"Remember" is the song sung by Ember McLain in "Fanning the Flames". The song was written by Butch Hartman,[1] composed and produced by Guy Moon, and performed by Robbyn Kirmssé.[2] The song is track 1 from the fictional album Ember, according to Tucker's PDA at the beginning of "Fanning the Flames".

"Pirate Radio" features a slowed-down, instrumental, ballad version and a techno version of the song. The singer is hidden by the name Vapor Drone. This ballad version has a secret message.


Yeah! Oh!

It was, it was September
Winds blow, the dead leaves fall
To you, I did surrender
Two weeks, you didn't call

Your life goes on without me
My life, a losing game
But you should, you should not doubt me
You will remember my name

Oh, Ember, you will remember
Ember, one thing remains
Oh, Ember, so warm and tender
You will remember my name

Your heart, your heart has rendered
Your loss, now bear the shame.
Like dead trees, in cold December
Nothing but ashes remain

Oh, Ember, you will remember
Ember, one thing remains
Ember, so warm and tender
You will remember my name

Oh, woah, woah!

Ember, you will remember
Ember, one thing remains
Ember, so warm and tender
You will remember my name
Yeah! You will remember my name


  • The full version of the song is two minutes and forty-seven seconds long, and the high-quality full version can be listened to on Robbyn Kirmssé's portfolio. It has been on her website since at least September 15, 2010.[3]
  • In a Facebook conversation, Robbyn Kirmssé had the following to say about it:
I cut the song with Guy at his home studio, just the two of us. [Butch]'s a really nice guy (he writes 85% of the lyrics)! I only did the vocals...Guy creates the tracks...He's a genius. Cartoon music requires sophisticated and exceptional talent...and Guy is the man! I don't know that the version on the cartoon was ever completed. There was only a little of the song used. The version I did was completed though. The "Remember" song reminded me of a 50's/ 80's/ Go-Go's song. It was a total kick to sing. Intimate and powerful at the same time. I am so happy that people feel a connection and are fond of it! I have informed Butch and Guy of the enthusiasm around it and hope that they will release it formally... Thanks for your interest and support! Robbyn Kirmssé.[2]


Ember Mclain - Remember (HD Soundtrack Version)

Ember Mclain - Remember (HD Soundtrack Version)




  1. Robbyn's comment on this video: "Butch Hartman penned most, if not all of the lyrics to "Remember" 😇 I believe he writes all lyrics and Guy' occasionally tweaks them here and there."
  2. 2.0 2.1 Quoted messages from a Facebook conversation with Robbyn

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