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The episode opens with an establishing shot of a large multileveled platform, covered with observatories, floating in the Ghost Zone. Indistinguishable chatter can be heard.
Unknown voice Order! Order!
The camera zooms in on the observatory before it cuts to a bright green eye
Unknown voice The Observant High Council tribunal is now in session.
’’Camera pans out to show that the speaker is an observant with several other observants in the stands’’
Observant Speaker Bring in the prisoner.
Container comes out of the ground.
Observant speaker For centuries the prisoner has plagued the planet Earth with horrible and unpredictable meteorological events. Cities have been wiped out, countless lives have been endangered. Observant high council, what say you?
High Council Guilty. Guilty.
Observant speaker Before we pronounce sentence, have you anything to say Vortex.
Vortex Yes. (wheezes) Fry!
Observant speaker Your weather powers are rendered inert by our spectral barometer, Vortex. There is no possible way for you to escape.
Guard Oh I wouldn't say that.
Unnamed guard blasts the Obervant and the guard next to it. The stadium of Observants jump out of their seats to attack him.
Vortex Who are you?
Vlad (Taking off his helmet) Plasmius. Vlad Plasmius.
Vlad breaks the glass and frees Vortex.
Vortex Free. Finally. Free!
Vlad Yes, yes. No need to thank me.
Vortex Thank you? Vortex thanks no one. You should be rejoicing that I even allow you in my presence. (wheezes) Fly speck. Now stand aside as I unleash the full (wheezes) fury of my power on that meaningless planet Earth.
Vlad Unleashing your power on the Earth? That's funny, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Vortex Please. I'll do anything you ask.
Vlad Yes, yes you will. And I have a vivid imagination.
Theme song
Open on a boiling hot day in Amity Park.
Tucker Man, I can't ever remember it being this hot for so long. Can you Danny?
Sam Uh oh. Looks like commander crab is off fighting the happys again.
Tucker No worries. My Foley Mood Meddler, patent pending, will take care of that in a flash.
The screen inside the Mood Meddler is of two girls playing beach volleyball and giggling. The beach ball is replaced by Tucker's head.
Tucker Hello ladies.
Danny Will you get this thing offa me?
Tucker Must have some bugs to work out.
Danny Yeah. In your head.
Vlad My dearest citizens. Our current heat wave and subsequent water shortage have thrown Amity Park into a state of emergency. But being as I am your mayor, and many of you are undoubtedly questioning why or even how you voted for me, I vow that the fortunes of Amity Park are about to change with this. My very own rain machine.
Tucker There's no way Vlad's gonna make it rain with that thing.
Danny So, why are we even wasting our time here?
Tucker Because your dad is Vlad's biggest supporter?
Jack Give me a V! Give me an L! Come on people work with me here.
Danny (Jack is still cheering in the background) Ugh. He's probably gonna keep this up until Vlad isn't the mayor anymore.
Sam Will we have to deal with your cruddy attitude til then, too?
Danny I'm sorry, guys. I-I just can't help being embarrassed. And annoyed. It's not like I can turn off my emotions.
Tucker If only Vlad's machine could change your mood swings. He'd be on to something.
Vlad Well I'll have to work on that, won't I? But for now my loyal consitutents will have to settle for a sudden change of weather.
Vortex So that dolt is tired of the heat wave he ordered. Very well then. Let there be rain!
Danny Sorry V-man, looks like your weather machine's a total--
It suddenly starts raining. The crowd starts cheering "rain" as it pours. Vlad's security staff pass out umbrellas with Vlad's face on them.
Sam Whenever I think Vlad's crazy I forget to add "like a fox." There is no way he actually made it rain.
A car drives by and splashes Danny with water. An umbrella hits him in the head.
Danny Ow!
Lance Thunder There's just no ducking the rain here in Amity Park and that's the best news in weeks. The drought is over and we all have our super neato mayor Vlad Masters to thank. We owe you a debt of graditude Mr. Mayor. Feel free to send us the bill. (A duck bites his finger) Ow! Get this thing off me! Or bring me some orange sauce!
Vlad Vortex my boy, you have done well. My approval ratings are up a whopping 82%.
Vortex I am good, aren't I? But this paltry rain is just the tip of the iceberg. (wheezes) Like the one I'll create in the middle of the Sahara (breathes) once I'm free.
Vlad And I'll be anxious to see that, as soon as you stop the rain.
