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Since the finale of Danny Phantom in 2007, Butch Hartman has released new character designs, alternate universe concepts, flash-forward content, and has expanded on existing content from the series. The descriptions associated with the images and concepts are taken from Butch Hartman's YouTube videos. As such, descriptive phrases are being used on this page.

All of the media in this article (unless noted) is the property of Butch Hartman.

10 Years Later

Phantom Planet 10th anniversary.png

There are multiple designs for each character, each with their own background and personality type. Some of the alternate designs are based on or inspired by Marvel (especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe). However, the final colored versions are the most canon out of all of the future versions of the characters. Although every iteration is different and has had a different past 10 years, there are a few things in common ideas throughout all of them. In the 10 years since Phantom Planet, Danny Phantom has become world famous and Team Phantom is a globally recognized group of ghost fighters. They are full time ghost fighters, and all members of Team Phantom bear the DP logo somewhere on their suit and/or tech. In the past 10 years they have become a stronger group of ghost fighters, as well as utilizing more technology. They are constantly upgrading and modifying their armor, weapons and tools. The video on all of the character backgrounds and designs for the 10 years later series can be found here: https://youtu.be/FYb_taNfIRE The Spanish dub for the 10 years later video about Danny, Sam and Tucker can be found here: https://youtu.be/fno6h2msArw

10 years younger

The 10 years younger video is a short companion piece to the 10 years later series. Danny, Sam and Tucker are all 4 years old in this scenario.

Danny Fenton In the series it is known that Danny wants to be an astronaut, as mentioned in Mystery Meat, Flirting with Disaster and Kindred Spirits. To reflect this, he is shown dressed in an oversized astronaut suit with wide eyes and a "hopeful look that he may some day change the world."

Danny Phantom Danny Fenton still maintains his ghostly half in this scenario, having had his accident at a younger age. In the picture he is seen attending Ghost Zone daycare where Spectra is the teacher.

Sam Manson Even at 4 years old Sam still maintains her goth attitude, but because she is so young she is unable to stop her parents from dressing her up in the clothes they want her to wear.

Tucker Foley At 4 years old Tucker is a genius; it is possible that his above average intellect was evident at 2 or 3 years old. Tucker turns simple, mundane childish toys and enhances them. For example, he may modify his tricycle by adding computer parts to make himself an awesome upgraded ride.

14 facts

This video was made in honor of the 14 year anniversary of the premiere of Danny Phantom. There are a few facts revealed that were not in the series (nor could be extrapolated from the series), and some additional commentary:

  • From fact 3: None of the ghosts are from dead people. They're from another dimension that can take the form of people or animals, but they are not the spirit of a deceased person. (Which is why you never see Danny fighting the ghosts of famous people.)
  • From fact 9: Most (if not all) superhero stories have the secret identity to keep the hero's civilian life secret from the villains. However in Danny Phantom, all of the villains know his secret identity but his family doesn't know.
  • From fact 14: The theme song is "young Danny Fenton" not "yo."

The College Years

Fenton University.png

Danny Phantom: The College Years is a series Butch Hartman has introduced on his social media and expanded on in Youtube videos. This timeline takes place after Phantom Planet, when the world knows that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. The College Years introduces the various struggles he would face. The school was originally going to be named Amity University, but was changed to Fenton University because Danny is so famous at this point it is more likely that the university would be named after him.

In Danny Phantom: The College Years Danny, Sam and Tucker are 18-19 years old. They have all just finished high school and have moved on to college or other endeavors.

Flynn Fenton

Ghost Zone secrets revealed

Halloween special

Halloween special.png

As with most series Danny Phantom had a Halloween special. Season 1 episode 13: Fright Night. Hartman released a video describing what a second Halloween special would be [like].

It was mentioned in Fright Night that ghostly activity increases on Halloween. So, to keep the town safe, Jack Fenton prepares to put the town on lockdown ("Hallow-lockdown") by doing things such as costume inspection to make sure no one has a costume that resembles ghosts. Doing so takes the fun out of Halloween, so the trio decide to spend Halloween evening in the Ghost Zone.

The evening in the Ghost Zone would be harmless fun with them hanging out with friendly ghosts or even attending Skulker's Halloween party. Just like Christmas, the ghosts might have a Halloween truce. The trouble comes when Vlad locks the trio in the Ghost Zone so he can get them out of the way and unleash his secret army on Amity Park. While they are stuck in the Ghost Zone Jack and Maddie are left alone to fight off Vlad's army. Throughout the battle the trio would have some way that they could see the ongoing fight in Amity Park and would be helpless to stop it.

