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I recently became vegan, so I gotta have a picture of everyone's favorite ultra-recyclo-vegetarian.

Hey everyone! Just another DP-lover on the wikia :)

I'm going to try to help fix up (and pretty up) the DP wikia :) As is probably clear by now, I'm just a nerdy DP fan with no life and the desire to help make sure there's a pretty/thorough source for everything DP XD

About My Edits & How to Reach Me

My edits:

  • I try to include a description in my "edit summary" each time I edit. I can't always outline the complete description/reasoning for certain changes made (due to character limit in the summary box).
  • Image management: I don't mean to seem like the "image police." My frequent management of images is because it is the easiest (and most obvious when I go through them) to sort and explain.
  • "Spam" edits: I apologize for my occasional mass edits on multiple pages over a short period of time (e.g. category additions; image renaming). I find it easier to keep track of certain types of edits (to make sure it is consistent across all of the relevant pages) if done all at once.
  • Capitalization in headers: I am aware that I tend to capitalize the first letter of each word in page titles and headers, despite the fact that this is not the preferred format here. Most of the reading and writing I do uses this format, so I keep defaulting to that. If you rename a page I made, let me know if there's a redirect that needs to be deleted.

How to reach me:

  • Message me on my wall here
  • Reddit (under the same username Peacexfreedom)
  • Discord

Useful information/links

Site and Article Maintenance

Site maintenance links

  • Images that are high quality and only need to be renamed, go here.
  • Images that can either be renamed or completely replaced (with a new upload), go here.
  • Pages and images that need to be deleted, go here.
  • Suggestions for edits on locked pages, go here.
  • Suggestions for image replacement on locked pages, go here.

Article order

There is no official standard for the heading order, but based on the pattern seen in Danny's page and Sam's page, and ideas from another wikia, the order below seems to be logical:

  • History
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Relationships
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Equipment
  • Weaknesses
  • Sightings
  • Quotes
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • References
  • Site Navigation


There are now a variety of templates for our use. These are the main [new] ones:

  • Appear--Use episode's abbreviation. Uppercase and lowercase both used.
  • Rename
  • Needs Help--For the articles that aren't really stubs, but aren't really complete.
  • S for Support, use {{S}}, O for Oppose, use {{O}}, and C for Comment, use {{C}}
  • Infoboxes: Object, Location, Character, Ability
  • Navboxes: Objects, Locations, Merchandise
  • Merge--This is for pages that are suggested to merge with another page.
  • For--This is for disambiguation pages.
  • Self (This template is just to satisfy one of the licensing options for image uploads)
  • From:Wikimedia (This template is just to satisfy one of the licensing options for image uploads)
  • Expand
  • Game (This is for the video game merchandise.)
  • Citation needed--This is to be placed after content that is not a well-known fact or piece of information, and lacks citation to verify the information.

Image Upload Information - Multiple Image Uploader

Full image and video guidelines can be found here.

Image upload/naming info

As per a vote made on the forums, the format for image naming is as follows: S#e# description. The season and episode number must include a starting zero (ex: S01e01). If the episode number is more than one digit (i.e. 10, 11, etc.) no zero is needed (ex:S01e10). See this image for an example.

  • For movies, the format is S#M# description. M stands for movie. The season and movie number must both include a leading zero (ex: S02M01).
  • For images from the theme song, the naming format is as follows:
    • If it is an image from the first opening (pre-DP logo; episodes up to and including Memory Blank): Open01 description.png
    • If it is an image from the second opening (post-DP logo; episodes including and after Doctor's Disorders): Open02 description.png
    • If it is unclear which version the image is from: Open description.png

If the image is retrieved from dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.com the image summary must say the following: Image retrieved from http://dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.com. All credit goes to the site's creator.

  • For the above, the licensing should be "Fair use images"
  • From this site, crop images that have black bars on their sides (movies like PP, etc.).

Categories for images

Every image should get category tag(s) added. Here are the guidelines:

    • For animated gifs only: always have "Gifs"
    • For screencaps: always have the episode's abbreviation (see table above for the list). If it's from the opening, use "Opening" instead of episode abbreviation. The category is written as "episodeabbreviation images" where episodeabbreviation is the episode's abbreviation (example: MM images). See here for the list episode images categories.
    • For non-screencaps: always have "Images"
    • Category for characters in the image: recurring characters (sans the ones that begin with "Unnamed") have their own category. The category is written as "charactername images" where charactername is the character's first name (example: Danny images). See here for the list of character images categories.
    • Other categories: Cast and crew images, Comic images, Commission art, Crossover art, Merchandise images, Original art, Production artwork, Promotional images, Storyboard images, Title cards

