S03e11 weak in the knees
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Opens to a fly flying around before being eaten by a Venus fly trap.
Sam Take it easy, DeMilo. (waters the Venus fly trap) That's your third fly this morning. And you know you're watching your cholesterol. (She puts the watering can down and walks over to a basket.) Hmm, I'm feeling international today. Heh, thanks Sunny. Merci Piere. Kukurasamamayo yashi Yoshi. Nice when countries can come together for a mutual cause. Namely my lunch.
Tucker and Danny walk in.
Tucker Hey Sam. Ready for school? (Danny's teeth are chattering as he says this)
Sam Close the door. Cold air is not good for the plants. The humidity opens their pores. It could help you sweat off a few inches too Mr. Pie-for-breakfast.
Tucker And that's wrong why?
Danny (Shivers) It's like a meat locker to me. Can you turn up the heat?
Sam What's with you? It must be 95 degrees in here.
Danny I-I dunno. Ever since I got up this morning I just can't seem to get warm. (Danny's hand brushes Tucker's arm)
Tucker (shivers) Man I've heard of ghosts sending chills up your spine but this is too weird.
Danny I bet I'm coming down with a bug.
DeMilo eats another fly.
Tucker Awesome! A veggie that hates veggies as much as I do.
Sam (Chuckles) Let's go guys. (To DeMilo) No desert for you tonight, mister.
As Danny walks past shivering, a wave of cold comes off him and freezes DeMilo.
Sam Ugh. Urban blight. (sarcastically:) So thrilled to live in the 21st century.
Tucker Me too! That new arcade in the new strip mall next to the new hot dog place looks awesome. And new.
Danny (laughs) I know. Besides Sam there's nothing wrong with a little p-p-progress.
Tucker Yeah, Vlad's new beautification campaign is very progressive.
Sam No. Just progressively worse. Seriously, messing too much with nature can be a dangerous thing.
Danny gasps.

(Screams) Flesh dwellers. You have caused pain to my children once too often. Now you too shall feel pain. The pain of Undergrowth! (Screams again as he destroys the equipment)

Tucker Anybody got a weed-wacker?
Theme Song
Undergrowth Pitiful human race. Your progress has destroyed acres of my children. Now I shall destroy you to make room for my new offspring.
Sam I completely dig where you're coming from, but there are better ways to go about this. Start a non-profit. Organize a petition. (Undergrowth throws the equipment) Or you could destroy things.
Danny Going g-g-g-g-ghost! Sorry, I don't have much of a green thumb. (Blasts off Undergrowth's arm) And now neither do you.
Sam and Tucker (A vine wraps around them) Danny!
Undergrowth huh? Looks to me like you're overgrown.
Danny blasts off Undergrowth's head. He reattaches it and growls.
Undergrowth You can't destroy a being who's able to regenerate himself. (Growls as he creates plants to attack Danny.
Danny (Building up a giant ecto-blast) He can't regenerate if he's a pile of ashes. (Drops the ecto-blast as he starts shivering) C-c-c-cold.
The plants grab Danny.
Sam and Tucker (Running away from Undergrowth before being captured) Agh!
Undergrowth Ugh, such limited life forms. Although instant destruction is an option, I feel the replanting would be more...productive.
Danny Sleep spores.
Sam At least they're full of ginkgo biloba.
Undergrowth (Laughs) Rejoice. For a new era is taking root.
Danny Holy hibiscus! The whole city is a giant overgrown backyard.
Tucker I never eat my vegetables. Why is it fair they get to eat me?
Danny (Struggles to break free of the vines holding him) Ugh, man no good. These vines are like steel cables. With sap.
Undergrowth Yes! The growth is far stronger than any meat creature. No matter how powerful they think they are.
Danny (Builds up ghost rays, but plants cover his hands) These ghost plants are blocking my ghost energy. Can't go intangible either.
Undergrowth Perhaps one day you will see that this is what nature intended all along. (Growls) Mankind is merely a temporary weed in the garden of life. A weed that can be removed.
Danny (Struggling) Danny Phantom bows to no plant!
Tucker Bow? We can't even wiggle our fingers.
Undergrowth Your pessimistic but accurate friend is right. Observe. Your once proud, progressive metropolis. The mind vine enables me to control the inhabitant's every movement. Why should I burden myself with the destruction of your city when I can have it's own citizens do it for me? Once the way is cleared my children will be planted and grow anew. My consciousness. My will. Shall spread throughout globe. And the concrete jungle shall become real jungles. (Laughs)
Danny You can't win! If I can't stop you someone (shivers) w-w-w-will.
