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Transmogrification is the power to transform a being or object into another form of matter. While similar, shapeshifting is a different power that relies on using inherent abilities to change one's own shape.

Sub-Power(s): Power Granting, Power Stripping, Voice Manipulation


In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," Technus used a remote from his battlesuit that was from Jack Fenton's stuff and turned Danny into a few different forms, from a cowboy to a women and to an alien that looks like Spock from Star Trek. Danny later grabbed the remote and reversed the effects and turn himself back to normal.

In "Fright Night," the Soul Shredder transforms multiple ordinary objects into animated monsters.

As seen in "Reality Trip," the Gem of Form on the Reality Gauntlet has the power to transform beings or objects into other things. Freakshow used it to create monsters out of two oil trucks through the Gem of Form and brings them to life with the Gem of Life. The gem itself turns a horde of goths into cute, fluffy teddy bears (which Danny later reverses). Freakshow uses it multiple times, including when he turns Danny into gelatin. When Danny was upstaging him, Freakshow used the Gauntlet, and all four gems blaze white. when the light clears, he has transformed into a ghost with four arms, wings, and a face on its chest. Danny uses the gem while wearing the gauntlet at the end to turn a vat of acid into a giant duck-shaped inflatable pool to save his friends and family. He then turns Lydia into a fish, a mallet, an apple, a teddy bear, and then herself again. Danny later uses the Gauntlet to change Freakshow back into his human form and strip him of his powers.

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