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Hello! I'm RedBallFire, but you can call me RedBall or Red. I create this account in March 2019, but I've been in FANDOM a little before. Over time, I have become an administrator and bureaucrat in several wikis thanks to my effort and work, improving also my editing skills, thus acquiring better knowledge about the wiki format. My priority is to help my communities to grow, to have a clear order and format, and that their users can have an enjoyable and safe stay.

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Wikis I have rights on

These are some of the wikis where I have rights, either as bureaucrat, administrator, or moderator.

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AmphibiaThe Owl HouseRocko's Modern Life
Gravity Falls

Contact me!

If you need any assistance or have any question, feel free to contact me on my message wall, or DM me via Discord: RedBall#4467.
Please, before writing me via Discord, send me a message via wiki first, so I can know it's you.

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Hi, I'm RedBallFire, or also RedBall, you can find me on Danny Phantom Wiki and other wikis.

My Favorite Shows

I love Danny Phantom along with, Rocko's Modern Life, Amphibia, Mao Mao, 101 Dalmatian Street, Glitch Techs, It's Pony, Big City Greens, We Bare Bears, Hilda, Harvey Girls Forever!, etc...


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