monster’s hands.
VLAD This is going to be a snap!
Vlad’s shape turns all white. It lifts up in a flame that swirls in a circle and vanishes with a pop.
Cut to the monster looking in defeated disbelief at his hands in the cylinder shape. He opens them up on either side, looking down at them in close observation, rolling his red pupils on his black eyes on the right, then the left.
Cut to a section of the monster’s lower body, one arm is relaxed and visible. A flash of white light appears and takes Vlad’s shape; Vlad’s color comes back into the visible spectrum. He bends down and charges his left hand with pink energy, turning sharply and uppercutting the monster. The monster roars as it is thrust upwards by the force of the punch.
Cut to the monster with all its arms out and down. It keeps going upwards and off-screen.
Cut to Vlad, with one fist behind him and the other bent in front of him. He bends down a little as pink sparkles appear around him. Pan right. A black ring grows bigger and separates to two vertically, revealing a second identical Vlad with sparkles. Pan right more as two rings sprout again the same way and reveal a third identical Vlad. Pan right more and the same action occurs a fourth time.
Cut to the Ghost Zone. The Behemoth is being knocked back and growling. It puts down its ghostly tail, clenches all four fists, and roars.
Cut to a part of the Ghost Zone littered with doors. One Vlad comes up from afar with a pink, glowing whip. A second Vlad comes up closer; it just has its chest hunched down. A third Vlad comes up from the left higher and between the lengths of the first two, its fists are up. It blazes the fist in front of him with pink and lowers the fist behind him. A fourth Vlad is only seen in the foreground by its chest up.
The four Vlads spring into action. The first Vlad swirls its lasso and throws it off-screen. The second Vlad shoots off eye beams. The third Vlad shoots off a hand beam, and the fourth Vlad also uses eye beams.
Cut to the Behemoth with a narrow, serious stare. All its fists are down and clenched. A single pink blast hits him on the forehead, he turns to the right with the upper right hand covering his face, and the other arms have their fists released. Another blast hits it on the stomach; all its arms are thrust in front of it as its stomach is knocked back. Then, several loops of a ghostly pink lasso restrain it and all its arms. It thrusts back and cries out in pain.
Cut to Vlad. He blinks and looks down.
Cut to the box holding the key, it’s in the lower right corner. Zoom in on it.
Cut to three of the Vlads. The one on the top is using both hands for a pink plasma ray. The second Vlad is using eye beams. The bottom Vlad is holding the pink ecto-energy rope. The third Vlad pulls back the subdued Behemoth as it silently cries out in pain, the top part of it pulsing with pink energy but the tail part is okay.
Cut to a smiling Vlad not doing anything. He lifts his legs up and flies downward off-screen.
Cut to a green speed background. Vlad flies downwards with open palms in front of him. His cape blows in the wind.
Cut to the key on the pillow. Rotate and zoom in. The key sparkles once.
Cut to the Behemoth with arms tied by the pink lasso. Zoom out as it tears the rope apart, all four arms out, roaring. It bends down and turns to the right, turning downward to flip up its ghostly tail. Pan right to the tail.
Cut to Vlad smiling with evil glee as he flies swiftly downward against a green speed background. Zoom in on his face.
Cut to the box holding the key. Zoom in on it slowly as the Behemoth’s tail whips in from the left and hits dead-on.
Cut to a surging turquoise action background.
Cut back to the pentagonal Plasmius portal. Thin beams of light shoot out. Vlad shoots out with its limb behind him.
Cut to a lab table. Vlad lands on his hands and chest and slides across it with his tiny legs in the air, arms in front. Beakers fall off the table. Vlad grunts in pain.
Cut to a wall of the lab with a counter nearby. Vlad lands on his behind with his hands in the air. With some green smoke coming from below him, he lands his legs on the floor and his fists as well.
Cut to the swirly green portal, it’s octagonal like the Fenton Portal now. Three other Vlads shoot out, all facing each other in a triangle like way, all of them shout in pain.
Cut to the Vlad on the floor. Debris, puddles, and papers litter the floor, a torn pipe is seen. The three other Vlads fly into the sitting Vlad’s chest area, a flash of light coming out of his chest and soon enveloping the corner in pink light. Vlad brings down his hands and relaxes.
Cut to the pentagonal Plasmius Portal with two red lights on either side. The Behemoth’s head pops through the tiny portal, as if trying to squeeze through. It relaxes its neck and looks forward, growling.
Cut to Vlad, standing up. A flask is seen on the counter next to him.
VLAD Very well, Behemoth. [Lifts his hands and they glow.] No more Mr. Nice Plasmius.
Cut to Vlad’s lab. The Behemoth’s head is still plugging the portal. Vlad walks over with two blazing hands down at his sides, stopping in front of the monster and bringing them up.
Cut to Vlad with his arms up and blazing pink. He leans back to raise them over his head.
Cut to a flashing green light, the rotating alarm kind. It dings. Zoom out to reveal a device with a black screen that reads “Change Ecto-filtrator” in green letters. Below that is a gauge with four sections, under the green one reads “empty” in red letters, the section turns to light red, redder and deep red where the black arrow is pulsing. Below the deep red section reads “full” in red letters. There is also a clear, cylindrical container with green ectoplasm and some bubbles. As the alarm rotates, the screen turns from normal purple to green.
Cut to the lab, all green from the light. The Behemoth is looking at the tiny device, with isome surprise; Vlad is looking at it in surprise next to it. As the lab turns from green the purple to green again, the monster flashes a cheesy smile at Vlad.
Cut to the Behemoth in the portal. It roars, then pops back into the portal as the lab flashes from green to purple.
Cut to Vlad, looking at the ecto-filtrator. The container bubbles as the light flashes the lab from green to purple.
VLAD “Change the ecto-filtrator”?
Vlad walks closer and turns, raising his arms.
VLAD Aww, [Lowers his arms with frustration.] fudge buckets!
Vlad closes his eyes and becomes intangible. The screen fills with white.
Cut to outside Vlad's castle . An explosion comes from the middle of it and it surges upward, breaking off parts of the house. It’s left only with the lower floor and two small streams of smoke smolders as debris falls.
Cut to a cloud. It dissipates to reveal an intangible, frustrated Vlad standing in the ruined lab filled with debris, an exposed wire and a fallen shaft is seen in the foreground. Vlad becomes visible again, he lets his arms relax as he looks around. Zoom out to show the whole, ruined place in a middle of a field surrounded by trees, there’s a small puddle of water near some other debris. Some smoke smolders.
VLAD Aah! [Close up on Vlad, looking up.] My house!
Cut to a part of the lab with broken pipes, a still-okay metal doorway, and many fallen chunks of ceiling. Smoke smolders from the debris pile. Pan up to show an open ceiling with the second floor barely there, smoke smolders from the floor up top.
Cut to Vlad, holding his cheeks with his fists. He looks down and releases his fists.
VLAD I can always buy another one, [Puts his arms down and turns to the right.] but the key!
Cut to the lab. It’s all busted and only half the wall is still there. An exposed wire fizzles a little lightning. A broken pipe drips.
VLAD [Off-screen.] I can’t get that key-- [Pan quickly right to show that the portal is half-blown away, the rest an open wall to outside. Smoke smolders from a tip from what is left of the shell. There’s a small room behind the portal, but it’s half-blown away and filled with cracks.] --without a portal!
Zoom in on the portal. Small beams of blue lightning fizzle inside it.
Cut to Vlad, arms hanging in exasperation.
VLAD I’ll need to find another working one...
His red eyes pop wide with realization. He squares his shoulders and smirks, a black ring going over his body and changing him to Vlad Masters. He looks into his suit, lifts the left side with his hand and uses the other arm to reach inside and pull out a photograph. He looks at it with a toothy grin.
Cut to the photo. A rather charred banner in the back reads “20 Year College Reunion” in red letters. Maddie is seen looking at Vlad adoringly on the left with her left arm on Vlad’s chest and her other arm in a fun fist under that arm over her hip, Vlad is seen standing cordially next to her, Jasmine is smiling with her arm akimbo, looking forward and not noticing anything wrong, Danny Fenton is looking up at Vlad with resentment, and Jack is looking to the right, jostled by Vlad’s outstretched arm pushing him without a care.
Close up on Vlad, looking down.
VLAD I guess I’ll just have to take Jack Fenton's !
Cut to the photo again, just the part with Maddie with Vlad holding her toward him with his hand on her arm, Jazz just looking with a casual smile. Vlad laughs manically off-screen throughout. Pan left to the part where Danny looks at him with irritation and Jack is being pushed away by Vlad. Zoom in on Jack’s face.
The screen fades to black.
Fade in to Casper High School It’s apparently autumn, for a tree on the side has leaves of orange. The flag on the top is blowing in the wind.
DANNY: [Off-screen.] Thanks for driving me to school today, Jazz.
Cut to Danny and Jasmine walking, panning left as they walk. Danny is holding a red book under his arm, Jasmine a purple one. People are at their lockers in the background.
Jazz No problem, Danny.
Danny raises the arm that doesn’t have the book out a little.
Danny Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to avoid the bus-- [Danny flings his arm back, closing his eyes, there are no more people behind them.] --and quietly and anonymously-- [Danny puts his hand down and his eyes roll to Jazz, passing a purple door among the lockers.] --slip into school.
Danny and Jazz blink and look up in surprise as the screen flashes normal to red over an over.
P.A. Ghost alert. [Cut to a P.A. box on the ceiling. Two red alarm lights flash.] Ghost alert.
Cut to Danny and Jazz, along with some other students looking up in surprise. One is holding a book with a hand to a locker, another is a girl who has turned her head to look, a third just a boy looking up, a fourth being a husky boy in a sweater with an alien head, his arm at his side. Jazz looks at Danny, Danny looks at her.
JAZZ Danny! [Jazz drops her purple book and grabs her brother by the shirt, he turns forcefully and his shoes are turned just above the floor.] Hide!
Cut to Danny, being held by Jazz’s hands.
Cut to Jazz, looking confused.
JAZZ Um… [Looks down with a fake smile.] That’s an excellent question!
Cut to Danny being held by Jasmine. She releases him, and he lands on the floor safely, both turning to the left as if nothing happened. Zoom out. Tucker and Sam walk up, seen from the back.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY What’s going on?
Cut to Tucker and Sam.
Sam Didn't you get the memo?
Sam holds up a piece of lined paper with “Memo” on it in red letters in her right hand, motioning to it with her left.
SAM The school’s-- [Sam looks up and shrugs, Tucker looks at her and smiles.] --running ghost drills now.
Cut to Jazz.
JAZZ “Ghost drills”?
Cut to the four. Tucker is on the left looking bored. Sam is looking “sigh” with her arms akimbo. Danny is holding his red book under his arm looking at his friends in disbelief. Jasmine is on the right seen from the side with one arm down and the other akimbo, looking at Tucker and Sam with more disbelief. Sam points her right finger. Tucker, Danny and Jasmine turn to the right.
