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"I am the perfect storm!"

Vortex is an extremely powerful weather ghost, he is thousands of years old. He finds Earth to be a meaningless planet and has wreaked havoc on the planet throughout the ages.

Vortex was one of Danny's most powerful foes (along with Nocturn, Undergrowth, and Dark Danny); as Danny was only able to defeat Vortex by using his own powers against him.


For centuries, Vortex terrorized Earth with his catastrophic and unpredictable meteorological creations (tornadoes, massive storms, and hail the size of cannon balls, to name a few).

Vortex in custody of the Observents.

At some point, Vortex was captured and imprisoned by the Observant High Council (who kept him powerless with a Spectral Barometer), until Vlad Plasmius broke him free during his trial.

Though Vortex had intended to resume wreaking havoc on the world at his own whim, Vlad threatened him with Spectral Barometer and instead forced him to target Amity Park with his weather powers, with the ultimate goal of boosting Vlad's reputation in the town.

First, Vlad got him to create an enormous heatwave, then claimed he had made a machine to control the weather. He then made Vortex create a rainstorm. Vortex planned to keep the storm raging, but Vlad told him he wanted the rain to stop, angering Vortex. He refused to comply, so Vlad zapped him with the barometer again. This time, however, Vortex was somehow able to reflect part of the blast back at the barometer, disintegrating it.

With the barometer destroyed, Vortex was free to use his powers to go on a global rampage. He flew off to begin doing so, though Vlad followed him. After a brief battle, Vlad discovered he was way out of his depth and no match for Vortex. In anger for his humiliation under Vlad's control, Vortex sentenced Amity Park to suffer the worst weather ever.

Vlad, panicking, decided to avoid the problem by having Danny join him in battling Vortex, hoping that together, they could stop him. But at the last minute - remember what happened the last time they fought - he got cold feet and fled, leaving Danny to battle Vortex alone.

The two battled, but Danny also soon found himself overwhelmed, unable to even hurt Vortex but receiving wounds, himself. The battle ended shortly with Vortex blasting him into a building with his lightning and ghost rays.

Vortex then left to send the rest of the world into chaos, unaware that his attack had caused Danny to actually absorb some of his weather-manipulating powers.

Vortex vs. Danny & Vlad (well, Danny technically).

Realizing that Danny's new powers allowed him to alter weather based on his moods, Tucker and Sam lure Vortex back to Amity Park, calling him a coward for leaving, he arrives there and starts destroying Amity park with intense heat and cold.

Danny, Tucker, and Sam met up and used Tucker's Virtual Reality program to manipulate Danny's emotions, creating the proper weather attacks to weaken Vortex, as a last-ditch effort he blasts Danny "and as such removes his weather powers", however using the Fenton Plane's weapons deliver the final blast to weaken him enough for him to be captured.

After the battle, Danny discovered he has lost the weather-based powers and returns Vortex to the Observants.

Vortex makes a cameo appearance in "Boxed Up Fury" on a wanted poster to which the Box Ghost declared in outburst, "$2 million...for an overgrown cloud?!" This implies he has escaped again.

His final appearance was in "Phantom Planet" where he got his powers back and was first seen causing havoc in Amity Park before the Masters' Blasters defeated him. Vortex was one of the members of the circle of ghosts that surrounded Danny. When Danny was thrown towards him, he gleefully electrocuted the halfa.

Vortex was later one of the millions of ghosts who helped Danny and Skulker turn the planet intangible.


Vortex is a ghost of large stature. He wears metallic armor on his torso and shoulders, which is also decorated with spikes and has a lightning-shaped "V" crosses his right shoulder and comes to a point at his chest; he also wears black gloves and has red eyes. Rather than having legs, his lower half is always a ghostly tail that mimics a tornado. His most notable vocal tic is his constant, mid-sentence wheezing.

With his metallic armor, Vortex can easily withstand all but the most powerful attacks. Vlad's ghost rays were nothing but an annoyance to him, overpower Vlad with a simple bolt. Danny's energy blasts were useless against him until he was greatly weakened. Also during their first battle, Danny had no way of hurting him, what so ever. His black gloves allowed him to easily stopped or deflected Danny's ghost rays with his hands without showing any discomfort at all.


Vortex is a relatively arrogant and egocentric ghost, as he find himself as being better than normal ghosts when he does not thank Vlad for freeing him and tells him that he is "lucky that he does not fry him in his presence". He calls his power over meteorology "art" and is infuriated by Vlad's demand to stop a rainstorm. He is also shown to be somewhat ignorant of Earth's culture since he confused Pablo Picasso with Leonardo da Vinci as the artist who painted the Mona Lisa.


Vortex is said to be one of the most powerful ghosts in existence. Vortex has a number of abilities, many related to meteorology. His entire body mimics weather, allowing him to be a thousand years old, manipulate the shape of his body at will, turn into clouds of vapor, and even duplicate himself in cloud form or regular form.

