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The University of Wisconsin is where Maddie, Jack, and Vlad attended college.


In "Bitter Reunions," Jack responds to Jazz's questions about their childhood, specifically their college days, by pulling out an invitation to a Wisconsin University college reunion and suggesting they attend. A majority of the episode is used to reference an incident that happened between Jack and Vlad Masters that strained their relationship.

In " Masters of All Time, " Danny travels back in time to this college. People in stereotypical 80s clothing are seen all over the courtyard including one individual that is break dancing while a crowd watches on. There he sees the campus bulletin board with a green flyer announcing a "Ghost Portal Experiment  Room 101 Science building . Danny is seen phasing through the roof of said classroom where the younger versions of Vlad Masters, Maddie and Jack Fenton are seen setting up the ghost prototype. In the original timeline Vlad receives a blast of ectoplasmic directly to the face, afflicting him with ectoacne, and causing to run out of the room in panic. In the altered timeline Vlad is pushed out of the way by Danny, Vlad saves Maddie, the blast ricochets, it hits Jack, and infects him with ectoacne. This causes Jack to run out of the room in panic


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