"Urban Jungle" is the forty-sixth episode in the TV-series Danny Phantom.

When a villainous and formidable plant ghost conqures Amity Park, a chilly Danny must cope with him as well as his newfound ice powers before it is too late. A video game of the same name, based on this episode, was also released for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS consoles.

Episode Recap

After Sam waters the plants in her greenhouse and collects the various fruits and vegetables from them for lunch, she is met with Tucker and Danny, the latter donned in his winter jacket, freezing to the bone despite the warm weather (not to mention it's at least 95 degrees in Sam's greenhouse). Danny can't explain it, only that he just can't seem to get warm ever since he woke up that morning.

When he touches Tucker, he shivers just like him and he admits that it is indeed weird. Danny dismisses it as a bug he's coming down with, and the trio leaves for school as a trail of cold softly leaves Danny's body and freezes Sam's Venus flytrap, unknowingly to the three.

Outside, the trio passes a construction site approved and administered by Mayor Vlad. While Sam expresses her hatred over the destruction of nature, Danny and Tucker are a lot less caring. The boys are marveling at the new places being built (such as a new arcade and hot dog joint) and try to convince Sam that there's nothing wrong with "progress".

Sam doesn't believe in Vlad's beautification campaign in the slightest and sticks to the positive fact that disrespecting nature like this can be dangerous. Just as she finishes their conversation with that statement, almost on-cue, the ground suddenly cracks open and reveals plants and vines, eventually forming into giant plant monster, Undergrowth, the ghost master of all things plants and vegitation. Infuriated over his "children" constantly being run down, he unleashes his full fury on the construction site, prompting Tucker to frighteningly ask for a weed wacker.

Undergrowth monologues about "progress" destroying acres of nature and declares that he will destroy all humans to make room for his new "offspring". Sam tries to empathize with the monster and convince him that there are better ways to go about it, such as starting a nonprofit or organizing a petition. but Undergrowth ignores her and strikes multiple blows to the construction site, prompting Danny to go ghost and fight.

As much as he deals damage to Undergrowth with his ecto ray, the plant monster is able to regenerate himself quickly with every strike. Undergrowth sicks a trio of carnicourous plants on Danny, which he is able to escape from and prepares to counteract Undergrowth's regeneration powers with a plasma bomb which would reduce him to a pile of ashes. However, before Danny can throw it, his mysterious chilling sensation overtakes him, and he can't recover in time to escape being captureed by Undergrowth. After taking Sam and Tucker too, he decides that instead of destroying them, he plans to replant the entire town, first by sending out sleep spores with the trio.

Danny and Tucker wake up to find the entire city covered with plants and thick vines. He is tied to a giant tree alongside Tucker with unbreakable vines. Undergrowth then appears and boasts that "the growth" is far stronger than any meat creature despite any power it may hold. Danny tries attacking with his ghost powers, but undergrowth summons ghost plants which neutralizes his energy and power of intangability.

Undergrowth commences his declaration of evil: This is exactly what nature intended all along. "Mankind is merely a temporary weed in the garden of life. A weed, that can be removed".

After Danny refuses to submit to the reign of plants, Undergrowth announces his master plan. Using a mind controling plant he calls the "mind vine", he's going to use the mind-controlled citizens to destroy Amity Park  and replant an entire forest right on top. Soon the entire world will become overtaken by his own consciousness, destroying city after city to make way for his new children and human kind will cease to exist.

Danny cries in triumph and desperation that someone else will stop him if he can't. Cue to Jack and Maddie Fenton, who drive madly through the plants with their RV until a giant vine comes out and breaks it in two.

As much as both Maddie and Jack fight back as well, they eventually succumb to the mind vines. When Tucker says that he and Danny are the only ones left, Danny notices that Sam is nowhere to be found. Undergrowth answers his question by unveiling her, revealing to him that she is not only too posessed, but is now his second-in-command, a caretaker for his plants. Sam posesses Tucker and sends a giant Venus flytrap monster towards Danny.

Out of nowhere, Danny's chilly sensation returns and freezes the entire section of the tree he's tied to and breaks free. Flying away to safety, Undergrowth sends Sam after him and she seductively tries to convince him to join Undergrowth's cause. His refusal is made all the more easy with his new sub-zero temperatured atmosphere shattering any vine that ensnares him. He tries to escape to the skies since plants don't fly, but discovers that escaping Undergrowth is far from easy since he can appear everywhere at once. However, there is one place he's not, and that's where Danny needs to retreat to. Getting there proves challenging when he is constantly chilly to the point where icicles literally hang off of him. The cold makes Danny lose his grip on the air and he starts to fall and gradually phases into the waters of a sewer, which he freezes as well.