Vortex Stop the rain? The weather is my art. I will not just stop it. Did anyone ask Picasso to stop painting the Mona Lisa?
Vlad That was DaVinci you dolt.
Vortex Whatever. Bottom line: the rain stays!
Vlad shocks Vortex, who shoots back and destroys the control device.
Vortex A pleasure doing business with you. (laughs as he flies away)
Vlad, as Plasmius, goes after Vortex.
Vortex Since you refused my freedom, I'll see to it that your (wheezes) pathetic village endures the worst (wheezes) storm ever created! (Breathes) Time to unleash (wheezes) the maelstrom!
Vlad gets knocked into an alley and changed back.
Citizen Smile Mayor Masters.
The citizen takes a picture of Vlad collapsed on the ground.
Lance Thunder All residents are advised by Mayor Masters, who is totally to blame for this mess by the way, to board up your windows and batten down your hatches. This is Lance Thunder saying…run for your lives! I quit!
Jazz This is awful!
Jack I'll say. Vladdie's approval ratings are down to 23%
Jazz He's really ruined things with this rain storm. It's a major emergency.
A gust of wind blows in the window.
Jack Right. There's only one place to be in an emergency. The Emergency Ops Center.
Jack pops his head in the hatch leading up to the Ops Center. Cut to a big gust of wind blowing it away. Cut to Jack's head, still out of the ceiling, now wet from the rain.
Jack Although the guest bathroom is kinda comfy, too. I hide snacks in there.
Danny Ow!
Jack Nothing like a little spring rain to freshen things up around here, eh Danny.
Danny Spring rain? Those are 85 mph winds. Dad, how can you blindly ignore the fact that all of this destruction was probably caused by your old college pal?
Jack Danny don't get so emotional. Vladdie would never do something like that.
Danny How do you know?
Jack B-because he's…Vlad.
Vlad turns Danny intangible and pulls him through the floor.
Jack Give me a V! (Danny is gone) Someone's gonna give me a V or there's gonna be trouble.
Danny Oof. Plasmius. Nice weather we're having.
Vlad Ah yes. The obligatory weather pun. How original. But I have no time to take exception, I must resort to humiliatingly desperate measures.
Vlad approaches Danny.
Vlad Daniel, I need your help.
Cut to Phantom and Plasmius flying through the storm towards a giant green cloud shaped like a skull.
Danny Nice move Plasmius. Unleashing an evil weather ghost just so you could look good to the voters?
Vlad I don't expect you to understand my reasons Danny. The important thing is if we're going to defeat Vortex we're going to have to do it together.
Vortex Come to admire my greatness up close?
Vlad Uh, no. I just wanted to introduce you to a friend. Danny, Vortex. Vortex, Danny. Well gotta fly. Ta.
Danny My hero.
Vortex A ghost boy? So you're the one they call Danny (wheezes) Phantom.
Danny Actually you'll find I'm more than one these days. Ugh come on, come on. (Danny duplicates to form 3 more Dannys) I did it!
Two of the Dannys fire ectoblasts at Vortex. They do no damage and Vortex blows a gust of wind on them, forcing the 4 Dannys back into 1.
Newswoman Breaking news over Amity Park. Amity Park's own hero Danny Phantom is engaged in an epic battle with what appears to be some sort of weather ghost.
Maddie Danny should see this. Where is he a--
Jazz Uhhh, he's at Sam's. He called. He's fine.
Maddie Anyway?
Vortex Ugh your dreary efforts bore me ghost boy. I was expecting a more (wheezes) electrifying performance from you.
They fight. Danny gets hit with electricity from Vortex and is blasted into a nearby sporting goods store.
Vortex Now to show the rest of the world the fury of (wheezes) Vortex.
Sam and Tucker Danny!
Commercial break
Sam and Tucker ride up to the collapsed store on their scooters.
Sam Hurry Tucker. Danny's in there.
Danny climbs out of the rubble wearing various items from the store. The crowd nearby laughs at him.
Danny Hey. (Starts glowing red) Quit laughing at me.
A thunderstorm suddenly appears.
Sam Oh great. More weather fun.
Vlad Calm down everyone. Calm down. Mayor Masters is here. Rest assured everything's fine.
Danny You. (Glows red) Do you have any clue what you've done?!
Clouds form above them and a tornado touches down and chases Vlad.
Tucker Okay that's weird. It's almost as if Danny caused that twister.