Danny, Sam and Tucker would spend the night trying to find their way out of the Ghost Zone and return to Amity Park to save everyone. They might be forced to partner or bargain with some of the more powerful ghosts in the Ghost Zone. Maybe Skulker, Technus or even a new ghost. (In this scenario it can be assumed that Wulf and the Infi-map are missing.)

Life After Phantom Planet

After the events of Phantom Planet life changes for Danny, his family, and his friends. The whole world knows that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom and he is a worldwide celebrity as are his team (Sam, Tucker and the Fenton family). Danny's popularity and public reception is akin to that of a rock star. He is revered and praised all over the world. Of course there are still critics, but the overwhelming majority are supporters/fans.

Team Phantom is a brand on its own, which comes with fame but also danger. People and ghosts from all over come out to fight, and the continuously upgraded Team Phantom take on every challenge that comes their way.

After saving both the Earth and the Ghost Zone from the Disasteroid, ghosts didn't stop battling Danny. It's likely that the number and frequency of battles increased. Some ghosts attack because they enjoy the battle, such as Skulker. While other ghosts, including new ghosts not yet seen in the series, believe that it was a mistake to save the Earth and so they try to destroy Danny.

Death Battle

The month in between

In Mystery Meat it is established that the show starts off one month after Danny's accident in the Fenton Portal. Although this is not expanded on further in the series, Hartman discussed what he imagines took place during that missing month.

The accident was more harmful than what we saw in the opening theme. During that month he would have had to "learn to be a human again". Similar to The Hulk's origin story, Danny's entire body was affected by the accident. It didn't just rearrange his DNA, but it destabilized him. His cells, DNA and consciousness have all been pulled apart during the accident. Hartman made the analogy to Dr. Manhattan who had to reform his body after his accident. He mused that Danny would likely have spent that month trying to reform his body and that his powers would be uncontrollable during that time, leaving him unable to face the outside world at all. The change in his molecules are what allow him to turn invisible and intangible. For example, his invisibility comes from how his molecules react to light. During that month, he would have had to learn how to control his molecules. This may have been so extreme that he would have to pretend to be sick or go on a school "trip" to avoid interacting with his parents since he couldn't control anything, from invisibility, to flight, to his transformation. Although this lack of control was shown in Mystery Meat, the month in between would have been a more drastic situation. In line with many fan theories and fanfiction, the accident would have injured him severely. Hartman did not go into much detail other than that it would have included severe burns on his hair and skin, torn and fused suit, and more injuries. Throughout this month Sam and Tucker would have been with him helping every step of the way. They may have helped hide and protect him, including bringing him food if he needed to hide out in an alley while struggling with uncontrollable changes or flying. They would have helped him train and learn to control his powers until he could rejoin society.

For more information, the video can be found here: https://youtu.be/PLM2mHLusIk

New Ghosts

Five new ghosts have been introduced, three of which are villains who appear in the 10 years later series.

New Powers

As seen in Danny Phantom, Danny acquires more abilities as he grows older. For example, his ghost ray didn't appear until a few months after the initial accident. While some of the new abilities were either dormant (ice powers) or learned earlier than the natural progression of his abilities (Ghostly Wail), Danny gained new powers as time went on because his ghostly DNA matured and so he got new abilities. This stands to reason that down the line Danny would gain even more powers and abilities.

Role Reversal

AU Danny vs Vlad.png


There are two key differences in the role swap AU: Vlad uses his powers for good, and Maddie sympathizes with Vlad and chooses him over Jack.


In this scenario (and possibly in the original series, though this is unconfirmed) Jack and Maddie are married and are already parents when they start college. Their kids are young, with Jazz only a few years old and Danny a newborn.

The Accident

AU the accident.png

The accident occurs and, just like in the show, it was a result of Jack's mistake of adding diet cola instead of ecto-purifier. Vlad gets blasted with the ectoplasm from the faulty portal, knocking him down. When Maddie sees an injured Vlad, she sympathizes with him and blames Jack for causing the accident. She divorces Jack, and in turn he becomes the vengeful character.

Vlad Phantom

AU Vlad Phantom.png

After the accident Vlad gets ghost powers, but instead he uses them for good. He doesn't tell anyone about his powers, and no one knows why good things start happening all over town. Vlad Phantom is the town's invisible protector, saving people, fighting ghosts and making life better for everyone. His costume is similar to Danny Phantom's, of course with his own logo, though his hair would remain as long as it does in the show.

Jack's Smirking Revenge

AU experimenting on Danny.png

Jack becomes angry, bitter and vengeful after Maddie divorces him and chooses Vlad. In this AU, he is arguably more villainous than Vlad Plasmius ever was. He decides that in order to get Maddie back he needs to get ghost powers. And so he works to recreate the accident and give himself ghost powers, but to no avail. In dark desperation, he begins experimenting on Danny and finally succeeds.