Undergrowth Really? Such as?
Jack Get your filthy roots off my town you horticultural terror! Thanks for writing down the word horticulture sweetface.
Maddie I didn't want you to mispronounce it during the battle cry, hun. First impressions are very important.
Jack And you married me anyway.

Maddie screams as she cuts through Undergrowth's roots.

Danny No! Mom! She's been taken over by the mind vine.
Jack (The vine hits the back of Jack's neck) (Jack screams) Hmm. I don't see what the big deal is. Nope. Nope. Still feel fine--oh! There we go-- Mmm, chlorophyll.
Danny (Voice cracking) No! Not them! Let them go!
Tucker He's controlling everyone. After us there's nobody left.
Danny (Shivering) W-w-w-wait a minute. W-w-w-where's Sam?
Undergrowth Ah yes the female. Every garden needs a caretaker.
Danny Sam.
Tucker Green's a good color on you.
Undergrowth Her love of vegetation makes her the perfect choice to work alongside me. I can show her the ropes...or vines, so to speak.
Sam Flesh walkers. Your bodies are needed for work.
Tucker Great. Veggies and work. My two least favorite. (Screams as the mind vine attaches to him)
Danny Tucker!
Sam And nourishment.
Danny (Shivers) Back off!
Sam and Undergrowth gasp.
Undergrowth Stop him!
Sam screams as she goes to attack Danny.
Danny Sam?
Sam Join us Danny. The growth is family.
Already got one, thanks. And I'm still working the (shivering) b-b-b-bugs out of it. (grunts as he breaks free of the vines) At least they can't reach me up here. No such thing as flying plants.
Undergrowth I am everywhere!
Danny He might be everywhere out here. (Shivering) B-b-but I know one place he's not. (Blasts through several vines) (Shivering) T-t-t-too cold. Can't say airborne. (Screams as he falls)
Danny falls and phases through the road into the sewers. He freezes the water, and breaks through the ice. He pants as he climbs out of the water. He gasps when he sees Sam.
Sam Become Danny. Become part of the growth.
Danny (Shivering) G-got to get inside.
Undergrowth forms everywhere and screams as he attacks Danny.
Danny The ghost zone. My only chance.
Sam Stay Danny. Stay and rule with me.
Danny I always thought you ruled Sam. Just not like this. I'll b-b-be back. And I'll save you. And everyone. (Sam growls) I promise!
Danny Only one person who can help me. Hope I manage to s-s-steer myself in the r-r-r-right direction.
Far Frozen resident Object located sir. Shall we be blast it to bits and prove our superiority?
Frostbite This is no mere object. It is a friend in need. We shall return to the city at once.
Danny startles awake.
Frostbite Ah ha. Good morning Sleeping Beauty.
Danny Frostbite. Hey wait a minute. Where am I? Where are my clothes?
Frostbite This is a medical facility in the realm of the Far Frozen and you are floating in a de-icing chamber. Your clothes are in the wash. There were a lot of burs in your shirt. As for what happened, I'm afraid you're going to have to tell me great one.
Danny Well what I can tell you isn't good. Amity Park, my home, completely overrun by Undergrowth. A psycho, freaky plant ghost.
Frostbite I have heard tell of this Undergrowth. A powerful ghost he is. Capable of regenerating himself and producing numerous killer offspring. Nearly impossible to defeat.
Danny Heh, tell me about it. I tried to stop him but I don't remember much once the cold sensation started taking me over.
Frostbite Ah yes the cold sensation. Your central core reading indicates extreme cold. As if your body is self generating it. I sensed it within you the last time we met.
Danny How is that possible?
Frostbite (Laughs) You become invisible, pass through solid object, and emit beams of energy from your hands and you ask "how is this possible".
Danny You mean this is a new ghost power?
Frostbite Precisely. Though new to you it may be, rest assured it is an ability very familiar to my people. We are quite well trained in its use. Of course there are more practical uses for it as well. (Screams as he cuts down the Danny ice sculpture)
Danny Teach me. When my clothes are ready. (Scene change. They are now in an arena.) Why are there so many of your p-p-people w-watching us.
Frostbite Ha! It is not every moon that my people get an opportunity to see their leader train one as legendary as you, oh great one.
Danny You mean they're hoping I'll mess up, huh?
Frostbite Indeed. These people live in a frozen wasteland. They take their comedy where they can get it. Now then, lesson one: stop shivering.