Sam and Tucker look over to Danny who is still glowing red. Cut to the GAV driving.
Jack If that weather ghost is around here I'll show him a pressure zone he'll never forget!
Jack and Maddie scream as the GAV quickly stops. Vlad runs in front of the road past the GAV. The Fentons turn to see where he was running from and they scream as the GAV is swept up in the twister.
Danny No!
Danny immediately stops glowing red and the twister is gone in an instant, dropping the GAV which safely crashed into some trees.
Maddie Jack are you okay?
Jack Sure thing sweetcakes. The airbags didn't deploy but thank goodness for the big Vlad head.
Danny runs to the base of the trees the GAV is stuck in.
Sam Danny! Wait!
Danny I've gotta go help my parents!
Tucker Your parents are fine. It's you we're worried about.
Sam Call us nuts but we just saw the weather change 3 times in sync with your mood.
Vlad That's preposterous.
Danny Back off Masters.
A tiny cloud forms over Vlad's head and strikes him with lightning. He screams and runs away but the cloud chases after him.
Tucker See what we mean?
Danny I-I have felt kinda…tingly since that lighting ball blew up my force field.
Vlad The electricity passing through your ecto shield must have caused you to absorb some of Vortex's weather controlling power.
Sam Meaning you need to take a deep breath and calm down before we have another storm like the last one.
Danny takes a deep breath and the clouds dissipate.
Danny I've heard of having a sunny disposition but this is nuts.
Cut to Vlad's office where Sam and Tucker are trying to keep Danny cool and relaxed.
Vlad Curses. Just when I'm on the verge of a triump, the rollercoaster emotions of a-a-a teenager threaten my plans.
Danny Hey! You brought the guy here in the first place.
Danny glows blue and gusts of wind blow open the windows. Sam and Tucker push through to get back to Danny to calm him down.
Sam and Tucker Clam down!
Danny takes a deep breath and the wind stops.
Sam Easy big guy. Keep it mellow.
The implications here are serious, Daniel. Your anger could cause cyclones, your sadness monsoons. You're going to have to remain here and keep calm until your friends can find Vortex and bring him back here.
Tucker What about you?
Vlad Negative. The mayor's absence in the wake of disaster would create civic unease.
Sam Uh huh. Along with the instant end of your political career and all subsequent evil plans.
Vlad Ha ha ha touché. (Sighs) I'm afraid I'll have to take it upon myself to keep Danny safe and calm until you complete the task.
Danny Me stay with you? Forget it!
Vlad Will you quit doing that?
Tucker Look on the bright side, Danny. Until we get back, he's gonna have to cater to your every whim and desire.
Sam Yeah. He wouldn't wanna make you angry.
Danny This pleases me.
Cut to Vlad's mansion. Danny is inside eating a sandwhich.
Danny (spits out sandwich) Hello? I specifically said no tomato!
Vlad pops his head out of the kitchen, banana split in hand and a mini twister chases him around the room.
Cut to Fentonworks where Jack is welding the Ops Center to the roof.
Jack Locked down tighter than a drum. This baby won't be going anywhere for a while.
The Ops Center breaks free from Fenton Works. The blimp opens up and it flies away.
Jack Note to self: never tighten any drums.
Cut to Sam and Tucker inside the Fenton blimp.
Sam We ditched school and stole the Fenton blimp. We'd better find Vortex and bring him back to cure Danny or we're going to jail for life.
Tucker We'll find him. We've got the most reliable forecasting tool known to man. The Atmosphere Channel.
Offshore Flo At the top of the hour, I'm Offshore Flo. Severe weather conditions with faces are now in effect on all four corners of the globe. Our Accumatronic 4000 radar indicates another major storm front rapidly approaching Venice, Italy.
Tucker pushes some buttons and the blimp turns into a jet. He activates the auto pilot.
Auto Jack This is Auto Jack saying "Chicks dig guys who fly."
Tucker We're setting a new course. Take us to Italy.
Cut back to Amity Park at the Amity Park Convention Center.
Danny Thanks for taking me to the vid convention, Uncy Vlad.
Cut to inside where Danny and Vlad are playing a game against each other.
Vlad Oh don't mention it, dear boy. If this makes you happy then so be it. You know how much I care for you. Ha! Eat that wimp!
Danny Hey no fair!
Danny glows red as the temperature inside skyrockets, setting off the sprinklers and shorting out all of the electronics in the convention center.