Cut to Lancer walking the halls as onlookers look at him with incredulity. Lancer is wearing a hideous purple horned mask and is holding his hands above his head.
Lancer Oooooh… [Cut to Lancer.] I am a ghost!
Cut to Jazz. She points up a finger.
JAZZ Who’s that supposed to fool?
Jazz suddenly blinks with unpleasant surprise and closes her hand.
JACK [Off-screen.] GHOOOOST!
Cut to Jazz and Danny. Jazz retains her pose; Danny is on the left looking with shock to the left with his red book under his arm and his palm open on his other hand. Jazz leans backward and gasps as Jack wearing the Fenton Peeler slides backwards from the left onscreen, covering his children. He is holding the memo in his left hand. He turns right and points his right hand, Danny turns behind his father with his arm crossing over his chest.
JACK I just got the memo! [Close up on Jack in the helmet. His eyes shift around.] And I know there are ghosts around here!
Cut to Jazz behind her father’s arm.
JAZZ Dad! [Closes eyes.] No!
Cut to Tucker and Sam, looking shocked. Danny walks up in front of them with his book and his hand out in front of him.
DANNY It’s not a ghost! [Half-closes his eyes and closes his palm.] It’s an out-of-shape teacher in a mask!
Cut to Jack, looking down, his eyes to the left.
JACK We’ll see about that, son. [Clenches his eyes shut and yells.] EAT GHOST PEELER, SPOOK!
Cut to a turquoise action background. Jack’s hand is on the handle of the peeler. His thumb gets off two red buttons and presses a button on the back, which beeps. A ball of green light surges from the space. It shoots out a huge beam, the screen flashes white.
Cut to Lancer in his hideous mask, his arms out in shock. Three teenage onlookers witness without a care. The green beam hits Lancer and causes him to glow green all over, he tenses his arms in front of him.
LANCER Nooooooo!
Cut to Lancer’s hideous mask. Lancer screams throughout as it peels off his face and is blown away in shreds. Pan down to his shirt, it tears off him and reveals his hairy, not-so-manly chest covered in an undershirt. Pan down to his plaid pants. They peel away and reveal pink boxers covered with little faces of William Shakespeare. The green light dissipates and he stops glowing, revealing his fat, his white undershirt, his pink boxers, and his hairy legs with support socks. He stops screaming.
Cut to Lancer looking completely shocked, looking down on his almost naked self. Four teens, one on each side, laugh heartily. Lancer reaches to the left off-screen and holds a golden-framed portrait of George Washington in a red military-style coat. He holds it in front of his underpants, full of fury.
Cut to a crowd of five laughing teens. From left-to-right, a girl with a red ponytail and a blue shirt laughs with her hand by her mouth. A red haired boy with a striped yellow shirt and a green backpack giggles. A spiky-blond boy with round glasses is laughing with his fists by his chest. An African-American boy with a baggy red sweater and a green do-rag laughs. A rather obese red-haired girl in a purple shirt with a cat’s head on it laughs.
BLONDE BOY IN GLASSES [Pointing a finger.] I’ll never respect his authority again!
Cut to Danny and Jazz, standing next to Jack’s rather large, peeler-covered arm. Danny’s face is buried in his palm. Jazz looks up in futility with a “Please let this be over” pose. She opens her eyes and sighs.
Zoom out to show Jack. He is looking with his peeler-arm down, hand still on the trigger. Danny puts his hand down and looks at his father, dejected.
Cut to Jack.
JACK Wow, [Looks down and smiles.] he *is* out of shape.
Cut to Jack, his eyes looking down to the left. An irked Lancer walks up from the right holding the portrait. Jack’s eyes turn to him.
Cut to Lancer.
LANCER I can’t give you detention, but someone named “Fenton” is staying after school.
Cut to Danny, Jasmine and Jack, looking with concern. Danny has a red book, Jazz regained her purple one.
JACK and JAZZ  [Exchanging glances.] Whoa! [Both take out non-watch-covered wrists and look at them.] Look at the time!
Jack and Jazz smile and rush away, leaving Danny, whose hair is blown back with the wind. He flips his head and shrugs. Zoom in on his blank “Ugh, not again,” expression.
Fade in to FentonWorks. Zoom in.
Fade in to a top view of the lab. It’s a mess. A microwave on a counter is coated in green goo, the Fenton Portal has ectoplasm leaking out of it, barrels on the floor are overturned, papers are all over, wires and pipes are all over the place, more ectoplasm puddles are around. Jack is sitting on a swivel chair, holding the Fenton Peeler in one hand and his other one on the messy counter, looking rather irked at Jazz and Maddie. Jazz trying to reason with Jack and Maddie looking with her hood up and arms akimbo. Zoom in as Jazz reaches her arms out.
JAZZ All I’m saying is-- [Cut to Jazz, shrugging. There is a bright green stain on the wall behind her.] --you might want to think twice before you barge in like that. [Puts down her arms and raises an eyebrow.] You really got Danny in trouble.
Cut to Jack. He is holding the Fenton Peeler in his hand.
JACK Oh yeah,-- [Jack raises a fist, pointing his thumb over his shoulder.] --you think he’s in trouble now!
Cut to an overturned beaker, spilling out ectoplasm. Zoom out to reveal a whole counter of messy beakers with more ectoplasm, some paper with scribbles on it, and a calculator-like device.
Cut to another beaker, the top rimmed with ectoplasm. Zoom out to show many beakers and flasks in a similar condition.
Cut to an old banana peel hanging over an overflowing trash can. Zoom out to reveal the trash can has an old, non-eaten sandwich with lettuce and a tomato in it, along with an eaten-to-the-core apple. Papers litter the floor. On the side of the trash can is more ectoplasm, some of it is on the floor, and a whole lot of it on the wall.
Cut to the lab, with ectoplasm-covered beakers in the foreground, green-stained walls in the back. A hanging wire has more goo on it. Maddie has her arm running across her waist, Jazz is looking incredulously at both the beakers and Jack, and Jack is holding the Peeler in one hand and looking at the floor.
Jack raises a hand high and looks irked, Jasmine turns away from him.
JACK Look at this place! [Cut to Jack. There’s another stain on the wall. Jack gets up.] Danny hasn't cleaned the lab in weeks, and the beakers are caked with goo and-- [Jack pauses, looking intently to the left. Whispers.] --would you look at that.
Cut to next to the Fenton Portal. There is a device leading from the portal with a status bar that is fully green, next to that an ecto-filtrator device that looks exactly like the one on Vlad’s Portal. Ectoplasm starts seeping onto the floor.
Cut to the status device with the full, green bar. On the top reads a sign “Full” in green letters, and on the bottom “Empty” in green letters. Ectoplasm seeps out of the cracks.
JACK [Off-screen.] The ecto-filtrator hasn't been changed-- [Pan right toward the device that reads “Ecto-Filtrator” in green letters, the dial on the bottom showing the arrow pointing in the second reddest section, the cylinder bubbling.]
Cut to a shot of a clean corner of the lab near the stairs. Danny walks in from the right, perspiring and straining with his purple book bag over one shoulder, both hands on one strap. There are four books inside, two red, one blue, and one purple.
DANNY And it’ll be six more by the time [Looks up.] I get done with all this-- [Danny looks toward the backpack, hunching his back.] --extra work Lancer assigned me.
Cut to Danny in the foreground. Maddie, Jasmine and Jack in the chair look at him. Danny drops the heavy purple backpack on the ground with a loud thud. The flap falls and shows five books this time, two red, one purple, one blue, and one olive green.
DANNY Dad,-- [Cut to Danny, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He looks up.] --are you familiar with the term [Glares and drops his arm.] “Stay away from my school”?
Cut to Jack and Maddie. Jack is holding the peeler, looking completely clueless. Maddie is leaning in front of him.
Maddie Sweetie,-- [Maddie leans forward and lowers her eyebrows, Jack looks questioningly toward her.] --relax. [Cut to Maddie, another green stain is behind her. Pulling off her hood.] You know your dad loves you, and he doesn’t mean to make your life more difficult.
A news theme plays, and a woman starts talking. Maddie rolls her eyes behind her to see where the sound is coming from.
WOMAN The hunt is on for the ghost boy!
Cut to the Fenton family. Jasmine is on the left with her eyes looking behind her, Jack looks up and rolls his eyes in the same direction, Maddie is seen from behind but has her head over he shoulder, and Danny looks up in surprise.
DANNY and JACK What?
Cut to an ectoplasm-covered TV on an ectoplasm-covered counter with many ectoplasm-coated beakers on top. News is on. Harriet Chin is the news anchor, holding a stack of papers with a yellow box over the shoulder reading “Eye on Amity” in black letters.
Harriet As a result of today’s false ghost alert at Casper High- [Cut closer to the TV screen.] The need for competent,--
TV image fades to Casper High, Jack is in the Fenton Peeler armor, smiling and with the gun smoldering green smoke, Lancer looking annoyed with his pink boxers and other undergarments being blocked by the portrait of George Washington in the red coat, students that are grayed out are laughing hysterically, one of them is actually on the floor laughing.
Cut to Jack, holding the Peeler. He’s smiling.
JACK Hey, they said my name! [Leans back, confused.] Need for competent ghost hunters? [Looks up and thinks.] Hm, [looks down at the peeler and points his finger at it.] what is that supposed to mean?
He pushes a button. It beeps and the Peeler sends out a burst of green goo, completely covering his face. He straightens up as the goo drips onto him the gun smoldering green goo.
Cut to the TV. Harriet is onscreen.
HARRIET Luckily, a mysterious benefactor has offered a million dollar bounty on the head of-- [Onscreen shows a picture of Danny Phantom, flying forward in a yellow sky. His fists are forward, his hair blown back, his tail cascading.]
Cut to Danny, Maddie and Jazz. Jazz is on the right with her arms crossed looking rather unsure, Danny has his arms crossed too. Maddie and Danny both turn their heads from the TV screen look at each other with smug glances Jasmine rolls her eyes toward them and smiles.
DANNY and MADDIE Three, two, one...
Cut to two stacks of boxes filled with inventions and junk, possibly the inventions that are junk. Jack rushes onscreen blazing a bazooka.
JACK Nobody’s catching-- [A stack of boxes fall down as Jack turns to the right and crouches.] --that ghost kid but me!
Jack walks off-screen. The boxes in the other stack start to rattle. They fall down, glass is heard shattering. Jack pops in from the right, pointing a finger at the pile.
JACK [Quietly and quickly.] Danny, clean that up. [Rushes off-screen.]
Cut to Maddie, Danny and Jasmine. They all look toward each other, smiling.
Fade in to the sign of the Nasty Burger. Zoom out to show the whole joint, a banner is over with doorway and windows reading “Welcome Ghost Hunters” in red letters. Danny and Sam are under the banner. A van is seen on the side, reading “Groovy Gang”, along with a tall, blonde man, a short, red-haired woman, and a white tiger.