Newly switched episode orders

-former to new spot ("episode in question")

  • Season 1:
    • S01e15 is now S01e13 ("Fright Night")
    • S01e13 is now S01e14 ("13")
    • S01e14 is now S01e15 ("Public Enemies")
    • S01e17 is now S01e16 ("Lucky in Love")
    • S01e16 is now S01e17 ("Maternal Instinct")
  • Season 2:
    • S02e20 is now S02e17 ("Kindred Spirits")
    • S02e19 is now S02e18 ("Double Cross My Heart")
    • S02e17 is now S02e19 ("Reality Trip")
      • Note: this is a double ep., so S02e17/18 became S02e19/20.

Citation for Butch Hartman social media posts

Simply copy and paste the information below into "source" and add the appropriate description and link(s). If copying the text using source editing, "nowiki" and "br" must be removed. To separate links, if he posted on multiple accounts, use <br> between the links.

== Summary ==
Image and information are the intellectual property of Butch Hartman. https://www.instagram.com/butchhartman, https://www.instagram.com/butchhartmansketchpad, https://twitter.com/realhartman, https://butchhartman.tumblr.com, https://www.facebook.com/realhartman, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8iVuEUisbubpH9z5p0eUsg, https://twitter.com/thenoognetwork, https://www.instagram.com/thenoognetwork, and/or https://www.facebook.com/thenoognetwork
== Description ==
== Licensing ==
== Link ==

Names, Numbers and Abbreviations

Numbers and abbreviations are used for image naming, image categories and/or appear template.

NOTE: Publications image category is "merchandise images" or "comics images." Games image category is "games images".

Episode Name Episode Abbreviation Season Number Episode Number(s)
Mystery Meat MM 1 1
Parental Bonding PB 1 2
One of a Kind OoaK 1 3
Attack of the Killer Garage Sale AotKGS 1 4
Splitting Images SI 1 5
What You Want WYW 1 6
Bitter Reunions BR 1 7
Prisoners of Love PoL 1 8
My Brother's Keeper MBK 1 9
Shades of Gray SoG 1 10
Fanning the Flames FtF 1 11
Teacher of the Year TotY 1 12
Fright Night FN 1 13
13 13 1 14
Public Enemies PE 1 15
Lucky in Love LiL 1 16
Maternal Instinct MI 1 17
Life Lessons LL 1 18
The Million Dollar Ghost MDG 1 19
Control Freaks CF 1 20

Episode Name Episode Abbreviation Season Number Episode Number(s)
Memory Blank MB 2 1
Doctor's Disorders DD 2 2
Pirate Radio PR 2 3
Reign Storm RS 2 4-5 (M01)
Identity Crisis IC 2 6
The Fenton Menace TFM 2 7
The Ultimate Enemy TUE 2 8-9 (M02)
The Fright Before Christmas FBC 2 10
Secret Weapons SW 2 11
Flirting With Disaster FWD 2 12
Micro Management MMT 2 13
Beauty Marked BM 2 14
King Tuck KT 2 15
Masters of All Time MoAT 2 16
Kindred Spirits KS 2 17
Double Cross My Heart DCMH 2 18
Reality Trip RT 2 19-20 (M03)

Episode Name Episode Abbreviation Season Number Episode Number(s)
Eye for an Eye E4E 3 1
Infinite Realms IR 3 2
Girls' Night Out GNO 3 3
Torrent of Terror ToT 3 4
Forever Phantom FP 3 5
Urban Jungle UJ 3 6
Livin' Large L'L 3 7
Boxed Up Fury BUF 3 8
Frightmare FM 3 9
Claw of the Wild CotW 3 10
D-Stabilized DS 3 11
Phantom Planet PP 3 12-13 (M04)

Name Abbreviation Where to use Description/Additional information
Danny Phantom Opening Open Image naming Theme song images that apply to all seasons (ex: Fentons plugging in the portal).
Danny Phantom Opening Open01 Image naming Theme song images of Phantom without logo.
Danny Phantom Opening Open02 Image naming Theme song images of Phantom with logo.
Danny Phantom Opening Opening images Image category Applicable to all theme song images (both with and without DP logo).
Danny Phantom Opening intro Appearance template Applicable to all theme song images (both with and without DP logo).
The Fairly Odd Phantom Short1 Image naming Crossover episode.
The Fairly Odd Phantom TFOP Appearance template Crossover episode.

Publication name Publication Abbreviation Publication name Publication Abbreviation
Nickelodeon Magazine NM Style Guide SG
Stage Fright SF The Fairly Odd Phantom (comic) TFOPc

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