  • Atmokinesis: His signature power is to create/generate and manipulate/control any type of weather, be it maelstroms, droughts, rainstorms, etc. He can control the weather on a global level. However it seems he was unable to cause weather around the edge of Amity Park. He can sense and influence weather patterns, creating effects such as rain, snow, wind, hail, lightning, fog, and temperature changes. This includes the ability to attack using elements such as air, lightning, ice, and heat.
    • Aerokinesis: He can create powerful gusts of wind and destructive tornadoes, and use the wind to suspend his enemies in midair, similar to telekinesis. Vortex uses this power multiple times and in a variety of ways, like when he creates his maelstrom. He can summon thunderclouds, conjure spiritual winds, and any kind of storm. In addition his lower body is a tornado tail which he can control to cause mass destruction with it touches the ground, even weakened and powerless.
      • Flight: Standard ghost power. With his power over the air, Vortex can fly fast enough to cross the entire globe in hours, however he not fast as Danny who flew around the entire world in a few minutes in Phantom Planet.
      • Super Breath: Similar Dora and Tucker Phantom, but on a greater scale. Vortex can blow anything away with the force of a hurricane level like when he sent Vlad flying into an alleyway. He later used this ability in his duplicated cloud form to blow Danny's duplicates back together, after swallowing the lateral ghost rays with his mouth.
      • Sonic Shriek: Vortex can generate a highly enhanced sonic blast of high wind amplitude for a variety of purposes, like causing mass destruction. Similar to Danny's and Dark Danny's in appearance and power, but on a lesser scale with a blue color and more wind-based. But it is not powerful, as the damage Vortex cause to nearby objects wasn’t shown. Despite this Vortex is able to use it twice against Danny with no ill effects. Although its possibly not a true Ghostly Wail, it may be related to high winds.
    • Electrokinesis: Vortex signature weather attack is to summon and project very powerful bolts of blue electricity/lightning from his fingertips, hands, or eyes, even firing them as blue Ghost Rays that are exceptionally powerful. He can shape his bolts to fire electric ectoplasmic energy balls that powerful enough to reduce an entire building to ruble. By the time of Phantom Planet, his powers became greater to summon a powerful lightning bolt directly from the sky and use his electrical powers as a Ghost Stinger to deliver a painful shock to his enemies on contact or simulate an electric shock by manipulating the electric currents inside of a person from a distance instead on contact.
      • Power Stripping: Vortex can somehow, unconsciously, share his power with any other ghost when he uses his electric attacks, like he did with Danny. It's unknown if he can do that on purpose like Undergrowth. However, it shown Vortex can use his electric powers to also remove the weather-controlling powers from Danny, before the Fenton Plane's weapons finished him off.
    • Cryokinesis: Similar to Danny's and Frostbite's, but on a much greater scale. Vortex can form a snowman in his hand without any difficulty, create huge snowballs that can freeze people instantly, and engulf his body with cold to completely encase entire buildings in snow and ice just by passing over them until they freeze or shatter. He was shown being able breathe pure cold from his breath in the form of ice and snow. Possibly derived from his cryokinesis
    • Thermokinesis: He can heat objects until they combust or melt and alter the temperature of any given environment. He can also engulf his body in heat and melted buildings as he passes by them. He can also manifest this power as heat vision.
      • Heat Vision: He can shoot beams of heat from his eyes that can easily melt ice.
  • Standard Ghost Powers: Vortex has the standard ghost powers, which are Immortality, Flight, Intangibility, Invisibility, and Spectral Body Manipulation. Vortex is over a thousand years old, turn intangible, and be unseen by people when he chooses too. Vortex was constantly seen changing between normal and giant sizes, even holding Vlad with his bare hands. Vortex can also manipulate the shape of his body at will, and turn his body into a tornado, clouds or vapor that can easily swallow Danny's ghost rays.
    • Duplication: Vortex is one of the few ghost who can easily duplicate himself. During his first battle with Danny, he duplicated while being in his cloud form and in his his second battle with Danny, in his normal form, he create two duplicates (Blue and Red) that engulfed themselves with his ice and heat abilities that went in separate directions that freeze or melted buildings. Vortex is also able to re-absorb his duplicates when they are not needed.


  • Sunlight: His weakness is direct sunlight, which causes him to shrink and lose power, which is similar to other ghosts when they are weakened and to how cold shrinks Undergrowth in "Urban Jungle".
  • Beings with equal power: Also, Danny, when sharing Vortex's weather powers, used Vortex's greatest weapons against him. While weakened he is still able to fire lightning bolts that are able to shock and drain Danny of his weather-controlling powers. This also applies to his own powers as in Phantom Planet, the Masters' Blasters were able to deflect Vortex's own lightning bolt he summoned from the sky against him causing him to shrink.
  • Spectral Barometer: Vortex is also weak against the Spectral Barometer, since it was made to keep him under control. The Observants used the barometer to keep Vortex contained while he is on trial for the crimes he committed on Earth. Following his release, Vlad uses it to keep Vortex under his control. However, it breaks when a bolt of lightning rebounds off Vortex’s armor. After it broke Danny seem to have a cardboard version of it when hanging out with “Uncle” Vlad. It was the only thing that can harm Vortex since it used his own power against him.


Season 3


  • "Thank you!? Vortex thanks NO ONE!"
  • "Now stand aside, as I unleash the full fury of my power on that meaningless planet Earth."
  • "Did anyone ask Picasso to stop painting the Mona Lisa!?"
  • "Come to admire my greatness up close?"
  • "I was expecting a more... ELECTRIFYING performance from you."
  • "Now, to show the rest of the world, the fury of...Vortex!"
  • "I am the perfect storm."


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