Vladco is a company that was once owned by Vlad Masters. Like Fenton Works, it specializes in the manufacture of ghost-related devices. In "Flirting With Disaster," Vladco bought out and took over Axion Labs.

After "Eye for an Eye " its unknown who took over the company after Vlad became Mayor of Amity Park or even if its still active or went bankrupt after Vlad tried to take over the Earth in "Phantom Planet."

Vladco gadgets

Cloning machines

S02e17 Cloning machine

Cloning machine.

Vlad uses these machines to create several clones of Danny Phantom, most of which are unstable and fail save for Dani Phantom.

Ecto-acne smoke bomb

S02e16 ecto-acne smoke bomb

Ecto-acne smoke bomb.

This device releases a purple smoke that infects its victims with ecto-acne.

Ghost Gauntlets

Ghost Guantlets

Ghost Gauntlets.

Possible an upgraded version of the Fenton Ghost Gloves. This device allows its user to separate a ghost from a human, or separate a ghostly object trapped inside somebody. They look like large metallic gloves simular the the Fenton Ghost Gloves. When activated, claws extend from the fingers and the gloves glow either pink or green. Vlad possibly upgraded the Fenton Ghost Gloves and uses these to separate Danny's ghost and human halves. Then, Danny's ghost half steals them, tears out Vlad's ghost half, and fuses with it, becoming Dark Danny. Vlad later uses them to remove a time medallion from Danny's body that Dark Danny had made permanently intangible. Later Danny used these against Dark Danny in their final battle.

Ghost shield

S02e11 ghost and human shield

Ghost shield.

This ghost shield works on humans as well as ghosts.

Plasmius Bug

S03e02 Plasmius Bug

Plasmius Bug.

This spy bug monitors Danny and his friends. It is an artificially-intelligent surveillance camera designed in the likeness of Vlad Plasmius. Vlad uses them to spy on Danny and Team Phantom. It show to fly and collect information and sending it back to Vlad.

Plasmius Maximus

S01e17 Plasmius Maximus

Plasmius Maximus.

The device nullifies spectral energies, completely cancelling a ghost's powers. Its effects only last for three hours. When shocked by it, Danny and Vlad cannot transform into their ghost halves for the duration of its effects.

Plasmius Portal

S01e19 Vlad's Wisconsin basement lab

Plasmius Portal.

These ghost portals allow Vlad access to the Ghost Zone.

Spectral energy neutralizer

S01e07 Danny trapped

Spectral energy neutralizer.

Designed by Skulker, paid for by me. And as long as you're contained within that box, you're as human as your idiot father.

–Vlad to Danny, "Bitter Reunions"

  • Appearances: "Bitter Reunions," "Kindred Spirits"

This device nullifies spectral energies, trapping any ghost it captures. The spectral energy neutralizer is a containment device designed and built by Skulker with funding by Vlad Plasmius. It drains the ghost powers of anyone trapped within it.

Valerie's armor

Main article: Valerie Gray/Arsenal

Vlad Masters' hovercraft

S03M04 Vlad's hovercraft

Vlad Masters' hovercraft.

The hovercraft is a vehicle that allows Vlad to fly over the streets of Amity Park.

Vladco satellite

S03M04 Danny in space

Vladco satellite.

The satellite serves as a base in space for Vlad to remotely collect ecto-ranium.

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