SAM Danny, aren't you worried? [Zoom in. Cut to Sam and Danny, both of them with their shoulders slumped.] These are the best [Thrusts out an arm.] known ghost hunters [Shrugs.] in the world!
Cut to Danny.
DANNY Sam,-- [Danny giggles and leans his head forward, smiling and eyelids hanging.] --the “best-known”, [turns around to the right.] they’re not the “best”.
Cut to a street. The aquamarine van is there, with orange flowers painted on it and “Groovy Gang” on it in purple letters. Next to it stands a blonde man with jeans and a green hat, and a necklace with a peace sign on it, some ghost technology is at his waist. Next to him is a shorter, red-haired girl with a purple dress with a pink tie and pink socks and round lenses, she has another ghost-related device at her waist. Next to her is a white tiger cowering and shivering in fear.
Cut to a closer shot of the three.
DANNY [Off-screen.] The Groovy Gang and Scaredy Cat…
The tiger’s eyes shift left and right. The girl looks bored, the man smug. The cat panics, jumping onto the girl and clawing into her chest, her arms flailing.
Cut to the Groovy Girl’s chest. Scaredy Cat’s claws are lodged inside.
Groovy Girl Ah! [Zoom out to show the head and arms of Groovy Girl, she is clearly in pain, her eyes clenched and chin up.] Like, those are my internal organs, dude!
The cat whines again, and they both fall off-screen.
Cut to the Groovy Dude.


Jinkers, Scaredy Cat! [Turns to the left and shrugs.]  You’re like, maiming her!
Cut to the street, some shrubs obscure the buildings behind them. Two motorized vehicles rev and jump out from behind the trees, sailing in the sky across the clouds, with a lens flare effect. The one on the left is clearly a man in full black armor, helmet and green goggles with a gray and green backpack, he’s on a motorcycle. The one on the right is a girl with a blonde ponytail blowing behind her; she’s dressed like her male companion and is on an ATV. Both are wearing green wheels under their shoes.
DANNY [Off-screen.] Extreme Ghostbreakers…
The Ghostbreakers’ vehicles rev and let out clouds of exhaust, zooming forward and off-screen.
Cut to the Nasty Burger. The male Ghostbreaker skids up and turns to the right, the female one right behind him. They high-five.
MALE GHOSTBREAKER Sheyah! [Close up on the male Ghostbreaker.] You da man!
Cut to the female Ghostbreaker.
FEMALE GHOSTBREAKER Actually, idiot, [Leans her face into her hand, balancing on her elbow.] I’m a girl.
Cut to the two Ghostbreakers. The female Ghostbreaker puts her hands back on the handlebars.
MALE GHOSTBREAKER Right! [Pumps fist.] And that’s so-- [Zoom out. The male revs his as the female gets ready on the handlebars. Exhaust comes out of the male’s motorcycle.] --EXTREEEME!!
The male Ghostbreaker rev up his front wheel in the air, and it speeds off without him. He lands on his back; the girl looks down at him on her ATV. The male gets his head and chest up by his hands, and the girl looks forward, her ATV revving.
Cut to someone’s white pants and suit, he is holding a gun in he black-gloved hand. Pan up to show an African American man, he has triangular sunglasses and a wire in his ear. He loads his gun and raises it.
DANNY The government’s ghost hunting squad,-- [A Caucasian man in similar garb to the first walks up from the left.] --Guys in White.
Cut to a farther shot of the agents. The male Ghostbreaker’s motorcycle revs, comes in from the left, circles around the Guys in White, bringing up mud and zooming off-screen.
Cut to the chest of the Caucasian agent. Small patches of mud splash onto his shirt. Zoom out to reveal both agents with shirts dotted with mud; the African-American agent is holding his gun vertically.
CAUCASIAN AGENT [Looking down at his suit.] We have a cleanliness breach in Shoulder section Alpha.
The Caucasian agent turns his head to his partner.
AFRICAN-AMERICAN AGENT I’ll fill out suit cleaning form #87B-Omega.
Cut to the Caucasian Agent.
CAUCASIAN AGENT I’ll call our immediate supervisor to requisition detergent and fabric softener.
Cut to the Guys in White.
CAUCASIAN AGENT [Both agents reaching into their suits.] Lock the area down!
Pan down. The agents drop two glowing, bright-cyan cubes. When they land, they begin to glow.
Cut to a far shot of the Guys in White. A half-spherical light-blue force field forms around them.
Cut to Danny and Sam. They are both smiling; Sam has one arm on her hip.
DANNY It’s a virtual “who’s who” [Looks at Sam and raises his hand for emphasis.] of who can’t catch ghosts. [Danny’s fingers curl up, his eyes wide open with realization.] Which means he should be-- [Sam stops smiling, Danny slumps his arm down and makes a *sigh* expression.] --arriving any second now.
Horns are heard honking. Danny looks to the right, Sam straightens up and looks with him.
Cut to the Nasty Burger. Danny and Sam are just standing in a far corner. The Extreme Ghostbreakers are there, the male with his motorbike and the female standing next to her ATV. They both turn and jump in surprise screaming, then quickly jump to the left off-screen as the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle runs their vehicles over.
Cut to Maddie, hood-down, sitting in the passenger seat of the Assault Vehicle.
MADDIE [Raising her hand to her mouth to call out.] Sorry about that!
Zoom out to Jack in the driver’s seat, hands on the wheel. Maddie puts her hand down.
JACK Wow. [Cut to outside the Assault Vehicle. Jack leans out the window, his elbow leaning over a green headlight.] You should be careful where you park those things.
Cut to Danny, seen from the back with his hands on his hips, smiling as he looks at his parents’ Assault Vehicle. Sam is looking toward the RV as well.
DANNY I’ve got nothing-- [Danny turns to Sam, with one hand out and the other on his hip, Sam smiles.] --to worry about.
Pan slightly to the right. Tucker walks up with a small white sheet in his hands. Sam and Danny stop smiling, Danny puts down his arm.
TUCKER Good. [Unfurls the white sheet.] Then you won’t have a problem with this. [Tucker unfurls the sheet once more, it says “BOO-Yea Tours” in green letters. Cut to Danny and Sam with incredulous looks. Cut to Tucker from the front. He has his arms in the sleeve of the costume.] Thanks to Danny,-- [Tucker puts the costume on over his head, fitting in his left arm, then using his white-sheeted hand to put on his right arm.] --we know the location of every ghost sighting in Amity Park. [He slips the whole costume over his legs; it reads “Boo-Yea”.] Tucker Foley’s Boo-Yea Ghost Tours is bound to be a hit. [Reaches out with his arms toward the camera.] Boo-Yea!
A blast of green, glowing goo completely covers Tucker from the left. He shouts out in surprise and braces himself for the impact. He lifts his goo-coated hands and looks down at them.
Cut to Sam with her arms crossed.
SAM In retrospect, [Leans back her head and lifts a palm out.] maybe dressing like a ghost [Looks straight again, pointing a finger downward.] in a parking lot full of ghost hunters [Lowers her eyebrows and crosses her arms again.] wasn’t a great idea.
Cut to the lot. Danny and Sam are standing next to the Fenton Assault Vehicle. Jack walks up with a gun in the air, smiling. The Male Ghostbreaker, the Groovy Girl and the African American agent walk up looking angrily at Jack, the men holding weapons of their own. Tucker is seen as a green lump of goo, with his hands out and looking at Jack.
JACK I got him! [Points a thumb at himself.] Me, Jack Fenton! [Close up on Jack.] Danny Fenton’s father!
Close up on Danny. First he looks worried, and then his eyes droop down and look bored and disappointed.
Cut to Tucker, pulling off his goo-coated ghost costume. The Male Ghostbreaker observes him from the left, the African-American agent from the upper-right, and the Groovy Girl from the right. All of them look as if the ghost was mocking them. When Tucker is seen, the ghost hunters look with some worry at the boy.
TUCKER I’m not gonna grow a third arm, am I?
The ghost hunters all break out laughing, the agent holding up his gun, the Groovy Girl with her hand on her head.
Pan out and left to reveal Danny. He lifts his hand to cover his face.
Cut to a shot of Sam and Danny face-palming through some red goggles. It fizzles a little, then shows a whole shot of the crows at the Nasty Burger, Tucker in the center with Jack, Male Ghostbreaker, Groovy Girl and Guy in White near Sam and Danny.
Cut to Vlad Plasmius, looking through a pair of red, pentagonal binoculars.
VLAD Dance, you big, dumb puppet, [Puts down the binoculars.] dance.
Cut to a shot of Vlad on a building holding his binoculars in one hand. Vlad’s three ghostly vultures are roosting there, two on the left and one on the right.
Vulture #1 I don’t get it. [Turns head toward Vlad.] If you just wanna steal the portal- [Cut to the vulture.] Why not do it now while the Fentons aren't home?
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD Dismantling that portal will take time. [Lifts his hands up.] And while tearing down the portal, [Clenches his raises hands into fists.] I can tear down young Daniel’s respect for his father. [Eyes pop wide open.] Assuming he has any. [Close up on Vlad, his eyes narrow.] You know what to do.
Cut to a front shot of Vlad and the three vultures on the building. They flap their wings, make bird calls, and take off toward the camera, flying downwards. One of the vulture’s heads fills the screen. The shot rotates and the scene pans left as the vultures close in on the Nasty Burger where the crowd is assembled.
Cut to two vultures swooping down. A third vulture comes in from the top right and fills most of the screen in the front.
Cut to Danny, face covered by his palm. Hr quickly removes his hand in surprise as his ghost sense goes off.
Cut to an aerial shot of the Nasty Burger. Everyone is scared as a vulture’s legs in the foreground close in. Everyone screams and runs off in different directions.
Cut to Jack by the Assault Vehicle, running away from the vultures flying over him, a bazooka in hand. He ducks down suddenly as the vultures swoop overhead and call out. He stretches his arms out at his sides as Groovy Dude, Scardey Cat and both Guys in White approach from the right.
JACK Stand back, everyone! [Cut to Jack.] I’ve got the [Turns to the left and hunches over.] home field advantage.
Pan out. Jack lifts up the Fenton Fisher, the background becoming a turquoise action background with the Assault Vehicle behind him.
Cut to the legs of Groovy Dude in the foreground, a ghost-hunting gadget at his hip. Groovy Girl is barely visible beside him. Jack runs up and away from the camera from the left, a Guy in White steps up next to Groovy Dude on the left as Jack chases the calling vultures. Pan right to show Groovy Girl in the foreground from the back, having another gadget at her hip, and the other Guy in White on the right while Jack turns right and follows the vultures off-screen.
Cut to Groovy Girl. The Female Ghostbreaker is on the right.
GROOVY GIRL Like, [Throwing arms forward.] that’s not the Million Dollar Ghost! [Puts her fists on her hips.]
Pan right to the Ghostbreakers.
FEMALE GHOSTBREAKER Then we should [Shrugs, holding a gun.] kick back and watch this. [Moves right hand and curls the fingers.] It’ll be a riot!