Dan Plasmius

AU Dan Plasmius.png
AU Dan Plasmius full body.png

Danny is raised by this dark, hate-filled Jack and becomes evil as a result, resulting in Dan Plasmius. His costume and demeanor are similar to Dark Danny's in The Ultimate Enemy. He is filled with as much rage as his father, and uses his powers to cause mischief and mayhem around town as well as creating challenges for Vlad to face (e.g. bringing in ghosts to fight). He is distant and has very few friends, although unlike the show he does not desire to expand his circle of friends.


Jazz does not have any official alliance to either parent, and she is constantly torn and stuck in the middle between them. She helps both sides and acts as a secret double agent, but ultimately she is trying to help Vlad Phantom succeed and to sabotage Dan Plasmius from the inside. But she does so secretly enough to not get caught so she can continue to help Vlad. At the end of the day, she feels more for Vlad than she does for Danny and Jack.

Sam and Tucker

What if they were evil.png

Sam and Tucker are evil in this AU, but not much is known about their characters. They exist and are on Danny's side, but any changes in their personal stories and backgrounds are unknown.


Valerie on the Run.png

A potential story arc for Valerie was introduced at the end of D-Stabilized, but was not continued because that was the penultimate episode of the series. If Danny Phantom were to get a spin-off, one of the potential shows would be that of Valerie hunting down Vlad.

As seen in the series, Valerie gets her ghost fighting equipment from Vlad, and so she would be using his own technology to hunt him down. While attempting to track down and capture Vlad she uncovers secrets about him, such as his family or people Vlad hurt in the past and Valerie would help them. Along the way Valerie might accidentally be accused of doing some of the terrible things Vlad has done, at which point she may be on the run and either need to prove her innocence or escape her would-be captors. Hartman referenced the series The Fugitive, which would likely be an inspiration for that story arc.

Dani and Val.png

At some point Dani would join her, though it is not known if this would be a mini-arc or if Dani would be a recurring character. Hartman made the analogy between their partnership to that of Supergirl and Batgirl from DC. In addition to Dani, there would be new allies (and villains) introduced in the series. At some point, Valerie would fight and later befriend a ghost named Shade. (see "New Ghosts" for more on Shade).

Hartman commented that the series would have a strong resemblance to The Mentalist, in terms of plot progression and/or character arcs.

Valerie without tech.png

There would be times in the series in which Valerie loses her tech, including some major battle in which someone (likely Vlad) completely destroys all of her technology, weapons and armor. She would have to resort to basic tools to get by until she could get new gear. Tucker, who is still mayor, would build new armor and an expanded arsenal. It is unknown if she only goes to him when she has nothing, or if he becomes a recurring character and assists her in upgrading her tech throughout the series.

Tucker helps Val with upgrade.png

Because it is a spin-off, Danny would never actually make an appearance in the series. He may be mentioned or referenced but would never appear on screen. Though secondary characters from the original series would likely make an appearance throughout the show.

He also proposed a potential final battle between Valerie and Vlad that would echo The Return of the Jedi scene in which Luke and Darth Vader have their confrontation. At that moment, when Valerie finally catches Vlad, she may decide not to destroy him entirely in the end.

What if Sam went into the portal?

Sam Phantom title card

Sam going into the portal

Addressing fan comments asking what would have happened if another character went into the Fenton Portal, Hartman expanded on what the show would be like if Sam Manson was the one to go into the portal and get ghost powers.


Sam Phantom

Sam Phantom would have the same ghost powers as Danny, and a near identical costume (the exception being the DP logo). Even the theme song would be nearly identical, though modified to use female pronouns. Some of the villains would not change, such as Skulker who would have the same personality and motive as in the series. He still wants to capture the unique half ghost Sam Phantom.


Sam Phantom

Although some villains would remain the same, the gender flip would change how the female villains interact with Sam Phantom. From Ember, to Spectra, to Valerie, they might treat her differently not because she's a girl, but because they are the same gender as her. This would not be done in a sexist way, but more of a social dynamics of gender, such as certain female villains who may have the desire to be the "queen bee" among the ghosts and humans. And there might be a few male ghosts who will refuse to fight Sam claiming that they "can't hit a girl" but this would likely be for comedic effect only.

Danny, Jazz and Tucker

Danny and Tucker would now be the sidekicks, but their dynamics would not change. Similarly, Jazz would still be curious and might learn of Sam's powers by following Danny as he rushes off to help Sam, at which point Jazz may learn of Sam's secret identity.


Vlad's connection to the characters would be changed, though Hartman did not discuss what those changes would be. Though if he were to attempt to clone Sam, the successful clone would likely be a boy version (Sammy Phantom) to keep in line with the gender swap in Kindred Spirits.

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