Danny I-I-I-I c-c-can't.
Frostbite This is because the cold is contained within you and ever since you acquired your ghost abilities you've only been letting it out in small amounts.
Danny Like when?
Frostbite Every time you sense a ghost is nearby.
Danny My ghost sense? That's been part of this freeze power all along?
Frostbite But now you must learn to let it out all at once. Now then, concentrate. Let the energy build until it has nowhere to go but out.
Danny Okay. Here goes. (Screams as he releases a blast of cold) Hey. Wow! (Chuckles) It worked. I feel normal again. No more cold feeling. Way to go Frostbi-- (See's a frozen Frostbite) Um, can I get some hot chocolate over here?
Far frozen people cheer as Frostbite hits the targets. They scream when they get hit by Danny's ice.
Frostbite. (After part of the crowd is frozen by Danny) Great. We're not going to sell any snacks now.
Danny Well I guess this is goodbye. For now. I don't know how I can ever thank you and your people enough.
Frostbite You can thank us by using your new abilities to rid your world of the evil ghost vermin that infests it.
Danny Yeah. I-I just...what if I can't beat him? If I can never go home again. Maybe I could just stay here with you.
Three injured Far Frozen residents No!
Frostbite Fear is natural Danny Phantom. Charging into battle despite the fear is what makes someone a hero. A hero must always believe that he will win. And your new abilities just may help. Be mindful. You control the power. It does not control you.
Danny Thanks. (Freezes Frostbite's hand) Uh, sorry. (Turning to the three injured residents) Bye everyone.
Three injured Far Frozen residents Ahh! (They run away screaming)
Danny The lab looks like this, I can't imagine the rest of the town.
Plants growl.
Sam (offscreen) Danny
Danny This place is deserted. No signs of human life anywhere. I better find Tucker or-- (begins shivering) I control the power. The power doesn't control me.
Sam (offscreen) Danny. Welcome back. (On screen) I thought you'd gone for good.
Danny Sam, we have to get you out of here
Sam No. I like it here. Undergrowth has made all things new. They need me. I am their new mother.
Danny What? You won't even babysit your cousins. We have to get out of here now. Where's everybody else?
Sam snaps and pods with friends and family appear.
Danny Our friends. Our families. What are you doing?
Sam They will be used as nutrients for the children. All that matters now are the children.
Undergrowth (Screams as he appears) And you will make a fine meal for them, too.
Sam You must take root. Become one with us.
Danny Stop! Please! Sam, you can't let him win. No! Wait!
Undergrowth You have done well daughter. You shall have the honor of feeding him to the children when he is ripe.
Sam Yes father.
Danny struggles to break free of the vines.
Frostbite (In Danny's mind) Now then, concentrate. Let the energy build until it has nowhere to go but out.
Danny Let. Me. Go!
Sam and Undergrowth gasp
Danny Bundle up. It's gonna get chilly. Watch out. The weather man predicted a cold snap. Hey cabbage face. Haven't you heard that cold air is bad for the plants?
Undergrowth No! My roots. No. You cannot do this to my children. Agh! This is my domain! My offspring will inherit the earth.
Danny Dude, I don't know if you realized this, but you're a terrible father. As a duly deputized protector of Amity Park it's my sincere hope that you've enjoyed your butt-kicking experience.
Undergrowth No! No!!!!
Everyone groans as they wake up.
Sam What happened? Blech! My mouth takes like I had nine thousand shots of wheat-grass. Without the wheat.
Tucker And I had a nightmare that I was trapped in a giant salad bar. (Shudders) Ooh, garbanzo beans. (They look up as Danny approaches them, glowing with a thick, ice-blue aura)
Danny Hey, are you guys okay?
Sam Danny, what happened to you?
Danny Let's just say I have a whole new respect for nature. (His aura goes back to its normal white as he speaks. His hand glows blue and he forms an ice diamond.)
Sam Woah! You can do that now? (Danny lets the ice diamond drop into his palm and he offers it to Sam.) (as she takes it:) What's this for?
Danny I'm... glad you're okay. (He leans in and they touch heads. They look up in surprise as Tucker comes up in a lawnmower) Tucker, what are you doing? $5,000 to cut someone's lawn?
Tucker All I need is one lawn and we'll be rolling in green stuff.
Sam Why do I get the feeling I've just done that?
Undergrowth I am regenerating. I will take over---Aah! (Tucker mows over him)
Tucker That one's on the house.
Sam, Danny and Tucker laugh
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