The Male Ghostbreaker takes one hand off his gun and does a sign language Y.
MALE GHOSTBREAKER An extreme riot, dude!
The Female Ghostbreaker puts her hand on her hip, the Male Ghostbreaker turns to her.
Male Ghostbreaker puts his hand back on his gun.
Cut to a top view of two vultures flying and calling. They fly off-screen. The sidewalk pans down as Jack runs down it carrying the Fenton Fisher.
JACK All right, ghosts! [Cut to Jack, running right as the scene pans right.] Prepare to become the Fenton (lifts the Fenton Fisher over his head) Catch of the Day!
Jack thrusts forward and the Fenton Fisher is heard casting off.
Cut to a Purple Action Background. The hook on the Fenton Fisher comes from the left and goes up to the center, zooming in on it.
Cut to two vultures flying to the right. The hook wraps itself around the rightmost’s left leg. It turns its head around to examine it, and then is pulled downward to the left as the scene pans down with it. It calls.
Close up on Jack, both arms reaching out. He leans back into the shot and starts reeling in.
JACK Gotcha!
Cut to the Vulture being pulled downward, flapping wings and straining to keep itself flying. It is pulled off-screen, the somehow with all its might, flies back on its course.
Cut to Jack, looking up with pride as he reels in the ghost, but yells out as he is pulled forward, his mouth filling the screen, and is pulled off-screen.
Cut to the street leading to the Nasty Burger. Jack is being dragged by the vulture with his belly to the street, getting some bad asphalt burn as the vulture flies away from the camera toward the establishment.
Cut to Jack, sliding on the ground in a Purple Action Background, hanging on to the Fenton Fisher. Pieces of asphalt are flying away as debris.
JACK I think he’s giving up!
Cut to Jack from the side landing on the street, holding the Fenton Fisher. He slides until he lands face-first into the Nasty Burger drive-thru speaker, losing his grip on the fishing pole in the process.
Pan up to the head of Nasty Nat, rattling. The four cardboard arms of the statue are holding a sign in the shape of a burger that reads “Menu” in black letters. It falls off-screen with spots of red, orange and yellow for emphasis.
Cut to Jack, whose head is covered by the Nasty Burger head.
DRIVE THRU Welcome to Nasty Burger. [Pan out to reveal the Drive Thru speaker. Jack rubs his Nasty Nat-covered head.] Wow. You’re the worst ghost hunter ever.
Cut to Jack lying by the drive-thru with the Nasty Nat head on. In the foreground looking on him, left-to-right, is Caucasian Agent, Groovy Girl, Female Ghostbreaker and Groovy Dude. They all turn away from Jack and laugh hysterically, Groovy Girl’s hands in her head, Female Ghostbreaker’s hands on her chest.
Pan left to Danny and Sam, overseeing the humiliation.
SAM Danny! [Sam raises her arms up high and turns left to him. Danny puts a hand on his face again.] Do something!
Cut to Danny with his face buried in his hands. Tucker is looking at him from the left.
DANNY [Removing his hand.] What do you want me to do? [Turns to Tucker.] I can’t go ghost here! [Drops his arm and turns back in place.] Besides-- [Cut to Tucker, Danny and Sam.] --nobody’s in [Lifts his arms in consolation.] any real danger yet, right?
A vulture calls. Two of them swoop down from the right and grab Tucker and Sam by their claws, flying to the left past the Nasty Burger sign. Tucker and Sam scream in terror.
Close up on Danny.
DANNY And, now they are. [He looks to the right, and walks to the left off-screen.]
Cut to Danny running past as in the foreground, Male Ghostbreaker is laughing his hand on his helmet and looking down, Groovy Girl is laughing with her hand on her head, Groovy Dude is laughing, leaning back with his hands on his stomach. Pan left. Danny looks at the ghost hunters cautiously as they laugh, tiptoeing on his course. Scaredy Cat and the Caucasian Agent as also laughing as Danny walks behind the corner of the Nasty Burger.
Cut to Danny running up from behind the Nasty Burger. He stops as a ring of light forms around him.
Cut to Danny’s legs. The ring passes over him and sinks into the ground, becoming white boots and black pants.
Cut to Danny’s fists high in the air. Rings pass over each one and dissipate, leaving white-gloved hands in their wake.
Cut to Danny from behind as the rings pass over him. Zoom in on the back of his neck, his hair is now all white. Rotate the shot to see Danny’s face. Zoom out to show all of Danny Phantom. He bends his knees low and takes off flying with his spectral tail up and toward the camera, off-screen.
Cut to the laughing ghost hunters again. Scaredy Cat is leaning with his head on the ground and his tail in the air, hand on his head. The Caucasian Agent is bending over laughing with hands on his knees.
Pan right as Danny Phantom swoops behind and past the ghost hunters, Groovy Dude and African-American agent holding a gun up, Groovy Girl with her hands together, Female Ghostbreaker holding a gun in one hand and the other hand on her cheek. Maddie is looking concerned down at Jack, who is still on the ground. The Agent, Groovy Girl and the Ghostbreaker’s devices beep, being the Agent and Ghostbreaker’s watches and Groovy Girl’s device in her hands. They and the Fentons look in surprise.
Cut to the three ghost hunters with beeping devices.
Cut to Jack, still on the ground. Maddie is comforting him with her hands on his shoulder.
JACK Aw,-- [Jack’s eyes look down in dejection, Maddie looks at him, worried.] --quit mocking me.
Cut to Danny, flying on a purple action background with two fists up and a look of utmost determination, a ghostly tail cascading under him.
Cut to a purple action background. Danny is in the foreground, seen from behind. The shot zooms in to Sam and Tucker being held in the talons of the two vultures.
Cut to Danny flying. Zoom in on him. He stops flying and starts gagging as a black-gloved hand grabs him by the neck and chokes him, Danny’s tongue sticking out. He is pulled off-screen with many puffs of smoke.
Cut to a shot of the city, with one building still only a few girders being on construction. Danny falls in from the right and falls away from the camera, landing on the roof of a building on his back and arms, debris flies as he lands.
Cut to Danny. He lifts the top of his body on his hands and bends one of his knees up.
Close up on Danny.
DANNY Plasmius!
Cut to Danny’s head from behind in the foreground. Vlad is seen floating above him, his cape blowing in the wind and one finger on his chin.
DANNY What are you doing here?
Cut to Vlad. He tilts back his head and taps his chin.
VLAD Well let’s see, [Puts his finger forward.] your father looks like a fool, [Uncurls a second finger.] there’s a million dollars on your head, [Puts down his arms and leans forward a little.] What do you think I’m doing here?!
Cut to Danny in a fighting stance. He bends his knees and takes flight to the right with his ghostly tail, and flies closer to the camera and off-screen.
Cut to Vlad. He leans back a hand and then thrusts forward with it, the palm starts to glow pink. Zoom out. The pink energy becomes a pink square of glass. Danny slams face-first into it, his arms slam up on it. He grunts in pain and slides off of it.
Cut to Danny, tumbling in the air. He slowly regains his stability and floats in place, his arms and legs out.
Cut to Danny. His eyes open. He turns quickly to the left and looks down.
Cut to an aerial shot of the street below. The Guys in White are scanning a turquoise car with two metal detectors, Groovy Dude is carrying a panicking Scaredy Cat in his arms while Groovy Girl looks at him with her hands on her hips, the Ghostbreakers skate past on skateboards holding high green butterfly nets.
DANNY So you hired these idiots?
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD Yes. [Vlad raises a hand with curled fingers and looks at it.] Every idiot-- [Vlad closes his eyes and his hand starts glowing pink.] --except your father.
Cut to a farther shot, Danny is seen from the back, floating in a fighting stance. Vlad is far off in the same position, a pink glass flyswatter materializes in a flash of white light.
VLAD He’s a free idiot.
Vlad thrusts his glowing hand forward, turning right. The flyswatter hits Danny and he falls off-screen.
Cut to Danny, falling back again. The screen pans left as Danny lands on his back on the roof of a building again.
Cut to Danny. He gets up, leaning on one hand, one knee is bent upwards, and he buries the side of his face in his other hand. He takes his hand away and turns to the left, looking down to a voice from off-screen.
TUCKER and SAM [Off-screen.] Danny, help!
Danny gets up quickly and rushes off.
Cut to the ledge of the building. Danny puts his hands on the ledge and looks down, gasping. Zoom out. Tucker and Sam, being held by the talons of the vultures, scream as they fly closer toward the camera. The vultures release the kids, and they scream as they fall off-screen.
Cut to a dumpster, the top is up, it’s filled with refuse. Tucker and Sam land feet-first into the mess, displacing many cans and other trash items, flying out of the dumpster. The lid slams down on them.
Cut to Danny with hands on the ledge, looking down. He looks up to the right.
DANNY As much as I’d enjoy catching up, [Bends his hands and takes off with many puffs of smoke.] Plasmius,-- [Cut to a purple action background. Danny flies with with his fists up and his ghostly tail cascading below him.] --shouldn't you be getting home to the love of your life?
Cut to Vlad in a purple action background with two glowing fists. He lunges one arm forward and sends out an energy beam, then lunges the one in the back forward, the screen turning white with energy.
Cut to Danny, flying.
DANNY Oh,-- [Danny giggles, and he swoops around Vlad’s energy beam, getting closer to the camera. He stops in a fighting stance, more beams blast off behind him.] --that’s right! Dad married the love of your life. [Danny flies off-screen. Close up on Danny.] You’re bitter and alone!
Danny moves away from the camera, bringing one hand back. He turns to punch, but his gloved hand is caught by Vlad’s black-gloved hand. Danny screams as it glows and convulses with pink electric energy.
Zoom out. Danny is being held by Vlad, convulsing in the shock and screaming. Vlad is floating carelessly with a hand behind his back.
VLAD [Leaning back his head.] Oh please, Daniel. [Vlad leans his head forward, Danny’s screams fade away.] Must I actually defeat you with one hand behind my back, before you realize, you’re outmatched!
Cut to Danny. Two blue rings form around his body and change his chest, arms and head back to Danny Fenton, the pink electricity subsiding where Danny is Fenton. Suddenly, the electricity stops charging, and Danny sighs with fatigue, the rings closing down and turning his human parts back to Danny Phantom. He leans forward without any energy left, pink sparkles pop around him.
Cut to Danny from the side, being held by Vlad. Vlad looks at Danny and waves a finger.
VLAD Ah, ah, ah! [Vlad lifts his arm out, raising his chin and smiling, eyes closed.] We can’t have you pass out, and change back into Danny Fenton,-- [Vlad puts down his arm and looks down at Danny.] --now can we?
Cut to Danny from the side. Vlad’s head comes in from the right, meeting up with his. Vlad’s eyes are closed.
VLAD This might be your father’s party, [Opens his eyes.] but you’re the guest of honor! [Cut to Vlad holding Danny in the sky.] Tah!
