Voice manipulation was the supernatural ability to control and manipulate the auditory features in one's voice such as pitch, tone and volume to make it sound different, mostly with the intent on deceiving, confusing or threatening others. Its a sub-power of shapeshifting and overshadowing.

Sub-power(s): Ghostly Wail, Voice Projection.


Voice manipulation allows users to mimic a human being's voice.


Use of this power may be marked by an effect, such as glowing eyes.


The ghost Dark Danny had capacity to speak like Danny.

Voice change via appearance-change

The transition of one's voice to the voice of the shape they assumed was a common component of possession and transmogrification. Some special instances of this included:

  • When Dash Baxter would transform into a berserk version of himself with his ghost illness, his voice became deepened.
  • While overshadowing as Dash, Danny imitated his voice.
  • While overshadowing as Maddie, Dani imitated her voice.
  • While overshadowing as Mr. Lancer, Dani imitated his voice.
  • While overshadowing as Paulina, Kitty imitated her voice.
  • While overshadowing as Paulina, a ghost guard imitated her voice.
  • While overshadowing as Dash, Walker imitated his voice.
  • While overshadowing as Dash, a Bullet imitated his  voice.
  • While overshadowing as Ernesto Montez, Walker imitated his voice.
  • While overshadowing as Principal Ishiyama, Bullet imitated her voice.
  • While overshadowing as Principal Ishiyama, a ghost guard imitated her voice.

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