A zombie is a type of living-dead creature in the flesh. It can also be a term employed to refer to ghosts that have zombie-like appearance. It can be created by being transmogrified from objects through ghostly interference (such as by the Soul Shredder).


In "Fanning the Flames," with a flash of light and 3 clouds of purple smoke, a blue-skinned drum player, a blue-skinned bass/keyboard player, and a blue-skinned guitarist appeared on a truck's sound-stage. They play their instruments for use their instruments to play music. A blue-skinned backup member strumming a pink ax with a gray pick.

All three members of the backup band play onstage in front of the entire crowd of people.

The drummer vanishes with a blue pop, leaving the drum set. The ax player pops away. The keyboardist does, too, but leaves the keyboard behind. There are no skulls in front of it.

In "Fright Night," Danny sticks the Soul Shredder to the ground, causing it to take over the entire haunted house and turn various dummies Dash has displayed into living zombies. 

Sam, Danny and Lancer are standing in front of a fireplace as three ecto-powered zombies with torn sports attire come toward them, groaning their ghostly moans. Danny pushes the three zombies out the door. 

In "Pirate Radio," Danny's, Sam's, and Tucker's peaceful night is interrupted by a flying pirate ship holding zombie pirates. They steal the Fenton Ghost Shield Generator. 

Afterwards, the zombies come to attack Casper High School and steal all the treadmills in the weight room.

Concerned about the parents, Danny goes over to find the cruise, only to see the parents board Youngblood's pirate ship (disguised as a cruise ship). Again Danny ends up losing the battle with the zombies, causing him to lose the ship and everyone inside.

With Ember's music interrupted, the zombies kidnap any remaining adults.

They eventually lose the battle with the kids.

Zombies are seen in "Phantom Planet."


Zombies were commonly mindless, undead creatures capable only of certain physical actions, such as walking and scaring. Even though the term typically referred to corpse-like ghosts, other objects were able to become zombies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength: They are able to easily lift all the treadmills in the school's weight room.


  • Fenton Rod: Zombies can be killed by being whacked as demonstrated in "Pirate Radio" when a few were killed through decapitation by shotgun blast.

Known zombies


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