Sam, however, is very persistent on capturing him, intending for him to rule alongside her. By the time Danny narrowly escapes the sewer, his face literally turns blue and just barely turns intangable long enough to get inside Fenton Works before it becomes overrun with vines. Danny gets inside the lab and is met by Sam once again. Turning intangable, he charges into the Ghost Zone and promises to return and save her and everyone.

Danny narrowly escapes and takes refuge in the Ghost Zone, concluding only one person is capable of helping him. Soon enough, Danny becomes so weak from the cold that he crash lands into the Far Frozen, now unconscious and nearly covered in icicles. Frostbite and one of his scouts spots him afterwards. The latter asks for permission to destroy him for superiority purposes, but Frostbite says no, stating he is an old friend. He picks him up and they return to the city.

Danny wakes up in his underwear floating inside a de-icing chamber in their medical facility. There, he tells Frostbite of the current situation of Amity Park and Undergrowth. Frostbite has heard of the monster and is familiar with his abilities which make him next to impossible to defeat. Danny explains that he tried to defeat him, but couldn't remember much once his constant chilly state began overtaking him.

Frostbite explains that from the medical examination, he has deduced that the "cold sensation" is a result of his body self-generating an energy source of extreme cold that Frostbite sensed within Danny the last time they met. He further elaborates that this in fact a new ghost power that is quite familiar to his people. Amazed, Danny asks him to train him in it's use as soon as his clothes are out of the wash. 

Frostbite takes Danny to a stadium where they train in front of an audience, stating not one gets to see someone as "legendary" as Danny fight alongside their leader, but also admitting that they'll take whatever humor they can since they live in a frozen wasteland.

Frostbite and Danny get started with the first lesson, which is to stop shivering. The shivering is due to the cold being contained within Danny and he has only been releasing it in small amounts with his Ghost Sense, which has been part of that ice energy all along. The key to releasing all that power is to "let the energy build until it has nowhere to go but out". Danny successfully pulls it off, but accidentally freezes Frostbite solid as a result.

The rest of Danny's training involves target practice involving manifesting flying icicles and the optic freeze ray. Danny can do these tricks just fine, but due to his lousy aim, he sends razor-pointed icicles into the audience and completely freezing them solid with his eye balls (which particularly annoys Frostbite since they won't sell any concessions as a result).

Once he has been trained enough, Danny and Frostbite bid a fond farewell, the latter giving him optimistic advice to the briefly vulnerable Danny who fears he might fail. Fear is natural, but charging into battle against all odds is what makes someone a hero. A hero must always believe in victory and Danny stands a better chance with his new powers. Before sending Danny off to make his final stand against Undergrowth, Frostbite gives Danny some final valuable words for controling his powers: "He controls the power, the power does not control him". He tries to say goodbye to everyone else, but since they're still recovering from their injurues sustained from Danny's poor aim, the very sight of him raising his hand sends them fleeing in fear.

Danny returns back to Amity Park which is even in much worse shape than before. He flies above the town without seeing any sign of human life and hears an echoey voice that he follows to a giant tree. That echoey voice reveals itself to be Sam, who is now a plant queen. She refuses to leave her new home stating she is the plant's new "mother" (which Danny finds ridiculous since she won't even babysit her cousins). Danny demands to know where everyone else is. Just by snapping her fingers, Sam showcases the fate of the humans, that all of them are laying unconcious inside plant pods to serve as nutrients to the plants.

Undergrowth then appears, more powerful then before and vowing to make Danny suffer the same fate as the rest. Danny tries to attack again, but is subdued by giant mutant cactai and eventually entangled by various vines, dragging him under as Sam watches, no matter how much he protests.

S03e06 Queen Sam

Queen Sam 2.

Trapped, Danny remembers Frostbite's word and in a fit of renewed confidence, he breaks free by freezing the vines and shattering them. Afterwards, he recites a catchphrase and freezes Undergrowth, but that doesn't stop him. Danny and Undgrowth engage in an epic battle and Danny is holding his ground perfectly with his new powers. None of Undergrowth's "children" even slow him down anymore.