Vlad thows Danny across his body and casts him off. Danny flies, face and hands forward, screaming as the scene pans left.
Cut to Danny. He is now seen from the back, falling toward a collection of ghost hunters by the Nasty Burger.
Cut to the Caucasian Agent, standing in front of the Fenton Assault Vehicle.
CAUCASIAN AGENT It’s the million dollar ghost!
Zoom out to reveal the Male Ghostbreaker, holding a bazooka.
MALE GHOSTBREAKER Whoa! Do you know how many extreme jockstraps I could buy with a million dollars?
Cut to Danny, falling with his face toward the camera. He’s screaming.
Cut to Maddie, holding a souped-up ghost rifle. She loads it and aims it by her eye as it charges.
Zoom out to reveal Jack. He charges and aims his rifle.
Cut to the Male Ghostbreaker. He kicks up his skateboard, takes it in his hands, and unfolds it. It becomes a weapon with ten beams, five on each side.
Cut to Scaredy Cat. He meows in panic and jumps onto Groovy Girl, who braces herself and screams.
Cut to Groovy Dude, popping into the scene.
GROOVY DUDE Like, how ‘bout a-- [Groovy Dude holds up a yellow bag that reads “Kitty Krunch” with three yellow stars a purple cat head on it, waving it back and forth so it crinkles.] --Kitty Krunch?
Close up on Scaredy Cat. His eyes narrow and glow reddish with determination. He jumps off-screen.
Cut to the Nasty Burger. Scaredy Cat lands on his paws, leans down, and then gets up and roars.
Cut to Danny, falling and screaming in flash-motion. The screen pans down and left.
Cut to the chest of the African American agent. He reaches into his suit and takes out a green pen, and a laser sprouts from it, extending into segments. Zoom out as he holds it up, his finger in front of it.
Cut to the Caucasian agent, using an automatic dust roller on his suit. Zoom out as he thrusts it out, it also sprouts a laser shooter and extends into segments.
Cut to the dumpster. Tucker and Sam lift the lid up, Tucker with one hand, Sam with both.
TUCKER That settles it. [Turns to Sam.] Nasty Burger smells the same before, and after the fact.
Sam looks up to the left, worried.
Close up on Sam.
SAM Danny!
Cut to a street. Danny lands on the bottom of his palms and tumbles over backwards, grunting in pain and landing on his back in front of the ghost hunters, Groovy Girl, Male Ghostbreaker and Caucasian Agent pointing guns at him, Scaredy Cat glaring at him. Guns are heard charging as Jack and Maddie approach into foreground.
Cut to Danny from above, with five guns pointed at him.
DANNY You know, [Zoom in slowly.] I think I liked it better when they were laughing.
Fade to black.
Fade in to a close up of Danny, looking frightened to the left. Zoom out to show he is still on the ground with his arms on the ground,four guns are being pointed at him. Danny shifts his eyes to the right.
Cut to Danny on the ground, surrounded by the legs of Groovy Dude and a Ghostbreaker, along with a third gun-holder off-screen. Danny gets up on his elbows with his hands clenched tight, looking up behind him. He relaxes a little and rolls his eyes to the right, panning right as Scaredy Cat steps in and growls in front of him. He rolls his eyes back again.
DANNY Uh, [Blinks, looks to the right.] um-- [Close up on Danny.] --boo?
Close up on Scaredy Cat. He is looking determined, but leans upwards, meowing in fright, teeth chatting and perspiring.
Cut to another shot. Danny is on the ground, looking up at Scaredy Cat, worried. Groovy Girl is looking down on him with a menacing glare, but Groovy Dude and the Male Ghostbreaker are looking at the cat. Scaredy Cat turns, waving his tail in the air, and jumps off-screen.
Cut to the African American agent, holding a bazooka. Zoom out as Scaredy Cat jumps onto him with his paws on the agent’s face, shivering and perspiring, causing the agent to drop the gun.
Close up on the agent, Scaredy Cat’s claws are wedged in his cheek and on his head.
AFRICAN AMERICAN AGENT Ow! I have a skin breach on Facial Sector 5.
Cut to Danny, sitting on the ground next to the legs of Groovy Girl, Groovy Dude and the Male Ghostbreaker. He rolls his eyes, turns blue as he goes intangible, and phases butt-first through the concrete.
Cut to the ghost hunters. Male Ghostbreaker and Groovy Dude are looking at Groovy Girl, who is holding a handgun.
GROOVY DUDE Like, [Turns to the Male Ghostbreaker.] shouldn't we focus on the Ghost Kid? You know, [Turns back to Groovy Girl.] before Jack Fenton does something stupid and he escapes?
Jack suddenly comes in from the left holding a bazooka, pushing the three ghost hunters away with the sound of glass breaking.
JACK Where is he? [Turns to the left.] Where is he?
Close up on Groovy Dude, looking all *sigh*.
GROOVY DUDE Like that?
Cut to the Nasty Burger, Jack is standing, holding the bazooka, with the Groovy gang sitting down on the concrete on the right, Male Ghostbreaker sitting on the concrete on the left. The Female Ghostbreaker is still standing. Danny phases up through the concrete from far away, looking back at the ghost hunters.
Cut to Jack. He turns sharply to the left, aiming his bazooka. Pan left to the business end of the bazooka, it glows green and charges.
Cut to Danny, floating and looking frightened. He turns blue and intangible, ducking into the ground.
Cut to Jack, aiming. It stops charging and he puts the gun down, knowing the ghost boy escaped. Pan out to all the ghost hunters. The Ghostbreakers are on the left, the Guys in White are between them and Jack, and the Groovy Gang is on the right, all glaring at Jack.
Cut to the Ghostbreakers to see their glaring faces. Cut to the Guys in White, too. Cut to the Groovy Gang.
Cut to all the ghost hunters in their former position. Jack slumps over, turning off the gun and hanging it vertically, embarrassed and saddened by failure. He walks off.
Fade to FentonWorks. Zoom in.
Fade to the Lab, zooming in. Sam and Tucker are standing there, looking at Danny, who is looking at the portal.
Cut to the Ecto-Filtrator. The arrow is waving wildly, the green light is beeping, and it says “Change the Ecto-Filtrator” in green letters. Danny’s fist comes in from the left and knock on the device. It then goes back off-screen.
Cut to Danny, looking at the filtrator with his arms crossed and looking annoyed, his body is bathed in green light. Sam approaches.
SAM Come on, Danny. You can’t tell me-- [Sam rolls her eyes back and lifts her hand, her other hand on her hip. Danny’s eyes look to her.] --the only thing your billionaire arch-enemy is here to do [Crosses her arms.] is embarrass your Dad.
Danny looks at the control panel again.
Cut to Tucker, whose shirt is covered in ectoplasm stains.
TUCKER [Brushing ectoplasm off his sleeve and onto the floor.] And date his mom.
Cut to Danny with a hand on the panel, looking back at Sam. the cylindrical tank on the side bubbles. Green light blinks on him.
DANNY Yes! That’s exactly why he’s here. [Tucker walks in next to Sam. Danny starts to fiddle with the panel.] To make my dad look like a fool. [Cut to the staircase, Jack walks downstairs happily as Danny continues off-screen. Jack walks toward the camera to the left.] I mean, did you see the way those ghost hunters were laughing at him?
Jack stops, looking with sad realization. He blinks a few times.
Cut to Danny looking down at the filtrator, pointing at it. Tucker and Sam are there, looking at him.
DANNY [Looking up from the filtrator.] How embarrassing!
Jack walks up behind Tucker and Sam. Tucker and Sam look up at him with some “uh oh” fear, Danny just looks off to the side.
DANNY We’re all gonna have to live with my dad’s goof-ups-- [Danny shrugs, Jack looks upset.] --for the rest of our lives.
Tucker and Sam straighten up, Sam pretends to clear her throat. Danny suddenly finds realization.
DANNY He’s right behind me, isn't he? [All three look up at Jack. Cut to Jack.]
JACK Yes, [Looks down, disappointed.] I’m afraid he is. [Straightens up.] If you need me, I’ll be upstairs, [Eyes roll downward.] doing something wrong. [Jack turns around and walks off.]
Cut to the staircase. Jack walks up them. Pan right to Tucker and Sam. Danny walks in from the right, his friends look at him.
TUCKER Nice. [Lifts a hand.] You wanna go upstairs and make your mom cry?
Cut to Danny.
DANNY Great. [Lowers his eyelids.] I just managed to do Plasmius’s job for him.
Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker. Danny is looking down and depressed, Tucker is just looking at him. Sam puts her hands on her hips.
SAM Well there’s only one thing that’s going-- [Danny looks up.] --to cheer him up: [Close up on Sam.] Catching a ghost.
Cut to Danny, smiling.
DANNY Yeah, [Points a finger.] and not just any ghost.
His hand curls to a fist as two rings of white light appear around his shoulders, turning him into Danny Phantom.
Cut to Danny’s legs. The ring passes over them and dissipates into the floor, turning them into white boots.
Cut to Danny’s arm. The ring passes over it, covering it with a white glove.
Close up on Danny smiling. The ring passes over his face, turning his hair white, eyes green, and wearing a white collar. Zoom out to reveal Danny Phantom. He lifts his legs and floats.
DANNY Public Ghost Enemy #1.
Cut to an aerial shot of the FentonWorks kitchen. Jack is sitting at the table, elbows on the table, his chin in his hands. Cut to Jack.
JACK [Muttering.] Danny’s right. [Looks forward.] I’m a loser. I couldn't-- [Jack takes his hand out from under his chin.] --catch a ghost if one sprang right up in front of me.
Cut to an aerial shot of Jack at the table. He puts his hands down as Danny phases his blue, intangible head through the table.
Cut to Jack in the foreground as Danny floats up from the table, becomes solid, and waves his arms.
DANNY Booooo! [Cut to Danny, looking to a depressed Jack. He stops waving his arms. He then gets into a starfish formation and floats back and forth, waving his arms up and down like a snow angel.] Whoo-ooo-ooo! [Cut to Jack, not even remotely fazed. He looks to the right and places a hand on his chin.]
Cut to Danny, surprises and just floating there with his hands up. He leans forward and puts on a “mean” face, curling and uncurling his fingers.
DANNY Fear me! [Danny slumps his arms over, for Jack remains unfazed.]
Cut to Jack. Danny floats in from the left, waving his hand in front of Jack. Jack just turns his eyes to the right.
DANNY Hello! [Danny stops waving and curls his fingers into a fist. Pan right. Danny sneaks behind Jack with his ghostly tail and is on his right, raising his arms.] Ghost! [Cut to Jack, looking bored with his chin in his hand. Danny pops in upside down, waving his hand in front of Jack.] Right in front of ya!
Jack puts releases his chin and looks at Danny, slightly annoyed.
JACK Aw, what do you want? [Jack puts down his hand and straightens up.] Come to gawk at the big failure, [Buries chin into both hands.] I suppose.
