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The University of Wisconsin is where Maddie, Jack, and Vlad attended college.


In "Bitter Reunions", Jack responds to Jazz's questions about his and Maddie's past by pulling out an invitation to a college reunion party for their class at the University of Wisconsin, suggesting that they all attend. Later, Jack flashes back to their college days, describing the incident that led to Vlad's ghost powers in one of the university's science labs.

In "Masters of All Time", Danny travels back in time to his parents' college days at the University of Wisconsin. He sees plenty of students dressed in stereotypical '80s clothing all over the campus courtyard. He then sees a green flyer on the campus bulletin board, announcing a "Ghost Portal Experiment" in Room 101 of the science building. Danny phases through the ceiling of the classroom and watches as past versions of Vlad, Maddie, and Jack proceed with their portal prototype experiment.

In the original timeline, Vlad is hit with a blast of ectoplasm to the face, leading to a case of ecto-acne and his ghost powers. In the altered timeline, Danny pushes Vlad out of the way, leaving the ectoplasmic blast to ricochet around the room. Here, Vlad saves Maddie, and Jack is instead hit with the blast, giving him ecto-acne and ghost powers.


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  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a real University, and was founded in 1848 as depicted in the show.

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