Danny Gee. Looks like your rain machine works like a charm Mr. Mayor.
A man walks up to the pair.
Manager Yeah and now you're gonna have to buy every ruined video game in the place Mr. Mayor.
Vlad writes out a cheque. Cut to Venice where it suddenly freezes over.
Vortex Buongiorno Venecia. (laughs) My reign of terror continues…al dente.
Sam There he is!
Vortex attacks the jet.
Tucker I don't think we're gonna be able to stop him. The weather is catastrophic all over the world.
Sam Almost all over the world. Here's what we're gonna do. Vortex you must be pretty proud of yourself right about now.
Vortex Oh you know it. I have succeeded in distrupting weather patterns (wheezes) all over the globe. (wheezes) I (wheezes) am the perfect storm.
Sam Well Mr. Perfect, seems there's one place in the world where the weather is calm and clear. Good ol' Amity Park.
Vortex What?! Surely you're mistaken. My power (wheezes) reaches to the ends of the Earth.
Tucker Not in Amity Park. Danny Phantom scared you away.
Vortex No one scares me.
Vortex flies off to Amity Park and Sam and Tucker follow. Cut to Amity Park.
Danny This has been a great time Uncy Vlad. I really must tie my emotions to the weather more often. And I'm really looking forward ot that foot massage.
Vlad Anything for you dear boy. Keeping you calm and happy is my motto, you know.
Vortex Where is he?
Vlad And now my job is done.
Vlad transforms into Plasmius and throws Danny outside.
Danny Uncy Vlad?
Vlad Let's go water boy.
Vlad grabs Danny. Cut to Vortex destroying Amity Park.
Vlad Vortex! Stop this insanity and remove the child's weather changing abilities at once.
Vlad throws Danny at Vortex. He is caught mid-air by the Fenton jet. Danny opens his eyes and looks at his friends inside.
Danny Hey guys, perfect timing. I could use your help. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, Tucker I need your virtual reality helmet.
Tucker We need to harness your mood power to defeat Vortex.
Danny No problem maestro. Play me like a violin. Hey Vortex! Today's forecast: partly cloudy with a chance of pain!
Vortex Ha. Is that the best you can do? I am invincible.
Danny Okay Tucker, let's do it.
Danny puts on the Foley Mood Meddler and the jet clamps on to Danny.
Tucker Commencing Operation: Mess with Danny's emotions.
Tucker pushes a button and activates the Mood Meddler. Cut to Danny, then cut to the screen inside the helmet. Five Paulinas are running across a beach.
Paulinas Come and run with us Danny.
Danny smiles. The Paulinas run off screen and five Dashes run along the beach.
Dashes Hey Fenton.
Danny frowns.
Sam Ugh darn it Dash.
Sam Hey. It's working.
Vortex This is not my nature!
Tucker Fire two.
Danny Aww such cute animals. They all look so…sad.
Vortex (Growls in frustration) The elements are mine to control. (Roars)
Danny (gasps) Hey Sam. Great day for a picnic, huh?
Mood turns to happy. Weather clears up.
Sam Okay Danny. Now!
Danny is released from the jet and he takes off the helmet. Danny flies towards Vortex who hits him with electricity again. In the jet, Sam pushes away the auto Jack and takes the wheel.
Vortex Agh very clever ghost punk. But let's see if you can handle this. What? I'm powerless?
Danny And I'm not!
Vortex Noooo!
Sam Danny, you still look really angry.
Danny I'm totally angry. Vlad's ego almost caused the entire town to be destroyed.
Tucker But the sun's still shining. That means your emotions aren't tied to the weather anymore.
Danny Great.
Cut to FentonWorks.
Danny Well that's that. Vortex is back with the Observants and the weather is fine. Now we can go back to ignoring Mayor Vlad's little escapades.
Vlad And so good citizens I promised you rain and yes I delivered. Despite Danny Phantom and his ghost friends wreaking havoc with it.
Danny What? He's trying to pin this whole mess on me?
Sam What else is new?
Tucker That's Vlad for ya. Always tryin' to steal your thunder. Good one, huh?
Danny and Sam walk off. Tucker puts on the Mood Meddler.
Tucker (Inside the Mood Meddler) That's Vlad for ya. Always tryin' to steal your thunder. Good one, huh?
Inside the Mood Meddler Danny and Sam laugh at Tucker's joke.
Tucker (Speaking outside the helmet) Much better. Modern technology to the rescue again.
End of episode