Danny floats up off-screen. Cut to Danny, popping up into the screen. He raises his fists with determination. Cut to Danny, floating in front of Jack over the table.
DANNY [Pointing at Jack.] Just the opposite,-- [Danny’s head pops up with realization. He then looks back down at Jack.] --Jack. [Cut to Danny, he raises his shoulders and looks with glee.] Cool, I just called my dad by his first name. [He then looks with realization, then goes back into his determined character. Cut to Danny looking at Jack. Jack looks up at Danny.]
JACK You know me?
Cut to Danny, floating above the table.
DANNY [Shrugs.] And fear you. [Puts his hands forward.] That’s why I’ve come to turn myself in-- [Danny straightens his legs, puts a fist on his hip and points at Jack.] --to you.
Cut to Danny looking smugly at Jack, who is looking with total disbelief and annoyance.
JACK [Raising a hand and sweeping it down.] Aw, no thanks, Ghost Kid. [Cut to Jack. He points at himself with his thumb.] I’m tired of getting laughed at! [Jack puts down his hand and looks down, depressed.] I give up.
Cut to Danny, leaning inward. His eyes roll around.
DANNY You-you-- [Raises his arms and shrugs.] you can’t do that! [Danny looks up in fear.]
MADDIE [Off-screen.] You’re darn right-- [Danny turns to the left.] --he can’t!
Cut to a far shot of Jack at the table and Danny floating over it. A revving is heard as Maddie’s boot steps into the foreground from the left.
Cut to Maddie, hood-up, with the Fenton Weasel strapped over her shoulder and in her left hand. The Fenton Weasel is vibrating and giving off exhaust.
MADDIE Eat hot Fenton Weasel,-- [Pan right, the Weasel is pointed toward the camera.] --ghost scum!
The screen turns blue as air is getting sucked into the Weasel.
Cut to Danny, facing right but looking left as a blue mist is sucking at him. He turns and covers his head with his arms as his foot is being stretched and sucked away, then leans back as his body in ghostly tail form is being sucked that way. He screams as the screen pans left and he gets sucked left toward the camera.
Cut to Maddie, holding the Fenton Weasel. Danny’s ghostly body is sucked inside, his hands struggle to hold onto it to prevent being sucked inside.
Cut to Danny, looking inside as his thumbs are trying to keep him out, parts of his face and hair is being sucked in. He then screams once more as he vanishes inside the weasel with a sucking sound.
Cut to Danny, crammed in the weasel. His feet line the back walls, his arm is bent over his head. His other hand is bent over his knee.
DANNY Okay,-- [Danny looks toward the out pipe of the Weasel.] --this wasn't part of the plan.
Cut to Jack sitting by the table with his elbow on it, his chin in his hand, looking up and behind him. Maddie walks in from the left, holding the containment part of the Weasel toward Jack and the business end in her other hand.
MADDIE Jack,-- [Cut to Jack. Maddie sticks a hand in with the containment tank from the left, Jack looks at it.] --you captured the Ghost Boy!
Jack looks at it, surprised.
JACK I did? [Close up on Jack, he smiles.] You’re right, I did! [Cut to Jack and Maddie, Maddie holding the weasel and Jack straightening up.] Me! [Jack stands up and takes the Fenton Weasel, spreading his arms with the containment tank on the left and the business end on the right.] Jack Fenton! [Jack walks off, Maddie has her hands on her hips, happy. Cut to Maddie. Jack leans in from the right to her.] You are the best wife ever.
He kisses her on the cheek and holds her with one hand. Zoom out to show Jack turning to the right, hunched over Maddie, with Maddie leaning near-horizontally with one hand out and one foot in the air. Jack is still holding the Weasel.
Cut to the containment tank.
DANNY [In the tank, sound metallically muffled.] Ugh, gross. [The tank vibrates and rattles.] Hello! I’m right here! Hello!
Fade to Casper High School. Pan right. A bike bell rings.
Cut to a red tandem bike-trolley. Tucker and Sam are pedaling, with Tucker in the lead, and the ghost hunters are all in the back. The Groovy Gang has Scaredy Cat on their laps, the Extreme Ghostbreakers are squeezed next to them, and the Guys in White are in the back. The bike bell rings again.
Cut to Tucker, sweating.
TUCKER And if you look to your right,-- [Tucker turns to the back and smiles while panting.] --you’ll see Casper High, [Looks forward and pants more.] whose halls-- [Tucker takes another breath and looks to the back, smiling again.] --have been haunted. [Pan right to Sam, looking angry and sweating.]
SAM I know we told Danny we’d keep these guys busy,-- [Sam raises and eyebrow and takes a breath.] --but could we have [Closes her eyes tightly.] maybe done it [Pops her eyes wide open.without exercise?
Cut to the trolley again. A motor is head revving as the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle drives past, the screen filling with car exhaust.
Cut to the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle.
Cut to Jack, driving and reading a sheet of paper that reads “Directions to Reward” on it in blue letters. He tosses it behind him.
JACK Jack Fenton will show them-- [Jack puts his free hand on the wheel and turns it side-to-side.] --who the competent ghost hunter is!
Cut to Jack’s foot. He floors the gas pedal, the car revs. Cut to Jack, his lips are vibrating over his clenched teeth.
Slide transition to an aerial shot of a dark alley. The Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle is parked, and Jack is standing at its mouth, carrying the business end of the Weasel so the tank end is on the ground.
Cut to Jack.
JACK Hm. [Jack lifts up a sheet reading “Directions to Reward”.] A funny place to claim a reward. [Jack puts the paper down and walks forward off-screen.]
Cut to an alley. Jack walks through it, dragging the Weasel.
DANNY [In the Weasel.] Please! Stop! [Cut to the tank as it’s dragged along the litter-covered ground.] You should know [The tank hits a rock and keeps going.] what you’re getting into [The tank hits another rock.] here!
Cut to Jack, looking down at the tank as he keeps walking.
JACK I know exactly what I’m getting into. [Turns his head forward.] A bigger place in my son’s heart.
Cut to Danny, crammed in the tank. He looks disappointed.
DANNY Thanks. Now I’m crushed by space-- [The screen lifts up as as clanging sound is heard, then goes back down again, Danny’s eyes open wider.] --and guilt. [Looking more determined.] Look! [The screen clangs again.] You have to listen to me! [Cut to a side view of Jack dragging the Weasel.] All of this is a trap!
Cut to Jack.
JACK Oh, please, ghost! [Looks to the left.] Why should I believe you? [Cut to the side view of Jack walking again. He stops with surprise as a pink, cubical jail cage appears in around him.] Hey! [Cut to the tank.]
DANNY Does that answer your question?
Cut to Jack in the foreground, looking at a wall past the cage in front of him. A small patch of blue light appears as if a ghost is about to phase through.
Cut to the wall. Vlad Plasmius phases through in his blue, intangible form, clapping. He turns to full color.
Cut to Jack.
JACK You! [Glares forward.] The Wisconsin Ghost!
Cut to Vlad, clapping.
VLAD Ah, very good. [Puts his hands on his waist.] All the pawns doing exactly what they’re supposed to. [Cut to an aerial shot of Jack in the pink, glowing cage and Vlad floating in front of it. Putting out a hand.] Leaving you two trapped [Puts both hands out.] and your Fenton Portal unprotected. [Close up on Vlad.] So I can steal it and make it a [Eyes pop open.] Plasmius Portal!
Cut to the Weasel containment tank within the pink cage.
DANNY Wait a minute, you already have a ghost portal!
Pan up and right to Jack, who is holding the other end of the Weasel.
JACK [Looking down toward the tank.] He has a ghost portal? [Cut to Jack in the pink cage with Vlad floating in the foreground.] You have a ghost portal?
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD Of course I have a portal! [Looks off to the side.] Well I, [Puts a finger on his chin.] did. [Vlad turns forward, smiling with his palm out.] It up and exploded on me. [Puts his hands on his hips.] Ah, well, that’s what you get for forgetting to [Raises his eyebrows.] clean the ecto-filtrator. [Shrugs, smiling with his eyes closed.] Hmm? Live and learn. [Close up on Vlad, who opens his eyes.] Or in your case, [Lowers his eyebrows.] die and learn.
Cut to Jack in the cage looking at Vlad floating. Vlad bends his knees and takes flight, the screen panning up to follow him.
Cut to the containment tank.
DANNY Uh-oh.
Zoom in and fade to FentonWorks.
Cut to a nut on the Fenton Portal. A wrench with a green aura starts to wrench at it.
Cut to the Fenton Portal. A vulture on either side is wrenching away at the portal with the wrench in their talons. Pan upward through the ceiling to the dark kitchen, with light spilling in from the doorway. Jazz walks inside.
Cut to Jazz. She stops abruptly with confusion. Her eyes shift back and forth. She turns right.
JAZZ Mom? [Eyes look to the left.] Dad? [Turns to the left, completely confused.] Danny? [A black-gloved hand from below gags her and pulls her down.]
Cut to Maddie, hood-up holding a hand over her daughter and looking away from her.
MADDIE:  [Whispering.] Quiet! [Turns to Jazz.] There are ghosts about!
Pan up. Two vultures fly upward, flapping their wings.
VULTURE GHOST #1 Actually, [Jazz’s and Maddie’s eyes pop wide.] “Ghosts” is a bit insensitive. [Cut to the Vulture Ghost.] We prefer the term “Ecto-Americans”!
Cut to Jazz and Maddie popping onscreen, Jazz with her mouth gaping open, Maddie with fierce determination. She takes out a small green pellet between her finger and her thumb.
Cut to the Vultures floating in the foreground with Jazz and Maddie in the background. Maddie thrusts upward and drops the ball with a grunt, causing a huge smokescreen. When it dissipates, the girls are gone.
Cut to a hallway. Maddie and Jazz are running down it, getting closer to the camera. It pans left as they run off-screen.
Cut to Maddie running.
MADDIE Come on! [Turns behind her.] We have to get to the weapons vault!
Pan right to Jazz running.
JAZZ We have a weapons vault?
Cut to the doorway of the Vault, it has a circular door with a punch pad next to it. Maddie and Jasmine run up.
Cut to Maddie, typing on the keypad. She withdraws her finger as the screen flashes “DENIED”.
MADDIE Darn that man! [Cut to Jazz and Maddie looking at the keypad.] Your father changed the-- [Maddie looks at Jazz. Jazz looks up at her mother.] --password! [They look toward the door.] There’s no way in!
Two vultures land on each of them, turning them blue and intangible. Pan out as they duck down.
Jazz shouts as the vultures phase them through the door.
Cut to the inside of the Vault. Jazz and Maddie slide on the floor on their stomachs. They turn tangible again when they stop. Maddie and Jazz turn toward the door.
MADDIE Ohhhh, great. [Cut to a wall of weapons. Maddie gets up.] We’re stuck!
Jazz gets up.