As Undergrowth begins losing strength, Danny gets a great idea: He goes intangible and heads below the surface, freezing the roots beneath him one by one, weakening him further and freezing the plants above. With Undergrowth's strength sapped, Danny pummels him and smugly states that he hopes Undergrowth enjoyed his butt-kicking experience. He then sends an ice ball charged with voletile ecto energy flying strait at him. The impact seemingly does nothing and Undergrowth regenerates. But all of a sudden, he begins to glow and scream in pain. The energy builds up within him until it ignites to a blast point. Undergrowth explodes, defeating him for good and as a result of the ice melting away, all the ghost plants die, Amity Park is saved, and the humans awaken from the mind vines with no memory of what happened.

Danny walks over to Sam and Tucker, briefly glowing blue which catches Sam's attention. Danny says that as of now, he has a whole new respect for nature. Danny showcases his new power by giving Sam an ice crystal.

When she asks him what is it for, he leans in and says that he's glad she's okay, affectionately touching heads. Tucker, meanwhile, quickly starts his lawn mowing service for five thousand dollars, stating all he needs is one lawn mowed and they'll be "rolling in green stuff", followed by Sam asking why she feels like she's just done that.

The episode ends with Undergrowth regenerating himself as a tiny little weed, to which Tucker charges at with his turbo mower and running him down, stating "That one's on the house" with a smile.


  • Voice cast
    • David Kaufman as Danny Fenton/Phantom; Walla
    • Grey DeLisle as Sam Mason; Walla
    • Ricky Collins as Tucker Foley; Walla
    • Rob Paulson as Jack Fenton; Soldier #1
    • Kath Soucie as Maddie Fenton; Walla
    • Bob Joles as Frostbite; Walla
    • Mark Hamill as Undergrowth

Series continuity

  • Danny learns cryokinesis
  • Danny meets up with Frostbite again and explains how it's all possible
  • Sam continues to display her "ultra-recyclable" vegitarian side, but this time, about caring for the fate of nature instead of "never eating anything with a face on it"


  • Allusions: See List of allusions
  • Goofs: See List of goofs
  • Introduced Ghost Powers: Cryokinesis, the power of ice and manipulation of cold temperature.
  • Oddly, Danny's ghost sense only goes off once in this episode.
  • On the day "Urban Jungle" premiered, Nickelodeon ran a mini-marathon showcasing Danny's many powers, to lead up to Danny's new ice powers, and referred to the episode as a TV movie called "Phantom Phreeze."
  • Nickelodeon aired this episode on TV out of order. It was aired before any of the other episodes of Season 3, despite it being the sixth episode of the season. This caused some confusion and spoilers for then-unaired episodes:
    • Frostbite, who was supposed to have been introduced in "Infinite Realms," appears in this episode.
    • Vlad is the mayor of Amity Park in this episode. Vlad became mayor in "Eye for an Eye," the actual Season 3 premiere episode.[1]
    • Undergrowth makes his technical unofficial appearence in Boxed Up Fury when the Box Ghost sees a bunch of wanted posters for him, Wulf, and Vortex. Undergrowth is wanted for 3 mill
  • This episode reveals that Sam has younger cousins and that she doesn't like to babysit them.
  • Sam's plant queen outfit is an unlockable costume for Sam in the Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. The outfit is referred to in-game as "Plant-girl Sam." The vines that hang from her arms and ankles in the episode are replaced with bracelets and an anklet on her right leg in the game.
  • This episode marks the first time Danny had to retreat from the major foe of an episode.
  • Though he had to retreat at first, Danny's fight with Undergrowth in this episode was one of the few times Danny was able to hold his own and defeat a ghost with only his own powers and merits. Usually his enemies are defeated through the assistance of something like the Fenton Thermos or Ghost Catcher.
  • This was the last episode to premiere in 2006.
  • This is the second and last episode in which Sam acts as an antagonist, the first being "Parental Bonding" when she was possessed by the Amulet of Aragon.
  • This is the second episode to receive a video game adaptation. The first episode was "The Ultimate Enemy,"
    • Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle was released on both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Console ports of the game were planned but canceled.
    • The game was released a month before the episode first aired.
  • Undergrowth may be a bloodthirsty psycho, but his intentions and motives are quite valid:
    • Messing with nature can be a dangerous thing and should not be taken lightly. Every living thing on the planet depends on nature for food, oxygen, and irbal ingredients. If not respected, there can and will be ghastly consiquences.
  • Queen Sam's physical appearance somewhat resembles the villain, "Poison Ivy" from the Batman franchise.
    • Sam also had a similar connection to plants as her.


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  1. Butch Hartman revealed this on his forum on October 8th, 2006 (Butch Hartman's Announcement)

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