JAZZ How can we be stuck? [Close up on Jasmine.] It’s not like dad would forget to put a handle on the inside of the door, right? [Cut to the door, there’s a note taped on a wheel on it. Maddie and Jasmine are in the foreground. Zoom in on the note. Reading aloud.] “Note to self: Have Danny install handle on inside of door,-- [Jazz’s hand takes it. Cut to Jasmine, reading off it.] --Jack.” [Lowers her eyelids.]
Cut to Jack, sitting in the cage and pouting. Zoom in.
DANNY You have to listen to me! [Cut to the tank.] We have to get to your house and fast!
Cut to Jack.
JACK Why? So you can gloat while I lose my Fenton Portal and the respect of my son in [Takes his hands off his chin and puts them down.] one fell swoop?
Cut to Danny in the Weasel, looking toward the out pipe.
DANNY You’re gonna lose more than that if your ghost portal explodes.
Cut to Jack, sitting down with his hands on his chin.]
JACK It’s not gonna explode. [Puts one arm on his knee.] I’m sure Danny changed the ecto-filtrator. [Lowers eyebrows.] I told him five times.
Cut to the tank.
DANNY Did he clean the lab?
Cut to Jack.
Cut to the tank.
DANNY Does he clean his room?
Cut to Jack.
JACK [Rolling eyes and sighing.] No.
Cut to the tank.
DANNY Ah, would he, ah, I dunno, forget to install a handle on the inside of a weapons vault, er, something?
Cut to Jack. His eyes pop with realization. Cut to the pink cage. Jack stands up.
JACK Great gobs of ghost goo, [Puts his hands on his head.] that portal’s gonna blow! [Cut to Jack inside the cage with the weasel on the ground.] Ghost kid,-- [Jack picks up the Weasel nozzle and blows Danny out head-first.] --you gotta help me save my family. [Puts his arms down.] If you do,-- [Close up on Jack.] --I’ll set you free.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY Uh… you just did.
Cut to Jack. He slaps his face with his palm. Cut to Danny, smiling.
DANNY Good thing my dad’s a lousy negotiator. [Looks down with heroic bravado. Jack,-- [Raises arms in glee.] --man that’s cool, heh-- [Returns to bravado.] You've got a deal.
Cut to Danny from the back, looking at Jack. He turns intangibly blue, then dives into the ground with his ghost tail. He reappears behind Jack.
Cut to Danny smiling behind Jack. He grabs Jack’s shoulders, turning Jack blue as well.
JACK My tummy feels funny.
Cut to an aerial shot of the cage. Danny flies up out of it with his father in tow, flying over a building off-screen.
Fade to the top of a hill. Tucker and Sam are sweating like crazy as they pedal up the hill in short bursts. The bike bell rings when the trolley full of ghost hunters stops.
Cut to a sweating, panting Tucker popping into the screen.
TUCKER And if you look [Pants and points a finger.] over here,-- [Tucker takes another deep breath and turns to the back.] --you’ll see the top of-- [Breathes in again.]
Cut to the trolley. Tucker is in front pointing, Sam is behind him looking at the hunters. The Guys in white are looking from the front, the Ghostbreakers are standing on the top, and Scaredy Cat is looking out the back window.
Tucker and Sam turn forward as Jack flies overhead, with Danny holding him up.
JACK Happy place, happy place, happy plaaaaace!
Tucker, Sam and the ghost hunters all turn to the back as Jack flies off-screen.
Cut to inside the trolley. The Groovy Gang is beside the Guys in White, with the Caucasian Agent’s hands on the edge. Scaredy Cat peeks in from the back.
CAUCASIAN AGENT It’s Jack Fenton, and the ghost kid!
Pan up to see the Ghostbreakers. They take out a pair of scooters and undo them, stepping on them as the jets ignite, allowing them to blast off and up in a cartoony fashion.
Cut to a purple action background. The Ghostbreakers fly up on their scooters, the first trick has the female lying on her back and the male with his feet over his head. The second trick has the female hanging feet-over-head on her handlebars and the male stretching his feet on both sides off the scooter. The third trick has the female doing a Superman flight while hanging on with one hand on the scooter, and the male is lounging on his scooter. They then go back to normal positions, zooming downward off-screen.
Cut to a hill. The Ghostbreakers land and rolls down it on a path toward the neighborhood leading to the city, Jack Fenton flies overhead.
Close up on the Caucasian Agent.
CAUCASIAN AGENT That’s our collar.
Cut to the African-American Agent.
AFRICAN AMERICAN AGENT [Raising an arm.] And these are my cuffs!
He plucks a white cuff-link off his sleeve and looks at it, a small white square with in antenna with a green ball on it. The antenna extends several segments, panning up to show the Groovy Gang, and twirls around with blade segments sprouting and turning into a buzz saw.
Cut to the Groovy Gang looking at the African-American Agent with the buzz-saw. He brings it down to the metal bar connecting the trolley and the bike, sawing through.
Cut to the trolley. The ghost hunters and the pedaling kids look at the saw cutting through. When the agent lifts it, Tucker and Sam scream as the trolley and the bike rolls quickly off the hill in separate directions.
Cut to the hill. Tucker and Sam brace themselves and scream as they roll super-fast down the steep slope.
Cut to the Ghostbreakers in their jet scooters going downhill. The trolley car full of the rest of the ghost hunters accelerate, rolling past them. They all scream.
Cut to the Guys in White in the trolley. The Groovy Gang and Scaredy Cat pop out. The Caucasian agent reaches into his suit and takes out a small, flat blue square. He chucks it in the air.
Cut to the blue chip. It sparkles.
Cut to Danny flying Jack. The chip lands under Danny’s chest, Jack looks down and Danny braces himself. He begins to glow blue all over and starts slacking the weight, falling earthbound.
Cut to the ground. Danny falls into it and Jack slides on his butt, making a dirt trench. When he stops, he looks down and jumps to the side. Danny’s hands are seen in the ground in their “holding Jack” position, with some pink smoke coming from it.
Cut to Danny’s hands. Jack’s own gloved hand grabs one of them and pulls Danny out like a radish.
Cut to Danny, pouting at Jack, who is holding him up. Jack releases his grip and Danny lands on the ground again.
Cut to Jack and Danny. Danny is seen from the back, Jack is looking up in fear. Danny turns around and gasps.
Cut to a speeding trolley of ghost hunters. They all scream and screech as they try to stop. When the trolley stops, it tips over, and the ghost hunters all jump out at the last second.
Cut to Danny and Jack, both panic.
Cut to the Ghostbreakers on their jet powered scooters. Scene rotates.
Cut to the Ghostbreakers about to crash into the tipped-over trolley. They crash with a large, smoky impact. When the smoke dissipates, it shows both Ghostbreakers, smiling and with dazed haloes, with red and yellow stars. Soon, they disappear. Zoom out to show the whole trolley. The Male Ghostbreaker’s leg moves as they both jump out through their holes, raising their arms high and bending their knees in the air.
They land safely. The female steps aside and turns to the male, who reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small flour-sack object. He tosses it into the air, then kicks it to the female, she turns and kicks it back. She bends down as the male knocks it on his knee-pad, causing it to fly off-screen. The male lands as the female takes a super-high leap.
Cut to the air. The sack is sailing through the air. The girl leaps up and turns to kick it with her roller blade. The sack, shown to have a green, ghost-like smiling face, sails away.
Cut to a purple action background. The sack, supercharged with ghost energy, comes on screen.
Cut to Danny. Jack runs onscreen and pushes him behind him. Jack braces himself.
JACK Look out for that hackey--! [Jack suddenly looks with realization.Cut to the sack. It flies toward the camera. The screen fills up with green goo oozing everywhere, with the purple onomatopoeia word “SPLAT!” Cut to Jack, still braced, annoyed, and dripping with green goo.] --Sack. [Danny pops out from behind Jack. Jack looks to him.] Just so you know, I don’t enjoy helping you.
Cut to a farther shot of Danny and Jack. Danny jumps out from behind Jack and turns to him, annoyed and with hands on his hips.
DANNY Then don’t! [Tenses.] I can take care of these [Outstretches his arm and points.] idiots! [Cut to Danny. He pulls Jack to him by the collar, looks up at him, and points behind himself.] Go save our family! [Stumbles.] Ah—I-I mean yours! [Danny perspires as Jack looks at him funny.] Your family. [Looks to the audience.] Not mine.
Cut to a farther shot of Danny and the ectoplasm-coated Jack. Danny puts his pointing hand on his waist and releases Jack. Pan right. Danny looks with seriousness at Jack, who it to the right and off-screen.
Cut to Danny. He hunches down a little with a smug expression, then turns to the left and takes flight.
Cut to Scaredy Cat. Zoom out a little as Danny pops into the scene.
Scaredy Cat begins to shiver and perspire. Cut to a farther shot of Scaredy Cat and Danny floating horizontally. The cat jumps up wildly and panics, looking at Danny. Danny is floating in midair in a lying-on-stomach daydream pose with an amused smile. Scaredy Cat then reaches off to the left and runs in mid-air, disappearing off-screen with a puff of smoke.
Cut to all six ghost hunters. They all look super-scared. They all jump back and scream as Scaredy Cat decks them all and causes them to bounce.
Cut to a field. The ghost hunters land on top of each other, with Scaredy Cat on the Groovy Gang, on the Ghostbreakers, on the Guys in White. They are all dazed with yellow and red stars.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY Oh man, [Floats back a little with his ghostly tail.] this is just too easy.
Danny flies off-screen.
Cut to the Nasty Burger.
Cut to the dumpster of the Nasty Burger. Danny floats onto the scene, carrying all the ghost hunters in a pile over his head.
Cut to Danny with all the ghost hunters overhead. He tosses them down. They all scream.
Cut to the dumpster. All the ghost hunters land inside it.
Cut to Danny, floating just above the dumpster. He flies to the lid and slams it closed. Then he lands safely.
Cut to Danny next to the dumpster, proud of his work. Pan right as Danny hunches down to inexplicably pick up a small, brown, stray dog. The dog pants and yips.
DANNY Get the kitty! [Danny opens the lid and puts the dog inside.] Get him!
Danny closes the lid and holds it down, smiling as the cat meows in panic. The lid vibrates.
MALE GHOSTBREAKER [In the dumpster.] This reeks-- [Danny holds down his head, eyes shut.] --to the extreme!
When the lid stops vibrating, Danny turns to the right in a battle pose.
DANNY Now, to stop Plasmius!
He takes off flying. Cut to a street lined with houses. Danny flies onscreen from the bottoms and turns to the left, panning left as he disappears into the night.
Fade and zoom in to FentonWorks. Fade and zoom in on the lab. Vlad is seen from the back, floating there. The three vultures are by the portal, one of them is trying to take a bolt from the portal.
Cut to the vulture. He is on the portal, pulling as hard as he can to get the bolt out. When it’s finally out of the hole, it weighs him down, causing him to crash to the floor.
Cut to the lab. Vlad walks onscreen.
VLAD I don’t suppose you could move any faster?
Cut to the lab. The vulture pops onscreen.
VULTURE GHOST #2 We’re 2008 years old. [Raises his wings, they look like green flames.] Be happy we’re moving at all.
Cut to Vlad, floating.  The Fenton Fisher line hooks itself around him, having him bound. Vlad is surprised.
VLAD What the--?
Zoom out to reveal Jack holding the Fenton Fisher. Vlad turns to him.
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. [Raises his arms a little.] I get to waste you in your own home? [Laughs.] This is the greatest day [Resumes position.] of my life.
Vlad glows green with ghostly energy. The screen turns teal as Vlad breaks out of the Fenton Fisher line with a triumphant “Ha!” The background resumes normality.
VLAD [Pointing off-screen and looking the other way.] Get him.
Cut to the three vultures. They fly to the right and off-screen.
Cut to the lab. Danny’s invisible head pokes through the wall intangibly.
DANNY Dad! [Danny phases fully through the wall and assumes a battle pose.] I better--
Danny is interrupted as he floats to the side, avoiding Jack who steps onscreen with a green-glowing Jack-O-Nine-Tails. Zoom out as Jack thrusts the weapon behind him, and whips it forward.
Cut to a vulture flying onscreen and stopping with a vulture call. He screams as the three ends of the device impact him, causing him to disappear with a flash of light.
Freeze frame. A vulture is being hit by the ropes in a purple background. Zoom out and rotate to show Jack whipping it from the bottom.
Freeze Frame. A vulture is being strangled by the ropes on a turquoise background. Zoom out and rotate to reveal Jack, jumping into the air and grasping the device with two hands.
Freeze Frame. A vulture is shown bound by ropes with mouth gaping wide upon a purple background. Zoom out to reveal Jack with a serious gaze holding the weapon in the foreground.
Cut to the lab. Jack pops up onscreen with the device. The ropes retract into it. Jack blows over the top of it.
Cut to the wall of the lab. Danny’s invisible face pops onscreen.
Cut to Danny floating invisibly while Jack assumes a fighting stance.
JACK Nobody’s wasting Jack Fenton while his family’s in danger.
He runs to the left and offscreen. Danny floats off where Jack was.
Cut to Jack from the back, running. Pan left to the Fenton Portal. Jack stops abruptly as Vlad floats down onscreen in front of him, crossing his arms and raising his nose.
VLAD Oh please, fool. [Vlad leans his chest toward Jack and puts his hands on his hips.] Your family’s in danger-- [Jack steps back, Vlad points.] --every time you pick up a butter knife.
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD It’s time-- [Vlad puts his hands and straightens out one of his gloves.] --someone put you out of their misery.
Cut to Jack and Vlad, retaining poses. Vlad does a punch-sweep at Jack, knocking him back, causing the screen to pan right. Jack screams.
Cut to Jack, landing in front of a counter full of beakers and flasks. There are two metal gloves on it. All the beakers and flasks scatter and shatter, but the gloves fall on Jack as he puts his hand on his head. He looks at the gloves.
Cut to Jack, getting up.
JACK I might be a goof, I might mess up, but when my family’s at stake-- [Zoom out to a teal background to reveal Jack holding up and wearing the gloves.] --the gloves are off! [He looks up with realization and shifts his eyes side-to-side He turns his hands and looks at them as the background changes to the lab.] Well, technically they’re on, but [Points.] you get the point.
Cut to Vlad floating in front of the portal. He flies closer to the camera to the right, the screen becoming teal as he does.
Cut to Jack. His gloves start to glow green and he gets ready to land a punch.
Close up on Vlad. He gasps.
Freeze Frame. Jack is seen on a pink background. Zoom out and rotate to reveal he is in the air and lands a blow on Vlad.
Freeze Frame. Jack is seen looking down on his green-glowing gloves on blue. Zoom out and rotate to reveal Jack jumping on Vlad and bashing him over the head.
Freeze Frame. Jack is holding his gloves up on purple. Zoom out and rotate to reveal him uppercutting Vlad.
Cut to Danny, invisible with feet on the floor.
DANNY Whoa, he’s all over this! [Clenches his fists.] Which means-- [With a flash of light, two rings transform him into Danny Fenton.] --it’s time to do my chores! [Danny runs off-screen.]
Cut to Danny running past a green-stain coated wall. The counter has a box with a half-eaten pizza, spilled soda cans, a plate with some old ice cream on it, and a paper cup with a straw. Vlad screams off-screen as Jack rushes by and wipes him on the counter. The counter sparkles.
DANNY [Popping onscreen.] Well, the table’s clear.
Cut to a rack of test tubes and a couple beakers, full of goo and some spilled. Vlad is thrummed head-fist onto the table.
DANNY [Off-screen.] Beakers are taken care of…
Zoom out to reveal Jack holding Vlad down. On the counter beside him are a number of smashed beakers and wall stains.
Jack raises Vlad and throws him off-screen.
Cut to Vlad, being thrown back. Pan left as he lands back-first on the wall, grunting in pain. He lands on his knees with his hands glowing pink, raising them to create one pink beam.
Cut to Jack. He reaches off-screen to the left and holds out an overflowing trash can. The pink beam disintegrates it, can and all. Jack releases his grip. He then starts clapping the pink dust off his hands.
Close up on Danny.
DANNY Aaand the trash has been taken out. [Zoom out to reveal the portal behind Danny.] Which means I have (turns to the portal) plenty of time for-- [Danny runs toward the blinking ecto-filtrator.]
Cut to the portal. Danny runs onscreen and starts to fiddle with the controls. He is bathed in green light.
Cut to Danny, a green light blinks on his face. An intercom is visible behind him.
INTERCOM Ghost Portal to explode-- [Danny turns to it, panicking.] --in 30. [Danny turns away from it, still panicking.] 29. 28. 27. 26. [After 29, cut to Danny rushing to the filtrator, turning the red knob, pressing buttons on the green keypad, the green cylinder falls off and into Danny’s hands as smoke comes out of the machine. Danny sweats liberally.]
DANNY The new filtrator. [Close up on a perspiring Danny.] Where’s the new filtrator?! [Cut to Danny, sweating and holding the old cylinder. Jack’s glove comes in from the right holding the new one.] Uh--I probably should've done this [Puts down his hands meekly.] any of the five times that you told me to.
Cut to Danny and Jack.
JACK I’m sort of glad you didn’t.
Danny takes Jack’s and gives Jack his own.
Cut to Vlad, flying up onscreen. He bends backwards and flies forward, yelling a battle cry.
Cut to Jack. He turns right, lifts up the canister and takes a breath, blowing out a wave of green ectoplasm.
Cut to Vlad flying as the green wave comes for him. He screams as he is flung off-screen.
Cut to the ceiling of the lab. Vlad floats back, covering his eyes with his gook-coated arm. He rubs his eyes with his clean black gloves. Jack’s glove reaches in and grabs Vlad by the chest, pulling him down.
Cut to Jack. He pulls Vlad to him. Then he turns and pulls a lever on the counter beside him. It dings.
Pan left to Danny holding the canister by the filtrator. He turns as the portal’s doors open.
Cut to Vlad, scarred and disheveled, in Jack hand.
VLAD It’s not possible. You’re an idiot! AN IDIOT!
Cut to Danny by the portal. Jack walks onscreen with Vlad.
JACK Maybe so,--[Cut to Jack. He pulls Vlad toward him.] --but I’m the idiot who beat you.
Cut to Jack holding Vlad in one hand, the other glove glowing green. He sweeps Vlad up and lands a blow on him as he falls. Vlad is knocked back, screaming in pain.
Cut to the lab. Vlad flies back into the portal. Danny, holding the canister, turns to the portal as Vlad floats through it. The portal doors slam shut.
Cut to Danny, turning right.
DANNY That was awesome!
Cut to Danny holding the canister. Jack walks up.
JACK Aren't you forgetting something? Again?
A bell dings. Danny and Jack look up.
INTERCOM Ghost Portal to explode-- [Jack and Danny panic as Danny lifts up the canister. Cut to Jack and Danny, stumbling as the canister switches hands.] --in 5. [Danny catches it.] --4. [Jack and Danny smile.]
Cut to FentonWorks. With a flash of white light, the screen becomes a giant mushroom cloud. Zoom out to reveal the whole thing on a laptop on the table in the kitchen.
Cut to Jack and Danny at the table. On the table are two paper cups with straws, a bowl of popcorn, and the laptop with the Fenton “F” logo on the back.
JACK Ah, you see? [Raises a palm.] That’s exactly what would happen if you don’t change the ecto-filtrator [Leans back.] every six months.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY Why do you even have this simulation on your [Raises a palm.] laptop?
Pan left to Jack.
JACK So I never forget to tell you why it’s important to change the ecto-filtrator.
Cut to Jack and Danny at the table.
DANNY I won’t. [Danny and Jack get up. Danny points up at Jack.] And you shouldn't forget this. [Danny knocks his elbow into Jack.] I’m really proud of you, Dad. [Danny raises his arms out.] I can’t believe you beat that ghost back into the Ghost Zone. [Danny puts down his arms, Jack puts his gigantic hand over Danny’s shoulders.]
JACK Aw, thanks Danny. [They walk off to the left and the screen pans as they walk. Jack points a finger up.] So, from here on in--
Cut to Danny.
DANNY [Pointing up a finger.] I’ll remember my chores--
Cut to Jack.
JACK --and I’ll remember that my actions have consequences to others. [Cut Jack Danny walking.] Especially family.
Jack and Danny walk past the door to the weapons vault. Yellow effort signs are shown as Maddie and Jasmine shout and pound on the door.
MADDIE [In the vault.] Jack! Let us out!
JAZZ  [Simultaneously.] Dad! Dad! Jack! [Short pause.] Man that’s cool.
Fade to the Ghost Zone. Pan right to a Ghost Portal. Vlad, dirty and disheveled, is knocked hands-first through it, and it disappears quickly, disallowing him passage back.
Cut to Vlad.
VLAD Unbelievable. Jack Fenton beat me. [Sticks his chest up.] Me!
The glass case of the Skeleton Key floats up to his back. Vlad turns to it and takes it in his hands.
VLAD And yet here I am.
Cut to Vlad and the case. Skulls are on each vertex, and the green key with the skull on it is on the purple, tasseled pillow.
VLAD Holding the key I’ve been searching for. [Puts the case down.] Oh, Jack Fenton, even in success, you fail!
A roaring is heard and a shadow envelops Vlad, who looks with sudden realization. He turns right.
Cut to Vlad from the back holding the case. In front of him is the tail and chest of the red Behemoth. Pan up to reveal it and it’s four arms ready, smiling at its prey.
Cut to Vlad, dwarfed by the Behemoth. The Behemoth shrieks, bends down and eats him whole, getting up to swallow him.
VLAD [In the Behemoth.] Oh, BUTTER BISCUITS!
Iris out. Cut to the end screen. Fade to black.
End Title Card Screen
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